Xi Returns to PlayStation Home + Special Holiday Items

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This Thursday, December 23rd marks the return of one of the most popular games to ever grace the PlayStation Home platform. The Xi Museum – a commemorative game space constructed solely for fans of the PlayStation Home exclusive Alternate Reality Game – consists of an updated Alumni hub plus three AlphaZone 1 spaces (Hexopolis, Maximum Tilt and the Text Adventure room) and four AlphaZone 3 mazes. Play a variety of games in this collection of historic spaces to unlock a slew of collectible ornaments and explore the mysterious world of Xi.

The new and improved Alumni hub also includes a Xi Museum Shop, which has 11 unique items for sale – including full-size Maximum Tilt bikes for your personal spaces to your own version of Jess’s Xi party apartment (can you figure out how to open the safe?). You can also pick up your own Stapler active item for your apartment, who will share new words of wisdom with you every day, as well as an incredibly cute Stapler companion that can accompany you throughout PlayStation Home.

Xi for PlayStation Home

In the Holiday spirit of gift-giving, Lockwood Publishing releases a revolutionary item this week. The Lockwood Gift Machine is the answer to every user’s shopping woes: Simply visit the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up the Gift Machine for FREE (it even comes with 64 free Lockwood tokens – additional tokens are available for purchase) and then choose up to six people from your friends list, select an item from a preloaded range of Lockwood gifts, and the Gift Machine will gift wrap the item(s) and send it directly to the intended recipient(s)!

Gift Machine Sodium Store for PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Mall gets another update this week with new Burn Zombie Burn costumes (because even zombies are in a festive mood these days), a line of new music items (including a boombox made for the chiptune music act 8 Bit Weapon – this item includes remastered versions of crowd-favorites such as “Closer” and “Fallout in the Wasteland”), the World’s Most Colorful Suit (understatement of the century), five versions of Chess for your personal space (!), and, of course, Jellyfish hats (which I am vowing to wear all throughout the remainder of the year).

8 Bit Weapon for PlayStation Home

Finally, the PlayStation Home Community Theater airs a new episode of the uber-popular PS Nation videocast this week. In the latest episode, the PS Nation crew waxes philosophical on the awesomeness that is Dead Nation and Hoard before gushing over the Killzone 3 beta (mechs, jetpacks, and melee kills – oh my!). Shameless plug action: Check out the PS Nation podcast for an in-depth chat with Ilari Kuittinen of Housemarque (makers of Dead Nation).

PlayStation Home: PS Nation Podcast

See you in Home!

Please note that, in observance of the Holidays, PlayStation Home will not update on Thursday, December 30th. The weekly PlayStation Home content publish will resume on Thursday, January 6th. We wish you all a wonderful Holiday season and look forward to another year of awesome content in 2011. Have a safe and fun New Year!

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  • sweet update my friends , happy holidays to you too (:

  • that is such awesume news to hear bout xi museum and chess coming to personal spaces, five versions must be based on type of tables and chess pieces.. wander what is next checkers :)

  • Very good, bout dang time we got xi back, now how bout some power rangers samurai stuff. or yugioh abridged, i wouldnt mind having brooklyn rage and leather pants playing in central plaza. and as regards to the jess apartment, ill pass. already got the daytime version. besides im broke this week ^_^’

  • I’ve got a question. When the original Dead Space came out, Home made a suit from the Mk. 3 suit. With January rearing it’s head and Dead Space 2 coming out, What would you guys think of making a sprawl apartment from Dead Space 2 and Issac’s suit from that game, not to mention all the other Mk. suits (DLC and original in game)

    That would truly be awesome and I know, I’d get them all myself. It may be a good and cool idea for a home update.

  • Sounds epic. (:! Happy Holidays!

  • Great stuff!

    Will the Santa on a Reindeer costume be released tomorrow? I was looking forward to that one.

  • Since the boards are down i was wondering if anyone knew if Winter Wonderland has a new reward today?

  • Great to have Xi back, I missed it the first time around I hope I can get the most out of this one :)

    I hope the owner of the gift machine receives all the gifts as well.

  • HECK YEAH! XI is back.

    Thanks PS Home.

    However, I still think the removed Warhawk space could be brought back as a free add-on to the current Warhawk home space.

  • Can’t belive that XI is coming tommorow neat. But I want to ask you guys something, what am I going to do at Playstation Home in New Year’s Eve if you guys aren’t there to help celebrate it(the NYE ball w/rewards is excellent, do that again this year if you can)?


  • for all you noobs out there the first XI was so fun

  • 63rd YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS been under the weather this week and working my balls off,i guess all my friends have missed me and all the hangers on have found someone else to hang on to lmao.yeah you know who you are!Any nice new trannie outfits this week lol.seeya soon those on my FRIENDS list merry xmas to ya all.

  • Oh and a very special thank you to stardust and yuliausa who have both helped me in their own special ways over the last 2 yrs in home those 2 yrs being the most difficult in my life,all my love to both of ya

  • Dear locusti need help! it takes 15 minutes now to load home and when i go to my wardrobe it frezes on me when i go to the pants section. PLEZ HELP!

  • Merry Christmas to the PS Home staff, you guys did a great job this year for the most part, Happy Holidays

  • Retro garbage for a garbage program. Please cancel home.


  • Hey! Where’s this week’s update blog?

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