Ricochet HD Now on PSN with a Special Limited-Time Price

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Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN) Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

Hello all! I’m here to talk about our newest title for the PlayStation Network, Ricochet HD! Fans of brick-breaking games will not be disappointed when they experience the intense action of Ricochet HD, combining equal parts skill and strategy into a galactic adventure. Ricochet HD is available for download now in North America with a limited-time price of $7.99.

With the most comprehensive feature set of any game in the genre, Ricochet HD allows players to dominate 15 planets, strategically controlling a futuristic ship to launch balls and obliterate everything in sight. Collect an arsenal of power-ups to increase your firepower and maximize destruction. Customize your balls and control dozens of ships, each with its own special weapon set.

Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

Whether you’re looking to traverse the galaxy alone or with a friend, Ricochet HD will complement your mood with four exciting game modes: Solo, Head-to-Head, Co-Op and Tail Gunner. With all four modes to choose from, along with 150 multi-staged unlocking levels to play, you’ll blast through hours of non-stop action. If you’re looking for even more exciting gameplay, collect rings in the bonus mini game to improve your rank.

Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN) Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

We hope you enjoy Ricochet HD, and we’re thrilled to bring you guys another awesome TikGames title for the PSN. Check out our PSN TikGames/Creat Studios publisher page to learn about all of our games, and join us on Twitter and Facebook to hear all future TikGames news first.

Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

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