DC Universe Online Trophies

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Happy New Year PlayStation.Blog!

With the launch of DC Universe Online in full swing in the US, let’s take a look at a selection of Trophies that could soon be yours.

The Queen’s Favorite
Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by Circe


Criminal Mastermind
Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by Lex Luthor.


The Joker in the Deck
Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by the Joker.


Knight for Justice
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Batman.


Warrior of Truth
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Wonder Woman


Champion of Earth
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Superman.


Acrobatic Ace
Achieve level 30 as an acrobat.

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Fearless Flier
Achieve level 30 as a flier.


Speedster Supreme
Achieve level 30 as a speedster.


Tanks Very Much
Achieve level 10 as and gain the Tank Role.


Mission Control
Achieve level 10 as and gain the Controller Role.


The Healing Touch
Achieve level 10 as and gain the Healer Role.


Platinum Pace
Earn a platinum medal in any race.


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  • You have to play 6 different characters to level 30 to collect all the trophies?

    And this seemed like a good idea at the time?

  • The game sounds cool but I hear nothing about the monthly access fee.

  • The game rocks, the subscription DOESNT!

  • I have not yet picked up the game but when I get some cash flow I will. This still looks great and for those who love to get trophies, nice article.

    But now on that subject of money, you guys have any job openings for a regular joe like me? Hey, I’ll even do coffee runs! lol

  • Achieve level 30 as a “villain” mentored by Batman? Shouldn’t it be Hero instead of Villain?

  • Its gonna be a MEAN platinum ;) great game non the less

  • jeez are you kidding me those seem like some pretty time consuming trophies if you ask me.

  • How about a subscription discount for those with PS+ memberships?

  • For those of complaining, It is an MMO. Trophies for an MMO would probably be Time Consuming. -_-

    Anyways, nice screen shots, I enjoyed the beta and I’ll eventually pick this up later this month.

  • can i play with my psn friends ? i mean its easy to invite them to my game?

  • Yes, its an MMO which means it will cost a monthly fee to maintain servers, keep content fresh and all that. You aren’t paying $15 a month for a CoD experience which is the same maps, same modes and just run and gun etc. The money you pay goes toward new quests, objects and all that which will constantly change.

    As for those complaining about it being time consuming…really do you play games to be done with them in a week or two? That’s how you like to spend your $60? I’d prefer a game that kept me coming back for months if not years. As long as you enjoy the game, it won’t feel “time consuming” but will be fun and you won’t even realize how much time it took.

    I didn’t get in the beta but really want to try this game out. Anyway, I know I don’t have the time to dedicate to it now but if things slow down you can bet I’ll be there.

  • I got to play the beta after the 15+gb download and liked what I saw, but the monthly fee is too high for me to even consider this game at present. Good lick with the game though, I want MMOs to succeed on consoles.

  • This game is still in beta and the subscription is too expensive. I know the Mothership dropped $50 million on this game already, but there’s no way you’re going to break even on this anytime soon if ever.

  • Something else to think about! DC Universe Online requires A LOT of hard drive space! I beta tested it and I was surprised!

  • *Ed Lover Voice* C’mon Son! I want to see someone get this platinum because that person has no life whatsoever

  • I’d consider $4.99 a month if the disc is full price. If you plan on making most of the money off of subscriptions, I would expect a very reasonable price on the disc just to get it to people.

  • the only requirement for getting a plat is having no life whatsoever

  • The game is a lot of fun to play and you get the first 30 days free from the membership cost. Having to level up 6 different characters is hoping to be killer. It is a beautiful game to play and the controls are nice and fluid. The subscription cost is a deal breaker for me unless they start adding this new content and pronto. I played in the beta, had 4 characters maxed at level 20 (it doesn’t take that long to rank up your toon) and so far it’s exactly the same as the beta was, so this is all mundane and completely repetitive. It’s almost to the point of being a drag trying to get my new characters up to the point theny were in the beta.

    So yeah, bring on the new content if you want my $15, because right now you haven’t earned it yet!

  • I can’t believe you guys are surprised by the time consuming trophies. Not just because “MMO’s take a long time,” either. Did you really think that they want you to be able to Platinum the game within the 30 free days?

  • @15…or simply enjoyed their game while getting their money’s worth from it. I can see a Platinum being reasonable over the course of a year, but who knows…someone is likely to shatter that. Either way it really isn’t for you to judge.

  • @14, It doesn’t require as much space now, because a lot of data is on the blu-ray.

  • I played for a couple of hours last night after I got home from work, and this game is incredible! I’ll definitely be paying for the subscription.

  • I still think this game can use a little more coverage..a big MMO that is available on PS3, could have been huge.

  • I hope they come out with a demo or sumthing to give mmo virgins like me a taste of an MMO :p I really want this game..but the fee is something im not comfortable with..i LOVE DC but i also love saving money…they should give PLUS subscribers a 30% off those fees and you shall call me a NEW PLUS MEMBER ;)

  • @23, I’ve seen one commercial…which is odd because the timeslot I saw it on (Adult Swim) usually runs repeat commercials every hour or so, and I only saw it once.

    It’s a fantastic game. Very friendly and action-oriented to those who are apprehensive about an MMO, but with all of the conventional MMO flavor for those who want to Party Up, Raid, do the PvP route, etc.

    I also have to give props to SOE, Jim Lee and the team for remembering that even though there is better armor out there, many of us are creating a persona we want to remain consistent through the game. Being able to equip new items, weapons, and armor sets without changing your appearance (an option), is quite welcome.

  • people until you play it just hush, really.
    most major high end mmorpgs cost money do to the server amount, maitnince and COMMUNITY CONTENT and constant updates.
    I’msure before Jan. is out we have a patch at least.

    you level quickly in this game as stated by the devs as they didnt want needless grind sessions. so thelevel 30 thing is no big deal, people capped in the beta in a few days, so play a little bit each day for a few months and plat. or be strange and sit down for a few hours a day and plat it in two months.

  • I belong to an 899-member PS3 gaming clan (MAAN) and we are very upset about the high cost of the subscription fees. We would like to see lower prices for the subscription fees and also a substantial discount for PS Plus members. We feel that these high-priced subscription fees are the wrong way to introduce MMORPGs to the PS3 and will severely restrict the size of the player base.

  • I belong to an 899-member PS3 gaming clan (MAAN) and most of our members are very upset over the high cost of the subscription fees. We would like to see the prices lowered as well as a substantial discount for PS Plus members.

  • way off topic , any White Knight Chronicles 2 news Jeff?

  • I might get this mmo looks like fun!!

  • I enjoyed the Beta and Im dying to play the full game but can Sony cut some slack to PS+ members?
    I mean, WoW players are the only ones who pay 15 bucks a month to play and thats because they have no life whatsoever.

    By the way, the intro to this games is one of the best things I have ever seen in my life!

  • cry about it, trophy whores

  • I am actually more interested in the PC version of this then the PS3 version. The chatting is easier, the controls are more intuitive (for me at least), and it has a lifetime subscription option. If after a few months the game looks to be surviving I may pick up the PC version.

    On another pricing note. Why is it that more MMO’s don’t go with the “pay per content” model like that used by Wizard101. Offer an initial game area to play for free then sell additional areas and story chapters in a micro transaction way. Micro transactions for meaningless vanity items is pointless, but I would be willing to pay as I advance through the game and need to unlock more content.

  • I know it’s a lot to ask, but if the game was drawn/animated the same way and with the same quality as the opening cinematics, I would definitely pay $15 a month for it, just to see something that nice day after day and to be able to play that, man that would be nice.

    As far as the sub cost goes, you can do a yearly amount which is $135 and that lowers the monthly cost to $11.25!!! If you played on PC (which I am NOT recommending) you can get a lifetime membership for $200.

  • You guys throw in a PS+ discount and I’m in… otherwise, I’m sorry but console gamers DO NOT want to pay that big FEE

  • I’m highly interested in this game but I have two questions.

    1) How much is the subscription?
    2) Do we have to pay using a credit card? Or can we use a PSN card to fund our subscription?

  • Having bought the game last night im enjoying it for now. i still havent gone “out in the open” where people can attack me. which is something that scares me as i have been hearing a lot of high levels are staying in low level mission areas thus making it impossible to complete missions.

    To stay on topic i honestly thought these trophies would be more unique. i mean something interesting to achieve instead most are just getting character to a certain level. which at least for me gets boring after awhile.

  • Guys, the 15 dollar a month fee is nothing. How often do you buy PSN cards? Or full priced 60 dollar games? Trust me, if you play an MMO… a GOOD one the 15 dollars a month is a drop in the bucket compared to what you’d spend on monthly new game releases.

    DCU is a GOOD MMO. I was in the beta and had 3 characters… very fun.

  • @37 you can pay by either or psn or credit card and I will gladly pay for subscription cause it’s that good and I will platinum this game and yes I have a life and work hope to see ya online either fighting along side or with you

  • If you are complaining about a $15 dollar subscription, it is a an hour and a half of work pay to play for an entire month. It is a reasonable price for those who “work”.

  • I would play this game but not for $15/month! :(

  • @37: I can only answer the first question:
    1 Month – $14.99
    3 Month – $41.99
    6 Month – $77.99
    12 Month – $134.99

  • the trophies seem cool add alot of replay from different charecters ,but my goodness sony show ps3 some love.

    not only is our copy 10 bucks more then pc but they also get a lifetime price, so does this 10 extra bucks get us anything noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Korbei, I made six different characters and placed them in different servers before I even knew about the trophies. Variety makes it great. One night play as a hero and the next as a villian. Breaks up the stuff.

  • also do ps3 players play on the same servers as the pc players because if not i forsee a future of noone playing on ps3 cuz we are some cheap azz gamers

  • We need our Lifetime Subscription just like the PC players, I know that we have been told there are issues with the wallet size on PSN that will not allow the price of 200.00.

    Could someone please give us an update on when we can purchase a lifetime?

    I’ve got two of my trophies already, level 10 tank & platinum race completed!

  • it is comfirmed they are on seperate servers i already here taps this game sholb be free to play as a playstation plus subsciber or free period lke mag i see none to little people playing online after mrch 11th.

  • 29 more days to FAIL

  • Lots of Gold ones.
    I hear this needs a subscription? It only does bad deals.

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