The Drop: Week of Jan 17th 2011 New Releases

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Rejoice! Sackboy is back! Our favorite cotton stuffed mascot has returned to save Craftworld from the evil clutches of The Negativitron with the help from The Alliance! Building upon the original, LittleBigPlanet 2 expands on the creative, the imaginative and best of all, the “awesome-tive.” Delivering countless hours of gameplay with a rich story, amazing tunes and thousands of community created levels and experiences. LBP2 proves to be the best opening act for an amazing collection of PlayStation titles in 2011.


Renegade Spectres listen up, in the mood for a suicide mission? The definitive version of Mass Effect 2 arrives on PS3 this week turning any sci-fi geek (like myself) into a big pile of Pizza The Hut. Also new this week, expect almost every single PlayStation outlet to sprout with new titles and classic nudges to our retro gaming library, making this week’s The Drop a “historic” one.

PS3" LittleBigPlanet 2

PlayStation 3

LittleBigPlanet 2 – LittleBigPlanet 2 begins with a unique story mode that provides a beautifully reshaped world for Sackboy to explore and play. Each story level is influenced by cultural high points in history.

Players can reset the controller buttons for any object and change the rules to any level through an ability called Direct Control and multiplayer abilities advance the types of games possible for a social/competitive experience. Users are able to link levels together to provide longer gameplay experiences without the breakup of going back to the Pod and can see what LittleBigPlanet 2 levels/games their friends are playing via activity steams.

(PS Blog Coverage: All LittleBigPlanet 2 Stories)

Mass Effect 2 (Available on PSN) – Once again stepping into the role of the heroic Commander Shepard, gamers command their crew on a suicide mission in space. Players must assemble their squad from amongst the galaxy’s most powerful mystics, geniuses, and convicts and lead them on a suicide mission to discover why humans are vanishing from the galaxy. The success of the mission hinges on the squad recruited and their loyalty to the mission. Shepard’s future depends on it.

Mass Effect 2 PS3Mass Effect 2 PS3

Bringing this blockbuster franchise to PlayStation 3 for the first time, this edition of Mass Effect includes the full Mass Effect 2 game and hours of bonus content, introducing PS3 players to BioWare’s award-winning action RPG franchise.

(PS Blog Coverage: The “Definitive Version” of Mass Effect 2 is on PS3)

PSN: Modern Combat Domination

PlayStation Network

Modern Combat: Domination (Demo Available) – With Modern Combat: Domination, teamwork, skill and fun are back with frantic gameplay in a top-notch game for the PlayStation 3. Square off in 16-player battles in 6 modes and complete your objectives to rule the leader boards! Use the PlayStation Move motion controller for an unprecedented level of combat immersion.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

(PS Blog Coverage: Modern Combat: Domination Producer Q&A, PlayStation Move Support Confirmed)

Spare Parts (Demo Available) – In this online action adventure, players join courageous robots Mar-T and Chip as they find themselves dumped with the trash on a strange planet. Working together in co-op mode, the mechanical duo must find a way to repair their ship and escape the planet before nefarious Lord Krung can dispatch his henchmen to destroy them.

PSone: Metal Slug X

PSone Classics

Metal Slug X – Metal Slug X sets the stage for you to save the world. A power-hungry group of renegades has teamed up with aliens, and together they are planning to assume control of the planet. You are a one-man army whose mission is to squash the rebellion. In addition to new weapons, you will also have access to a variety of vehicles including the Super Vehicle-001 mini-tank, Camel Slug, Slug Flyer, and Slugnoid, each packed with special weapons and abilities.

PSone Jp Classic: Mega Man

PSone Japan Classics

Mega Man – A port of the NES original with slightly enhanced graphics & sound as well as save points, unlocakable art and other special features.

PSminis: Shift Extended


Shift Extended – Locked up with other subjects of a scientific experiment, Subject 32763 must figure out a way out. Escape the many traps of the game and find your way through this gigantic maze. But the path to safety is not clearly visible … or is it? Use the “SHIFT” function to radically the architecture of the levels. White becomes black, the ground is now air, up is down and left is right: everything is shifted 180 degrees. This allows the player to shift the environment at will and therefore find new ways to get to the exit.

Pipe Madness – Put together some pipes — pronto! In Pipe Madness, you must rush to complete your pipeline before the liquid catches up with you or all of your hard work will be ruined. Combat the flowing liquid over endless levels and reach that unbeatable high score. Maximize your bonuses by building intricate pipe networks.

5 in 1 Solitaire – Now you can take five of the most popular solitaire games with you on the go. 5 in 1 Solitaire features the always-popular Klondike, Spider and FreeCell games as well as the unique Golf and Gaps versions of solitaire. Each of these versions has a unique style of play that’s easy enough for novice players to enjoy but will also challenge experts. You can also view tutorials for each game, track your scores and view gaming stats to see your progress.

Karimogi – Karimogi is an alien that needs you! The situation is critical. Cranes are dropping bricks everywhere and Karimogi needs your help to push them around and put them in order or he will never see his spaceship again. Arrange the bricks into rows and they will then disappear. But be careful, you must stay very alert because any brick could crush you!

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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10 Author Replies

  • Really looking forward to LittleBigPlanet 2 and Mass Effect 2. Couple this with my INSANE list of back catalogs and I’m in knee deep in gaming heaven.

  • PSone Japan Classics – Mega Man
    Im going to get that!

  • The pipe madness game seems good, remember playing that on the computer long time ago except I think it was called Pipe Dreams, I think it’s exactly or at least very similar to the Hacking mini game of Bioshock 1. Also the European PSN got Tomb Raider Chronicles, any possibility of seeing that on the US PSN?

  • Only concern is when are we going to see Xenogears and Vagrant Story on PSN. They were certified by the ESRB a while back. Hopefully we can get it soon.

  • also this was certainly posted quickly as opposed to waiting a few more hours at least. Seems like PS is doing better with releasing blogs/updates on an earlier basis or so I think.

  • I’ll be picking up that Mega Man PSOne Classic Myself.

  • Wow, I never heard of that Mega Man remake! Definitely going to check it out.

  • Isn’t Mindjack supposed to come out this week too?

  • So, when is Xenogears going to be up? Hopefully soon.

  • No, wait…never mind. Quick web search revealed that there’s nothing in this PS1 “Classic” that isn’t part of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Way to try to milk us instead of just doing a PSN version of that, Capcom.

  • I’m interested in getting Shift, if the price is right.

  • um i think the Ys I & II Chronicles date release is wrong gamestop has it set up for next month so wat if gotten on the psn we get it earlyer or something or what?

  • Sweet update :D
    but the bad is that i don’t have my Psp and memory anymore :(.
    PROMESS ME ONE THING SONY, for tah psp2 i want at least 2 memory stick slot :D.
    and Bejewweld Blitz online would be cool :P
    keep improving Playstation :D

  • @13 let’s try to make that into an idea about the multiple memory card slots for the upcoming PSP 2 especially since there are rumors that the PSP 2 is all digital like the PSP go.

  • At 13/14 And full psn functionality/integration please

  • So is the date of Ys 1 & 2 an error or are we getting it early?

  • Shift looks good, as do some of the Downloadable games.
    Probably going to get the demos.
    Also, I think this is a week for PS Plus.

  • dont forget dead space 2. this week is going to be amazing.

  • Would also like to know: is that Ys I & II date a mistake, or do I have to ransack the couch for long-lost pennies? :D

  • How much is Mass Effect 2 going to cost on psn?

    It’s gonna be insane…
    Oh yeah! The secret of Resident Evil! It is…
    EVIL is LIVE backwards! Geddit? Resident Live? cool, huh?

  • eh hopefully there is more when the update goes live on Tuesday.

    Sadly from this list it looks like im not getting anything for this week. Little Big Planet looks cool, but im still on the first one so i wont be getting 2 till i finish 1.

    other than that another weak update on Psp side. why are you guys only limited to 1 psp game (or none) to these updates. you have games you would be uploading, but choose not to why? And if not why cant you guys keep us up to date about some games? Have you been talking to Square Enix about getting Crisis Core (a very high in demand game) i have emailed them a ton of times and they basically tell me to talk to you guys.

    As a Go owner i am pretty displease by the lack of updates, or support you guys give us. it seem like you could careless about the psp. it makes me think how you guys will treat the psp2 if/when it comes. if you guys barely show interest in the psp now, how will we know you guys will take the psp2 seriously?

  • LBP2, ME 2, KZ3 needs Home public game spaces and go ahead ignore the comment. It doesnt change anything.

  • Shift! I love Shift! Make it free on PS+ and i’ll die. Oh lordy, i’ll just die!


  • Oh also, i’m pretty sure Pipe Madness is already on the PSN.

  • Aww, I almost forgot! How much is the PSN release of ME2?

  • Cant wait to play mass effect 2. Hey rey can you tell the qore people what happend to the killzone 3 theme we where supposed to get. i go to the download section of the qore episode and there’s nothing.

  • Getting Little Big Planet 2, and Modern Combat Domination. Glad there is a demo for those doubters out there. Thanks Sony

  • still waiting for xenogears….

  • what about mass effect 1? are we supose to play qithout knowing what happenend in the first game will they explain it or what?

  • Mega Man! :)

  • Spare Parts also looks nice

  • Just to sum up the Mass Effect 1 story: You spend half the game in elevators, the other half killing aliens in rooms that all look identical, and another half (yes, I know) driving around a moon buggy with the worst controls ever.

    ME2 is actually worse.

  • @ Sunnycide : Microsoft owns the rights to me1 so it cant be ported to the ps3. me2 will bring an interactive comic to explain me1.

  • What a great week! This is just the start to an awesome year that will be lead by PlayStation Content!
    I can’t wait. I’ll be buying LBP2 CE, ME2, Maybe i’ll shell out the 3 bucks for mega man.

  • @Sunnycide: Mass Effect 2 has a motion comic prologue where they tell the story of Mass Effect 1 and you still get to make the various decisions which impact the story. It also includes all of the DLC on disk and it uses the Mass Effect 3 engine! This is the definitive edition of Mass Effect 2.

  • When can we expect Pac-Man CE for PSP? It was released in Europe back in early December, and has already been rated by the ESRB.

  • Mass Effect 2 is “Available on PSN”?

  • As 4 said, Xenogears was rated for the PS3/PSP by the ESRB I’d say 3 weeks or so ago, so what’s the hold up? You guys should also try to get Saga Frontier 1 & 2 over here stateside. I know the Jpn PSN has them, so why don’t you release some of the games that were released during the PS1 era over here? Is it because of copyright issues, or the publishers themselves not wanting to take the time? Eh, regardless another week of not buying anything, at least until you guys release Xenogears. After all, there has always been a select few who would ask about that and other PS1 classics, with that being said Sony, if you give us what we want We’ll give you munny. (Aha! See what I did there? XD)

  • Uhhhhhhh, doesn’t Ys I & II Chronicles come out February 15th, 2011? Yep. Aside from that, it is a worthy product and it and Ys Seven and Ys: The Oath in Felghana are why I bought a PSP. Aside from what is mentioned above, it’s got 3 versions of music you can switch between, and the first copies made come with a bonus CD with over 20 tracks. (aka “Hair Metal Pack”). \m/

  • Oh Man its going to be a good Week. Mass Effect 2 and Little Big Planet 2, Yea!!

  • Normally LBP2 would be on my must buy. But, ME2 is #1, followed by the six games I’m currently trying to finish. Sackboy may have to wait!

  • I just hope they do an early update, because the ME: Genesis comic content is downloadable through cerberus network and the codes for that will not work until the store is updated…

    Psyched for a great week on PSN!

  • This week’s “The Drop” is gonna be awesome! Hey Rey(<–lol), quick question for you. Have you had a chance to play both Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2?

    If you have, which do you recommend me to get? On the one hand I have played and enjoyed both of the first installments of ME and DS and I even played through ME2, I didn't however play the dlc for ME2 and the comic that comes with the ps3 version looks cool. On the other hand DS2 is a completely new game that I have never played. If you have played both, should I go with my original plan(ME2) or should I wait the week and get DS2?

    • Yikes. Great question. The only two things both titles have in common is the empty void of space, it’s really up to you how you’d like to explore it. Into big space operas and intergalactic exploration? Go for ME2. Shoot first, ask questions later (skipping the dialogue tree) go for Dead Space 2.

      The first 15 mins alone with Dead Space 2 is worth the price of admission. I’d go DS2 first, but I’d eventually pick up ME2 before grabbing Mass Effect 3.

  • what about parasite eve for ps1 classic?

  • Solid Spaceballs reference ;)

  • oh and btw, im gonna be getting LBP2 CE! Can’t wait!!!

  • IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW :D my friends ordered Little Big Planet 2 for me can’t wait for Tuesday!!

  • @48: Happy Birthday!
    LBP2’s gonna rule…
    Who’s ready for an LBP2 FPS a la mode?
    Then there’s a topdown 4P-Shooter, side-scrolling action, fighting game, game spoofs, Care-Bear Sackbots…

  • @49 THANKS :D Add me on PSN we’ll go through the story together!

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