Tons of Additions to the PlayStation Home Mall + Novus Prime Additions & Version 1.41 Update

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Early this morning, PlayStation Home received yet another update to its core client. Available now, the 1.41 update includes many improvements that were requested by our community after the massive 1.4 release last month. Patch notes can be found HERE along with instructions on How to Update to Version 1.41.

Novus Prime, the recently released space combat game exclusive to PlayStation Home, also receives an update this week. Pilots who have earned the rank of Airman or Captain will receive pilot jacket rewards upon reporting for duty on Thursday, December 16th. Earth Fleet is also proud to announce the new Mini-Mech companion (there’s no longer any need to walk alone!).

Home: Novus Prime

Sodium celebrates its one year anniversary with a special sale and new rewards. Watch this video to learn more.

Konami is throwing their first event this weekend, and you are invited! Check out the Konami Penthouse in PlayStation Home this weekend for a Soccer-themed party. Wear your Konami gear and earn more points. The more Konami Soccer items you wear, the more points you get!

Home: Konami 2 Home: Konami 1

This Thursday, December 16th, the PlayStation Home Mall will receive an enormous update. Just in time for the peak of the holiday season, our friends over at Doublesix Games will release some hilarious Burn Zombie Burn costumes.

Home: BZB2 Home: BZB1

Speaking of the holiday items, Codename releases some festive tops for the guys and the gals as well as a White Christmas mini-game. And check out this ridiculously awesome “Santa on a Reindeer” costume from Codeglue!

Home: Codeglue

Also available this week from the PlayStation Home Mall: New Ghostbusters and “Mad Scientist” furniture items (these can be found in the LOOT store), a musical “Ballerina Box” for your personal spaces, and nDreams’ epic “Bling Reaper” costume (also pictured below).

Home: nDreams

Those of you who pick up the full PlayStation Network game, Tales From Space: About A Blob, when it releases next year, will be able to unlock special rewards in PlayStation Home by successfully completing select levels in the game. See the below for a sneak peek of some of these exclusive rewards.

Home: About A Blob 1 Home: About A Blob

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives another update this week, with episode 7 of Replay with Doc: CastOffs, now playing in-world (in this episode Doc interviews War Princess from the Tester 2). Also airing this week in the PlayStation Home Theater is a full episode of Buso Renkin, the popular anime show from Viz Media. Be sure to log in to PlayStation Home this week to watch these awesome videos and pick up rewards (including the new Tester 2 “Game Over” shirt, available from the Tester 2 Theater, and the PlayStation Home 2-Year Anniversary shirt, available in the Community Theater).

Home: Anniversary 2 Home: Anniversary 1

On that note, we want to invite all of you out to a live event in the PlayStation Home Theater with the finalists from The Tester 2 on Monday, December 20th between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm PST (9:00pm and 11:00pm EST). Chat with the finalists of the latest season of The Tester and hear about their experiences firsthand, only at this exclusive PlayStation Home event.

Finally, I want to remind you all that the holiday celebrations continue in the mega-popular Winter Wonderland space, now accessible via PlayStation Home’s Navigator. Be sure to visit the Winter Wonderland daily between now and December 25th for new games, quests, and rewards.

See you in Home!

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  • Great update. Been wanting to pick up the full version of Sodium One for a while now so this looks like the time to do it.

  • Thanks, Sony!

  • lol @ comment #1

  • When i play the baseball game in midway i keep on missing the balls from this weird slow loading why is this happening?

  • All i want for christmas is my ea sports poker rooms back please make this happen

  • Is there going to be a Santa’s Sack coming to the NA Home or is it just sticking to EU Home? Just seems that they get all the cool toys and there are a lot of people on NA Home that weren’t here for the last Holiday Season that missed out.

  • Im impressed on how fast HOME is getting better.All we need now is the update that allows us to watch videos on our personal home tvs (those that come with them atlest:p) from our HDD.And also if you guys can bring our HOME avatars to the XMB..for a quick glance of our friends avatars..instead of jumping into home and waiting for them to sign on but im sure you HOME DEVS are working on this or something better ;) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Home is where your heart is

  • I am starting to see some uniquness in out Home items.BTW..That is the best Soldier outfit we ec=ver had in costumes..TY…
    The little mech is my fav and the reaper costume.
    Please continue this lvl of quality.
    TUY for the dancing Sync outfits.I new that would be a hit.

  • PS..musicman1234 needs to slow down when
    Sorry for the spelling error above.

  • Does anyone know where the “Santa on a Reindeer” costume from Codeglue is? I’d really like to get it but I can’t find it anywhere and no one on Home I talk to seems to know.

  • @ Locust Star

    This is slightly off topic, but there’s a camera glitch in Winter Wonderland that is causing the snowman in the center of the area to interfere with the player’s view of the wood chopping minigame, making it nigh impossible to complete.

  • Im hoping for a trophy room sometime soon?

    Oh yeah! Home Rocks!! Love the snow XD

  • Locust, could you possibly tell me why the female versions of the bling reaper don’t have the floating animation? It could be just my issue, but, I bought that for $9.99 USD and that’s expensive for home standards. The floating animation was the kicker for me, but alas, it doesn’t do it.

  • I guess someone fixed Winter Wonderland, but I see now it wasn’t a camera glitch at all, but the snowman geometry was on top of where the wood was getting split. I guess the snowman wasn’t supposed to be there at all, ahahaha!

  • I want a wintery apartment in home and what happen to the Christmas items like tree and such to decorate the apartment?

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