NBA 2K11 Gets Free Stereoscopic 3D Update on January 16th

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Ronnie2K here! Back in October, I discussed NBA 2K11’s PlayStation Move functionality along with a deep look on all the great features NBA 2K11 has to offer. And if you ever have suggestions for NBA2K, hit me up on Twitter and follow us on Facebook.

NBA 2K11 has garnered more than two dozen Sports Game of the Year awards, has been called “the greatest sports game of this generation” in earning a 9.5 from IGN, and continues to be one of the most talked about games across social networks. And the nostalgia behind the return of Michael Jordan to the virtual hardwood continues to be overwhelming. For the few of you who have been holding out for a copy or have put your NBA 2K11 on the shelf for a couple weeks, I just wanted to give you heads-up about the upcoming game update. Especially anyone who was lucky enough to pick up a stereoscopic 3D TV over the holidays.

NBA 2K11 for PS3

For those of you who missed out on the 3D retail exclusive at Best Buy released back in November, this Sunday, January 16th, we will be offering a free title update to your NBA 2K11 game that will allow PlayStation 3 users, who have a 3D television and online connectivity, to experience NBA 2K11 in 3D! Just pop your game in and it will update before the title screen. From there, you can turn on your TV’s 3D capabilities, grab those awesome 3D glasses, and experience the NBA game you love with an extra layer of depth (an extra dimension even!) to what many have hailed as the deepest, most immersive, and best sports game of this generation.

Many have been lucky enough to play the Best Buy 3D exclusive extensively over the past couple of months. This has led to the question of what goes on behind the scenes to make 3D possible in NBA 2K11. So I got together with Visual Concepts, the creators of NBA 2K11, and asked them!

All 3D effects come down to one simple idea: make each of a viewer’s eyes see a slightly different image and you can create the illusion of depth on a 2D screen. Technology to create 3D movies evolved from two-color images, called anaglyphs, into the more modern projection systems that use differently polarized light. Most of the new 3D televisions use a technique called “alternate-frame sequencing” in which they first display the image for one eye and then display the image for the other eye, holding each image on the screen for 1/120th of a second. To make sure viewers see the correct images with each eye, glasses that cover-up one eye in exact synchronization with the television display, called active-shutter glasses, are used. What’s most exciting about the new technology is the quality of the images it produces. The new generation of active-shutter HDTVs let us make a 3D game using full resolution HDTV images at framerates up to 120Hz.

NBA 2K11 for PS3

To properly drive one of these televisions, NBA 2K11 must create two separate images every game frame–one for each eye. We create a virtual stereoscopic (two-eyed) camera and render the whole scene in full HD resolution twice, once for each eye of the camera. These two images are packaged together and delivered to the television as one “frame” which the television decodes and displays as two consecutive images, one for each eye of the viewer. Just in case anyone has a pair of the old-school [red-and-blue] 3D glasses lying around, NBA 2K11 will render using the anaglyph method as well.

The intelligence of the Visual Concepts guys, in programming NBA 2K11 as one of the finest sports games to be playable in 3D, is remarkable. And from personal experience, it’s absolutely amazing how your player literally jumps off the screen when going for a thunderous dunk. Or maybe a certain President in 3D? It must be witnessed to be believed!

NBA 2K11 for PS3

I’d be remiss to mention that some other minor tweaks, including some updates to our online experience, are also included in this update. These changes should enhance the experience. So make sure to grab it and get to some 2K11 gaming immediately!

As always, thanks to the great people at PlayStation for giving me this time to talk to you about the latest NBA 2K11 update. And of course, thanks to you passionate Sony fans who have helped us make the NBA 2K Franchise what it is. Development for NBA 2K12 is already well underway and it’ll be October before we know it! How do we take it to the next level? Mark sure to follow us on Facebook to see exclusive info for the NBA 2K Franchise in the coming months.

I’ll be taking questions below so feel free to ask any follow-up questions. Thanks for reading!

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    • Yeah people weren’t used to increasing that attribute. I was making My Player arrogant for a while as well and then after the patch had to switch this up.

      All Star Weekend is something that’s always suggested. Hope the next couple years we can make it happen.

  • hey hollywoode1282 that has happen to me to once i was playing on quick game with my friend and there was no commatary or how ever you spell it lol, yea but the game is great i love playing as jordan and dunking on every body, ps add some more jordan challenge. 10/10 great game

  • Sup Ronnie it’s your boy freezola75 on twitter… what’s good man? When you going to get on the Ps3 and give me a game man?? Big ups to you and the VC/2K team for bringing us baaalllin’ in 3-D!! I am sure it’s spectacular although my pockets have taken their talents to broke beach for the moment LOL…

    Hey has anyone mentioned to you about an issue with the Arena Music Manager during My Player mode? It seems to cut off during the game (offline MP game). Strangely when I pause the game, I can hear my custom soundtrack playing very low in the back. If I turn my TV up high, I can hear my custom music playing. Have anyone brought that to your attention yet?

    Holla back Mr. 2K peace

    • I need to have a dedicated game against fans day. I am happy to do it on my own accord, but I’d love to work with the fine people at Sony to make this a bigger event. I’ll bug them about it today…

      Yes, I passed that to dev but I’ll remind them. If it’s still an issue after this patch, it’ll have to be resolved for 2K12.

  • I wish FIFA 11 could get 3D support also! XD

  • id rather not see James’ ugly mug any closer than i already have to… : )
    Go Bulls!!

    • Haha I thought I’d get a lot more hate for putting up the LeBron screen so thanks for making that happen.

      GO OKC!

  • Ronnie, first off thanks for answering all these gamers questions. Does the patch fix any of the freezing issues in the MJ intro?

    • That issue has to do with your roster. Do me a favor and go into your system settings and delete your roster file and NBA Today file. You should be good to go after.

  • Hey Ronnie… can you let us edit some of the players on retro teams?

    I understand that you couldn’t get the right to every single player (although you did get the more important ones)… but it sucks when the generic white bald dudes enter the game.

  • Can you please add NAV CONTROLS SUPPORT

    Playing 2K11 with Move is horrible

    since you have to hold a DS3 ON YOUR LEFT HAND and a MOVE

    what’s the point of MOVE if I have the DS3 on my hand already?

    2K SPORTS you need to add NAV CONTROLS SUPPORT

    • Addressed this earlier. Move came to us a little too late, but somehow we got it in there. I imagine 2K12 will be the next step in using the Move for your gaming.

  • Hey do you have to have a 3D tv to play the game in 3D?

  • Please, please, please let me get what I want in NBA 2K12

    Which is the Sprewell, Houston, Camby Knicks finals team from 1999…(specifically with a chance to replicate the Larry Johnson 4 point play vs. Miami).

    • Talked about legacy teams like this in posts yesterday. We have to get them individually, no reason we wouldn’t want to but it’s really a two way street.

  • NBA 2K11 Is A Good Game But Yall Need 2 Fix The Team UP make it Like NBA Live 10 And The OnLine Yall Need 2 fixed it bad and can yall put all the old teams on nba 2k11 like the 76er and the old suns and can yall make nba 2k11 like nba live 10 thank u

    • Make NBA 2K11 like NBA Live 10? I think recent history would suggest that’s not the best course of action.

      Answered the legacy players question above…

      We continue to push improvements for online, especially a cool mode (my favorite) like Team Up. Remember, we didn’t have Team Up as recently as two years ago.

  • Hey Ronnie what if my game is still freezing after I finish my my player season will that be fixed in Sundays patch

    • If you have the first patch, the freeze is due to an invalid roster. One of the original rosters had a rare issue. So if you’re playing with that one and it’s already frozen, the data is corrupt.

  • Is it really that hard to get crew games to register to the server? My team should be much better than we are but most of our wins either don’t count or we’ll disconnect midgame and get a loss due to the server. I noticed that usually the cheap high rated teams tend to have more games that don’t register when we beat them compared to weaker teams but I don’t think it has anything to do with TOs like the one guy suggested, might be a random thing. I’m really hoping this patch fixes the disconnects and has games and stats count or at least for the most part fixes both issues, when there’s no problems with the server crew is very addicting, I can even deal with the cheap 99 players (no hackers on PS3 too, thankfully) cause skill can really beat those guys in 2k11, unlike in 2k10 where everyone was a 7’5 99 beast. At least you guys it kinda right by getting rid of them and setting some caps, next year I’d greatly prefer height effected your skills also, kinda like how Fifa soccer does it.

  • I love basketball! I love 3D!! I love Move support!!! gonnna pick this up eventually

  • Hey Ronnie I have a question and some comments on 2k11 first let me start by saying that my player is my favorite thing about the 2k series i think this mode is genius and the places you can take this is limitless but there are some glitches that are too frustrating to ignore like for instance some times when you go out of bounds trying to save the ball it seems like the refs get in your way on purpose to hold u up and know matter how i try to avoid them i still get tangled up with them it even happens on the side lines with the coaches also my question is why did u guys change the little blue circle that lets you know who your defending why does it keep switching why did you not keep it on one player so i know who i have to defend at all times ? anyway thanks for the time

    • The referee hold up is something in all game modes, just gotta avoid that guy. It’d be worse if you went through his body which is really the other option. If he’s in your way, he should be reacting as such when you collide.

      Make sure you’re not playing zone. If you’re playing man-to-man, your guy is the one that you’re responsible for.

  • is that the same for the Xbox and the Ps3

  • well can yall fixed the online play and put the old teams like the old 76er and the old suns

  • So, my poor son just spent $60 for a set of worthless nav controllers? You can figure out 3D for this game, but not a nav controller? Real nice, thanks!

  • Hey Ronnie,

    First, thanks for looking into and hopefully fixing the online disconnect issue. To me, that’s the most important “negative” aspect of the game. My friends and I could never get connected for a full game.

    Second, is to ask that we be able to use the old school teams online as well. My buddy and I grew up watching the Bulls and the Knicks of the 90’s. We each live in different cities now and were dying to play online with those teams of that era online. We were disappointed those teams were not an option. Is this possible to do in a patch or at all?

  • Can you please suggest to the the devs for 2k12 to have height effect your game? I mean come the only reason why anyone is making a 7’5 99 my player C is to exploit online, if you have more height it should affect your abilities it makes a lot more sense. Maybe revamp the whole thing this year, make leveling harder but mean more, make different play styles mean more, smaller should always = more speed.

    And seriously man, you guys need new networking guys, there’s no reason why online for the game should be so outdated with disconnects and games not counting. I’ve bought 2K on launch night the past few years and again and again online is always bad, unless I know for sure the servers are going to be good and that’s going to be emphasis on your game updates it’s going to be really hard for me to shell out $60 again, my friends feel the same way.

  • This year = I mean later on this year for 2k12. Anyway I’m really hoping the indirect server fix does fix crew games in some way. It’s my favorite mode to play by far. I really don’t understand how to get a game to tally a W or L is a hard thing to program or fix though. I wish that was explained. I mean you must realize you have a great job and so do the devs.. listen to your fans and people on the 2k forum with all the problems, at least try to fix the issues, saying “at least you don’t have hackers on PS3” as your response is ridiculous

  • greetings! there are multiple boards and threads about the shot releases, that changed with the last patch, but i cannot find any respond from 2k. For me it feels very ugly now. Even while the release symbol is green, the ball drops outside the ring – means really bad shot. Is this momentary situation the final? Will you still work on the shot releases online? Before patch2 every shot release seems to be fine, now i cannot hit an open jumper anymore.



  • yall need 2 fixed the online play it keep cuttin off when u online

  • Ronnie…please listen

    I cant play a game without lag or disconnection when i play Crew games, Ranked, Unranked, League games, Pick up games anything. And this problem have been there since 2k10 and yet you guys haven’t fixed it. I cant play with my friends for 3min. Thats not fun and this happens not only to me but to EVERYONE. I dont understand why you guys keep doing these patches when nothing happens or changes its the same thing all the time the online doesn’t get better my stats get worse i cant make a free throw because of the lag i played 2K10 it was the same problem i stick with it and go buy 2K11 yet no change.. do you think im going to buy 2K12? the answer is no, now i want to know why we cant play your game NBA2K11 online without a problem note this as well my player mode keep freezing for a lot of players but you’ve not done anything about it.

    Now heres the real thing you should think about… “Should we skip all these things and make the game in 3D?

  • Hey Ronnie I Know I’m Late On The Q&A But I Would Like To Know For The Next Game Will You Guys Put In All The Classic Teams From All The Era’s Of Basketball And The FIBA Teams? The Game Will Be Perfect With This Added

  • any body know what time patch comes out i dont wanna be up all night and its at 6am

  • can nba 2k11 ppl fixed all the patch that they got and put all the old teams that they left out like the old 76er and the suns

  • I don’t see the update on my ps3. I have a 3d tv.

  • Where’s the patch?

  • Nope, no patch yet for PS3. 8:45a here on the West Coast.

  • 11:10 am in Illinois…no patch yet. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • 9:39 AM in Vegas, no patch update! What time will it be released? 3D TV-check, 3d glasses-check, 3d patch-nope no bueno!

  • Come on Ronnie Singh, at least tell us when to expect it.

  • there are cheaters on 2k11… they mod there guys to be 99s …look up the youtube video… i refuse to do that..thats how in the first day or two of the game being out there was 99s and still people do this….they hide there 99 players in the loadin screen untill game starts then either call a time out or foul to bring in there 99s… corny…also how have any teams played 2000 crew games before..??? ive played 100 tops ..i play all day… get kikd 50% of time before game over and i get a loss or it doesnt register ..makes no cents ..last thing no game stop exclusive stuff.. so every one can play in tourament

  • oh …can nevr ever ever find a good league that actually finishes

  • still no patch its almost 2:15pm and no patch wath it come out at 11:59 tonight everybody not off work tomorrow so no 3day weekend for some

  • no patch still how long it coming 2 be 4 the patch come out

  • No patch here. 431pm in LA.

  • i just tried again its 7pm in STL all i want is to play crew games…if anybody get it let the blog know

  • i heard ppl talking about its not really a patch????????

  • 7:40 pm in Chicago…no patch. Been ready for this since it was announced…just need the update to the game. Glasses charged and ready to go…but if this isn’t happening today then please let us know PSN.

  • Hey Ronnie I know this isnt about the 3-D new feature but i just have to ask whats youre favorite Team in the Nba? And what team do You like to play with in Nba 2k11?

  • nkee833968 u get patch yet its 10:45 holla if anybody else got it

  • 12:05 and no patch yet

  • its 121 am no patch

  • How dumb! Let’s announce that a patch is coming out on Sunday the 16th and then only give it to the xbox360 community and have PS3 users trying continuously all day to receive said patch to no avail and wasting everyones time. I for one feel slighted…and I am sure pretty much everyone else does too! Way to go 2K Games and Sony!

  • some ppl in europe got it 14hr ago i heard but i feel u ERATYPTIN this is crazy

  • Hello Ronnie,

    I’m from Canada and I cannot find the 3d update when i pop in the disk. Is it already released in Canada?

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