Coming to PlayStation Plus: Discounts on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Modern Combat: Domination

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday!

While everyone was away enjoying the holidays (and hopefully some new gaming gifts), we were working hard to ensure that the momentum keeps rolling with PlayStation Plus. With that said, let’s jump into some of the new content that will be coming to PlayStation Plus on January 18.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN) ScottPilgrimband

Kicking off the PlayStation Plus update on January 18 are discounts on two PlayStation Network titles, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Modern Combat: Domination. Play as Scott Pilgrim as he fights his way through Ramona’s evil exes in what Spike called the Best Adapted Video Game (Note: This 50% off discount is available for one week only). We are also offering a 25% off day one discount on Gameloft’s upcoming shooter, Modern Combat: Domination. Jump into Modern Combat: Domination with the PlayStation Move and experience total immersion into a modern war experience.

Along with both those discounts, we are also offering a 25% off day one discount on new DLC for Ubisoft’s real time strategy title, R.U.S.E., and a free download of Hero of Sparta, a popular PlayStation mini from Gameloft. More free themes and an exclusive Mega Man 10 avatar bundle also round out our next update.

This week is an especially good time to join PlayStation Plus as we are offering over $60 in free items, including downloads of Sam & Max, Lead & Gold, Crash Team Racing, Spyro the Dragon, and more. Along with these titles, we are still offering our free three-month offer for subscribers who purchase a year of PlayStation Plus. Also, look for PlayStation Plus subscription cards at major retailers, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, GameStop and Target.

As always, check out the list below for items that are expiring from PlayStation Plus. There are several items coming down, so be sure to download them before it’s too late.

Are you new to PlayStation Plus and looking for more info on the service? Check out this post for more information.

Here are the highlights for the update coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers on January 18:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 1/18:

Featured Games

Hero of Sparta (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99)

Discounted Games & DLC

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, regular price $9.99)
Modern Combat (PlayStation Plus price $5.99, regular price $7.99)
Juiced 2 (PSP) (PlayStation Plus price $10.00, regular price $19.99)
R.U.S.E. – The Chimera Pack (PlayStation Plus price $5.24, regular price $6.99)

Featured Themes & Avatars

Mega Man 10 Avatar Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $1.99)
Argyle Girls Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
Hockey Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
Sonic 4 Dynamic Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on January 18:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Burn Zombie Burn Home Item
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Episodes 1-5)
A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks
Crash Team Racing
PlayStation 15th Anniversary Dynamic Theme
Dead Nation Avatar Hero
Dead Nation Avatar Heroine
Hustle Kings PSN Avatar Bundle

Discounted Games/DLC

Battlefield 1943 (PlayStation Plus price $8.99, regular price $14.99)
Tomb Raider III (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
Flow PSP (PlayStation Plus price $5.99, regular price $7.99)
Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP (PlayStation Plus price $15.00, regular price $29.99)

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  • awesome, a sonic 4 dynamic theme. That will be sweet!

  • Currently a happy subscriber.

  • Modern Combat for $6? Tempting, still going to try the demo first :)

  • PS+ is great <3

  • Woo, I’ll finally buy the Scott Pilgrim game.

  • Happy New Year Grace!

  • Loving Sam & Max. So funny.

  • Wow, more discounts on already overpriced DLC and more content no one wants. It’s hard to get momentum when you aren’t even in motion.

    Aside: GameTrailers did a Bonus Round segment on their biggest disappointments of 2010 and, what do you know, PSN Plus got mentioned.

  • Killzone 3 demo I hope is in the near future for PS+ subscribers.

  • Good to see dynamic themes but can we start getting exclusive premium avatars? So far we only got two in over six months. Also exclusive Home content.

  • PS PLUS is NEVER going to see a DIME FROM ME..until they make the offers PERMANENTLY keep the and have CROSS OVER VOICE CHAT..and good discounts on a movie or even a free movie rental a month >:p The PS PLUS just isnt convincing enough for me..until then i will just stick to being patient and wait for SOME of the psn game prices to drop(ROCKET KNIGHT)and for the games to be released :p THANKS but NO THANKS SONY :p

  • Sweet! Modern Combat: Domination for $5.99! Definitely going to pick that up! Sonic 4 Dynamic Theme sounds sweet too!

  • I see LittleBigPlanet and Killzone promotions all over my local 7-11 but they haven’t sold PSN cards for at least 5 months now. Is this on Sony or the store?

  • Is the Scott Pilgrim DLC going on sale as well? Already bought the game day 1 and don’t regret it for a second. Best Beat-em-up since Castle Crashers.

  • i’m kind mad at the fact that EU plus members get Borderlands, full game and dlc in one bundle and US plus members doesn’t. But overall, it’s nice to see a discount on new games.

  • Plus updates lately have been epic. Thank you.

    How about more free avatars as well as themes, like the Ratchet & Clank bundle?

  • I noticed there’s no Qore episode for January?

  • PSN Subscribers should be getting exclusive avatars and stuff like that. I didn’t subscribe to get a bunch of free mini’s -_-

  • See, I WOULD sign up for PSPlus… except the stupid PSN won’t let me add funds to my wallet! Got a 20$ PSN card for Christmas and since the 26th, I haven’t been able to add it. Soo mad.. especially since I want both those discounts (Modern Combat has Move support and looks pretty cool, and Scott Pilgrim is… well… Scott Pilgrim lol)

  • Last month was awesome. This one….eh, not so much.

  • still not convinced ):

  • @7 – U and Gametrailers obviously don’t know what your talking about. I got it during the 1st few weeks and couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s paid for itself many times over. Not sure if you know how to read, but there was $60 of content up right now.

    @10 – How many games do you really play for longer than a year? Losing them isn’t that bad, but can easily be avoided by keeping your sub. X-game chat, eh, I get it, don’t care for it myself. Rocket Knight? Really? You are waiting for ps+ for that?

  • Already bought Hero of Sparta when it was 0.99. Scott Pilgrim is a pretty good price as well. And for the 18th eh? Sounds good enough.

  • Have been happy with my Plus subscription so far.

    Been waiting for Mr. Pilgrim to get a sale.

    Modern Combat is only $6.00!!? A nice price or is the game a wreck?

    Had some fun with Lead and Gold last night. Almost bought it when it released, but then RDR was on the horizon and I skipped it. Glad I got it with Plus!

  • $60 of content to whom? The actual publishers who dictate what MSRP to set for their product at?

    You don’t own anything Sony is letting you borrow for free, therefore, you paid $50 to sign up for a rental service. I hope you enjoy continuing to pay $50 every single year in order to to stay eligible in order to keep your access to this “$60” of content you were lent.

  • Sweet, I almost caved and bought Scott Pilgrim a few days ago… now I’m glad I waited.

    And before anybody says anything to the contrary, yes I will get to keep the game in the unlikely chance that I don’t renew PSN+ because it’ll be a purchased game rather than a free one. Not that it matters, since I’ve been quite pleased with service since signing up for it on day 1.

  • best movie video game…ever

  • @24,

    Actually you do keep DLC. Plus by your logic if you stay for 2 years, you keep accumulating stuff for every month! So for the price of $100 for 2+ years so you access to well over $1,000 worth of goodies. And if you reply “but you dont keep them after 2 years!!!”

    Well who cares? Do you play games such as Lead and Gold after 2 years of enjoyments? I sure dont.

  • Wow At first I thought subscribing to PS+ was a rip-off but I was wrong best deal ever that saved me a lot of money am defiantly going to resubscribe in 2012.

  • Modern combat is tempting, but the fact that it does not have split-screen mulitplayer will most likely keep me from buying it, even though would be fun to try to play with move. Ill just try demo

  • Anyone else excited about the hockey theme? I wish they had a section for all the nhl teams. Go Red WIngs!

  • Will the Scott Pilgrim DLC be discounted as well? I already have the game but haven’t pulled the trigger on the DLC yet.

  • You actually don’t keep DLC. Sony backpedaled on that after they originally announced you would.

    Just another reason to stay away from this bait and switch rental service which can changed at any time the Mothership so chooses.

  • While i already have Scott Pilgrim i advise everyone who is a PS+ member to buy it at that price! its a wonderful game. the only downside is no online, but still a great game!

  • @nycfreewill82
    Seriously dude, have you EVER posted a positive comment on this blog? Every comment I’ve seen you leave has usually been negative…I’m surprised you still have a PS3…

    You’re going to listen to A pro-360 site? Really? PS+ isn’t a mandatory service, its optional to get games for a discounted price, DLC for free/discounted prices and free to play games during the duration of your subscription. Plus I’ve gotten access to private betas which in my opinion is sweet. I’ve easily gotten my money’s worth from PS+.

  • Also i wanted to add (although it may be the right place, but it is a PS+ type of question)

    Are (US) PS+ member ever going to get some Playstation Home type of PS+ content? i know Europe got these wonderful shirts/hats, and i was wondering if the US Ps+ member will be getting that also? or something like that?

    This is one factor of why i still havent gotten Ps+ yet. i would love to see psp and playstation home content with all of these.

  • PS+ is great and I am a subscriber almost since day 1, but I would like X-Game Chat. How hard is it to create something like party chat?

  • Amazing update! Lead and Gold is a great game, and next update will be the best + update ever! Modern Combat day 1!

  • @35….There have been a few pshome items, not alot though. Mini’s are playable and enjoyed more (by me at least) on the psp.

  • y dont u give us free movie rentals 2????

  • @KILLA_SAM, so create it if it’s so easy.

  • @40

    In a few weeks, one will probably create it on the ps3 with all the “news” that’s been fluttering on the interwebs. =/

  • need free avatars when plus updates!!

  • @16 i noticed the same
    they should make audrey the host and fire veronica

  • Here I sit..A hardcore gamer,Home user,Rewards beta member,plus subscriber and I get crumbs.Besides DCUO.

    Quote.”We were working hard to ensure that the momentum keeps rolling with PlayStation Plus”End Quote.

    Really? So where is the PS Plus Home content 100’s are asking for? I get the impression you guys care more about getting new subscribers than keeping the faithful ones you have.
    I do not understand this “stringing us along”.
    Becoming a disappointed subscriber.
    Its ok..Dont worry bout it..Im just nobody..

  • Glad to see more great PS+ content! Still not enough for me to subscribe yet. :/

  • Weak.

    More avatars I have to pay for even though they are dirt cheap to produce. But I won’t because they are for such a niche game that most don’t want them. More themes nobody wants (Argyle girls, seriously?). No game trial. No Qore. Only one noteworthy discount, unless you consider getting two bucks off a shooter that could end up being terrible.

  • And how about getting the Lead & Gold devs to fix that impossible to unlock glitched trophy for playing 100 games?

  • Watch out for the Scott Pilgrim DLC (not the game, but the Knives Chau add-on pack). The trophies don’t sync, the games been out for a couple months and Sony/Ubisoft/whoever hasn’t done anything about it. So if you get a trophy in the DLC, your Playstation will try to sync the trophy every time you want to view your trophies, but it never succeeds.

  • Still waiting for some of those services mentioned in the 3 page summer survey. Cloud storage, Cross game chat, token wagering, etc etc.

    I have no desire to own tons of games. Make the select games I own and play now a better overall experience via Playstation Plus and you’ll have a new subscriber.

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