Marvel’s Top 5 ‘What the–?!’ Things About X-Men Arcade, Coming Tomorrow to PSN

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Joining Marvel Pinball on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday, X-Men Arcade holds a special place in my Marvel-loving heart and even helped shape my knowledge of the Marvel Universe at a fairly young age. OK, so maybe it was off in a few ways – and that’s what I’m counting down here today.

X-Men Arcade holds up as one of the greatest beat-‘em-up games of its era, and if you were a fan of it when it came out, I think you’ll agree that the 18-year wait for a console version was definitely worth it… but not only for gameplay fun and nostalgia. A big part of the game’s charm playing it now is something we didn’t really think twice about back in 1992 – powers that went beyond characters’ capabilities, laughable in-game dialogue, and other oddities, for example. In other words, the kinds of things that the person with my job at Marvel would strike down in a game design document the moment we see them crop up in a current game. But for this one, we’re letting it all slide.

X-Men Arcade for PS3 (PSN)

If you know your Marvel, you might remember a comics series called WHAT THE–?! from the ‘80s (you may have even seen a series of hilarious videos thanks to So, with that in mind, here are what I would consider the top five “What the–?!” things about X-Men Arcade…

X-Men The Arcade Game for PS3 (PSN)X-Men The Arcade Game for PS3 (PSN)

5. The Juggernaut’s self-esteem boost. It’s been well established in the comics that “nothing can stop the Juggernaut,” so the dude normally just pretty much rampages through anything in his way, and that’s that. But in X-Men Arcade, he must have been feeling a little less unstoppable – so he started packin’ a bazooka. I suppose there’s a more logical explanation, though. Maybe he just thinks bazookas are awesome, so decided now was the time to try one out. After all, he can easily carry one like a piece of paper given his strength, and at the end of the day he’s just a dude. And part of being a dude is inherently knowing that bazookas are awesome.

X-Men Arcade for PS3 (PSN)

4. Who am I fighting? We all know the bosses in X-Men Arcade pretty well: In their own words, Pyro will burn you to toast, nothing moves the Blob, and the White Queen welcomes you to die, to name a few. But who are these shlubs I’m clobbering the rest of the time? Lizard dudes? Little mini-Krakoas? Some kinds of Sentinels I’ve never seen? None of these guys look quite like anything I’ve ever seen in the comics, nor the “Pryde of the X-Men” cartoon on which the game is actually based. But let’s just assume those last foes I mentioned are indeed Sentinels…

X-Men Arcade for PS3 (PSN)

3. Why is Magneto working with Sentinels?! Even if the common enemies you’re taking on all the time are just some sort of Sentinel-type robot, Magneto’s still working with the nastiest Sentinel of them all, in Nimrod, plus the huge one above that shows up out of nowhere delivering “mini-Krakoas” and Reavers from his mouth. Ehh, who cares about the “why”? Let’s just say Magneto’s controlling them all with his magnetism powers and call it a day.

X-Men Arcade for PS3 (PSN)

2. Can he really do that? Quick answer: No. Nightcrawler can’t zap you when he teleports (pictured above). Wolverine can’t shoot lasers from his claws your way. Nor can Colossus flex and go “RAWWWAAAARRRRR!!!” to send you to kingdom come. It’s all kinds of fun to do all those things in the game, though!

X-Men Arcade for PS3 (PSN)

1. What did you just say, Magneto?… For being one of the most brilliant super villains in the history of comics, Magneto sure says some silly things. My favorites: “X-chickens!” he taunts during the final battle. “I am Magneto! Master of Magnet!” he proclaims with the audacity to make master of unlocking Jill Valentine jealous. And, finally, one of the greatest pieces of videogame dialogue of all time: “X-Men… Welcome to die!”, which we made sure could be heard at the end of the game’s trailer…

So, yeah… None of those things would be presented the same way if this were a new game going through today’s typical Marvel approval process for games. But it’s not, and all of this ridiculousness is still 100 percent completely in tact. I wouldn’t have it any other way….

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  • Wow Chris, you are really devoted to reply to everyone, very nice. Wasn’t it this game that was suppose to be release on xbox360 first, then on psn?? I’m probably wrong.

    • Well, I like it when people care about what I have to say. I figure it’s good to show I care what they have to say by responding to them.

      As for your question, there was a report that the PSN version would be later, but it was never actually the case (at least not in America; I actually don’t know what the situation is overseas).

  • I could NEVER beat this game in the arcade when I was a child. I always ran out of quarters. Now I finally shall!

    Even though I grew up reading comics, I never sat back to think about how corny and/or inaccurate some of the characters were. I just thought this game was the coolest game on the planet back then.

    Looking forward to this!


  • Great memories def gonna buy this today

  • Does the game feature Voice Chat, Custom Soundtracks, Lobbies, and Cross Game Invites?

  • nice chris on how u said the other system part very nice i call them ****box lol but if possible see if u can look into a psp port of this game for the future that would so rule

  • I used to play X-Men Arcade the time at the local Aladdin’s Castle. This machine ate more of my quarters than MK2 and MK3 combined. I mentioned it to a few friends and co-workers about two years ago, and half said they never saw it… the other half paid their fair share of quarters… and a few I remember standing right next to me beating down the Brotherhood(I always called Colossus)… but it’s been years since I’ve seen a cab… and then I saw the announcement on I lost it… clamoring to find a release date… screaming cause I couldn’t find it, lost it again when the rumor spread that the F-Box 420 was getting now, and PSN not until February… but I’m now looking at TODAY… $10… if I would’ve know that 15 years ago, I could’ve saved myself alot of money… but well spent…

    FINALLY… thank you Marvel…

    Now all I need is for PSN to release an arcade-perfect version Ultimate Mortal Konbat 3 and an arcade-perfect X-Men vs Street Fighter, and I can burn my schematics for that time machine

    • You’re welcome! Are you talking about Aladdin’s Castle in suburban Chicago? If so, I think we may have played the same machine! I wrote an X-Men retrospective in 2000 when I wrote for the Official PlayStation Magazine, and we were based in Chicago at the time, so I went to Aladdin’s Castle to check it out.

  • should’ve said all the time… and it IS today here… timestamp says 11:07p on monday, but it’s 2:08a tuesday here in Indiana… if I’m lucky, maybe it’ll be on there already along with my DLC pack 1 for WWE SvR 2011

    Here’s to luck

  • I used to work at an arcade where one paid for the time you spent at the arcade, as opposed to per play. So you’d pay like 5 bucks and play all you want for an hour.

    Some games supported free play, and others did not. X-Men 6-player does NOT. (dunno if 4-player variants did) So they detached the wires on the coin mechs, and wired them to buttons instead.

    Now every so often you’d have a kid go up to the machine and jam on those buttons, giving extreme amounts of lives to multiple players. You have to wait several seconds for the game’s “Fine. You’re not moving? I’m dropping an INSTANT KILL BOMB on you” code to kick in – PER LIFE. Over 100 lives takes a long time, so I got in the habit of just switching the machine off and on again.

  • def a buy now psn release. ^_^ good times ahead with my friends.

  • I can’t believe I’ll be having this tomorrow.

  • yes huge marvel fan ! DEF GONNA GET THIS !

  • wasn’t there a version of this game with storm in the white suit and jubilee in stead of dazzler? either way i was pretty good with nightcrawler before ^_~

  • Are your really cris baker of marvel..? I have a question why no gambit or beast? and is the new version coming out the sequel to the original arcade(this one).

    If i remember correct gambit and beast where inthe sequel as well as arch angel..

    • I am really Chris Baker at Marvel, last I checked. Gambit and Beast weren’t in the original arcade game, so they’re not here either. The game was actually based on this cartoon:

      There was no sequel to this game, but there was a Genesis game by Sega that had Gambit in it, and a later one had Beast.

  • You know. I played this about a week and a half ago and some things are better left to nostalgia. The game isn’t bad, per say, but six players sounds cooler than it actually is in practice. The screen ends up being waaaaay too cluttered.

    Its a shame we can’t get The Simpsons arcade game on here. That was the masterpiece of early 90s beat ’em ups.

  • I’m a huge Marvel fan (you don’t want to know how many comics I own!), so I’m thinking of getting this. I never got to play the original much since nowhere in my town had it, the cabinet was probably expensive at the time since it was so large. I’m definately getting Marvel Pinball though, as I love Zen Pinball!

  • Sweetness I wasn’t expecting this! WOO!

  • X-Men, TMNT, The Simpsons and Aliens vs Predator are my ALL TIME FAVORITE beat-em up arcade games! I can’t wait to get this! Thanks!

  • Excelsior!

    Props to all the instant feedback from Marvel. Grace and her Sony bosses should take note.

  • I don’t usually day one PSN games, but this game was my go to arcade game back in the day. I remember being scared of the pedo’s lurking around the arcade and you could never find the attendant because the coin machines never worked. So you had to knock on the door to the back room where they were always smoking and probably watching something little children should be sheltered from.

    At my local arcade the attendants were always men way too old, smoked way too much, and always had way too much facial hair. Their voices always sounded like they had rocks in their throats. It was the best. Thank you for this, thank you!

  • X-Men. Welcome… to buy!

  • Meh, it looks cool they should have update the graphics or do something just like TMNT did or some cell-shading

  • The only thing I didn’t like about the arcade game itself, was that you had to stand next to stinky smelly nerds to play it. Glad it is available for PSN. Now I can choose the stinky smelly nerds I play it with.

  • Nice. Just noticed the Peter Porker “Spider Ham” avatar. Sweet. I had all of those comics as a kid. Goose Rider, Asinine Torch…good times.

  • Neither X-Men arcade nor pinball have appeared in my playstation market (southeast Philadelphia). What is going on!!? I need these to recoup after finals. Was looking forward to both of them!

  • Glad to see you actually responding to people on here.

    Most people who post on here respond to maybe 5 comments tops. Glad to see some dedication. In all honesty, that sealed the deal for me buying this today, just because you actually care ;)

    • Thanks, Jon! I was just responding ’cause I think it’s nice you take the time to respond to what I wrote and I like you guys. If it’s the turning point on your buying decision, all the better. :-)

  • it sounds fun, but would have been nice to make HD. HD is cooler, but for $10 vs buying a whole arcade game is pretty sweet deal.

  • This is gonna be really cool. I love playing this on my MAME cabinet, but that’s 2-players maximum (I COULD try and configure 2 extra x-arcade tanksticks on there… but it would be a hassle)… so I can’t wait to eventually try out 6-players at once on the PS3. There were no arcades around here when I was younger, and the few ones that DID pop out closed within months, sometimes weeks.
    I would have gotten this tonight, but Marvel Pinball is slightly higher on my priority list. I will get this eventually though, it’s good to know it’s gonna be on the PSN whenever I decide to pick it up.

    And thank you for being awesome and replying to almost everyone Chris, shows that you really care for this game. Good stuff.

    • I really care for both of those games, and I like interacting with you all. You really can’t go wrong with either!

  • This is fantastic I loved this game I spent lots of quarters on it lol. Since this classic arcade game has been added, I really hope they add The Avengers arcade game that featured Spider-Man, Captain America, Namor, Hawkeye and a few others in the near future.

  • When are they gonna put the dang game on the network? I’ve been waiting since 7:00 am.

  • instant buy…nightcrawler or wolverine choices choices!

  • I used to go to Chuck E. Cheeses and play this in their arcade. Old School

  • @79, this is Sony so probably about 11:30pm EST.

  • I don’t see the release date yet… I heard this is yet-another-game Xbox 360 gets first.

  • I thought playstation was releasing it today what happen?

  • @84
    You should be used to Sony taking their time to update the PSN… It’s always some time between 4pm and midnight (EST), at random. Just wait, it’ll come.


  • What qualifies as a “Play Session?”

  • @62 – If such a hack exists, nobody seems to have credible evidence of it online. It’s a rumor I haven’t heard for the first time, however.

    Now that my grubby little paws have had a chance to play this through with two friends (there will be a six player session I’ll be involved with this weekend you betcha) I noticed something when playing through.

    The dialogue has been re-recorded. But as promised, none of the dialogue has been CHANGED. This means that there is now another person on this planet who has been paid money to say “Welcome to die!”. This amuses me.

    10bux well spent.

    • True. For legal reasons, they needed new actors to voice the parts. But we wanted it to be as authentic as possible, which included all of the “great” dialogue…

  • Ahh Another classic, I don’t have any money per se right now but when I do this is a must buy.

    It would have been cool if you when you bought it, a Virtual Arcade Cabinet of the Original X-Men Arcade appeared in Playstation Home, that would have upped the Nostalgia Factor even more but still great game.

    I too would like to see some of these other Arcade Classics appear on the PSN…

    – The Simpson’s Arcade
    – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Arcade
    – Jurassic Park (with Move Support)

    If those games came to the PSN with trophy support I know I would buy each of them in a heart beat. Hopefully someone is reading this who has somebodys ear at the top.

    Again Thanks Chris for answering so many questions & even though I’m a bit late on the conversation and may not hear back from you it is still much appreciated.


    • I saw it, and this is me responding! :-)

      Enjoy the game when you finally get around to downloading it. I’d love to see those others on PSN as well, but of course they’re completely out of my hands.

  • Does this game have voice chat support?

  • any plans to re-release any other marvel classics?

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