UNCHARTED 3 hits PlayStation Store, Exclusive PSN Avatar Here, 50% off UNCHARTED 2 DLC

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UNCHARTED 3 hits PlayStation Store, Exclusive PSN Avatar Here, 50% off UNCHARTED 2 DLC

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Late, late last night, the PlayStation Store published a special update that was chock full of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception content! Below is a rundown of everything that went up. Go grab it NOW – well, if you like the content that is.

UNCHARTED 3: PS3 static theme

We’ve also got an UNCHARTED 3 PS3 Static Theme you can get for FREE – just head over to the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Official Game Site and register for updates. Once you’ve registered, you’ll get an e-mail with a PSN voucher code you can redeem for the PS3 Static Theme.

We haven’t forgotten about UNCHARTED 2 yet either – we’ve put together a special sale of ALL UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer DLC bundles which will run for 3 weeks only! Call it a little holiday treat for our multiplayer community.

  • PlayStation Heroes Pack? Boom. 50% off!
  • UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune MP Pack (skins AND maps)? Boom. 50% off!
  • Siege Expansion Pack? Boom. 50% off!
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skins Pack? Boom. Headshot! I mean, 50% off!

UNCHARTED 2: Golden Weapons

A few weeks ago we informally discussed with our community regarding putting up DLC that was previously offered as exclusive pre-order items, such as the Golden Guns. There were many, varied opinions and good points on all sides of the argument. Based on that forum thread, and other conversations elsewhere on the same topic, we’re glad to announce that we’ve made the previously exclusive Golden Guns multiplayer DLC available to everyone on the PSN Store for a mere $.99 $1.99! If you’re outside of the US, be sure to check your local PSN Store for exact pricing in your region.

UNCHARTED 3 logo PSN avatar

Back to UNCHARTED 3 for a minute to close out this blog post… we’ve got a special treat for our community and UNCHARTED fans – below you’ll find a universal PSN voucher code that all our North American fans can redeem to get a limited-time-only UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception logo PSN Avatar, shown above! But act quickly: Once this voucher is tapped out, it’s gone forever.


We hope you enjoy this veritable cornucopia of UNCHARTED 2 and UNCHARTED 3 goodies on PSN!

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  • Just used the code in my email and it worked just fine.

  • oh my god,thank you!

  • Zezzler: I can fix that.

    My code worked. Thanks.

  • Gold guns are showing up $1.99, post says $0.99, which one is it?

  • 1st off… The email voucher works. But it only gives me the free avatar posted above. Also, my avatar won’t properly update to the U3 avatar and I haven’t received my free static theme.

  • Redeemed and everything worked! Thanks PS & Naughty Dog!

    p.s. lol@ everyone who doesn’t realize that THIS IS the new game announced today -_-

  • thats wasup!!

  • what was the price before the 50% sale on thoses DLC?


  • Do you realize you have the flickr images set to private? :P

  • You guys hate me , i don’t have a voucher for the Nathan Drake avatar :P

  • Email code doesn’t work.. The code posted in the blog entry DID work.

    Thanks a bunch though. UC3 looks amazing!

  • You sneaky bastards Xu seen a guy on my PSN with the Drakes deception avatar and I demanded to know what gypsy magician had gifted him a time travel machine . I’m off to the store to buy everything this is sneaky kung fu treachery Sony ,but I happy

  • Thanks for the awesome avatar!!!! I subscribed for the update and i didnt get any email yet for the theme. I subscribed like 9 hours ago.

  • I got email to me the avatar code but its the same one as the Limited Edition Avatar code at the bottom of the blog post. Is this right? Also, I to registered for the PS3 Theme on the website yesterday night and have not received my voucher.

  • I wonder is this was the announcement Sony wanted to announce, when they said “Save The Date 12/12/2010 After the VGA’s” Other then that, I’m so excited for this game, 2011 is the year for games, IMO of course, I’m going to have an empty wallet once 2012 comes.

  • Are we getting the Home U3 shirt that EU has for watching the trailer sid?

  • My e-mail code gets me the same avatar from the one in the blog post above.

  • The dynamic theme is not edge to edge, the smoke is but the blue sky stops short of the top. Never seen this before, gonna get fixed?

  • thank you for the avatar downloading when i get home :)

  • The avatar code emailed to me didn’t work earlier in the morning but as things are with new rollouts I waited until later in the day to try it again. It finally worked. Now just waiting for the code for the Dyanamic Theme for registering on the U3 website. For you other folks, be patient. It really is a virtue. Considering its free to begin with, getting ugly about it really looks silly at best.

  • Just to let you know, the email code works now. For those who didn’t get the email, it just gives you the same avatar as the code posted here does.

    The Golden Weapons pack is showing up for $1.99 not $0.99.

  • So everyone got the same code ANAK-R6N9-5F56 ?

    Feel like i got trolled! Nice one guys… :D

  • I have paid for that avatar on midnight and now it’s free for everyone?! That’s BS! I want my money back!

  • i got my avatar this morning already from email! woot woot free stuff. got 100% trophies on uncharted 1 and 2

  • WOW!!! and I just bought the dlc for uncharted a few days ago….DOUGH!

  • @#73 the avatar you got is still one u have to buy….the avatar I have is free with the voucher code that is posted in this article OR in from the codes that people are receiving in their emails

  • For the avatar and static theme, try this code:


    Think this only works in europe.

  • @#76 Oh LOL, THANK YOU! My bad :p

  • the golden guns are still $1.99 in the store and not .99 cents like it says above.

  • It seems the that all the DLC but the Golden Guns has been activated with the 50% OFF tag. Will this be fixed soon because i’m planning on buying them all finally.

  • hey how come the guns arent 99 cents but more?

  • Loved the making of video! I always enjoyed to see how these great games are made. by the way, I noticed that at the end of the video it says part 1 of 2. When are you releasing the second part of the making of video?
    ps: Thanks for all freebies and discounts. Gotta keep on play U2 until U3 is out.

  • I registered for updates on the UC site about 5 hours ago and no email?

  • i have the icon but I haven’t received an email with the UC:3 theme even though I registered..

  • God, ND and Sony, you are amazing. Can’t wait for U3. 2011 is going to be the best year for Playstation ever I think. Just so many great exclusives! LBP2, KZ3, Ico Collection, TM, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, Socom 4 (only one I’m not that interested in), R3. Wow, wow, wow!

  • @60 it not you just need to get on the pc then you can see it

  • The free code on this page worked for me, but i still havent got the email for the theme…

  • still waiting on the dynamic theme code, Uncharted 3 FTW!

  • The dynamic theme is $2.99, the theme from the code is a static theme.

  • @89 darn, misread that big time, still looking forward to the theme though : )

  • yea i also didn’t get the code in my email for the uncharted 3 theme. i checked on the store and the golden guns are $1.99 instead of the .99 cents that was mentioned in the blog. I got the avatar though and love it. Also I heard there is more DLC coming to Uncharted 2. Is this true and if so is it coming out before the end of the year??

  • GOT IT!!!!! cant wait for this game. I might just go back and platinum Drakes Fortune in anticipation for the new one. already platinumed Among Thieves. I’m jumping the gun a little but i really hope we get to hijack that plane mid-flight. that’d be so EPIC

  • i still havent gotten the theme but did receive code for avatar even though it said it was no longer valid

  • Can’t wait watch the trailer like 3x so far played uncharted 1 and 2 wished i owned them but i will definitely own this 1. Thanks for the code and theme.

  • Hey Sony. Where do i get the avatar? do i sign up on the websi http://www.unchartedthegame.com/ ? i really want the avatar. and when will i get the code for it? it should be availble on the PSN Store.

  • So… is the 99 cent price the 50% off price, or is the 1,99 a 50% off price. Because $4.00 for guns is INSANE. .99 I would pay, $2.00 – nope. I’ll just kill someone that has it in game and take theirs for that match!

  • pretty sweet dlc all i need to get is the gold guns thanks so much and i got the code for voucher code for the Nathan Drake avatar and theme it dont want work along with the LB2 beta code is there any chance you guys could help me out ?

  • It’s strange. Both the codes provided, i.e. in email and here, work for me, however they both got me the U3 logo avatar, not the Drake avatar. Did I miss something?

  • Great indeed

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