Quench Your Thirst for LittleBigPlanet 2 Exclusives at 7-Eleven

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Hi all! You may remember last year when we first introduced the 7-Eleven/God of War III program at 7-Eleven stores around the U.S. We received a great response, and we’re back today with an exciting update for you. As I’m sure some of you may have seen, Slurpee has teamed up once again with PlayStation to give the Slurpee treatment to two of this year’s most anticipated titles: LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3.

7-Eleven: LittleBigPlanet 2 Slurpee cups

In the coming weeks you’ll be able to find exclusive LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3 Slurpee cups at 7-Eleven stores around the U.S. These cups have already made their way into many 7-Eleven stores, but for those of you who haven’t had the chance to get your hands on them yet, take a quick look at what you can expect above.

Each week, from now through March 30, you can stop by any participating 7-Eleven store to quench your thirst, collect one of these limited cups and with them, a Slurpee Rewards promotional code that can be redeemed at Slurpee.com. From now through February 15th, we’ll be flooding Slurpee.com with more of what you want – exclusive LittleBigPlanet 2 and Slurpee-themed content, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet ringtones, wallpaper for your cell and PC, exclusive sticker packs, strategy guides and more!

Here’s a peek at some of the content that’s already available, as well as some that’s still to come:

7-Eleven: LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 Dynamic Theme

LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 Dynamic Theme

7-Eleven: Killzone 3 PC wallpaper

Killzone 3 PC Wallpaper

LBP Killzone Mini-Pack

LittleBigPlanet 2 Killzone Mini-Pack

7-Eleven: LittleBigPlanet 2 StrategyGuide

LittleBigPlanet 2 Strategy Guide by BradyGames

Also, be sure to check back in early February as we reveal the lineup of the exclusive Killzone 3 content that will be available beginning in February and maybe even another Slurpee flavor especially created with Killzone fans in mind.

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  • I will collect them all. Good job martketing dept! haha.

  • Slurpee? in the Winter? IN THE WINTER? SLURPEE?
    Whoever was the marketing genius behind this marketing strategy needs to….I am not even going to say anything. This just speak for itself.
    As much as I love LBP and Killzone, there is no way in hell I am going to 7-11 in the winter for a slurpee.

  • My PS3 will be happy, my pancreas will be sad.

  • @2 BlooodyCow

    I guess you are not in Los Angeles where it is almost always sunny in the Winter…oh like today! LOL

    I don’t get why people get their pants in a bunch….it’s a cold drink in the winter…oh noes!!!

  • I see Sackboy is looking good again…

    Did anyone find out who was impersonating Sackboy on Pulse yesterday? He was freaky

  • Just went on Slurpee.com and can’t find stickers and Strategy Guide by BradyGames, where are they?

  • yeah!!!

  • Sackboy is looking charming again , anyways no Motorstorm Apocalypse in there? its coming out a month away from Killzone 3

    yeah, I live in NYC….yeah, its snowing outside right now :(

  • I wants, it’s there any other way to get the Killzone 3 map pack?

  • No 7-Eleven’s around me. :( Oh well, cool marketing though. That dynamic theme looks awesome.

  • the GOWIII promotion was pretty cool, though I will say most 711’s around me were clueless to it.

  • Nice stuff! Two games I will be getting for sure. Too bad the closest 7-Eleven to me, isn’t that close =/

  • When is the LBP2 TV spot coming out?

  • Nice work PS! I’m a year-round, day-to-day Slurpee drinker so this is full of the winnings for me!!!!

    Now, P L E A S E keep this bond between PS and Slurpee going, at the least, until Twisted Metal hits…Jaffe himself wants to see Twisted Metal cups and possibly a Slurpee flavor based on Sweet Tooth.

    Talk about effin cool!

  • Hey guys, Big Gulps huh? Well, alright see ya later!

  • LBP2. Dynamic. Theme. Too. Adorable.

    *explodes from cuteness.

  • Why are these Slurpee promos never in Canada?

  • Finally some smart advertising sony! You need to do more of this! The designs look fantastic great job.

  • @17 solace357
    it’s “Welp, see ya later!”

  • i want that lbp2 dynamic theme so bad! too bad i live in canada… how will we Canadians be able to get the theme? maybe could you please put it on the store?

  • Two of my favorite series! This seems pretty sweet, I’ll keep an eye out for them.

  • I must have those cups, they look amazing! Also glad to see more Killzone DLC for LBP2.

  • AWW MAN! I would love a LBP2 Dynamic theme! and the cups look too good to drink from lol!

  • I’m getting a Slurpee today :)

  • @21, I stand corrected.

  • sony finally announcing the psp 2 on january 27th ? yea i know Jeff you guys dont comment on rumors lol

  • i got a helghast slurpee cup just last Sunday, 2 games i will be getting for sure!

  • Apparently the nearest 7-Eleven is 240 miles away from me…

  • If I need more of a reason to drink Slurpees :)

  • This is totally unfair because there aren’t ANY 7-Elevens near me.

  • 7-11 too damn far away from me.

  • @BloodyCow

    Here is a neat little fact for you. Winnipeg, MB, Canada sells the most Slurpees per capita in North America, and it is winter 6 months of the year there. A slurpee is good anytime as long as you aren’t homeless…Do you keep your heat off in the winter? Cause at my place it is a steady 71 all year long.

  • Definitely getting the killzone ones, look very nice!

  • YAY! i love when there’s something awesome that requires me to go to a store in which the closest one is THREE HUNDRED miles away =____=

    …looks like i’ll have to be sweet talking psn friends for slurpee codes…awesome…(not awesome)

  • Unfortunately, there are only NINE 7-Elevens in the entire North Carolina, none of those near a major cities.

  • Heading out to 7-Eleven.

  • Are they all out now, or are certain cups only available certain weeks. I would like to get someone I know up north to get them for me, since I live very far away from the closest 7-11, so it is important for me to know.

  • I can try to get codes for people or prizes for people that don’t live close to 7-11s. 1st I have to collect all mine though!

  • I see the article specifically mentions the U.S.

    Is there any chance this is coming to Canada as well?

    I’d very much like to get that dynamic theme!

  • Where are the downloads at? I can’t find them on Slurpee.com except for ringtones and the Killzone 3 wallpaper. Anyone can help me here?

  • I have already been stocking up on points. Still can’t find the cups in my area, but I will be collecting them all. Awesome marketing =)

  • When They Had The GOW3 Cups, I Drove All Over Virginia Looking For Those Cups And Never Found One. I’m Hoping I Can Find Those Killzone 3 Cups This Time. Maybe Playstation Can Tell 711 To Put Those Cups Out In Virginia This Time.

  • guessing there not hard cups?… i really hope they are so i really could collect them but im guessing there not

  • I will get them for sure but how come only dumb ringtones/videos and PC wallpaper are up -.- I want to get the cool stuff. oh well the cup itself is worth it!
    I have a question tho I read somewhere (forgot URL now) that they are also for slurpee reward going to have a Slurpee machine for your Playstation Home. is this true!? :D cause im so going to get that!

  • Ummmmm But… It is WINTER!!!! Why would I want a Slurpee??? :/….

  • There a specific cup for each prize? I want both the LBP2 guide and the theme, so is there a cup for either?
    Haven’t had a Slurpee. Now I wanna get one. Sackboy is such an endorser. First a HUGE in-store pic for the Move at Gamestop, commercials for PlayStation, and now Slurpees. It only does endorsements via awesome games.

  • Gonna have pee after drinking all those Slurpees…
    Ya know, if I get more than one. I don’t know if I can anyway. I don’t make notes to stop at a random rest stop…

  • Very smart.
    Going to be drinking a LittleBigPlanet slurpee while walking through a blizzard in Boston!

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