UNCHARTED 3 hits PS3 11/1/11, Watch the Full VGA Trailer Here, Jimmy Fallon on Monday

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We just got out of the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 in downtown Los Angeles and it’s been an amazing day for us! We hope all of you were watching on TV or through the live stream on Spike.com to watch the FULL announce trailer AND catch the reveal of the release date – UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception will hit stores on November 1st, 2011!

Earlier today, Evan, Christophe, Amy and Justin walked the red carpet, getting their chance to say a few words about the imminent showing of our announcement trailer before heading into the Los Angeles Convention Center to attend the Spike Video Game Awards. The rest of us met them inside as we witnessed an incredible show that the Spike folks put together for all the nominees and games that were announced today – they really did a great job showing our industry in a positive fashion and showing not only the developers, but the diversity of creativity and innovation we are all capable of producing.

At the tail of end of it all, we got to see a brief recap of UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves before the big moment – the first time our full trailer for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception has been seen publicly. We’ve embedded our announcement trailer above in case you weren’t able to watch the Spike VGA show this evening.

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If you didn’t catch this earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly revealed some details about UNCHARTED 3 – but there’s more to come!

We’re hosting a bunch of journalists tomorrow in Los Angeles to discuss our game and show them a bit more than you’ve been able to see so far. You’ll be reading (and seeing) about what we presented to them over the next few weeks in your favorite online web sites and print magazines around the world.

On Monday, we’re incredibly humbled (and I’m a bit proud) to see Evan and Christophe appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on your local NBC station. Trust me when I say you won’t want to miss it – we’ve got something great lined up for our appearance on the show.

That’s not all. The PlayStation Store will be updated soon with some UNCHARTED 3 content for our announcement – wallpaper, dynamic theme, PSN avatars and more. We’ll also reveal part one of a special behind the scenes look at the making of our announcement shot by the extremely talented crew at 2 Player Productions. There will be plenty of interviews, screenshots, concept art, even gameplay video on the way – and we will have only barely scratched the surface of everything in UNCHARTED 3.

These past few days have been extremely exhilarating for us to finally reveal UNCHARTED 3 to the world. All of what you’re hearing about and seeing so far are the culmination of a few months of incredibly hard work by many of us at Naughty Dog to pull everything together. We’re glad to be able take a quick breather and check out all of the impressions that are being formed about UNCHARTED 3 and where we’re taking Nathan Drake next. There is no doubt that we still have a lot more to do ahead of us before you can purchase your own copy of UNCHARTED 3 next year, on November 1, 2011 – we’re looking forward to helping you “uncover the truth” over the next year!

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  • Although I can’t wait, I’m willing to wait for 10 more days and have SONY to release the game at 11/11/11, how cool is that?!

  • Not a PS+ member
    Put out a U3 Drakes Deception beta/demo as PS+ exclusive…first Ill cry but then I will go out and become a PS+ member. I disagree with making betas/demos exclusive to PS+ (disagree with PS+ altogether) but if you want to basically force people to become members…after seeing that trailer and after playing Uncharted 2 from launch till now straight….that will sell PS+ subscriptions all by itself.

  • Drake does look way different.
    His nose has changed completely.

    Maybe that’s the deception, it’s not even him!

  • Gonna have to say that … Nathan looked a bit … I dunno, different? like he’s gained a few pounds or something. His face in the close up looked a lil different than Uncharted 1 and 2. Maybe a few years have gone past and he’s just older and slightly heavier?

    Either way.. This game is gonna blow my mind, I just know it =)

  • Well, this will be the second time I’ll have to watch Jimmy Fallon. The first time was to see the Killzone 3 gameplay, which was well worth it.

    Hopefully Uncharted 3 steals the show. Which I’m sure it will.

    And I’m probably one of the biggest Uncharted fans out there. I’ve Platinumed both games within a month. But I can’t help to say that the multiplayer in Uncharted 2 is a little lackluster. It’s probably just because that I played the beta 24/7.

    Anyways, lets hope for an awesome pre-release hype, an awesome E3 presence, and another Game of the Year at next year’s VGA’s.

    Keep up the awesome work, Naughty Dog!

  • This looks so AMAZING!! Uncharted 3 looks way better than I taught it would, the cut seen’s look almost real!! sigh… but we have to wait 11 months… whats with all the 1’s?? O well, at least we have so many other PS3 exclusives coming out in between now and then!!

  • I spent 10+ straight hours on each game in one week just playing the story mode for 1 and 2. I hope Uncharted 3 is 20+ hours.

  • wow that looks nice

  • i was the first to get ps3 in my country on 80000 and ur telling me the video is not avalible in ur country why am i not a sony customer or what thats noyt fair no ps3 video for us why in justic and insult to us obama de obama do something.. okay

  • i want reply okay quick…admin…

  • Sweet, I gotta get those PSN avatars before my friends do…

  • Awesome!Plane Crash on desert, Awesome! Shooting at a target on a ship while swiming?? EPIC!

    How Epic!!!! would it be if the “Desert Plane Crash” was an active cinematic tutorial to open up the game?!?(Like the train in Uncharted 2) OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Make it happen Naugthy Dog XD

    If Cloe and Elanna make a return! All the Better!!!! just sayin

    This game has got to be B I G !!!!! – you just don’t show any game on tv like the Jimmy Fallon Show unless the game is B I G!

  • Last Christmas I got Uncharted 2 and for the first time (in a over a decade of my gaming life), my mom stayed up late with me watching me play the game (although she missed a bit going to sleep eventually :P). When I replayed it almost immediately after, she watched it again, and saw what she missed :)

    I’m looking forward to doing that again with Uncharted 3. Thank you Naughty Dog :)

  • Elder Scrolls V and Uncharted 3 within two weeks of each other… looks like I’ve have plenty to keep me busy next November.

  • My god. We have LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 2 at the beginning of 2011, and then we have other big games like inFAMOUS 2, SOCOM 4, Resistance 3, and now this. 2011 is going to be an incredible year for the PS3.

  • Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful!!! 8)

  • i cant wait for this game either…loved the series so far….but guess what naughty dog!…i miss crash bandicoot!!!:(

  • Uncharted 3 is going to be awesome. I wonder what sony is going to announce for tomorrow, I hope it is something really awesome.

  • Please keep on releasing gameplay footages,trailers and please a demo!!! to keep us happy until 11-1-11

  • THE SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM!!! are you kidding me, this is going to be AMAZING!!!


  • Day 1 purchase like R3!

    You guys should have got Area 5 to produce the behind the scenes video features.

  • I can’t wait to see what the limited edition will look like.

  • Everyone at Naughty Dog and Sony, I love you guys. I can’t wait.

  • I hope we get to see some more of Chloe in this one. I know she isn’t romantically involved with Nathan anymore but she could be with good ol’ Sully.

  • crying its so beautiful

  • Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa yay! Time to get 2nd one and suck hell out of it on time!!!!!!!!!!! Terrific game!!!!!!!! Good replacement for GOW III sience there is no news on new title of GOW to come out

  • Pure epic

  • Please put the trailer on PSM

  • Amazing trailer but I need more!!!

  • I’m glad you’re posting content to PSN. That way I can remove that crappy awards show from my DVR and watch the trailer (over and over and over and…) in full 1080p.

    Looks like another banner year for Naughty Dog who continues to push the PS3 to limits no one thought possible. I know they said they pushed the PS3 to 100% on Uncharted 2 but they either found more power or added some of their own ’cause the stuff in this trailer doesn’t look possible.

    I know this sounds corny but I believe that only the power of the PS3 can produce this kind of magic. I don’t think there will be ANYTHING even remotely close the fidelity U3 is going to put on display.

    My only question is this: if Naughty Dog is doing with the PS3 what in the Phantom Menace are they going to churn out once the PS4 hits? We’ll probably start comparing Uncharted to Avatar by then I guess.

  • This trailer disappointed me in graphics mainly, it looks like a downgrade from Uncharted 2 I hope that Naughty Dog makes this the best in the series and best looking.

    • Hardly a downgrade, everything we’re working on it taking the foundation and evolving it and pushing everything further. you’ll see!

  • Very cool I am just wandering when is the DC universe online Beta comes out for all Play Station + members?

  • Can’t wait to see more gameplay videos, and check out the dynamic theme!

  • Wow! That was amazing.

  • You do realize the avatar codes you sent out in the mail doesn’t work?

    • It seems like they may not be active yet. I’ve sent out a few notes to folks who can help to look into this. I’m not sure when I can give you a definitive word, but we will make sure we look into it.

  • Stoff is right, the codes don’t work.
    I was so excited too.. :(

  • Nice! i love uncharted!

  • Just Platinumed Uncharted 2 last night! AND i’m still getting tones of fun out of the game! Naughty Dog… been with you since Crash Bandicoot and you have never failed me! I look forward to the different terrain in U3, I just wish that this game didn’t release so close to Resistance 3. I wont have time to enjoy the assets of both… :(

  • Why did I just watch a Kinect trailer on the Playstation Blog? haha

  • aww, I didn’t watch the video, thank you! *annoyyou*

  • 11/1/11? THE TIME IS KILLING ME!!!!! just kidding Naughty Dog, take your necesarry time by the way i am sure it will meet delay

  • Hi, I received a voucher code for free Uncharted 3 PSN avatar but it doesn’t work :( Can you help me?

    • I just posted this up above on another comment: It seems like they may not be active yet. I’ve sent out a few notes to folks who can help to look into this. I’m not sure when I can give you a definitive word, but we will make sure we look into it.

  • Thanks for the reply on the avatars Arne Meyer.

  • some people on gt forums claim this looks better than crysis on highest settings and the actual game will not even look close to the desert footage,can you say something to prove ’em wrong,plz?

  • Just got a voucher code by e mail for the avatar,and it doesn’t seem to be working. Same thing happened with my LBP2 beta invite.

  • Oh, just read the reply above. Sorry about that.

  • Can’t wait!!! I will definitely be tuning in for the Jimmy Fallon late night show even though I have school at 8 am in the morning, Uncharted 3 gameplay footage is totally worth it!

  • You should release this in early September. In this way Uncharted 3 has a chance to stand out on the shelves before they become cluttered with other ‘Christmas’ games. It’s part of the reason the Halo franchise does so well.

    I truly can’t wait for the game!

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