inFAMOUS 2 Update and 2010 Recap

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Hey guys, hope you are having a great holiday break. 2010 was a huge year starting with the amazing response to our announcement at E3 to the sharing of Cole’s comic book inspirations at Comic-Con. Whether it’s exciting new powers, gruesome new enemies, or a new comic book, there’s a lot in store for our hero/villain Cole MacGrath.


We’re busy working on making inFAMOUS 2 the best action game experience we possibly can, and we’ll have more to share in the New Year, including some big announcements. What will Cole’s powers be? How will your choices affect the game? What lies unseen in the city of New Marais? Your questions will be answered in 2011.

Until then, check out the holiday issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine where you can get more details on inFAMOUS 2 and soak in some new images from the game.

We’ll have more updates soon — thanks for your support!!

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  • Please make more varied missions and improve the enemies. inFamous had the most annoying and obnoxious enemies in a game ever. The way they moved, the way they looked, everything.

  • I love how you guys are basing this game from New Orleans (I live in Louisiana!). I cannot wait to get this game!

    I saw the updated version of the teaser trailer that just released and I don’t really agree with how you made Cole’s voice sound so young and somewhat obnoxious now. You should really make his voice deeper or at least tell people if this story took place when Cole was a younger age if that’s what is actually happening here.

  • Another great game I will be buying!

  • Great game…..just do not know the release date….

  • Please Sucker Punch male Cole’s clothes move when he’s sliding on the electric wires or when he throws an ionic vortex, that will give more immersion. PLEAAAAASE guys remember to do it!

  • Really enjoyed the first game, Im pretty confident that you guys will deliver and even better game with the second, can’t wait for a new trailer and hopefully the release date(not too late in the year please :D)

  • Demo would be good. MP co-op demo would be even better. Customisable Cole would be simply Infamous.

  • Take much time as you want, Sucker Punch.

  • Special Edition? YES PLEASE

    How about an Electrified Collectors Edition


    1 Cole battles the Beast statue
    1 Cole (Hero or Evil) Statue (You choose which one you want)
    1 Replica of Cole’s Battle Prong
    1 Replica Ray Sphere

    1 disc on the Making of inFAMOUS 2
    1 game soundtrack on disc

    Character Costumes:
    Cole – inFAMOUS clothing
    Cole – Original inFAMOUS 2 Design
    Cole – Original inFAMOUS 2 Clothing
    Kessler (Electricity is White)

    Bonus missions:
    Kessler in the future
    Extra missions for Cole

    Some of Kesslers abilities from inFAMOUS
    New abilities (exclusive to collectors edition)

    RRP? $100 USD, $150 AUD I think this would be awesome.

  • Also everybody stop complaining about Cole’s voice. They had to change it due to them doing motion capture this time around and they needed a new voice actor who could to the actions, just the way Nolan North does for Uncharted.

    The graphics look epic(thank you Naughty Dog for helping Sucker Punch out and giving them some of your secrets)
    New abilities look insane
    The new ice abilities look rather cool

    Also i would rather the original clothing design for Cole in inFAMOUS 2. Its cool the character design is still the same but the clothes he are wearing just dont look very good, his other clothing looked much much better.

    Game im definetly getting in 2011:
    inFAMOUS 2
    Uncharted 3
    Mass Effect 2
    Mass Effect 3
    DC Universe Online
    LA Noire
    Twisted Metal

    Games im thinking about getting in 2011:
    ICO/SOC Collection
    The Last Guardian
    Killzone 3
    Resistance 3

    And theres still more games to be announced at E3 and throughout next year. Im stumped super excited to being getting all these amazing games.

    2011 – Sony Playstation 3 year, no competition what so ever!

  • can’t wait!!!!??

  • i cant wait for this!!!! >.<

  • I’m still working on infamous, you guys know so many games so little time. I’m looking forward to this one! I think it looks great so far.

  • Multiplayer please?

  • @The_Blue_Raven

    inFAMOUS isnt like COD, Battlefield or Uncharted.

    Its online would be a huge mistake, having loads of Coles running around doesnt sound like a good idea. Not every game has to have multiplayer these days, heck the only game i actually play online is COD and im getting sick of it, its repetitive and boring.

    I would much rather that Sucker Punch work really hard on making an amazing single player, than making a half-assed single and multiplayer. inFAMOUS is just one of the many games that doesnt need multiplayer just like Mass Effect doesnt need it. Just focus on single player, and if you want to play online go play an online specific game that focuses on it like COD, im sick of everyone thinking video games need multiplayer just like everyone thinks every movie should be made in 3D!


    Now how does my Electrified Collectors Edition sound to you guys, its up above if you want to have a quick look.

  • need a trailer and a release date before i start believing in fairy tales….

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