ModNation Monday: New Video! UFG talks DLC

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ModNation Monday

If you haven’t recovered from last week’s “DLC Extravaganza”, then brace yourselves. This week, we get another nomination from G4TV and UFG gives you a glimpse of all the cool things to come including new Mods, Karts, Part Packs and the long-awaited Full Track Themes and Career Extensions. Buckle up!

UFG’s Souped-up DLC

The good folks at United Front Games have been hard at work putting together more cool ModNation Racers DLC since launch. Here’s an insider’s look at what’s to come for ModNation and how they are loving what the community has done so far!

Coming Soon to PSN:

NEXT WEEK- The “Far East” is Coming to YOU!

ModNation Racers PS3: 1. Far East ModNation Racers PS3: 2. Far East

ModNation Racers PS3: 3. Far East ModNation Racers PS3: 6. Far East

Just in time for holidays, we’re going to be releasing the Far East Track Theme and Career Extension on December 21st. The theme comes with seven new UFG designed tracks,10 new objectives, 35 new unlockables, and over 50 track props!

More Details to come next ModNation Monday, so stay tuned.

January 2011

ModNation Racers PS3: Jak Daxter ModNation Racers PS3: SuperFan

February 2011

ModNation Racers PS3: Killzone

ModNation Racers PS3: El Snake-o ModNation Racers PS3: PaperCut

G4TV Best Racing Game Nominee


On top of the Spike VGA and IGN Nominations the good Gamers over at G4TV have nominated ModNation Racers in its Best of 2010 in the category of Best Racing Game. Wish us luck for their announcement of the winner on December 14th!

It’s Winter, So Bundle Up!

ModNation Racers PS3: Winter Pack

Don’t forget that there’s a good deal on a nice 8 Pack Winter Bundle of Mods and Karts on the Store now through January 4th, 2011. You can get Mall Santa Mod with the Sleigh Kart, Nukular with the Mauler Kart, Lil’ Tinker with the Soapbox Kart, and Mouse Trap with the Cheesy Kart all for only $3.99. Do it quickly if you want to be one of the coolest drivers in the Nation.

Holiday Pack Reminder

Since we’re in the holiday spirit, don’t forget about the Holiday Props Pack to give your Track creations some festive spirit.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

With the release of all the new parts packs, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: Kratos Sackboy
Creator: Toasterscribble

ModNation Racers PS3: Kratos Sackboy

Jason Coker says: This is a sweet tribute to the man in chains. He’s got that Sackboy texture, but with the Kratos attitude. Still, at risk of insulting a guy with the power of the Gods, he sure is cute.

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: Wide Ride
Creator: FuzzyEdges

ModNation Racers PS3: Wide Ride 1

ModNation Racers PS3: ModNation RacersWide Ride 2 ModNation Racers PS3: ModNation RacersWide Ride 3

Jason Coker says: Flashy without being over the top. That’s a tough balance to maintain, but this Kart does it well. The detail is there, but it’s not all over the place, which adds a lot of class to the old school body. Hey FuzzyEdges, can you hook up some paint on my hybrid?

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel by emailing and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Christmas Eve
Created by: C_Smith

ModNation Racers PS3: Christmas Eve

ModNation Racers PS3: Christmas Eve 2 ModNation Racers PS3: Christmas Eve 3

Jason Coker says: Yes, yes, yes. I love to drift, and this Track is a drifter’s paradise. Loads of snaking curves give plenty of opportunities to get some boost, and various hazards and shortcuts keep the races competitive. Well done, C Smith.

Track Name: Amusement Park I
Created by: SergioChileno

ModNation Racers PS3: Amusement Park

ModNation Racers PS3: Amusement Park 2 ModNation Racers PS3: Amusement Park 3

Jason Coker says: Here’s how I imagine a conversation between me and SergioChileno about this Track –

Me: Dude, are you kidding me?

SergioChileno: No, not kidding.

Me: Hold on – Clown pop-ups AND the K-Wrecks? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

SergioChileno: No, not kidding. Also, I just beat you.

This track is potentially frustrating, but well worth it when you dodge this or that obstacle just right. I raced this one until my fingers went numb. Good stuff.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Snake City, by TheQk
Tuesday: Amusement Park I, by SergioChileno
Wednesday: Christmas Eve, by C_Smith
Thursday: Elite Game Show, by RockToonz
Friday: They Stole Our Presents!!, by StealthReborn–
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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  • When will we get Double XP again?

  • Hey sid I have a problem, I still never got my e-mail for the uncharted 3 theme I registed as soon as u guys post it up about it. What gives?

  • @45 the loading time is not an issue now dude… no more worries about loading time…

  • Sweet, more trophies coming and 7 new UFG tracks! I hope that means those new UFG tracks will be raceable in XP series.

    Extended career and more unlockables? Can’t wait to hear more complaints that this game is too hard… C’mon man!

  • O-M-GOSH! Jak and Daxter Mods?!?!? Booyah! I know what game I’m playing soon!

  • More trophies too? Sweet!

  • I think it’s really great how you guys consistently keep updating this game. Keep it up!

  • I need to re-buy this game. I feel bad for selling it. :(

  • @ 52 Ive had the same problem and it seems Sony doesn’t want to help I know they got alot on their plate but its a simple reply all they need to do is say what to do n theres a handful of people with this problem

    Also Id like to point out ive been a playstation owner since day 1 ps1 era but sometimes this company just annoys me so much theirs so many things that should be fixed and for some reason its not taken care of one of the things that needs to be done asap price cuts to the psn 56cents for an avatar like give me a break will u I have 50 cents and cant even get 1 cause im 6 cents short their shouldn’t be tax on a thing that cost probably less than 5 cents to make why do I half to buy a $50 n $20 psn card to get playstation plus n i don’t even know if its worth the money so far to many game trails for old games like redaction tomb raider I could use a credit card but I don’t want to need it for other things anyways I could sit here all day n keep adding things that need to be fixed but I wont I love sony and will always support them but its time for some major changes

  • @58 I almost traded it in so many times but somehow managed to keep it and im glade I did hopefully they don’t over charge us for this DLC

  • @58 yeah i feel bad for you dude… this game i played 500hours playing this game… but i am happy with that because i love this game more than littlebigplanet…

  • @post Yes new UFG Track on xp series and xp race!!! wooooo!!!! i hope the snow theme will come this december… if not… i will not buy it because there is so many games to come next year

  • The support for this game has been insane! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  • Are there gonna be trophies for the new track DLC? Whether they’re are or not, I’ll be pickin it up, but I was just wondering.

  • getting that helghast mod and kart for sure!!

  • This is what we’ve been waiting for! Perhaps this game still has a lot of life left after all?

  • alot of people will love this game if they try it…
    @video…. can you hire me?? hahaha i am newly grad computer science… thanks..
    RockToonz // Peace

  • @people who are asking about new trophies, did you watch and listen to the video? Try again, 3:03.

    How about a race XP trophy???

  • wow.. this is a pretty kool add. making tracks and mods is already limitless, adding more is INSANE! ill definitely welcome it though.

    if you guys do think about new weapon, consider a ice weapon. Lv1-simple ice beam-like shot, freezes target in a glacier like rock for a second, touching them while frozen gets you frozen for a second adding balance(maybe make it you get unfrozen faster by hopping). Lv2-travels like the Lv 2 lightning and gots the same wide and spreading effect when it hits and same effects as Lv1 ice. Lv3-make a HUGE blizzard like storm travel through the whole track, like the Lv3 sonic rift except it freezes and causes the same effects as the other Ice lvls..

  • i think new weapons WOULD add more action, i dont find it especialy necessary though. maybe work on new games modes first like score battle races, battle mode and elimination life battle mode which i know are on ALOT of peoples minds. which is what i think i want most. oh.. and hopefully you guys gives us more creations slots to publish stuff, im full of published stuff with around 70 stuff.. i think Ive got alot of stuff on hold and continue to make more and more AND.. this new pack is gonna make me just make more and MORE.. besides that get some triple A servers to host a triple A game!

    ANYWAY.. thanks for makin somethin sooo FREAKIN fun and makes us push our imagination to the LIMITS

  • Dark Cloud 2 characters please!
    Maximillian and Monica!!

    And the Kart would be the ridepods :s

  • I NEED A SOLID QUARTER CIRCLE! The fading quarter circle isn’t cutting it for my crash test dummy kart!!!

  • Chuck: The beauty of MNR is you can walk away from it for a while and when you come back there are new tracks to race! :)

    @Chuck: Yeah! i think your answer is right hahaha but i hope UFG will still support the game… i love modnation monday i always feel every week that UFG always support this game :D

    • As you can see by the vid, they are still behind it and will keep on supporting. Keep on having fun with the game and feel free to take a break now and then. No one will blame you for playing KZ3 for a bit. :)

  • it would be nice on the next modnation to have some specific weapon for each theme so that it will match the environment…

  • AWESOME! I need this DLC. Also, I know it’s early, but I’m hoping for some LBP2 and Uncharted3 dlc for MNR when they come out respectively.

  • HELL. YES.

  • How about making a sports theme track and mods for all major north american sports NHL NBA NFL MLB an ovechkin and Crosby mod would be the ideal ones for NHL Kobe Bryant and Lebron James for NBA Tom Brady Drew Bree’s NFL Albert Pujols Alex Rodriguez MLB now those are just some examples for the sports players but I know yeah people can make them on their own im sure if they wanted to but it would just look so much better if the great team at UFG made them im kinda shocked though as the game is made in Vancouver British Columbia if im not mistaken since that being the case I thought a little bit of Canadian content would be appreciate and Hockey being Canada’s thing where the love for some NHL Mods n Karts just a thought

  • How about making a sports theme track and mods for all major north american sports NHL NBA NFL MLB an ovechkin and Crosby mod would be the ideal ones for NHL Kobe Bryant and Lebron James for NBA Tom Brady Drew Bree’s NFL Albert Pujols Alex Rodriguez MLB now those are just some examples for the sports players but I know yeah people can make them on their own im sure if they wanted to but it would just look so much better if the great team at UFG made them im kinda shocked though as the game is made in Vancouver British Columbia if im not mistaken since that being the case I thought a little bit of Canadian content would be appropriate and Hockey being Canada’s thing where the love for some NHL Mods n Karts just a thought

  • Did I see snow themed DLC? I did, didn’t I? :D

    Looking forward to purchasing the Far East expansion… Can’t wait to get back on and make some new tracks!

  • Is the snow theme a carrer extension as well?

    And most importantly, will these carreer extensions have cutscenes?

  • Hey Chuck any chance of an update that changes the theme of the modspot? Add a snow theme and have it snow in the modspot. (i got this idea from “ps home”…they added snow to the central plaza)

  • Whoa!!! New themes are finally arriving. Just wondering, but how much will the themes cost?

    Also, I have suggestions on what UFG can do in the future. Instead of just allowing us to have overcast, do you think it would be possible if you could make it so we have the ability to make it rain, snow, etc. I also think you should make a Mars theme. It could have futuristic buildings and possibly even aliens walking around in some of them. Those are some of my many suggestions, and I will keep them coming, but you guys at UFG have to keep using as many suggestions given by the community as possible. Thanks for reading and creating.:)

  • Ok.. I have to say this: BEST MODNATION MONDAY EVER!!

    lol.. I haven’t played recently but I want so badly all of those DLC packs… I’m still waiting my prize of the Halloween contest, but when I receive it, I will definetly get all of that stuff!. I still love ModNation Racers, love creation stuff and this DLC I will definetly gonna get it.

    Thanks guys for making better and better this game :D

  • Will the new Add On trophies prevent someone from earning the original Platinum (I’m just some XP away from Level 30 and the Plat) if they don’t have the new ones as well
    Or will they be counted separately?


  • any chance of having were you can place stuff like the fins on the any part of the body instead of just limited to the head itself

  • @84 CAPNDigital

    No man, in no game the platinum trophy is modified of getting for some new DLC trophies, you just have to do the original game’s trophies and you will get the platinum, the other are extra trophies for those who are trophy busters or hunters or whatever they’re called

  • @86
    Thanks for the reply Elnath10.

    Looking forward to some more of your creations soon.


  • Hey, Chuck Lacson, this will definitely get me back to playing this game, once the far east dlc gets released, and snow, oh boy.

    P.S. This is off-topic, but will your team consider Battle Mode ? something like Mario Kart and/or Diddy Kong Racing, and no level 3 power-ups in that, only 2 levels, or just 1 with various others that are weak counterparts of the current and maybe some new, just for that mode.

    What has the community’s reaction been to the level 3 power-ups ?
    I find it, a little unfair when your leading and get shot by 3-4 of them 1-2 seconds apart.

    Anyways, keep up the great work, looking to see what else is in store for us ;)

    • Battle Mode is a very exciting idea and is definitely a consideration. Not sure how hard that is to pull off with the current engine. Many folks have been hit by a level 3. That’s when people learn the importance of keeping your shields charged up. :)

  • OMG I CANT WAIT!!!! oh and people getting the 250,000 create xp trophy realy isnt hard at all you just gotta make good mods worth other peoples downloads and you just gotta advertise and you’ll see you’ll get it in no time

  • Any chance you guys can make a Goatee-less version of Jak for that pack? Like a Classic Jak?

    Something that looks like somebody didn’t try so hard to make him edgy?

  • JAK AND DAXTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @comment#89 NOOB!

    Yes, all you have to do is PIMP YOUR MODS on the chat feature and make people download your mods. :) Oh, and add me so I can download your mods too. haha

  • @84, Yeah, with Burnout Paradise you can get Platinum and only have %50 of the trophies

  • What’s the price going to be? I’d figure $9,99 for all of that incredible stuff, but I might be wrong.

    Any chance of seeing those new UFG tracks in XP series?

  • Your creation studio is so good that it renders your mod DLC a bit pointless.

    I’ve seen community created versions of all these PS characters that looked on par. A testament to how great your tools are!

  • Will Giff and Gary be getting new things to say?! I love them!

  • With all of these PS3 characters, I have some ideas for a few more! Although they are no longer PS-exclusive characters, I’d love to see Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. They did get their starts on PlayStation, afterall. (Crash Team Racing, anyone? lol)

  • hey UFG, just a thought that will get people to play even more, epecially on split screen and etc, u should add grand prix as a race mode for fun and a random option so u dont have to go back to a menu after every race, instead you can just jump into a next race choosen out the tracks u have (download and creations as a option also) might sound like alot but to be fair, we should have got a arena mode, and right now those 2 things grand prix and battle are the 2 things that this game should have that makes me and my friends play sonic and sega allstar racing, when we rather this,and ps, ill never platinum this if u dont do nun bout the creation 250,000xp trophy i got like 80, 000 to 100,000 and im not getting nowhere :(, if it wasnt for my amazing charlie brown mod which, i need promoted, i would have like 25,000xp :(

  • Could you please add it so it lets you play xp races with 2 players I would love to just play UFG tracks.

  • better late than never..i was going to ask if there is still a chance there could be ELIMINATION RACES…online and off…this would add so much depth into the game..not that all the customized mod and tracks arent enuff but more racing options are always better..:p

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