Shadow of the Colossus in 3D: Eyes On, Hands On

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Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Looming majestically over the wind-swept plains, the Colossus lowers its ponderous head to peer at the tiny, curious creature scuttling before it. Of course, that tiny creature is you. And before long, you’ll be dangling from the great brute, magic sword clutched tightly in one small hand, as you prepare to bring the Goliath to its knees with a series of pinprick stabs. Once the battle is over and you’ve slain the giant, you may be left to grapple with a haunting question: “Why?”

This is Shadow of the Colossus, one of the most highly regarded games ever released and a beacon to many game developers for its epic grandness, its subtle artistry, and its messy emotional context. Along with Ico, Shadow of the Colossus is returning this spring in dazzling HD with robust (though optional) stereoscopic 3D support. I donned a pair of active-shutter 3D glasses to get a fresh look at Fumito Ueda’s masterpiece running on the PS3.

Playing Shadow of the Colossus in 3D, I was immediately struck by the agoraphobic vastness of the landscape. The stark beauty of the world is far clearer thanks to new high-resolution environment textures looted from the hard drives at developer Team Ico. And in case you were wondering, Bluepoint Games is handling the conversion duties for the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection — if you played the God of War Collection, then you’re familiar with their handiwork.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

And then there are the colossi. I defeated the first two (there are 16 in all), and scrambling across their shaggy backs in stereoscopic 3D added immensely to the drama. But it it also aided the gameplay: Seen in 3D, the platforms and protrusions that jut from their immense bodies seem to occupy the foreground, making it easier to judge distances and find a safe place to rest when your grip is weakening. And dangling hundreds of feet in the air now gives you a striking sense of vertigo — the ground seems to sprawl endlessly around you, threatening to swallow you up.

Of course, you don’t need a 3D TV to enjoy the other benefits of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection. In addition to the new high-res environment textures, the crisp HD resolution brings out cinematic details I missed on the PS2 version, such as tiny birds flying around the head of the first colossus. The framerate now sits at a fluid, solid 30 frames per second, eliminating one of the few complaints of the original game. When I spun the camera angle around, I also noted smooth, natural-looking motion blur. And Trophy support is most definitely in.

Other than the massive graphical overhaul and stereoscopic 3D support, this is the same Shadow of the Colossus that you know and love. The minimalist story, gameplay, unique controls, and user interface are identical. You know what they say: Don’t mess with a good thing.

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection is scheduled to arrive on the PS3 in spring of 2011. Are you interested in trying the game in stereoscopic 3D? Let us know in the comments.

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  • OMG AWESOME. Seriously, SotC in 3D??? GEEKGASM

  • I can’t wait for this. I loved Ico and have yet to play Shadow of Colossus. This is going to be epic on my big screen!

  • Super excited! I’ve got a new 55″ Sony 3D TV just waiting for this (and Killzone 3!).

  • Man i’m spending all my money on ps2 remakes than actual this gen games…

  • Mmmmmm yes 3D.

  • It would be so sweet if they included a Last Guardian demo in similar fashion to what they did with the God Of War Collection and the GOW3 E3 demo… I know it’s a stretch, and I would be easily satisfied with a 2011 release confirmation for The Last Guardian once the Team ICO collection releases. Maybe a trailer included in the blu-ray will confirmed the release date!!! One can hope! And I’d be really, really sad if Last Guardian misses 2011.

  • this game is a must have..

  • Ohhh man I CANNOT WAIT for this. I adore ICO and SotC sooooo much. Fumito Ueda’s name belongs up there with best of em!! He’s awesome!

  • There’s really no new content in this release?

    I mean, I still have ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, but outside of HD (on a PS2 tech game) what is there to make me want to skewer lizard tails and fruit with arrows again?

  • Thanks for making me have to buy a 3DTV, by making this and Uncharted 3 in 3D :(

  • Speaking of re-mastered collections: Kingdom Hearts collection PLZ?-that is all…for now…>:D

  • Ive played games since the NES days. This was the first game that made me sit back and think that video games could become something more then just a distraction for a few hours.

    Absolute must buy and I agree with some of the others in that this might be the thing that makes me purchase a 3d television.

  • This is really awesome! I’m unwilling to go back and play stuff on PS2 but that looks legitimately HD and I’ve heard great things about both games.

    Also 2011 looks seriously ballin’: LBP2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Deus Ex: HR dept, Journey, Resistance 3, Last Guardian and even this collection I’m gonna have to get that second and third job already.

  • How do I get Bluepoint Games to do the PS2 SOCOM’s, Jak II and Jak 3 in HD for PS3 D=

  • Never played either of these, but have heard enough where I might pick this up for the heck of it.

    By the way: America wants an HD Ape Escape Collection!

  • I’m playing sly collection and it’s awesome! It just gives me more anticipation for this collection!

  • God Of War Collection was in stereo :|
    seeing as how the same guys are converting this game, will it also only be in stereo? :/

    Prince of persia HD is in full 7.1 and is a blast to play through.

    SoTc in hi-res 3D,full 7.1 sound=WIN

    stereo isnt a deal breaker,but still…much better if there’s atleast 5.1 it’s a Sony SHOULD have 7.1

  • Even tho I own both PS2 games, I would certainly buy this collection. I don’t think I’ll buy a 3D TV soon… but the HD graphics and trophy support are WIN! Also, can’t wait for Last Guardian :D

  • As to the article’s question: no, I won’t be trying this or any other game in 3D.

    In general though, I am super excited about this release. It’s great to be getting upgraded compilations of these epic games for a new generation.

  • Everytime I get mad at something sony did like stupid pointless updates, you make it up to me in game content. I swear even though I am not totally satisfied with the state of the psn. I must say nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, has a game line-up like sony!

  • Still haven’t jumped on the 3DTV boat for lack of budget, but SOC would one the main reasons I would enjoy a 3DTV as like many critics I considered it as a masterpiece in spite of the framerate on PS2. And I can imagine how 3D could immerge you even more in the game design by adding a whole new dimension to the scope of the landscapes and colossus with the epic battles.

    Knowing that God of War remake had kept the dolby pro logic from the PS2 version, I guess that unfortunatly SoC remake will also no have true 5.1 sound.

  • @ZalAamir actually you can have 5.1 sound through stereo channels if your A/V receiver having dolby pro logic II mode originally supported by some AAA PS2 games, and enable it in the game options.

  • @jpnn: that would be “fake” 5.1,wouldnt it?
    prefer actual surround-nowadays i just use Extended Surround for my back speakers if the game’s in 5.1(as to make it a virtual 7.1)

  • These are two games that I never managed to play on PS2 so I’m gonna be getting the HD remakes. How about remakes for Ratchet and Clank??? =D

  • I’ve never played any of the PS2 classics, and for $40, I can play both games on one disc in HD and 3D along with trophy support.

    I am so getting this game when it comes out.

  • Need a more precise release date so I can start scheduling my life around this

  • i realise there is a limit set on the output for 3d, but for those who don’t want/don’t care about 3d and won’t be using it at all, what is the output? will it do 1080p for non-3d? and yes, “p” should be 60fps signal.

  • Sid, can you slap someone over at MediaMolecule around the head and tell them that LittleBigPlanet 2 HAS to be available in 3D. Out of all the games on the horizon, that is the game I feel would benefit the most.

  • Am interested in getting the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection. Thank you for bringing this out for the PS3 :)
    Side note: 3D does not work for me at all, so a 3D game, tv or paying extra for 3D movies in the theatre does not factor in at all.

  • Day one purchase for me.

  • I remember playing this on PS2. Ah good times. I will be getting this once it comes out as soon as I can.

  • There are several moments in SOTC that will forever be etched into my memory as the most frightening and most intense experiences I’ve ever ”had”. I can’t even begin to imagine just how much more immersive this will be in 3D HD. I honestly cannot wait.

  • Dang i gotta get a 3DTV soon with all these 3D movies and games coming out…

  • 2011 is full of 3D greatness, WOW!

    I am anxious to replay SOTC in HD with great frame rate and trophies :)

  • I love SoTC and could never find Ico for less than Sixty Bucks. This is a must have.

  • Hehe, we can only hope Sony is listening to our call and let us try it in 3D, or give each of the one’s that commented! At least the ones that doesn’t have 3dtv. Hm, I don’t know which game I should play first, I’ve beaten Shadow of the Colossus, and I have played the demo of Ico a long time ago in a galaxy far far away called CompUsa, hehe, sorry about that, I can’t help myself!
    And Sony how about opening a Playstation Store here again in San Francisco, I really miss the old store and the square-enix meetups. Thanks!

  • Oh man… Killzone 3, Shadow of The Colossus, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian… there’s four must-have titles for 2011. Hopefully most of them will have Move support.

  • If you play games and take them seriously even the tiniest amount, then you’ve already played SotC.

    That said, if you play games and take them seriously even the tiniest amount, then you will be buying this collection on day 1.

    Team ICO has proven itself twice now that it knows what the hell it’s doing. Last Guardian should be a nice addition to the ICO universe. If you’re not getting this game, please sell everything you own related to videogames. It would be a crime to not play these games.

  • Wish I could afford a 3d capable TV :(

  • The motion blur in Shadow isn’t new to the HD Collection – it was one of the standout visual elements in the original game. I spent literally hours, running around the world, randomly exploring, all the while just spinning the camera around just to experience the awesome motion blur. There’s also a great “zoom out” effect when you go into the game’s world map.

    Don’t care for the 3D, but I’m curious how the framerate is when you’re playing in 3D – and how does it compare to the framerate when playing in 2D.

  • Can someone please add 3d trailers to ps store so that we can see how 3d works to some games like SOC

    Thank you

  • Put these Blue Point guys to work on MGS2 & MGS3, or is Konami already working on that?

  • Well… I’m definitely buying this combo – two of the best games ever made!

    I noticed the Sly Cooper combopack has these same features AND Move support in some fashion…

    …any chance of some kind of Move-related feature for this?

  • I can’ understand theaters pushing 3D so they don’t become obsolete, but for the love of me I can’t understand why Sony is doing it. I know it’s not the Computer Entertainment division but the big honchos at Sony HQ, but still… it boggles my mind.

    I mean, really do we really want nauseating, blurry 3D that’s hard to focus-on on teeny TV screens? I already get enough eyestress and headaches as it is, and I certainly don’t need anymore.

    Sometimes I just don’t understand people…

  • I forgot to add, that I’m definitely buying this. Sold my copy of SOTC as soon as this was confirmed and sadly I never owned Ico so it will be my first time through.

    Hopefully this version fixes the controls in SOTC a bit (especially when trying to get on your horse – more often that not I would end up jumping instead).

  • I am extremely pleased that the framerate issue has been resolved for Shadow of the Colossus. 3D is definitely an added bonus.

  • I’ll be getting this for the 3d for sure. 3d gaming rocks! It adds so much more to games when done right. My wife is going to kill me b/c I’m going to be spending way to much money on all these 3d games coming out.

  • I’ve got the 60 inch LX900 Sony Bravia 3D-TV and I can’t f***ing wait to play this!!!!

  • Speaking of the God of War collection and GOW3, are those games gonna get a 3-D update sometime in the future? The God of War series is considered by some the best game ever, and since Sly is in 3-D why not Kratos as well?

  • Yeah!!! SOTC in 3D is a must buy.

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