Mass Effect 2 PS3 Hits PSN and Blu-ray on January 18th, More Than a Simple Port

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Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3 goes on sale in stores on January 18th in North America, and will also be available in downloadable form through the PlayStation Network in North America on January 18th.

Mass Effect 2 PS3

Mass Effect 2 is an amazing game. It has all of the benchmarks of a truly great science-fiction epic: a heroic main character, memorable companions each with their own personalities and abilities, terror-inducing villains, vast galaxies to explore, exotic alien races, strange worlds and locations, high-technology weapons and vehicles, and a story that will have fans talking about it and replaying it for ages.

Mass Effect 2 PSN Mass Effect 2 PS3 Box

In Mass Effect 2, you play as Commander Shepard who has to lead a crack team of mercenaries, scientists and soldiers on a mission to investigate the disappearances of human colonies throughout the galaxy. Who lives, who dies and the ultimate success or failure of the mission, is up to you. Now BioWare and the Mass Effect team are proud to bring Mass Effect 2 to the PlayStation community.

PlayStation fans have been asking for Mass Effect for years and we are very pleased to finally be bringing it to a new branch of Mass Effect fans. However, what I think Mass Effect fans on the PS3 will be most appreciative of is that this is not a simple port. The Mass Effect team has taken the time to utilize the PS3 hardware to the fullest in order to maximize your gameplay experience. It was also extremely important for the team to make sure playing with the PS3 controller worked and felt good. You will also see that the in-game graphics and cinematics are clearer and more vibrant on the PS3. As an added bonus, the PS3 version includes previously released DLC missions: Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

Mass Effect 2 takes place after Mass Effect 1 and some fans were concerned they would miss out on some of the important story choices available in the first game. The Mass Effect team, working with the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics, has created an interactive in-game comic that allows players new to the franchise to experience Mass Effect 1 while making the story choices that have repercussions in Mass Effect 2.

There is a demo of Mass Effect now available on the PlayStation Network. You can learn more about the demo here. This demo lets you play the start of Mass Effect 2 as well as introducing you to one of your potential party members, Dr Mordin Solus. Dr Solus, or Mordin to his friends, is a salarian scientist who can not only heal the sick; he can create new exotic weapons to use in battle. Finding Mordin and recruiting him to join you and your suicide mission will not be easy.

Look for Mass Effect 3 to come to the PS3 in Holiday 2011.

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  • Whoa! Awesome work on the PSN availability! Can’t wait to download!

    • PlayStation Plus subscribers can also download and play the full game trial (60 minutes of play time) starting on Jan 18.

  • Looking forward to this game and can’t wait to find out more about ME3.

  • can not wait! first day buy!!

  • I am really looking forward to playing this. I am going to pick it up right along with my LBP 2 CE next week. I have heard many great things about this game. I’m glad it’s finally going to be on the PS3 (even though I do own a PC and 360, I still would rather play it on my PS3).

    This year will certainly be a great one for gamers of all sorts.

  • Will be buying. Thanks!

  • one of the best games i’ve ever played

  • does anyone know the install size?

  • How big is the PSN download?

  • Never thought it would be a PSN downloadable game…..but that will be how I get it!

  • Released the same day as LBP2…as much as I love Mass Effect games, this one takes a back seat for a few weeks.

  • Hey, that’s pretty neat! A must buy for those who haven’t played any of the games or ME2 yet! Great.

  • Awesome with the downloadable version :D

  • What is the download size for Mass Effect 2?

  • How much is it going to be on PSN? I’m expecting at least a $10 discount for the fact that there is no physical media, it takes up HDD space, it takes bandwidth to download, you can’t sell it back to any store, and when the PS3 dies… there is no guarentee to what happens to the content

  • I cannot wait! I would have got the 360 version, but I was holding out for the PS3 version. Only a few more days!

  • Already have this and my LBP2 Collector’s paid off, Tuesday can’t come any faster.

    Insanely thankful that Bioware took the port seriously and decided to port the game over themselves, rather than just having EA hire an outside party to do it.

  • Oh also, please tell me that L1 and R1 will be used to aim and shoot, respectively. I hate when PS3 games use L2 and R2 instead. Though this is an EA title so I have high hopes for the button mapping.

  • So, the dlc is just Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi? Will the other ones be available as additional dlc later?

    • Evil Chris Priestly

      We just announced that the Terminus Armor on Blackstorm Projector weapon will be available FOR FREE to PSN users starting at launch until Feb 23. Plus we still have more DLC coming for Mass Effect 2.

  • Why allow EA to charge full retail price again for this game? I could justify spending 39.99 on it since it includes the DLC, but 59.99 for a game that’s $20 on the 360? Sounds like shenanigans.

  • Meh. Why was 99% of the RPG element from Mass Effect removed for Mass Effect 2? Played this game on the 360 and would prefer you guys actually port over Mass Effect instead of this garbage.
    LittleBigPlanet 2 and Dead Space 2 for me this month.

  • oh and Two World II an actual RPG with MANY RPG elements.

  • New engine looks awful and obviously down scaled in order to compensate PS3’s inability to run UE 3 games well.

    $60 for a port of a year old game that looks worst that its counterparts, no thanks.

  • Thanks for dropping by the blog Chris, It makes the difference to the PS blog community you took the time out of your busy Bioware day to post here!
    I have 2 questions for you:

    Does existing downloadable armor on my bioware account work in the PS3 version? (Collector Armor/Particle Beam)
    This worked from PC->XB360 for ME2 and Dragon Age: Origins

    Trophies included in the DLC, are they included in the 100% for the platinum trophy?

    Thanks again, hopefully see you at PAX East again this year?!

  • @DaMaJaDiZ all the other story content was free with the Cerberus network access. Unless you mean armor, some of which will be up for free for a limited time.

  • I hope they added more than “making it work” for the PS3. The demo had graphical issues (lower quality textures, screen tearing) which I hope will be fixed… I also want more content than what I can get currently on the Xbox 360 otherwise not worth it for me.

  • I am very very tempted to buy this, despite already owning the game on Xbox 360 and PC.. Such a great game, probably only second to Uncharted 2 in this generation

  • First day download for me :D


  • The game looks good but 60 bucks for a year old port is crazy. I saw the PC version on sale last week for $9. Yeah, 9 dollars, free shipping.

    I am not falling for this one Sony!

  • We need more full game sin the PSN

  • Had this pre-ordered for a few weeks now. After playing the demo, I’m even more excited to get my hands on it than I was before. Bioware is doing some GREAT work.

  • Another year old $60 game.

    PS3 people shouldn’t be dumb enough to buy this. They’ve made tons from 360 and MS already, then to slap us in the face and make us wait a year, then charge us full price. Geez. I’m really starting to dislike the gaming world.

    This is the last console for me.

    $20 on amazon brand new for the 360 version.

  • All I can say is thank you to all those that made this possible. Sony, Bioware and EA keep up the good work! You have my money any day of the week!

  • Sweet. I played the heck out of this on PC already. I might have to double-dip for Trophies though. ^_^

  • I will be waiting for GOTY eddition. Like EA always does with every game they make.

  • Hrmmm…ummmm..yeah, not double-dipping for $60 though. I’ll wait for it to drop in price. $40 is probably the sweet spot for a double-dip. Sorry. :(

  • Day 1 purchase. gunna be an AWESOME game.

  • 100% sold on DL if it wasn’t full RETAIL price.

    And since it is a PSN update, that mean the game won’t be available to DL until 12am WEDNESDAY because of Store delays?

  • I hate to say it, but the price is a huge factor for me. Its not that I’m cheap either. I just don’t like getting ripped off, and paying $60 when the XBOX version is $15 is just that. A Huge Rip Off!

    I understand that the porting process takes time and resources, but you can’t expect consumers to buy a year old game for full price.

    $40 and I’m in. If it’s anymore, I won’t be buying it. I suggest everyone else should do the same.

  • Already have this preordered, but if I do not feel “immersed” after reading the comic then I will not bother playing it till the summer.

    #39: You are forgetting all the DLC will be on the PS3 version. That right there easily makes the game with $60.

  • How big is the download going to be? Considering the 360 version was DVDs, it could be over 10 GBs…

  • @40

    Screw that. They charge $20 more than gamers feel is fair? Pay $20 less. Wait for it to be $20.

    There’s to many games this year to waste $60 on a year old one.

  • great move but if I had know it would have been available via PSN I would have just got if from yall instead of Gamestop.

  • The graphical improvement isn’t even all that outstanding. Looks like if I was running the Xbox version on 1080p instead of 1080i. That is how different it is.

  • @ 42: Why don’t you guys boycott EA and Activision then.

  • I was looking forward to this game so much, i avoided playing the PC version for a year because I had hoped it would eventually be ported to the ps3 since EA had purchased Bioware. I spent a weekend reading the first two Mass Effect books (Revelation and Ascension) by Drew Karpyshyn, earlier this month. I had planned out my budget accordingly to make sure that I’d be able to afford this game above even lbp2 and dead space 2.

    Then I come home last night, just a week before this game launches, to a yellow light of death, with zero means of affording a new ps3 :(


    oh well, i’ll still probably buy it just to show I care <3

    Thanks (evil) Chris.

  • Shame about the tearing and lack of anti-aliasing that’s all too common in Unreal Engine 3 games.

  • Finally people who own ps3 can play the BEST GAME OF THE YEAR OF 2010 PERIOD

  • Will it also be available on the UK PSN store? I’ll cancel my disk preorder if so. Having it stored on my HDD will presumably help the games performance.

  • Awesome! Can’t Wait! I’ve had LittleBigPlanet 2 preordered for awhile now. It comes out the same day. I will get this when i can get the cash saved up again..haha

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