Huge PlayStation Home Update: Midway 2, MAGIC: The Gathering, Ameratsu & Winter Wonderland & More!!!

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Attn: Midway fans. This Thursday, December 9th we pull back the curtains on the Midway 2 game space. An annex to the Midway complex, Midway 2 introduces ten brand-spankin’ new games and 100 new prizes (plus a grand prize for winning all ten levels of all 20 games in both Midway 1 and 2). Purchase the Golden Ticket (which grants you 50 tokens; one token = one play) and then tackle hilarious new games such as Kitty Cannon, Half Cocked, and Tee’d Off, unlocking prizes at each level until you become a master of the massive carnival known as the Midway – only available in PlayStation Home.

Available this week from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall, the Ameratsu Yacht personal space is a full-on luxury party vessel that allows you to cruise the high seas while watching select videos with your friends. Take advantage of LOOT’s Entertainment on Demand (EOD) system to watch tons of great new content with your friends. As the Amaterasu glides through the crystal blue tropical waters, catch sight of the sea life that plays in the waves. Sharks are included, but other sea life can be unlocked as well. Watch the video below to learn more and then shoot on over to the LOOT store on Thursday and spoil yourself with the new Ameratsu Yacht.

Head to the delightfully festive Central Plaza this week and kick off your Holiday celebration by approaching the teleporter that leads to the Winter Wonderland event space. A snowy location filled with games and rewards galore, the Winter Wonderland serves as Santa’s home base. Help the elves with their holiday tasks in exchange for presents (duties change often, so be sure to visit the Winter Wonderland every day between now and the 25th). And while you are there, be sure to check out the Winter Market and get your picture taken (the photo elf will even throw in a free picture frame!)


In other news, we will be putting the mega-popular Dragon’s Green on sale in celebration of the winter holidays beginning Thursday, December 9th. Visit the Dragon’s Green space via the Featured Games section on your Navigator and pick up the Golden Ticket at a reduced price of $2.99 (or grab the 30-Day Voucher for the low price of $0.99)!

This Thursday, December 9th, in celebration of the recent release of Tron: Evolution, we are launching a truly awesome Tron personal space – a highly interactive environment full of Tron-themed games that is exclusive to PlayStation Home. In addition to this special space, we will also be releasing a host of Tron clothing and virtual items in the PlayStation Home Mall. So be sure to visit PlayStationHome this Thursday to pick up this exclusive personal space and complete your Tron collection!

We have an epic event scheduled for this Friday, December 10th. Members of the creative team behind the hit Adult Swim show Robot Chicken will be in the Gamer’s Lounge between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm PST (5:00pm and 7:00pm EST) playing games of Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planewalkers with the PlayStation Home community. Come out and meet Doug Goldstein (co-writer and co-executive producer), Mike Fasolo (Writer, Voice Actor, and Creative Director), Hugh Sterbakov (Writer of the Emmy-nominated Star Wars: Robot Chicken special), and the one and only Clare Grant (Voice Actress for Robot Chicken and star of Black Snake Moan and Showtime’s Masters of Horror series). Challenge members of the team to a duel in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planewalkers and try to be one of the first to earn the limited Spellslinger trophy!

Magic_Robot Chicken

Starting this Thursday, December 9th, you will be able travel around PlayStationHome with a brand new companion – Steve, the lovable pet monkey from Columbia Pictures’ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Pick up the Steve companion from the LOOT store (just remember to keep him far away from your stash of Gummy Bears…)


Speaking of new items, the PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with new furniture items from the LOOT store (including new items for your Ghostbusters personal space), additional Spelunker HD and Dragon’s Lair items, rock star costumes, festive musical stockings for your personal space, and brand new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 costumes.

Star Wars - TFUII

Rock Star - SilverSpikeMusicalStocking

Last but certainly not least, the PlayStation Home Community Theater debuts the new HomeCast Rewind series this week. In the premiere episode, host HearItWow tells you how to get the most out of the 1.4 client update – offering a “How To” focused on the new Chat and Storage features – and takes a look at some must-have items. Also playing this week in the Community Theater is episode 6 of the legendary GamerIndepth “Shout Outs” (which includes an interview with our very own GlassWalls). Visit the PlayStation Home Theater this week to watch these fantastic new videos, and while you are there be sure to catch up on the latest episodes of The Tester 2 and Replay with Doc: Cast Offs.

See you in Home!

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  • This is a great update!

  • i sure hope i can eat that Monkey..

  • I’m wondering if you guys plan to bring out a Disney public space (not a personal space)? excited for it if you guys have plans.

  • damn i just spent like $20 on loot today, they getting me this week like the bandit its logo is! lol that boat is mine. alot more too.. i bought the Dragn green mini golf and its great so @$2.99 everyone need to go get it.

  • Great update Home team, Can’t wait!!

  • Looks great, but the games in the last two new spaces won`t load for me so I`m scared that none of this new stuff will load for me either. Even the new mech suit in the store just says ERROR. What`s going on?

  • Where is the teleporter that leads to the Winter Wonderland event space? I have been all over Central Plaza and seen nothing. I want to show my boys, so help please!

  • WOW! Midway 2, WOW! Tron Evolution space, WOW! Yacht w/marine & bird life, WOW!Winter Wonderland, WOW! A new monkey friend, WOW! Star Wars clothing, WOW! Awesome monkey from Meatballs, WOW! Stockings with music for our personal spaces, WOW!, WOW!, WOW! Do you know how much money I have…or what? This doesn’t even include all the awesome games at the PS Store.. You ROCK! Between all the new spaces, public and private, and all the new rewards and games to play in HOME..PS is awesome! Really picking up speed! And..I have to say…I’ve made some comments and requests about things I’d like to have in HOME…such as, the same clothing choices as in JP..and, guess what? We got it! I am so, so, so, very impressed with how much you do LISTEN to what we are saying…and requesting. I am THRILLED to have a PS3 and an opportunity to go broke with all the great stuff you have to offer in PS! YOU ROCK! (P.S. Thanks for commenting back to us so we know you care about the comments we leave. : ))

  • @ HairyToeKnuckles

    This is just a sneak-peek as to whats to come tomorrow.

    So tomorrow when PsHome updates there should be a teleporter. its not up right now!

  • Good to see you copied SCEE’s winter wonderland space, as it was amazing last year

  • “Video Not Available” (Sad face), Is this an error!? Ahh help! I wana see!

  • Hey Locust

    All i wanna know is this, Is the Midway going to be removed when Midway 2 goes up? I still haven’t gotten everything from the midway yet & I have alot of friends who want to know this & having gotten everything yet either.

    Also, I have a bone to pick with you and Glasswalls, I messaged you two last year over a few thing not working, and never once got a message back from you. your home manager for a reason, and you ask us for our help and want us to tell you when something not working but then again you never respond, what the point? personally i think everyone who work on home (even the managers) should be fired and a new team should be hired. We never need get anything we ask for.

    and where is the trophy room, tv and stereos we was promised in 2007 when Phil Harrison first showed it off at GDC then way before the beta & how come it does look like that, Would be alot cooler if it did.

    as of right now, home sucks & it very boring

  • Very epic update! This is why I love December, this is when the best content releases! :)

  • Wow! This is an incredible update. Once again, good job. I can’t even comment on everything because you just dropped the motherload of all updates. There have been some great things this year but that sums up just about everything anyone could currently ask for as far as updates for the holidays are concerned. Also, that Tron space looks really nice. I love spaces with mini games and I know you guys had to have something cooking when I seen on the back of the Tron box that the game has Playstation Home Support. Also, we finally get Winter Wonderland. And now your telling me even more Dragon’s Lair items? Didn’t think Bluth was going to release any more. Looks like I’ll have more stuff to add to the collection. And then their is the new yacht and everything else. Impressive.

  • OMG! You guys have finally done it Locust! Way to go on the driveable yacht!! I have been waiting well over a year for this! Thank you! Happy 2nd Anniversary Home!

  • Can’t wait for Winter Wonderland at Central Plaza(better than the festive tree we had last year)and Tron space to come tomorrow. HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY PS Home next week!!!!!Keep up the hard work.

  • Another cool looking update. Home has actually gotten a lot better lately. There is finally some stuff I like to check out and come back for. Keep up the good work Sony.

  • I have been playing around with Home the last few weeks and I got to say it’s a waste of HD space and time! I’ll give it a little longer, but I don’t see it growing on me.

  • I used to be such a big supporter of PlayStation Home but it is soooo boring and whats up with the lack of first party costumes, seriously god of war 3 has been out for months and yet theres no kratos outfit? What Phil Harrison talked about when Home was first shown back in 2007 is more exciting than what the service actually is. Don’t get me wrong i still visit Home but its not entertaining. How bout movie nights where actual movies play in the theater. And what about the game space i havent visited it since Home launched and i bet it hasnt changed much.

  • I am sooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank for this awesome update =)

  • Great Home update guys keep up the good work can’t wait to get my hands on the new Ameratsu Yacht

  • I love the video for Midway 2! ROFL!!! I can’t wait to give you some of my money at Midway 2. See ya there! ;)

  • @59 iTofuMan

    Thanks a lot! Some people were talking as if they’d seen it, so it threw me. Thanks again!

  • i dont want sound dumb and all…but i was wondering does ps home have the ps move feature if no….well we see it any time soon….it well make ps home a more interactive place…imagine..what u can do with that..

  • WOW, awesome update LS, this one looks like a winner, I’ll definitely be checking things out tomorrow, thank you and the rest of the HOME Team!!! 8)

  • dam you sony give us UK’S left over space from last to the usa

  • ment from last year to the usa

  • HOLY, Ghostbusters… BATMAN!

    Good to see more stuff coming this week… It seems like a long time since we had stuff like this… Lets just hope that the rest of Dec we get tons of more stuff before the year ends. YAY!

    WinterWonderLand… U can’t complain about this space if it has New Rewards this year that makes the space even better then. And u have to goto this space at least once a day for the next 12 days… And u can’t miss any days either or u will miss the stuff if you do… It’s a Daily event… So once u start make sure ur there every day then…

    Star Wars… WOW what am i going to do with all this Star Wars stuff… WOW! One needs more Save Slots for sure at this RATE! AWW!

    A Monkey? Hmmm. Odd choice. I’ll have to see it first before i jump the wagon on that one… :)

    Speaking of Monkeys? Can we now get some Planet Of Apes Costumes for Home? Now that be a Good Idea…

    And um why not some Slestacks from the Original Land of The Lost also… U can Do it SONY!

    Anyways this update will keep us buys for the next 12 days at least. So not to bad.

    By: DCS

  • @5 locust replys what cat? the cat in the yacht video between 29 and 31 seconds,THAT CAT!!!!

  • @ comment 16.

    Thats some PRO brown nosing there -_-

    The toady little suck ups in EU could learn a thing or two from you….


  • What happened to Phil Harrison? He had the right vision for home. Home is a broken shell of what it’s supposed to be. Go talk to Phil then try making home.

  • obviously you are going to ignore this.

    but did u know malta STILL doesn’t have access to the ps home (or the playstation store for that matter) can you PLEASE check if we are EVER going to get anything? or is sony going to continue giving us the middle finger?

  • Wow the updates are getting better and better, funny that the winter wonderland is the same space from the UK Home from last year. Are the games the same too? if so I will finish in no time. btw I love floating inspace and in the space station lol…..^.^

  • Spellslinger trophy? Is that a Home trophy or is it an actual Magic The Gathering game trophy?? WTH is up with the MIDWAY 2?? Is glitchy as hell… I got SCREWED!!! On a WHOLE BUNCH OF TICKETS!!!! SUCKS!!! Y’all need some freaking PSN Card give away events or something…

  • Great update. I keep finding more and more reason to visit Home. I really like what this juggernaut is turning in to.

  • The US Store had it a while ago, but when is Magic the Gathering going to be released in the European store ? Can we get any information on that ?

  • I didn’t see this covered – are tokens purchased in Midway 1 good in Midway 2? I have about half left from the Midway 1 opening.

  • Ahhh Robot Chicken! FTW!!!

  • Dudes, Midway.

    You guys have got to do something about the massive lag in your carnival games when a prize is being awarded. I don’t know how many tickets I’ve had blown because a prize wasted a big chunk of my turn by lagging me for five seconds or straight up freezing me like the Weasel Pop water balloon game just did.

    (Also, Miz Fortune totally blows. Still.)

  • That was really negative, I’m sorry. I AM enjoying the Midway Carnival, but I’m frustrated with prize lag? Ya know?

    This is easily one of the coolest things in PS Home right now (right up there with Sodium and the new Novus Prime areas/games) and is a leader in the sort of content that PlayStation Home *should* be about; games and earnings rather than malls and shopping.

  • Oh, crap, and one more post.

    Can someone pass on to the Midway guys that it’d be really great if we could look at the Prize boards and get a closer look at the prizes? Like a normal View Screen/Board thing? And see the whole set, not just the first five? In the first Midway, I had to get behind signs and turn the camera to see what was on them, but I can’t do that in Midway 2 because invisible walls are out in force.

  • Very impressive update here Locust Star. It’s like you saved the best of the PS3 Home experience for the end of year.

    Even though i am still unhappy with not getting the Move E3 controller and premium Move colored outfit, I appreciate all that I have seen happen in Home recently.

    Now what is it about this Magic: TG trophy?

  • GREAT UPDATE! The only problem I’m seeing though, is that the Musical Stocking & Gift Box are NOT on home like you said they would be. I’ve checked every store and they ARE not there. I was really looking forward to buying these items. Can you please fix this or let us know why they’re not on home?

  • Looks great! Thanks, Sony! I will have to try out the Christmas events. Merry Christmas to you too, Sony! :)

  • The WWE Should do something with Playstation Home.
    There are alot of WWE Fans out there, And I’m 1 OF THEM.
    Sony needs to contact THQ and The WWE.

  • I wish I could see the new places on playstation home,My friends are telling me its amazing and fun but,I’m having so much trouble getting on playstation home I keep getting this network error and it keeps shutting me out I cannot get on I really wish someone would help me I have tried almost everything I deleted home and reinstalled it and it didn’t help me and I deleted one of my personal spaces hollywood hills and that didn’t help either I’m still getting the network error for playstation home will someone please help me I want to get on playstation home.

  • I haven’t been on Home since June but I just had to check out the Santa thing Its very cool.

  • X80710092 is stopping my enjoyment of this update.

  • When’s the Magic thing going up?

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