The Drop: Week of Dec 6th 2010 New Releases

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While Rey is off in Miami enjoying mojitos, delicious Cuban sandwiches and a city that doesn’t close down at 2am (really, California? really??), I’ll drop this week’s new releases on you.

While publishers push most retail releases into stores in time for Black Friday (movie tie-in TRON: Evolution is a notable exception), it’s still a good week for fans of downloadable games. The PlayStation Store never closes, after all.


PlayStation 3

TRON: Evolution for PS3

TRON: Evolution – This is an action game, based on the movie Tron: Legacy, in which players traverse a digital world populated by human-like characters to investigate the origin of a destructive virus. From a third-person perspective, players engage in melee-style combat, using punches, kicks, combo moves, and light-disc attacks to defeat humanoid enemies.

(PS Blog Coverage: TRON: Evolution)

PlayStation Network

QlioneEnrique Galvez of Rockin’ Android says: “The Qlione Evolve bundle includes two games; Qlione and Qlione 2, at an unbeatable price ($6.99). While your goal in Qlione is to simply survive, Qlione 2 has you evolving, and even devolving, in an attempt to find the optimal form to fight off your assailants. With the Qlione Evolve bundle, you get both complete games and their PSN extras like custom soundtracks, online leaderboards and Trophies.”

Kung-Fu Live

Kung-Fu Live – Those crazy Finns at Virtual Air Guitar have made a virtual Kung-Fu simulator, placing you (via the PlayStation Eye camera) into a side scrolling beat ‘em up reminiscent of days of yore. The boss battles are pretty awesome, and it’s a killer workout!

Watch and read our previous coverage here.

Alien Breed 2 AssaultJohn Dennis from Team 17 Software recently shared: “It’s the direct follow-up to the PSN game Alien Breed: Impact. What’s more, it’s the middle entry in a trilogy of downloadable PS3 titles that reinvent Alien Breed, a series which has roots dating back to 1991. The game is an action-packed top-down science fiction shooter where you must conserve ammo, scavenge for gear, and upgrade your arsenal to survive against a vast alien threat.”

For PlayStation Plus members only (this week):

Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves

Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves – This is a brand new spin-off PSN title that showcases all of the fun that can be had when Sackboy gets his hands on the PlayStation Move motion controller. The player with the PlayStation Move controller leads the charge, flicking switches and triggering platforms to help the other players, using DualShock Controllers, through each level.

Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves is free for PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, everyone else can purchase it for $5.99 starting next week (Dec 14).

For more info on Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves, click here.


TRON: Evolution – This is an action game, based on the movie Tron: Evolution, in which players engage in futuristic battles and events. Players can compete in light-cycle races, light-tank battles, and arena-style fights.

Football Manager 2011 – This is a sports simulation game in which players select and manage a real-world soccer team from clubs and leagues around the world. Players must make managerial decisions that include negotiating contracts, trading athletes, and setting up the team’s strategies and tactics.

Military History Commander: Europe at War – This is a turn-based strategy game in which players choose to fight as the Axis or Allies during World War II. Players control troops on a hexagonal grid to defeat the enemy and gain territory until one side wins the war.

NEOGEO HEROES: Ultimate Shooting – This is an arcade-style shooter in which players control characters that fly through scrolling landscapes and battle various enemies.

Michael Jackson The Experience – This is a music and rhythm simulation game in which players can follow along with the music and dance moves of Michael Jackson. Players can match on-screen rhythmic cues to score points and unlock various award items.

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest – In this action-adventure game, based on the Lord of the Rings franchise, players assume the role of Aragorn on his quest to become king and bring peace to the land. The game features bright and colorful renditions of Middle Earth’s key locations, as the hobbit Sam retells “new” adventures to his young children. Players explore fantasy landscapes while using swords, bows, spears, and torches to defeat enemy creatures.


Arcade Essentials – Alex Bravve from publisher Nordcurrent says “Arcade Essentials is a collection of 5 arcade games, remakes of the classic arcade hits of the 80s that (I’m sure) all of us are familiar with. Each game consists of 50 levels, so there is quite a lot of gameplay time here. We decided to make minimalistic visuals with lots of special effects, to get the feeling of the real arcades. To get an idea of how the game looks and plays, please check the trailer:”

Other minis this week:

  • Boom Beats
  • Blimp: The Flying Adventures
  • Flying Hamster
  • Aquattack

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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3 Author Replies

  • If you want places that don’t sleep, you’ll have to come down to the southern section of this great state.

  • Do anyone know when they drop Top Dart ??

  • So, any news on the Zenonia update?

  • i won’t be able to afford any more games til next year… so, see ya then, maybe….

  • Drop wish list…

    New avatars for Tron, GT5 and AC Brotherhood.

    GT5 DLC … Seattle Circuit and Infineon tracks.

    PS2 downloadable games would be great.

  • Passing on Tron, the E3 previews I saw made it look really crappy.

    Another great PSN week! Can’t wait for Kung Fu Live! and the new LBP adventure for free is pretty sweet too :)

  • Jeff, tell Ubisoft to make avatars for AC Brotherhood. They can use the multiplayer characters! I’d really enjoy a Harlequin avatar.

  • @NycFreeWilly82 I totally agree with you, When they announced it at E3, i was on the fence about it, even learning that everything you Acquire while having PS+ will be erased as soon as the membership ends, i was still on the fence, then i started seeing exactly what people got with the Plus Membership and figured, damn they need to fix this drastically,ASAP! the “Free” stuff they give you dont even appeal to alot of the people that have it, Nor do they Guarantee Betas ( Got most of the Betas and im not even a Plus Memeber) so i also wont be slapping down the $55 to be a Pretend Premium member.

  • We need to get all the great SNK titles on PSN to be enjoyed on PS3 and PSP…

    SVC Chaos, KOF NeoWave, Garou Mark of the Wolves…at the very least.

  • Is there an official word on when Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is supposed to come out?

    I just assumed it would be this week since UK got it last week.

  • Dumb question but, is it possible to play Sackboy’s Prehistoric Move without the Move controllers? I haven’t gotten them yet, but I’m interested in playing new LBP.

  • Jeff where is DragonBall Z tenkachi Tag Team and YuGiOh Tag Force 5
    my psp go needs those games :/

  • Wow pretty decent release. I might get that Arcade Essentials for PSP. I love quick fun arcade games like that.

  • Hey Jeff,
    I saw Assassins creed on the PSN store for EU and I was wondering if we were getting that in the next 2 weeks (I thought it wouls be this week) so is there anything about it?

  • So how many of those psp games are actually going to be released on psn tomorrow? not like it matters none of them really interest me anyway. hopefully we see some classic psp games like Crisis Core or something. been waiting too long for that game to be released on the Psn.

  • Any word on T E T R I S release date for this month on PSN?? EA released a statement indicating it would be in December, but didn’t give a definite date.

  • Jeff Rubenstein When is Smackdown vs Raw 2011 DLC coming this month? date?????

  • I Played Sackboy with my PS Move and i have to tell you its actually fun i just passed my brother the dual shock controller and used the ps move and we easily passed them levels together it was alot of fun the best part of it was its free can’t wait till Little big Planet 2 comes out ;)

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