Turning the Cast Loose in Episode 6 of ‘The Tester 2’, Now Available Only on PlayStation Network

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Do not miss this episode! It features a Gran Turismo 5 time trial competition, actual kart racing, a speed-eating contest, and the most dramatic elimination of the season when ‘Cyrus’ and ‘Nauseous’ from Season 1 join the panel. This week, quick decisions and pure gaming skills are tested when the gamers get behind the wheel of high-speed karts for a jaw dropping relay race.

Download Episode 6 from the video section of PlayStation Store and later today from the games section after the PlayStation Store update. Or, watch in PlayStation Home’s “The Tester” Theater starting on Wednesday and receive the new ‘Game Over’ shirt.

The Tester 2 - Episode 6 Prizes

This Week’s Prize Package

The cast members aren’t the only ones getting in on the GT5 action. Download Episode 6 of “The Tester 2” before December 13 for your chance to take home a Gran Turismo 5 Collectors Edition and “The Tester” Limited Edition PS3 System. See the official rules here.

Congratulations to Adam B. from Little Rock, Arkansas our Week 3 winner, who snagged the Sony Noise Canceling headphones along with ‘The Tester’ Limited Edition PS3 system, and to Frank S. from Maple Shade, New Jersey our Week 4 winner, who received a copy of Medal of Honor Limited Edition and ‘The Tester’ Limited PS3 system both autographed by Greg Goodrich.

First 4 Episodes on PlayStation.com & More Extra Scenes

You can catch up on the first half of Season 2 by watching complete episodes now available on PlayStation.com. And, don’t forget about all the Season 2 ‘Extra Scenes’ in ‘The Clips’ section on the official “The Tester” website and on the PlayStation YouTube Channel under “The Tester” playlist.

Catching up with Tripple Threat

PlayStation LifeStyle hosted the self-proclaimed female Kratos, Tripplethreat, on its weekly podcast. Hear about her love for cosplay and what’s she’s been doing since competing on Season 2.

Thanks again for watching. Enjoy Episode 6.

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3 Author Replies

  • @48 War Princess

  • I predict Mo Chocolate or Gaymer will win The Tester. But next episode I think they try to kick Mo Chocolate out from the game.

  • What the heck happen???he had immunity…it’s a competition NOT a popularity contest!!!

    I’m sorry but I’m glad War Princess is gone…I was getting tired of her excuses and crying her way out of things…and to think he carried her too

    Bring back Big Fazeek and give him “HIS” fair chance at winning!!!

  • War Princess, marry me.

  • I am really pist off!!! I cant believe they voted big fazeek off???? What kind of crap was that??? His team won and he was immune???? He was loud but all he did was retaliate back to the fat mouths of the other contestants!! Everyone was riding his ass from the begining!!! Scooter should be the one off the show! He is manipulating everyone and trying to be the nice guy to the women. Scooter imediately said after Big Fazeek was Magically voted oof that he
    (scooter) was going to win season 2….so he thinks he is better than everyone else!! Now He has them against Mo Chocolate?? Big fazeek Did everything he was suppossed to do..yeah he should not have lauphed at her but she was givin him crap all through the begining??? He gives some back and everyone jumps his ass??? WOW i have no reason to watch the show now..just a bunch of cry babies and judges who change the rules at will.. Big fazeek might have had some great ideas if everyone would have listened instead of being intimidated by his size and ideas!..
    Now remember everone has an opinion. i just gave mine so dont gang up on me for having an opinion!!!

  • Well, I can’t say I was proud of Big Fazeek being kicked, but in all seriousness I think he deserved it. Looking at it, he was warned last week. To me he was harassing the players, which in a sense in some tv show contracts, you get booted for harassing other people. You could see this in one season of top chef, where it happened. The playstation is a community and even though we all have differences, we should all work together for a common goal. In my opinion, he didn’t have that goal. He was looking out for himself while insulting and hurting others. We all understand that war princess was crying but it was because she knew and accepted her mistakes. She knew she wanted to win but she led her team down. In my opinion, big fazeek was really a lazy guy who talked a lot and showed nothing for it. I’ll admit I did like it when both of them worked together. They should have had a change of trust within themselves, but when he wanted to provoke her when she was crying, it was enough for me to actually just hate big fazeek and wished him out of the show. Emotions are real in some of these shows, and I think he would have done more harm than good for Playstation.

  • Anyone else notice that the download size of episode 5 was exactly 1337 mb?

  • For those of you who think it is unfair that Big Fazeek was eliminated:

    Yes, he had immunity, but that was immunity from being eliminated in relevance to the challenge. He was eliminated for unsportsmanlike conduct, and rightly so. It is a competition, and within any competition there is an expectation of sportsmanlike conduct. He got what he deserved, plain and simple.

  • Big Fazeek should be suing somebody. It’s a competition where only ONE person can win. So why would he go in the house and hug and love everybody? They have been on him since the show started, and it’s not like no one other than him had a hole moments. Mo deserves what he gets next week, he sided with them, and now they are out to get him just like they did Fazeek, and he has done nothing to any of those people. War Princess from one episode one even admitted she knows virtually nothing about the PlayStation brand, when she was up for elimination, so how did she deserve to be there after episode one anyway?

  • OK, I understand you need a team player but in a Competition, it’s anyone’s game. Yeah he was a prick but at least it was interesting to watch.
    Now, I want Gaymer to win, not that I am gay but I cant stand all those sellouts who teamed up against the Big Guy! MO needs to go!
    And why did I have to watch this in SD Sony? I am still at 14% all day. I live in Germany, (Stationed here, yes USA Army)
    I deserve to see this in HD. Maybe it’s not working cuz you dropped the Big Guy for bogus reasons.
    HAHA! Just venting, love my ps3!

  • @59

    Knowledge can be taught. Of all the character traits and skills that are tested during the competition, knowledge is probably the least important. You can’t really teach someone to be creative, or to think under pressure.

  • Fair is fair sorry to see fazeek go because i think they provoked him more than he provoked her. warprincess THANK GOODNESS you gone ohhhhhhhhhh happy days are here again. girly you need to get a PS3 and a clue next time make sure you know somthing about the game system. or at least own one .. again sooooo happy shes gone. NAUSEOUS it was great to see you on this show your awsome. and i hope GAYMER wins>>>> Thank you

  • War Princess was my favorite underdog ever. She may have lost a contest, but I’m sure she’ll win at life.

  • I think the move to get Big Fazeek off was a good one, despite his immunity. In a Sony environment where teamwork and family are important concepts, Fazeek fell short on both. It’s also not a good sign when your teammates are against you as well as the competing team. Since the beginning of the season he has seen himself as being better than all of them. If you look at what happened this last episode, they’ve never had judges enter the house. Cryus and Nauseous were sent in to experience first hand the tension in the house that videos just can’t fully capture. Big Fazeek was given a warning prior to this and him antagonizing her the way he did despite seeing that she was clearly upset was uncalled for.

    I have to admit it did make for good “TV” though.

    Keep up the great work Sony!

  • In my opinion, Big Phyzeek was judged unfairly. By the fellow competitors and that head judge. He did contribute and was a team player. If I were head chief of Playstation, I’d fire that head judge and bring Big Phyzeek. In my eyes, he did nothing wrong. I think the rest of the competitors have attitude problems and are infants. I wish I could get Big Phyzeek’s e-mail address so I could send him a support letter. Playstation Tester Team, you suck!

  • wartard had to go long time ago.
    big guy should have been taken out by the rules.
    after all its a competition. maybe they should have said you have to make nice with everyone. none of these players deserve to win. big should have stayed and get send home next. panel sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think the girl should win…. i mean the actuall girl not these cry babies. she atleast doesnt like one.

  • big fuzeek should have not been kick its about getting into people head to win im not watching tester anymore thats not fair

  • Come on Sony, what’s with this wishy-washiness by booting the dude and hating on him even more. You know two wrongs don’t make a right. Big-fazeek would of gotten along with anyone if they just stop being a bully!

    Where can I send my hate-mail? Now there’s nothing to watch but “Mo-Choc” start getting the hate. Even tho I see Ches-ka making it to the top, the guy can’t be eliminated for social complex. Seriously, was it because he didn’t volunteer his name or what??

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