Tetris out Tomorrow on PSN, Its Creator Talks About the PS3 Edition

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It’s been a long time coming, but Tetris is finally coming to the PlayStation 3 tomorrow, along with new, exclusive multiplayer modes, and the type of shine you can only get with 1080p and 5.1 surround sound.

Tetris Team Battle

We tried these multiplayer modes out at an EA event a few weeks back, and I can say with confidence that longtime Tetris fans will enjoy them with like-minded friends. As we were testing out the game, we were informed that Alexey Pajitnov, the original creator of Tetris, was looking on. So of course, I got nervous and started stinking it up…

As someone who had been playing Tetris since it showed up at my elementary school in the mid-80s, a time when entertainment imported from Russia was pretty much unheard of (aside from vodka), I had a number of questions for Mr. Pajitnov:

How did you come up with the idea for Tetris? Were you trying to jam a lot of boxes in your car and had to get creative?

I was just having fun. I really like puzzles and was inspired by a puzzle board game called Pentomino.

Tetris is generally thought to be the “first true puzzle” videogame. What are your favorite games that have come out in this genre you created? What makes a good puzzle game?

I like many puzzle games – Pipe Dream, Parking lot, Doctor Mario, and Shanghai. In my opinion, it’s very important that a good puzzle game has a large number of levels – from very simple to very hard.

I know the game is 25 years old, but I’d like to hear your advice on playing the game, as it seems there are two schools of thought on Tetris. Should you always attempt to keep the playing area as clear as possible, or should you continually try to set it up to clear 4 lines at a time with the stick piece?

The Tetris game allows many strategies – pick the one that fits you best. In my opinion, usually beginners try to keep the field clear, while more experienced players like to somewhat fill up the matrix to set up short combos in advance. “Masters” routinely set up for 4 line-clears, or a “Tetris” line clear, for more points, and “Grandmasters” tend to play for T-spins and long combos.

Tetris Marathon

Tetris has transcended gaming to be a part of popular culture. Pretty much everyone’s played it, and so there’s a reference that anyone can get (like a vignette from a 2003 episode of The Simpsons). What’s that been like? Where’s the most interesting place you’ve seen Tetris appear?

I was very amazed to see the game played on the side of a skyscraper, using the lights and windows of the building to create falling Tetriminos. That happened at Delft University of Technology where engineering students played the world’s largest working Tetris game along the side of their building. I didn’t see it live, but the videos online are very fun!

Why do you think Tetris has stayed fresh after 25 years? People can still pick it up and play it (and they do).

Why not? Technology has drastically changed in the last 25 years, but not the human brain. I think all good games from the past can become popular again, but in order to do so, they’ll need to be re-introduced properly and kept relevant to current pop culture and technologies. We’ve always done a great job of developing the Tetris game for cutting-edge platforms, like the PlayStation 3 with surround sound and high-definition graphics.

You haven’t just been sitting on the achievement that is Tetris. What have you been doing since the game released?

I worked as a game designer for many years with companies like Spectrum Holobyte, Nintendo, and Microsoft. I also published several titles such as El-Fish, Pandora’s Box, and Hexic.

Finally, why should people pick up Tetris on PlayStation Network?

To have fun! What can be the other reason?

Tetris arrives on PSN tomorrow for $9.99.

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  • A nearly 30 year old game brought into HD with some bonus modes. When I put it that way 9.99 seems like a bit of a cash grab, eh?

  • It’s an exellent combination of puzzle games, multiplayer, and even the song is great(I love it for some reason). There’s always time for Tetris no matter what you’re doing.

  • Whats Tetris

  • coolz, but will wait for a sale.

  • I am studying for the LSATs, why must these games come out now? Why?1

  • Yay, I’m considered a “Master!” lol I always set up for a Tetris.

    And $9.99 is fine by me. I love Tetris. :D

  • Tetris is excellent :P [i got it off the Europe PSN last week]

    One thing tho why do games have to have ‘Copy protected’ saves for! :-/
    Yes ‘Tetris’ has it. That is one of the most annoying things some game makers do this gen[+last gen to]

  • I may add that I wished “Wonders” came back or will come as a patch i know this will “Never” happen though. Wonders were introduced in n64s the new tetris where the lines u collect playing multiplayer or single player all add onto like sculptures etc. that would finally get built with the help of you keep playing the tetris game.

  • nothing fun imported from russia except Vodka, bahahaha LOL good one! my wife hasnt stopped talking about tetris since the last blog post about its release!

  • looks really fun!!!!!

  • Voice chat?

  • What time does this come out tomorrow? after midnight???

  • Looks fun, worth trying.

  • i love tetris…. can´t wait more to play on psn …. someone knows how many hours left???

  • Ahh¡¡, i foget… if someone wants to play some tetris please add me

  • I live in Michigan its 11:40pm this better come out at midnight im a crackhead when it comes to tetris ive been playing it on my phone the last few days ironic huh……..

  • yay!!!!!!!!!

  • As asked before, any deals for PSN+ members? I’d be more inclined to stick with the program if we continue to get deals on all these popular releases.

  • 10 bucks? EA is crazy how can critter crunch (a whole new game with awesome graphics) be cheapear? get it to $5 or less, PSN games are getting more expensive all the time, not cool

  • Now this would be the perfect new PSN release to give Playstation Plus members a discount on, instead of always giving discounts on games that have been out for months now.

  • Hard To Resist Not Buying This Game… wonder how much it costs and is there a discount for ps+ subscribers

  • I hope the classic music will be in there and some good remixes, too.

  • Nice, this is gonna be awesome :D

  • People freaking out about the ‘huge’ price tag…lol…Tetris Party on the Wii is $22, standard def, and has horrible menus (played it at a friend’s over the holidays). Glad to see this coming out, instant buy!

  • Would love to have sent him a copy of Mad Blocker Alpha to see what he thought of it… What a Legend….

  • still waiting to come out….

  • seriously? people are getting excited about a “new” tetris game? please no matter what you do to it, it’s still effing tetris. a game you play when you have nothing better to do. i’m not dissing the game, it’s a good game but come on, it’s like roaches it’ll never go away

  • this is just sick, ill play again with my mom like when i was young on my nes

  • Copy protected saves? GRRRRR!!!

    I have two PS3s and like to keep the game saves synced. The broken games that pointlessly copy protect their save files don’t allow me to do this. :(

  • Will this have online multi-player? Recently got the new Pac-Man game and was thoroughly disappointed to find out that it didn’t support online multi-player..

  • … someone know when it really come out… because i´m still waiting..

  • This is the first game I’ve really looked forward to in a long time.

  • its about time this came out!

  • i´m loosing my nerves waiting to playstation store update to buy tetris …. how long we have to wait..?

  • @8 & 12

    Because not all tetris games are good, i don’t like much the MINIS version. The best in my opinion is still Tetris DX on GBC.

  • oops i meant @12 & 22 :P

  • Just logged in to PSN and still no tetris… SAD, SAD..

  • @87

    You better find something else to do cause the store won’t update for the next 6-8 hours from now.

  • How is the music of the game?

  • Yes!!! The wait is finally over…. I have been e-mailing EA and the tetris.com website for the past two years inquiring about this version of Tetris. I was one of many who bought the Mini, only to be disappointed when it wasn’t compatible with the PS3. $9.99 is a sweet price to if you ask me. The PSP Mini was $6.99, before it was put on sale, if I can remember correctly. Too bad I can’t receive a credit for the Mini version I never used.

  • I bought this off of the european store last week, I’m already #1 on all variant leaderboards (I keep making sure no one tops me :P) and #12 on the marathon board.

    the game is practically a recycle of the Minis version with added online and trophies. two most annoying things about it is a bug that EA fails to publicly responds to, which makes friend lists above a certain size not to be recognized and makes one trophy unachievable and the other is the fact that there’s no new music and no endless marathon.

  • @91

    Thanks for the heads up, you just saved me 11.40$ :)

  • Sony,

    As a gamer since Atari 2600 days, I am absolutley LOVING your PSN downloadable HD titles. Some remakes, some fresh, regardless, please keep this up because at $9.99 I will DEFINITLEY be purchasing this tonight after work.

    Thank you

  • so , keep you waiting, uh?

  • This is a classic! Not sure if I’m going to buy it, but it looks and sounds great! :)

  • So at about what time does the store refresh usually? (pls to specify time zone)

  • When the store goes live this afternoon?
    I’ve been waiting for 7 hours now, and
    all I see is no Tetris for PS3.

  • @47
    LISTEN TO THIS MAN!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I played this before FFVII and i personally think its a tiny bit better!! PLEASE GET LEGEND OF DRAGOON ON PS STORE!!!

  • will we be able to use music on our hard drives?

  • @ 99 I hope we can. I wish more games would allow us to use our own music.

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