Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home This Thursday, Fight Back and Earn Unlock Points

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Beginning on Thursday, January 27th, the Central Plaza will be transformed into the last remaining ISA stronghold when Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home. Join the remaining members of the ISA as they defend Home against the relentless Helghast assault.

Killzone 3 in Home

The Central Plaza Defender is a first-person shooter that pits you against wave after wave of Helghast forces. Fire at the approaching enemy forces, shooting down Helghast airships, ground vehicles, and infantry units or assist gunners by collecting and delivering ammunition, repair kits, and first aid. Complete challenges to be granted exclusive PlayStation Home rewards. Furthermore, completing all three levels will grant you three Unlock Points, which can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in Killzone 3 multiplayer.

Killzone 3 in Home

Players will be able to pre-order Killzone 3 through Amazon straight from a kiosk in Central Plaza to get:

  • Limited edition Killzone 3 jetpack for your HOME avatar, not available anywhere else
  • Unlock and Load Pack, instant access to three Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice in Killzone 3 multiplayer
  • Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2

The enemy is well-armed, resilient, and fueled by Visari’s martyrdom. Your success will require both a strong sustained offensive and support from your unit. Be sure to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday to take play this exclusive game and take advantage of the special Killzone 3 pre-order offer.

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  • This is one sweet Home invasion I’ll tell you that much. I pre-ordered thru Amazon already so I’ll definitely visit the kiosk and see if it recognizes my order. If not, I’ll cancel and order submist my order thru Amazon via kiosk!

    Looking forward to visiting Playstation Home on Thursday, yeah!

  • The thing that is keeping me from pre ordering from amazon is that they are NOT offering release date delivery. IF they offer it i may consider pre ordering it from them.

    • Hey SSJ4Gokou,

      We’ve checked with Amazon and they ARE offering release date delivery – it’s just not evident from the message that is currently on the site. They are working to update that, so don’t let that deter you.


  • That’s unfair.. I’m getting the Halghast edition from Gamestop because I love killzone and I support then.. and I want that jet pack ;_;..

    I hate you Guerilla x_x

  • @36 It’s not last minute…. KZ3 is a little under a month away.

    I usually preorder later because I go crazy with anticipation UNLESS I can get those preorder goodies early. Even though I haven’t preorder mines yet (I will Thursday lol) I do side with those who are bummed because they ordered from Amazon and will have to cancel and reorder.

  • Question is: Will there be enough server resources to handle all this on thursday? Or will we crash freeze crash?

  • This is a great idea! Keep these type of event going and I may log into home now and then.

  • this is awesome ima go back to home again

  • I already pre-ordered the HG edition from Amazon and don’t really want to cancel my order. I’ll still check this out in Home.

  • I have a question, but it’s kind of nooby lol.
    So what exactly are these “unlock points”? Are they points that can grant you access to stuff earlier? I really would like to know because I’m thinking of picking this one up, just wondered what the stuff is.

    • These points can be used to “purchase” upgrades in the KZ3 multiplayer. They are pretty valuable and reason alone to pre-order the game (though that fully-functional Helghast jet pack is easily one of the coolest items in Home).

  • Now thats what I’m talking about! Cant wait til thursday!

  • you can launch any game in home now right?

  • @59 with unlock points. You can unlock weapons and abilities for multiplayer classes when you get points for leveling up in the full game of KZ3.

  • So can’t wait to check out Playstation Home this Thursday! Killzone 3 is going to be one hot FPS!

  • I would like to since I plan on buying kz3 (I don’t pre-order) but I don’t have much harddrive space left on my ps3 maybe 5 gigs
    and yes I do plan on upgrading it I plan on upgrading it 2 750gigs just don’t the money right now to upgrade any

  • Thx 4 clarifying so many of my question about the whole event!! U guys rock! Every single PS3 game should have Home content! Keep it up!!

  • Oh yeah! I hear all pre-order KZ3s will have the SOCOM 4 BETA… IS this correct??? Will our pre-orders from Home have it??

  • @34 no, that’s not correct. I’m from Canada and have ordered many things through without any difficulties. You just can’t get the free shipping.

  • can i preorder the helghast edition from home (considering that gamestop is giving us that comes with the helghast edition)

  • Looks like it’s time to dust Home off and get together with some friends to shoot some Helghast. :D

  • Wow jipped again. My loyalty for preordering a game early has been pooped on again. I ordered it from amazon already, and yet you guys want us to cancel it just to order it through home? Stupid. Plus I had a $10dollar coupon on that game, which can only be used in a limited time frame, and can’t be used again. Never again will I preorder a sony game, just so it can be overshadowed by another way of doin it.

  • hey I was wondering are you able to pre-order the limited edition from amazon in home if so ill do it.

  • Still have no reason to visit Home especially when Killzone 3 is a disappointment when compared to the 2nd game. They tried too hard to cater to the casuals with Killzone 3 and now it’s more of a Call of Duty clone than a Killzone game. Definitely will skip this game (and this “event”).

  • So if i want to pre-order the game through home could I use the money on my PlayStation account or would I have to enter a credit card number?

  • So, the real question, do you plan on having the Z(9, -2) error fixed for folks to actually enjoy this event?

    My guess, not likely.

  • Ahh! I was planning on only buying the regular edition but you guys make it so tempting…. I must have the Helghast edition! Funny thing is killzone 2 was my 1st pre-ordered game & this will be the first edition other than a regular copy I will buy! Thanks You guys for making HOME cool again!!! (not that it never was :P)

  • with Thursday soon, will the servers handle all of us in Home with hardly or no lag? That would be at least one wish that could come true…And how early would be the update on Wed night be?

  • Too bad playstation home’s quality continues to drop. I would be excited about this if there wasn’t so much useless junk in everywhere. I’ve lost faith in NA home and went over to EU home, they have better quality.

    If you guys ever decide that quality is better than quantity message me. If you get Phil Harrison back message me. Otherwise home is dead.

  • Can I preorder the Helgast Edition from Home?

  • Will they make Helghast mothership your own personal space like the mansion? Because for the Feb 22 2011? Helghast mothership you could lauch the game n mini game. Teleport on the 2nd floor in command like the offices?

  • Helghast mothership in space fighting the Isa tower

  • ISA tower you co op with 4 people trying to stop the Helghast from breach. Helghast Mothership co op with 4 people tryint to stop the ISA team planning to blow thier ship?

  • Indeed. now E.T. phone home!

  • YES Finally something worth going HOME to. Thanks Guerilla.

  • This is good news and bad news. The good news is that Home is offering probably the best pre-order (through Amazon), if you go on Home of course. The bad news is that I already pre-ordered the Hig Edition on Amazon. I might see if I can make a pre-order from Home before canceling my order already in place. It would suck if they ran out of pre-ordered copies.

    Hopefully, Home will announce their pre-order bonus much sooner than 3 weeks before release date.

  • This is good news and bad news. The good news is that Home is offering probably the best pre-order (through Amazon), if you go on Home of course. The bad news is that I already pre-ordered the Hig Edition on Amazon. I might see if I can make a pre-order from Home before canceling my order already in place. It would suck if they ran out of pre-ordered copies.

    Hopefully, Home will announce their pre-order bonus much sooner than 3 weeks before release date next time around.

  • “Z(9, -2) error” Just buy any NETGEAR brand and see what I’m talking abt cuz the real plm is right there on your side!

  • @54

    It is last minute. AAA titles like Killzone can run out of pre-orders around this time. Amazon stopped taking pre-orders for God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 Collector Editions. And if your like me you want those AAA title Collector Editions

  • Who ever asked for Amazon in Home should be fired. Nobody wants this NOBODY.But I will check out my 3 free unlock points though.

  • will check out

  • I have long awaited the integration of PS Home with game pre-ordering via Amazon. My wish has finally come true! And, better still is the Killzone 3 avatar incentive. XD~~~ *Drools* (I have the KZ2 pre-order outfits from last year. Sad that they will no longer be exclusive after the Slurpee promotion hits.) I can’t wait to meet up with my gaming buds in PS Home to game launch KZ3 !!! Not to forget the exciting looking Central Plaza and mini game for yet MORE rewards. Please keep bringing this sort of gaming integration to Home. *Crosses Fingers* in hopes that the CP Defender game has a nicely working game que and pre-ordering kiosk runs smoothly.

  • Looks and sounds interesting, I’ll give it a try this weekend. I just hope its not going to be laggy.

  • @87

    Thats the risk of gettin CEs. They come at limited supply because there’s no guarantee that everyone will want them. So if you want one you might have to preorder one early. This as been a fact for awhile. Just because early (Amazon) CE buyers have to take the risk of cancelling and buying from Home doesn’t make it late. Though I still defend ALL people who buy @ Amazon who have to cancel and preorder again in Home

  • It’s unfair that Argentina’s PSN accounts can’t get to HOME or the Store…

  • this is greatv more reason for me to go back to playstation home. Will we be able to use the PS move with that mini game? that would be great

  • I got the Network Error Z(-9, 2)all weekend. A real bummer especially after purchasing a bunch of Home content and inviting Friends to check it out. Too be fair, it was working better Monday night.
    It’s hard to be a ‘trendsetter’, like Glasswalls noted in a previous post, when you invite all your non-Home Friends to an event like Killzone 3 and they have to wade through technical glitches.

  • @92
    Yes, you are right. The chances of getting a CE from Amazon around this time is limited. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the standard Killzone 3 run out of supply soon, because it’s Sony’s best FPS exclusive. Also, a lot of people wanted the Hig Edition, but settled for the standard copy because $130 is too much.

  • i have a question since this is internet based what will be the probabilities of lagging since i don’t have the best internet connection in the world lol :) i thought i might ask thanks in advance!! :)

  • Amazon? what about the Gamestop dose it have limeted edtion for jetpacks?

  • like 59.99?

  • hello i want to ask if the update of killzone3 for playstation home is also for that of Mexico?? (I’m from Mexico XD)

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