Coming to PlayStation Plus: Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and Spyro the Dragon

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

After nearly six months, we continue to see PlayStation Plus grow and deliver compelling content for PlayStation gamers. Over these past six months, we have seen some great content introduced — from the DC Universe Online beta to the NHL GameCenter LIVE Application — that is expanding the offerings for all subscribers. Now we are looking to continue that trend through 2011 with new offerings.

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West PlayStation Plus - Spyro the Dragon

In the first week of 2011, we are publishing three featured games, giving gamers a look at a classic, a throwback from 2010, and an exclusive mini from an indie developer. First, we’ll be taking gamers back to Insomniac’s second game ever developed for the PSone, Spyro the Dragon. Take part in the first iteration of a classic franchise with a free download of the PSone classic. Also, we’ll be offering a free download of Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, a third person multiplayer shooter set in the wild west. Finally, we’ll be offering Pipe Madness, a minis title developed by The Bearded Ladies Consulting (known for Landit Bandit), exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for two weeks.

Also, for those looking for that special gift for your gamer friends and family, we are still offering our promotion giving full year subscribers an extra three months of PlayStation Plus. This is a great gift that will continue to give throughout the year.

Finally, a quick reminder to pick up content that we will be removing content from the PlayStation Plus storefront, including the DC Universe Online Beta and sales on Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Dead Nation. Be sure to see the full list below and download the items before they are removed.

Check out the full update coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers on January 4 below:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 1/4:

Featured Games

Lead & Gold: Gangs for the Wild West (Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $14.99)
Spyro the Dragon (Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $5.99)
Pipe Madness – Minis (Free and exclusive for PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Discounted Games & DLC

MX vs. ATV Reflex PSP (50% off) (PlayStation Plus price $15.00, regular price $29.99)
Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X. 2 – All In One Pack (25% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.49, regular price $9.99)

Featured Themes & Avatars

Underwater Disco Theme (Free for PlayStation Plus members, regular price $1.49)
Rival School Avatar Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus members for $1.99)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on January 4:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

DC Universe Online Beta
Smoke and Mist Theme
Tron: Evolution Black Guard Multiplayer Skin
Vector TD

Discounted Games/DLC

Sonic 4 Episode 1 (PlayStation Plus price $7.49, regular price $9.99)
Dead Nation (PlayStation Plus price $11.99, regular price $14.99)
Tom Raider: The Last Revelation (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
Twisted Metal 2 (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)

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  • Sony is so far behind in online service, they are lsoing tonnes of sales in the Us because people love being able to seamlessly chat online using Cross game chat, and better messaging services. PS Plus is terrible, its shovelware and old content no one wants. Other then Auto Downloads it has been a major waste of cash.

  • Look at STEAM, then plus and tell me PLSU is a good deal………………………….. Even with doscounts much is over priced, its old content, that if you already own you cant pick something else. terrible, just terrible.

  • wow excited about this one. man you guys bring it every month with PERFECT DEALS and steals. I’m so happy with the service. honestly if you guys charged me 75 for the whole year i would have still got it. thanks a lot. have a happy holiday.

  • I was always interested in Lead and Gold, would never buy it though. Thanks guys!

  • Where are the Kingdom Hearts/God of War avatars?

  • Woot! I’ve been wanting to try Lead & Gold.

    And how about getting us some free DLC, huh? How many people are buying Killzone 2 map packs any more? How about throwing the bundle our way to get us all hyped up for Killzone 3? Same with the MotorStorm Pacific Rift expansions.

  • Finally! A game I had not already purchased!

  • Are we ever going to get new PSN features through Plus or otherwise? We got automatic updates, but PSN is in desperate need of an upgrade, mostly community features. There’s a reason the other service is always touted as the best online gaming community. What about an XMB tab similar to the “What’s New” menu that would connect to other gamers on the network? Gamer of the week, most trophies in the last XX days, power gamers per gaming genre, things of that nature. Token wagering for competitive online gaming network-wide. Cloud based save backup and restoration to any console you’re signed into. A dedicated group/party system. There are a lot of things that define XBL. The only thing that defines PSN always comes back to it being free. That’s a plus in itself, but the network and the gamers would benefit from more.

  • My question is will we be getting free Neo Geo content like Europe is getting? Make this happen please.

  • Give Plus members the option to pick the game they want instead of a particular game u may not like. a choice between 2 or 3 games. also where are the advertised free game add-ons????

    come on need for relevant avatars. like street fighter or uncharted.

  • @Grace, I believe that the lack of any discounts on the DCUO subscription fee for PS Plus subscribers will be an utter & total disgrace (please forgive the pun). I strongly urge you, Susan Panico, & the powers-that-be at SOE to work on such a discount for PS Plus subscribers.

    Finally, I wish to thank you & the rest of your team for all of your hard work during 2010. I wish all of you a very Healthy & Happy Holiday season!

  • I wish those discounts wouldn’t go “down”, I did pick up Dead Nation though.

  • Thank you Sony for finally giving me an arcade game I don’t have. I wanted to get this but just never got around to it. Also getting Spryo is cool in my book too since I never played it and have been wanting to. The minis I still don’t care about. I would rather get a free movie rental or something.

    I’m with the majority of people on wanting cross game chat but would also enjoy a party chat. The 360 does both and I got rid of my 360 because I love my PS3 more but this is still a big missing component in your online. You get this and you would be a way better deal than the competition. Having free online is the first part of being better now just get the rest.

    Besides that keep up the good work. Oh ya maybe you should change your pricing plan for DCUO to free with microtransactions. It works for a lot of other games. Do this and you will have me buying it.

  • A Classic Game Like Spyro Free? PS+ Gets Better every Free Game I Get :)

  • Nice Lead and Gold! I love having PS+ it already paid itself off in three weeks. Is there any chance we could get the costume quest dlc at some point?

  • Nice Lead and Gold and Spyro! I’ve always wanted to play Lead and Gold.

  • Lead and Gold might be the first game I don’t download for free because the gold trophy is glitched and the developers don’t seem like they’re willing to fix it.

    Spyro sounds great though.

  • I was just reading up on Lead and Gold, and came here to ask about the exact same thing. It seems nobody is able to unlock the gold trophy for getting 100 wins.

    So, is this going to be patched, or are Plus subscribers going to be given a game in which 100% is impossible to achieve? The way I see it, Sony shouldn’t be supporting a developer that isn’t willing to fix such an obvious glitch.

  • @12: Spyro the Dragon has been up on PSN forever, it’s just will be free to PS Plus members. Families can still buy it. In fact Spyro the Dragon was a Qore bonus one month a few years ago. That’s when I got it, since you could get the episode w/ Spyro for $3 and Spyro was worth $6.

    @50: Cloud saves are synced to servers, so if you lose your data on your end it’s still on the server side so you lose no progress since the last sync. Steam uses it for a lot of games and it works wonders. Especially if you use multiple PCs or a PC/Mac combo.

  • Ooh, Lead and Gold, I wanted to get that!

  • An avatar of a crying baby would be perfect for a number of posters commenting. Just spoiled brats. Just don’t make them pay a penny for it or it would be the end of the PS3 as we know it.

    Keep up up the good work with plus. Definitely worth it so far.

  • What happen to Herc’s Adventures?? It was on ESRB back in October I think.

  • My hard drive just tapped out, because of all the content on the PS+

  • horrible horrible update!!! where is the sale on prince of persia for + members ? how about giving us better dynamic themes like uncharted or assassins creed or cod? something thats game related rather than what ur giving us ?

  • Will Spyro be available to Australian Plus subscribers?

    i have not been able to find it on our store (if i could i would have already bought it)and was severely disappointed by that.

  • i have playstation plus and the stuff they offer is not something i would download so i am not really sure what this service really gives me….anything i download from plus goes away if i decide not to renew not really seeing the upside yet.

  • I better get my 3rd replacement PS3 ASAP, because if I miss out on the things that are coming down, i’m gonna fugging snap.
    This is such BS. Send in PS3 to be serviced. Get replacement, download some PS Store updates and games etc…. Go and update HOME, i hear 3 beeps, and get my 2nd YLOD…so i send THAT back as well, and again, shipped a replacement unit, only to plug it in, turn it on, and hear BEEP BEEP BEEP, flash of yellow, and again the friggan YLOD.




  • I need a larger HDD….. 8)

  • Already own spyro, but excited for Lead & Gold, as well as Pipe Madness. Likely going to pick up Twisted Metal as well. Thanks PS+!

  • wooooooooooooooooooooo SPYRO oh yeah thats a fun game but i still have it on disc but the new theme looks awsome

  • I have enjoyed what they have been doing with Plus. When their is a free game I also fine one that I like. Sony, keep up the good work.

  • I always find – sorry type o keyboard sucks

  • Do the Sega sales expire On Dec. 28th or Jan. 4th? I’m still thinking about Sonic and Afterburner.

    I think Spyro was the first platformer I ever played where the character would grab onto a ledge if your jump was short, a great feeling when it looked like your weren’t going to make it. I wish he could teach that trick to Mario ;-)

  • LOL @ Jisatsu_Kiddo… More people WANT Cross Game Chat then those who don’t… So stop kidding yourself with those dumb replies to people who request it (um… do you even OWN a 360? I guess the 20 million+ that PAY $60 a year for Xbox Live seem to like it……)

  • As a PS+ subscriber I would like to see more discounts on future games. I am assuming we are going to be getting the entire backlog of NeoGeo Station games and I would like a discount on all of them.

    I would like a discount on getting my 60gb PS3 systems repaired.

    I want to see cross game voice chat happen sometime soon!

    and I would like to see a better web browser that is actually fully functional.

    Also if you guys could FIX Silent Hill PSOne emulation playback working finally after 4 years of waiting would be nice as well. The retail game has a flaw with the handgun sound which kills the game. PLEASE FIX this bug!

    And as far as the content coming up, I’m not really impressed. I already own Spyro the Dragon on my PSOne, and the other games and discounts are not interesting to me. I want to hear more about the NeoGeo Station. I already have the 10 games released, and Im hungry for more. I want to completely have all my NeoGeo games on my PS3. Just get SNK to work on the online portion of the games.

  • The Sam & Max was such a good choice, I’m good for awhile. Thanks.

  • Any chance that the US ps+ will get ALL the Fallout 3 dlc for free like the EU ps+ did? And if it is coming (hoping that it is) will it be coming anytime soon or will myself and others have to wait awhile?

  • Yay I’m excited for all this stuff. Just got PS+ after seeing Sam and Max. Already got my moneys worth just with Sam and Max. Not to mention the other stuff which is great. Just one problem though. I heard Cross Game Chat would not be coming to PS3 sine M$ (Microsoft) has a patent for it. Just wondering if this is true beause its been a couple of years and you guys have been promising this for a long, LONG time and at this point I really dont see it comig. (Hate to be a Debbie Downer) Please could you answer this and please don’t give a “Were working on it” answer. Alot of us have been waiting for this feature and it would be nice to get an ACTUALL update on this and not the five year old siplistic answer. I will continue to pay for this service as it is really great but would like an ACTUALL answer to this.

  • Man I am really awaiting this cross game voice chat and also how about getting that elusive playstation plus space for the home that the EU has. Ive been waiting for ever for these to drop and how about being able to possibly get points accumulated for a game of choice that you want instead of random ones being passed out. Dont get me wrong Playstation+ rocks the socks off of XBL’s reward of the gamer and the advent of the rewards program keep up the good work people. Who ever came out wiht the idea give them a raise or either a promotion. You are putting the gamer first instead of making it a social device. I can go to facebook and twitter free if I wanted with my pc. To make issues worse I dont even use them or have an account but I have to fork out cash for the service. All you gotta do now is intergrate the chat into other games and boom the game is over for XBL they can no longer rest on the laurels and thus we al gain because then they gotta work harder instead of this bland idea to just not listen to the people that made it what it is today and those people are the gamers. Can we at least get a status update or will it even be implemented.

  • Tom Raider? (O_O);

  • This was a waste of my money

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