Stereoscopic 3D on the PS3: Full List of All 3D Games and Blu-rays

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UPDATE: This list is out of date. Read the new list of all PS3 3D content, current as of July 1st October 26th, 2011.

Killzone 3 in stereoscopic 3D for PS3

Quite a few PlayStation.Blog readers have been asking me to provide a definitive list of all stereoscopic 3D content available on the PS3. Well, you wanted it and now you’ve got it. I’ve hit the books and researched all current and future games that support stereoscopic 3D on the PS3 – expect to hear quite a bit more in 2011.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

Out now

  1. Auditorium* (thanks gunguy01)
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  3. Enslaved: Journey to the West (via PSN software update)
  4. EyePet
  5. The Fight: Lights Out
  6. Gran Turismo 5
  7. High Velocity Bowling
  8. Hustle Kings*
  9. James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game
  10. MotorStorm: 3D Rift*
  11. NBA 2K11 (new retail version; free PSN software update coming in January 2011)
  12. PAIN*
  13. Prince of Persia Trilogy*
  14. The Sly Collection
  15. Super Stardust HD* (via PSN software update)
  16. Swords and Soldiers*
  17. TRON: Evolution
  18. Tumble*
  19. WipEout HD*

Coming in 2011

  1. Crysis 2
  2. de Blob 2: Underground
  3. Dungeon Defenders*
  4. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection
  5. Killzone 3
  6. MLB 11: The Show (thanks Nadafinga)
  7. Mortal Kombat
  8. MotorStorm Apocalypse
  9. Virtua Tennis 4
  10. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

*Indicates downloadable PSN title

Blu-ray 3D Movies

Note: Select titles appear here, for a full list of all 3D Blu-rays, refer to

  1. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 3D
  2. Clash of the Titans 3D
  3. Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
  4. Avatar 3D (December 1st)
  5. Alice in Wonderland 3D
  6. Despicable Me 3D
  7. Open Season 3D
  8. My Bloody Valentine 3D
  9. Monster House 3D
  10. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole 3D
  11. The Polar Express 3D

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22 Author Replies

  • It isn’t about the price of the 3D TV for me. I am willing to commit the money. Sony already pays some of their pensions from my Sony purchases. For me it is this patent that Sony filed in October for a new type of screen that has me waiting. Most patents never see production but this occurred recently and amidst much of the pitched battle concerning naked eye/glasses 3D. And the Sony patent is naked eye.

  • Looks like it’s my computer. Had a program called Gameadvance added somewhere along the line. Odd that this website would kick it off. Whoops. Sorry, I’ll go sit down now. :X

  • Guys, 3D TVs really aren’t that expensive, depending on what you want. I just bought a very nice 3DTV (, that came with two sets of glasses, the Avatar 3D blu-ray, and a 3D blu-ray player for a total of $1230. That seems perfectly reasonable for a new TV and blu-ray player.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, I’ll definitely pick up Super Stardust HD and Sly. The link to the blu-ray site with the list of 3D movies was also very useful, one of those ocean documentaries looks to be a must-have.

  • is the sony hts-ss370 compatible with 3d

  • Sid,

    Will SCEA ever release Flight Control HD. I am waiting for that title to use with my Move. If not then why and if so will it come out sooner than later?

    I am not a multi region account holder like most PS3 users and would rather keep my purchases through SCEA, but if this game is never going to be released in the US (like Dark Mist when PS3 first came out) then I might look into making a SCEA acount or maybe one from Hong Kong.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer everybody’s questions.


  • you forgot

    SOCOM 4

    in 2011. Just saying.

  • Hey why can’t we get TriOviz 3D and stereoscopic 3D options just like Enslaved did….I dont own a 3d tv but I like how if you dont own a 3d tv then you can use TriOviz 3D instead..Plz reply I find this a great for those that can’t own a 3d tv right now.

  • Socom 4 is confirmed for 3D, aswell as a 2011 release.

  • I wish Infamous 2 would be in 3D… that would make my holidays and upcoming birthday ;)

  • you forgot the christmas carol movie, which is pretty nice looking 3d.

    amazon has some great deals on 3d tv’s now. i just got a 55in toshiba 55wx800u for $1600 with 2 pairs of glasses and delivery included. 3d is amazing and really takes games up a level. sometimes i die in super stardust on purpose just to see the explosion.

  • Well it’s not quite a FULL list but close ;)

    There are a few missing from the list (mostly the games not currently available in the US).

    We’ve pooled together ALL 3D PS3 games and we’re following blogs and tweets of many independent developers

    Complete List:

  • The Playstation 3 is definitely the way of the future! Thanks for this list.

  • “Thanks for the insight on Avatar; I take that it works on a PS3, but is only available through Panasonic 3D bundles?”

    Yes, it’s a standard Bluray that will work on all 3D BD players, but Panasonic snatched up the rights to have it on their bundle first.

    It’s a really dumb move on all three of the 3D manufacturers, to be honest, Sony included.

    What they are doing it letting people know that by buying a 3D TV, you will be limited to the 3D movies you can watch because the ones people want are limited to bundles. It’s like buying a PS3 and being only able to play Killzone 2 EVER. And if you want another game, you have to buy another PS3. They are treating this 3D evolution like the Console Wars, where Ratchet and Clank is exclusive to Sony’s console. But what they don’t realize is that, while God of War is exclusive to PS3, gamers can still buy a lot of other 3rd Party games. When I bought my 3DTV, I only had one 3D movie for a long time, because everyone was hogging the rights to the others. Fortunately, I bought mine for gaming, and there were a few titles out for that.

  • @ 60 Yeah this whole rights exclusivity thing is a tad rediculous if you ask me. Like with all technology you kind of have to wait it out and see how it does before everything settles.

    Just look at the whole HD-DVD vs Blu Ray war a couple of years ago, the same thing was happening there, certain publishers were choosing sides, and while in the end Blu ray won out, it was annoying that you couldnt get a certain movie because Universal had it, and the same thing is happening here….sigh…

  • Any word on a firmware update to improve detection of 3D displays or better yet, an option to MANUALLY select 3D output? I am using a DLP with the Mitsubishi 3DA-1 adaptor. I got 3D to work previously, but now, no matter how many times I run the auto detect, I cant get the PS3 to recognize that its connected to a 3D display. My only option at the moment is to take the PS3 to a store that has a 3D display, set it up, take it home, and hope that the settings “stick”. Help?

  • Actually At TGS 2010 Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be in 3D.
    A listing on the site of specialist retailer GameStop suggests that Metal Gear Solid Rising, the next video game in the popular series created by Hideo Kojima, could be released as soon as June 3, 2011 in North America (gamestop has the release as Date 6/3/2011)

    Please add it to the list!

  • Wow Sony really hates the SOCOM fans afterall. First the misuse of Slant Six with Confrontation and now they won’t acknowledge they forgot it after 2 pages of at least 5 people saying it. One even posted a link showing confirmation. Sony makes me wonder how they can do that to the franchise that made PS2 the system to have for online gaming.

  • ^ What he said. They also forgot rising. its 3d confirmed by Sony itself, how does he not know since he works for Sony?

  • Last Guardian still planned for 2011? Only my most anticipated game EVER!!!

  • Can anyone tell me why the ghosting in Wipeout and Motorstorm look so bad on my Samsung 3D TV? Is it the game? because the 3D Super Stardust looks perfect.

  • Oh No ! Where’s The Last Guardian !?!?
    It’s been delayed again ?

  • Where’s inFamous 2 ?

  • Are you aware that the 3-D firmware update to all PS3’s has introduced an unresolvable bug for some Blu-ray’s?

    For example, in Sunshine (directed by Danny Boyle), there is no way to disable the PIP Mode during normal playback of the film. So the audio during certain scenes is replaced by cast/crew interviews, etc. while a box pops up showing behind-the-scenes footage.

    Please fix this or respond that this issue has been acknowledged?

  • Kinda sucks.. Right when I upgraded to HD, 3D came out..
    Bleh, forget it.
    To expensive to be screwing around with new stuff coming out so soon.

  • My question about 3D content is if a lot of 3DTVs can convert 2D to 3D (just not as god as native 3D content; similar to converting SD to HD), can this be done the same for games? Obviously it wold be more subtle, but can you play ANY and ALL games in 3D if converted?

    • Converting 2D to 3D ain’t really the way to go if you can help it. No idea on specifics beyond that, but you really want to see 3D in its native, non-converted form.

  • I’m going to be upgrading my beautiful 40″ Samsung HDTV to a Sony Bravia 3DTV the day Uncharted 3 comes out. I’m actually going to pre-order Uncharted 3 at Best Buy as soon as I find out whether or not a Collectors edition is coming out, and the night of the U3 release, I’m going to buy a 3DTV with it.

    Saving up for it as we speak. :)
    (Hurts my Video Game fund, but Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2, LBP2 and Killzone 3 will hold me off until I can regain my lost funds)

  • Wow I had no idea that Enslaved supported 3D! Unfortunatly I was like most people and just bought an HD TV around the time when 3D TV’s started to come out so I won’t be buying a 3D TV for awhile. It’s ok though because with time 3D TV’s will come down in price & the technology inside will only get better, so I don’t mind wait and when the time is right I’ll get one and have my PS3 & the content ready to play on it.

    I really suprised to hear that Ridge Racer 7 has a 3D patch available to it, as that’s a somewhat old game. It’s great though that Bandai-Namco are supporting there old games, & I hope that you guys can get this patch down to the U.S as it doesn’t hurt to get this 3D support to as many games and into people’s hands as possible. Now if they would only add trophy support to Ridge Racer 7. I mean I would think adding 3D support would be a harder task then adding trophy support, maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.

    to be contin…

  • If you guys get the 3D patch for Ridge Racer 7 down here then I’ll offically have 5 3D compatible games & 4 more on my must buy list. I must say I was really impressed with how Motorstorm Apocolypse played in 3D at E3, can’t wait to have a 3D TV & playing Motorstorm Apocolypse in 3D in my own house.

    Thanks Bandai-Namco for supporting your older games :-)

  • Hey why can’t we get TriOviz 3D and stereoscopic 3D options just like Enslaved did….I dont own a 3d tv but I like how if you dont own a 3d tv then you can use TriOviz 3D instead..Plz reply I find this a great for those that can’t own a 3d tv right now.

  • isnt lbp or lbp2 supost to be 3d

  • 3D is overrated IMO!!

  • I keep doing the number each month on weather or not 3d is going to sell or not and most people are not going to buy 3d. Most people just got hd tv’s, that i talk too. Just because a hand full of people think it is cool doesn’t me you put all your eggs in one basket. Cross game chat is what they really want.

  • Just wondering where I can pick up Stereoscopic 3D Glasses ^^;

  • 3D is NOT overrated, its just not for everyone YET. Most people think so though, however I took the plunge and we have been enjoying it quite a bit. Movies in 3D is better at home. Trust me when I say this, friends who come over with the skeptical you just wasted money on 3D leave very very impressed. Im not sure what it is about 3D at the movies vs at home, but it really does pop more and you have more control in settings to make sure it does.

    Game wise whoah…. The depth can be mind blowing and just flat out cool. GT5 and Motostorm IMHO are the best in usage of it so far. Motostorm in fact is so amazing it changes the game dynamics to WOW levels. The 3D in Tron Evolution is decent too, the light cycle sequences impressed me. Some games the 3D isn’t so good like Auditorium, you get more menu 3D than game 3D.

    While I don’t think 3D is for everyone yet, I do know it is for me and we love it and use it plenty. Now to just get some more movies and games out :)

    Ps. word to the wise if you DO get a 3D TV and get into GT5, don’t sit too close to the tv and Spin out doing doughnuts in Go-Kart mode ever…. Instant Nauseous = I loose lol.

  • Gotta Love The Power of 3D gotta save up tho…

  • Black ops works fine your just rubbish at it. And its at the top of the list coz its in alphabetical order you pleb :)

  • Are you going to make the PS3 compatible with checkerboard 3d output for Samsung legacy 3dtvs and 3d DLP tvs that utilize the 3d checkerboard format?

  • I would really like to see the PS3 support checkerboard output for DLP gamers as well! I am currently using a Mitsubishi adaptor, but would love to be able to eliminate that part (or use it for my cable box instead!)

  • I dont know what happened to my previous comment, but I was asking if the PS3 will support better detection of 3D sets (or better yet a MANUAL option to select 3D!). Currently I have a Samsung DLP connected with a Mitsubishi 3DA-1 converter. I initially got 3D to work (beautifully!), but for some reason, I lost the ability of the PS3 to detect that its connected to a 3D capable set! Now, whenever I go into “Display Setup” and autodetect HDMI, it sets it up for 1080p output, but NO 3D! I have been hearing that some Philips displays are also having issues with this. Is there any plans to fix this in a future firmware? Help!

  • I wish i had a 3d tv

  • Please get with Namco and ask them when we will get the patch for Ridge Racer 7 in the us. My system downloaded a patch for the game and it seems to do nothing at all. :( I want some 3D support!

  • 0_o Crysis in 3D… yeah… just need a 3D TV and I…I don’t have one.
    THX Daz_Genetic I didn’t know about 3D settings. I was disappointed too when I saw 3D TV the first time but now… I know.

  • SOCOM 4 should be added to the 2011 list.


  • For those saying there isn’t enough 3D content yet, there is. You won’t want to stop playing the games that are in 3D. I’ve had my tv for three weeks now (sony bravia 55″) and have a hard time turning it off. You can find deals to get them for under $2K.. it’s WELL worth it.

    Although, there are talks of polarized screens being shown at CES that you won’t need glasses for.

  • Forgive me if already posted, but The Last Airbender movie has a 3D release. Exclusive to Bestbuy, so technically not ‘wide’, but definitely available to everyone near a Bestbuy… which I gotta imagine is a LOT of people these days. :D

  • YIKES !!! looks like im still going to ” wait and see ” with this technology . accourding to Reuters 3d tv sales and internet tv’s are are lagging and i would have to agree with this quote

    “you’llFor now, investors are demanding to know why retailers aggressively pushed a new generation of TVs after many consumers had just upgraded to their first flat-screen sets this year. ”

    I mean … the timing of this technology couldnt have been any worse . The bad economy combined with the fact that alot of folks had purchased new TV ‘s for the digital conversion and are stil enjoying their like new , HDTV’s could spell doom for it all together . Remember those MOVIE laser disc players of the 80’s ?(huge discs )

  • GT5 is an awesome game but the 3D effect is too subtle compared to the Motorstorm 3D Rift (both games awesome in its own right, must buy). I own the Panasonic Viera Plasma 3D tv and it was a great purchase, that’s my personal opinion. If you’re a gamer and would like to upgrade to 3D tv then this would be the best time to do so, especially for future games coming out soon with that capability. I do somehow need to purchase the Call of Duty BlOps, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the 3D effects, but I have to really play it myself.

    And yes, there’s an option to adjust the 3D effects on GT5.

  • I just purchased my second HD TV, it will replace my mighty old rear projection Panny HDTV. My new TV will be a Samsung Plasma 3D with the free 3D blu-ray player (selling it) and starter kit with 2 glasses and a movie. I have been on the bench about getting a new TV for about a year and decided get the 3D Samsung 7 series. If it wasn’t for Uncharted 3 and such games, I would have waited another year.

  • I think Resident Evil and MotorStorm show off the 3D effect best so I’m glad to hear that MotorStorm Apocalypse will also have support.

  • Dynasty Warriors 7 is supporting 3D

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