Interact With Your Home Entertainment Options – Know What You’re (not) Getting

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At PlayStation we know, as do most of you, that the PS3 ‘Only Does Everything’ and with the addition of the PlayStation Move we’ve added precision motion gaming to what is already the most powerful gaming console available. Our content offerings (Netflix, Hulu Plus, live sports via and NHL apps, as well as original programming like The Tester) – combine to make the PS3 an all around great Internet-connected home entertainment system.

With so many game consoles and entertainment boxes available on the market today, deciding on what’s right for you given your preference of features – be that motion gaming and 3D capabilities, or watching Blu-ray movies – is no simple task.

We hope the interactive graphic below will provide some clarity around the features and functionality currently available on some of the entertainment devices out there today. We know which one we’d choose…

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  • No wonder the Xbox 360 is in last place this gen.

  • Sony needs to start charging so you all can demand better service. If you get something for free, they don’t need to take any suggestions or do anything the community wants. I bet if you were paying, you would have your desired XGC…….learn economics when you get a chance.

  • Can you really count the browser?

    It barely works. Freezes the system a lot too.

  • @33 — I agree!

  • Just to add….if Webkit with HTML5 is implemented in PS3 OS globally then you can just see a sea of potential. Let developers make HTML5 based apps for PS3… they will definitely gonna make better apps which will suit for big screens. NetFlix ported Webkit for their PS3 app, and it is really nice :) Go sony go.. and make PS3 even more awesome!!!!

  • Sony — I love you.


  • Sorry but AppleTv in this regard has better streaming and more video content…..

  • @41 — Explain how the Playstation service isn’t “good” enough as Xbox’s… If anything, Playstation’s quality is better. I own and play both, and I’m in no way going to pay just so I may have one or two more features that will come to the Playstation sooner or later.

  • i love my PS3, but “Internet Browser”, seriously? one of the most unusable, unstable browsers on the planet? that’s hardly something to crow about. i really do wish Sony would put some attention on that. i’d like to be able to allow houseguests to use my PS3 in the den/guest room as an internet browser, to check their email and stuff (i have the wireless keyboard) so they don’t have to borrow my PC. however the browser experience is so awful it’s embarrassing.

    what you’re also not getting: watching YouTube videos on PS3. see paragraph above.

  • PS3 is the FULL PACKAGE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

  • I’m a big sony supporter, not just its playstations brand but its tv’s, receievers etc..

    with that said.. who is this article marketing to? If i’m her on the blog i’m most likely already a customer.

    wouldnt this type of advertisement work better on other websites and forums where you need to reach new customers?

  • Yeah, I am getting sick of having to get up and power-cycle my PS3 because the browser locks it up on almost every site. I can’t even count how many automatic error reports I’ve submitted to Sony from that thing locking up my system.

    Despite that, I still use it far more than a PC while I’m at home. :\ Just wish it were improved upon in both stability and compatibility.

  • @Arcadian see when we pay for something we can demand things because we are giving money. Paying for services rather than goingt the cheap route because someone can’t afford something is much better. The XLIVE community demanded ESPN 3 and we got it. Now I will get my PS3 when SOCOM 4 releases and thats the only game I will play on it. If the PS3 was nearly as great as the PS2 was, then I would love to have one. PS2>all systems

  • Gotta love the people trying to justify Microsoft’s junk online service just because they are forced to pay for it!


    Free online play for everyone just like with PC gaming
    Standard dedicated servers for all major games
    Lagfree online play thanks to the dedicated servers
    Gigantic online game sizes thanks to the dedicated servers
    The massive and wildly successful Home online world

    Forced 60 dollar a year online fees – adds 2-300 dollars extra to the price of the console
    Junk P2P based online networking
    Laggy online play due to the junk P2P networking
    Tiny online game sizes due to the junk P2P networking
    Those creepy Nintendo Mii ripoff’s in answer to Sony’s massive Home online world

    Why can’t Microsoft even get the basics of online gaming right? Sony is teaching Microsoft how to do online console gaming right? Why isn’t Microsoft learning from Sony?

  • @Addison I understand how you feel ,but everything you listed except for the subscription is false. Gotta love fan boys. Because I love laying video games, I will play all the consoles. I have yet to get a PS3, but I soon will. Theres no way I am depriving myself of great games ALL systems have to offer. an BTW the PS3 is crap compared to the PS2. Thats a fact.

  • And Actually P2P servers are great. If that were not the case, torrent sites would not work off of them because all other servers are slower.

  • Please add the feature to delete our 0% game’s trophy list.

  • When are we getting The Official PlayStation App for our iPhone and Android Handsets???

    From the European PS Blog:

  • For the live sports thing…you should really work on getting ESPN3.

  • “And Actually P2P servers are great. If that were not the case, torrent sites would not work off of them because all other servers are slower.”


    Way to make a complete fool of yourself!

    Microsoft’s junk P2P based forced 60 dollar a year online service means that every online game you play is at the mercy of whatever slow and unreliable home Net connection whatever random person is hosting the game has.

    Host advantage problems plague Xbox online games because of this.

    Lag is horrible because whoever hosting the Xbox game might be running torrents hogging their bandwidth or their brothers, sisters, parents watching youtube videos causing lag.

    Xbox online is a joke compared to PC and PS3.

    You couldn’t PAY PS3 or PC gamers to put up with Microsoft’s junk online service. Let alone, LOL!, actually pay for it.

    Until Microsoft can learn from Sony and get the two MOST BASIC things right in online gaming:

    * Free online for everyone

    * Standard dedicated servers for all major games

    they don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as premium online that PC and PS3 gamers are used to.

  • you know I’ve bought PS1 when it came out first ’round 14 years ago, Did the same to PS2 and bought an expensive 60Gb PS3 at the launch. I’m supporting playstation in any aspect you think….
    i preferred PS3 over it’s competitors (while it was way more expensive) but I think sony is not preferring it’s consumers to an “unknown” thing.
    just simply open blog share. see? there are 54 ideas in action. but none of them was a really desired one. we wanted Cross game chat? where is it? we wanted this in summer 2010 and now it’s 2011 (w2011 is just 2 weeks away). more than 21000 users wanted this (see the votes) but you’ve decided to “make thee second season for testers” which has -28 scores !!!!!! created M.A.G beta with -103 scores!!!!!

  • is that what we want? do you really think this is what we want?
    it’s Christmas and i don’t see any major update. latest update was just a “security upgrade” great progress.
    sony is possible to create PS3 itself (which is really so complex) sony can create Uncharted series with astonishing graphics… but sony really can’t (?!) add cross game chat?!!!! sounds funny
    why we can’t have a brand new designed XMB? why we don’t have integrated playstation store in our XMB? it’s 2011 human walked the moon but we can’t read a simple message without quitting ps store!!!! (my $150 cellphone can do this for me).
    I really love the brand new European playstation site (which is only accessible through PS3) why didn’t you publish an update which would redesign the PS store like this site?

  • C’mon guys put aside this “being jealous” thing and think about it. Does a new XMB means hard to work?! you’re all gamers. how on earth you can finish mind-blowingly hard games and can’t find out how does a dashboard works? better think twice before commenting guys. do you really think that the only good UI which is easy to use stands only and only for XMB? if yes, you’re pretty wrong guys.
    Technology can make gold (not literally, i.e power, fuel etc) outta trashes we throw away. then you think technology really CAN’T create something more beautiful more innovative and far easier? c’mon XMB’s time has passed. I agree it won an award in late 2006 we’re now in 2011. if it was still good enough it could win such awards in past years since 06 (Remember the legendary “Godfather” movie. it still wins awards).

  • Do i love my ps3? “yes” but, as an internet browser it sucks. Problem has been fixed “solution” don’t touch it, use your laptop/computer :)

    1. gaming (yes)
    2. media (yes)
    3. music (yes)
    4. pics (yes)

    5. internet (NO)

  • c’mon sony listen to us. to your gamers. don’t make us think we’ve burnt our money buying PS3 (Indeed I will never think this way cause I’m a Sony fan, like it or not) but indeed these lacks on PS3 made me buy my second current gen console last summer. don’t say a single console doesn’t affect us. there are thousands of people like me. I wonder why SONY make it’s consumers feed Microsoft’s piggy bank. I really wonder.
    I’m optimist ’bout Christmas and few left days. so hurry up sony. make us wonder.
    – and indeed SONY MAKE.BELIEVE

  • For those who are being negative, I suppose that’s what you normally do when posting here. Understand that you may have issues, but I think most of us have supported and will continue to support the PS3 do to the game franchises, individual games, the options the PS3 gives us and for the browser and blu-ray player.

    I have been a supporter of the PlayStation brand the moment I slipped in my first gaming CD many years ago: Tomb Raider.

  • @Addison *shakes head* EVERY system has its pros and cons. Sorry but a person who loves playing video games plays every system then can get their hands on. I’m not a MS or Sony fan boy. I love both, and even the Wii. Granted I have the money to spend on these device even while I am in college. I understand some people can’t afford XBL or any other system. All I see on here is the Pros of the PS3, nobody who is a Sony fan dares to list the Cons of the system because they are too scared of what Sony will think. LOL seems like some are just puppets to Sony. I will say it again. PS3 will NEVER be as great as the PS2 was. And every game will experience lag no matter how fast your servers are. If I am tele-porting all over the map, are you telling me on your screen I won’t be doing that? Exactly, no matter how fast a server is, lag will be experienced. So get off that high horse and have fun playing video games.

  • Dear Sony, please remove “Internet Browser” from the list!!!!

    While It’s actually there, It does not work on a good percentage of websites.
    Most importantly, It does not work on “almost” all Video Game related website videos…
    Actually when it does work, 90% of the time it locks up the system anyway..

    So until this is fixed I wouldn’t mention this feature LOL

  • Personally i love Playstation 3 so much and i sold my Xbox 360 S 1 week ago (online with fee , so limited ex games – live is 10 times better then ps :( ) the thing that i can`t understand is PS3 XMB and dual shock 3 especially XMB it`s look so out dated and it`s not fit PS3 this kind of high level piece of tech .

    one of the things i hate about there is no Trophy transfer :( i own Playstation 3 since europe launch for 1000 $ (yeah thats crazy and i am loyal ps fan :D ) then when slim launch i sold my fat 60gb to bought slim (wish i can`t it`s works so loud :( ) when i bought slim Turkey ps store launch and i create new account so new PS ID all my trophy`s are in old ID Sony must help Turkish players or players who suffers this kind of problem

    i love Sony brand love playstation series and ps3 ex games are crazy move is so cool (no must have game yet :( ) but sony must re design user interface it`s soo bad and so out dated

  • @Addison — I couldn’t agree more! Like I have previously said, I have both systems and know their pros and cons, but when it comes to comparing them, the PS3 clearly wins every time! :)

  • Why are people complaining about backwards compatibility? I have an early version that had it built in, but doesn’t PSN have a free PS2 firmware download for the later models? Does that not work anymore?

  • I don’t really see Sony and MS as big competitors, considering Sony had to have an agreement w/ MS to allow there Sony Vaio laptops to run an MS OS…..

  • is now going to buy a 360, all your next gen consoles are belong to us. @80 the download is just to install few games onto the HDD such as FFXI.

  • Since when does the Xbox 360 do 3D?

  • Guys stop act like teen geezz stop criticize Sony’s action if you will they will never ever advance forward – THEY ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THE STUFF U LISTED HERE! Stay still and wait… it is NOT an Ad… Sony planing to add something BIG to the system for holiday! The question is WHAT? $Every time there is compare/advantage listing – it means something big ( I hope good) if they compare it in the global way they plan to attack every competitor on the market (KB would say at new feature ad))) Lol And now PS cn replace wife or husband in his/her absence

  • Hmmm… The Xbox 360 is pretty close. Come 2011, the only thing missing is Blu-Ray support. But, who needs Blu-Ray when you can stream from Netflix and/or Hulu… Just sayin’…

  • @86 yay I wonder too how DVD could support 3D GPU cant do that it’s big push up on hardware and xbox will blow up not just burn if it try to do so

  • @86 and 89 3D in homes is not TRUE 3D. Go to Universal Studios and watch Terminator, thats true 3D. 3D right now is crap on any tv. Give it 5 years, then 3D will be amazing. HAAHAH Nintendo 3DS’s non-3d glasses screen is more like 3D then the glasses required TV.

  • @88Only Blu-Ray )) you really thing that? 3D without BD drive impossible and MS will never have BD – it’s Sony’s technology which copyrights are protected Hulu – exclusive ONLY for Sony 3D – Sony’s Technology if if other coimpanies want to use it thy pay Sony a lot of money

  • @91 you can’t say MS will never have BD. If that was the case Sony would never create a laptop that runs Windows……All MS has to do is pay them, exactly what Sony did to have Windows on their Vaio.

  • @90 true 3D glasses are have batteries in it if your tv has 3D transmitter on the shelf like mine does than it’s a tru 3D… tho cable companies does not support it yet

  • “The Xbox 360 is pretty close. Come 2011, the only thing missing is Blu-Ray support”


    Yep, the RRoDbox is ‘pretty close’ to the PS3. Except for those few little details:

    * The wimpy 360 graphics hardware compared to the PS3

    * Jet engine loud 360 hardware due to the poor design and outdated DVD drive spinning at an insane rate

    * No cheap off the shelf harddrive upgrades

    * Giant external powerbrick

    * No exclusives – 20 Sony first party studios vs only 3 for Microsoft

    * Anything remotely worth playing on the RRoDbox has better PC versions

    * Forced 60 dollar a year online fees for laggy P2P based online

    * Bandwidth killing sub 720p overly compressed movies with poor quality audio compared to the PS3’s 1080p HD 7.1 audio Blu-Rays

    * And the worst console hardware quality in the history of gaming for the 360 compared to Sony’s rock solid reliability

    LOL!, yep the 360 is ‘pretty close’ to the PS3…

  • People need to stop tooting the “NO CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT” horn. Seriously, use your freaking computer (Skype. Most people I know use that, even if they have 360’s) or something, it’s not a big deal. Besides that, XGVC doesn’t really fit in with the options that they listed.

  • well this is what I believe TRUE 3D to be. When a character reaches his hand out, his hand should be directly in your face. Thats why I loved the Terminator show in Universal, I had to take my glasses off sometimes because it was too real. I was 14 at the time…that was 4 yrs ago.

  • @12
    I don’t see how Live differs from PSN, they both sell arcades, they both have game content, they both have video store.

    Online Gaming doesn’t count as Live is just a ripoff, telling you they have stable online experience. They don’t do anything, all servers for games come from there respective Game Developers. Live charges you a lot of content that you don’t really us as a gamer, and mostly all of their So call Live services you need to pay another stand alone subscription. A great example that Live being a ripoff is that you don’t need to pay Live to play FFXII, just pay the game subscription and your good to go.If you can play FFXII online without actually paying Live, why do they charge you for it. Anyway this whole topic is which is the better HOME Entertainment Console, cross-chat is not part of all this. This is which has more content that that you could sit and watch, and if you want a chat, try using the cross text chat it works perfectly. Also the video chat has voice features too and it works, unlike Live that you need to pay for its use (and also you need the Kinect.)

  • “Yep, the RRoDbox is ‘pretty close’ to the PS3.”

    did someone say Ylodbox?

  • @92 Windows is software product not technology techno;logy cost 100 times more then soft and I bid on it they will not have in it until 4th gen of xbox family or until PS4 is out… Sony has right to restrict any competitor to their technology and they will send to hell Windows – software shall be sell and it can’t be restricted and trust me Soon Sony will make full function OS they already using XMB if they would give MS right to use 3D they would use MS OS for Console but they don’t

  • @ 83 JDrexmo

    No. There never was a “free PS2 firmware download for the later models”.

    It seems like the only ‘backwards compatibility’ we PS3 owners will receive is in the form of these ‘HD Collections’.

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