Ricochet HD Now on PSN with a Special Limited-Time Price

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Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN) Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

Hello all! I’m here to talk about our newest title for the PlayStation Network, Ricochet HD! Fans of brick-breaking games will not be disappointed when they experience the intense action of Ricochet HD, combining equal parts skill and strategy into a galactic adventure. Ricochet HD is available for download now in North America with a limited-time price of $7.99.

With the most comprehensive feature set of any game in the genre, Ricochet HD allows players to dominate 15 planets, strategically controlling a futuristic ship to launch balls and obliterate everything in sight. Collect an arsenal of power-ups to increase your firepower and maximize destruction. Customize your balls and control dozens of ships, each with its own special weapon set.

Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

Whether you’re looking to traverse the galaxy alone or with a friend, Ricochet HD will complement your mood with four exciting game modes: Solo, Head-to-Head, Co-Op and Tail Gunner. With all four modes to choose from, along with 150 multi-staged unlocking levels to play, you’ll blast through hours of non-stop action. If you’re looking for even more exciting gameplay, collect rings in the bonus mini game to improve your rank.

Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN) Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

We hope you enjoy Ricochet HD, and we’re thrilled to bring you guys another awesome TikGames title for the PSN. Check out our PSN TikGames/Creat Studios publisher page to learn about all of our games, and join us on Twitter and Facebook to hear all future TikGames news first.

Ricochet HD for PS3 (PSN)

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  • awesome, will surely be trying this one out!

  • I had no idea this was a brick breaking game. Might have to check this one out, especially if there’s a demo to try. Even if there isn’t, I’m considering a purchase.

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  • Lol customize your balls. Hey what’s the normal price? 9.99?

  • lol

  • Downloaded the demo last night – this game suuuuccckkkkkssss. For real. Took longer to download than it did for me to play it and then delete it. A disgrace to brick-breaking games everywhere. Totally user un-friendly.

  • ^^^ – Agreed.

  • lol @ 3, 5 & 6

    I haven’t tried it. I’ll wait until it’s $4.99.

  • … I remember playing this crappy game on the PC like 8 years ago… why the hell would I buy it for $7.99 now?

  • No offense, but the only thing this game has on Shatter is the multiplayer.

  • awesome

  • Lol no thanks I tried the demo . Besides ps plus already has received the BEST brick-breaking game on psn and that is Shatter.

  • wow lil late on this posting, especially came store update then this game snucuk in quietly with no news anywhere on the web

    nice one tikgames

  • Are you discounting it because IGN gave it such a harsh review? I already have Shatter,Hyperballoid HD, and Magic Orbz so I think I’ll pass on this.

  • A horrible Tikgames release? Go figure. All their games suck.

  • No thank you.

  • Well, I’m going to pick it up anyway because I love TikGames and Creat Studios, and I love break breaking games :)

    Still waiting for that Space Dinosaur level in Magic Orbz :p

  • Bring legend of dragoon 2 psn as a psx classic!

  • I’m a sucker for brick-breaking games, and this one has some very creative levels. Plus, I do enjoy the work TikGames does for the PSN. Already bought on Tuesday thank you very much. :)

  • love the game… but i already have it on PC and its much more responsive with the mouse than the controller in my opinion… but its far from a crappy game like some of these previous posts may imply… those people are just not that open-minded to games…

  • Yeah, the demo lasted about a full minute on my hard drive until i deleted it. It’s confusing and gaudy and unappealing. In Tik/Creat’s defense, Cuboid is fun.

  • Sorry, $7.99 is an outrageous price, when you can get this game online, and in HD, priced anywhere from $2.99-$4.99. Listen Developers, you act like all your PSN subscribers only see the Internet through the PS3!!! Wrong…we are very, VERY internet savvy, so trying to pull the wool over our eyes with “Special Pricing” is a JOKE!!

  • This game is garbage, don’t waste your money.

  • @23

    yep i agree, once i played the demo i was like wow this game sucks!

  • BrickBreaker games are the kind that you either love or you hate. If you’re into the hack-n-slash or shooter games only, then obviously you’ll find any brickbreaker to be a bit dull. Then if you’re not that interested in them, they all look the same to you. I bought this game and love it. I do wonder what the purpose of the ships “special powers” are though. But, honestly, those reading the comments need to make up their own minds instead of relying solely on comments/reviews. If you’re interested and like other similar games, I say go for this one too :)

  • I tried the demo and I have to say I wasn’t very impressed. I’ve been playing brick-breaking games since the good old days of Arkanoid at the arcade. I have Shatter, Magic Orbz and Hyperballoid HD so this already had a uphill battle as far as my purchase goes and there was nothing there to convince me to buy. The loading times are rediculous and the action onscreen is a convoluted mess. I really like TikGames but this one fails in my opinion.

  • I have all the other games like it (brickbreaker-type games) on the PSN as well. Though I still do like this one because all the others try to do new things and all that (except Hyperballoid aims for the normal), but this one brings back the old-fashioned, normal way of the game, except adding some new features. So, while not having the shiny-bells and whistles of the others, this one is great to me, especially for the going-back-to-the-basics times.

  • This game is one in a series of about 5 PC games the oldest being about 10 years old so I don’t see how this is a Creat/Tik thing. They were great for their time and I still don’t see anything wrong with them. Mostly I’m wriitng though to thank the designers for putting n a “kid” difficulty level as my 5 year old has been playing these for years and was excited to see this on the PS3.

  • So whats the special reward? lol

  • I bought this game without trying the demo first, and IT LOCKS every time it reaches the main menu. I CAN NOT PLAY! Another buggy piece of trash from TikGames. Dozens of other PSN games work fine, but oh no, not this one. I tried deleting and re-installing… no help! Support is NO HELP. It works on my Slim model upstairs when I downloaded the demo first, then downloaded the key, but not my launch era main PS3 downstairs. BUYER BEWARE! This has not been properly tested!!

    • Were you able to get the game working on your launch era system? My primary game system at home (and what I play Ricochet HD on) is a 60GB launch era system. No problems.
      Anyway, please ping me if you still are having trouble – mitzim@tikgames.com.

  • #30, Elektro,
    Not sure what may be causing your problem with it locking up, but I have a launch unit too and haven’t had any issues. I downloaded the game all at once without going through the demo too.

    Hope it starts working for you!

  • wow man

  • This game is just magic ball with a different skin,should have been an add on for that game ,made by this same company

  • #30 Electro and #31 reverend,
    I also downloaded the game without trying the demo and it is also locking up on the home screen. My bluetooth sony remote can be used for the menu and starting the game but the ps3 remote does not respond at all. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, I want my money back. Who can I complain to?

  • Finally after I deleted it and re-installed it then rebooted my ps3, the game is now working. It is a little easier to play on the computer with a mouse but it is still fun.

  • I think the problem might be with the BluRay controller or with the Move controllers. It seems like if you have these hooked up wile you play this game they take priority over the regular controllers. I doubt the game was designed to work with these control schemes so that might be why you guys are getting lock ups. It took me a while to figure out why my game was locking up to haha.
    Hope this helps.

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