Resistance 3 Gameplay Trailer to Debut at the VGAs

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I wanted to stop by and give you an update about what’s been going on over the last couple of months. You may remember the live-action trailer that we revealed during GamesCom to formally announce Resistance 3. We’re very excited to reveal that we will be following that up with a new trailer, premiering exclusively during the Spike Video Game Awards (Saturday, December 11th in the States, check your local listings for time and network if you’re outside the US).

The trailer continues the live action experience, showing live-action snippets of three moments in the game, while also bringing you your first glimpse of actual gameplay from Resistance 3. Check out a teaser for the trailer below:

We hope this continues to help set the tone that Resistance 3 represents, so stay tuned for the show next week…

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  • Live-action trailers are the height of cheese. Reminds me of 80’s videogame commercials. Gameplay only, please.

    • But come on, I love cheese.

      Plenty of time to show you lots of gooey delicious gameplay in 2011 leading to our fall release.

  • @ODINGameslayer what are you talking about Live Action Trailer is the $#!t now you know if insomniac ever made a movie about resistance it would be awesome.

  • I skipped R1 a did not have a ps3 then, i bought R2 normal edition and loved it.(i should have gotten collectors edition oh and it was my first platinum trophy regret selling it….) So give me a release date for the Collectors edition you know u want to. :)

    • Duuuuude… go play R1 (RFOM). It’s so good. and it’s cheap. Greatest Hits… perfect stocking stuffer from Santa.


  • Correct me if I’m wrong but we’ve seen Europe in R1 and US in R2. If R3 is set in either Africa or Asia, I might actually buy it (heard rumors about the first part). I finished both R1 and R2 and I never really came away impressed but I’d like to see a somewhat modern setting set in Asia or Africa.

    PS: I still LOVE the weapons, hope your creativity hasn’t run out Insomniac.

  • R3 YES WOO HOO, you just made my day!!! 8)

  • These live action trailers look amazing. they should let you guys do a resistance movie if sony ever wants one. We dont need crappy hollywood directors who dont appreciate the games. look at the uncharted movie! A family of justice serving antiqe dealers!!!! that movie is dea before it even started filming. LET INSOMNIAC MAKE RESISTANCE MOVIEEEEE! I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE READING THIS!!! DONT LIE GUYS YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!

  • Getting it fo sho! Resistance 4 Life!

  • Why was the decision to get rid of the 8-player co-op made? That was my favorite part of the game.

  • “Can you hear them? They are calling to us. It is beautiful. This is just the beginning.”

    I can’t wait for the opening cinematic for Resistance 3.

  • I’m looking forward to it (my favorite shooter after Killzone) but I hope the developers at Insomniac better flesh out the campaign. Resistance 1 was great and while Resistance 2 had it’s good points you could tell that the developers ran out of creative juice during the last stage on the ship with that underwhelming boss battle with Daedalus.

    I’m optimistic that for Resistance 3 they’ll better conceptualize how they what it to end while making it both awesome and memorable and work from there. The return of the weapon wheel is a start in the right direction and hopefully longer co-op missions.

  • The Resistance franchise is my favorite sony franchise this whole generation! (well…next to mgs:4)
    This is my most anticipated title for next year by miles.
    Can’t wait.
    Thank you guys so much for bringing back the split screen options for the campaign (Insomniac ftw). I believe this alone will help to make this title sell like hot cakes. time to tell my friends to preorder this game asap!
    Thanks again. Keep up the good work.
    Day 1
    PS: collectors edition?

  • sorry I just HAVE to double post



  • Hopefully this will be better than Resistance 2. The original was a classic.

  • this is a day one buy for me…also it would be cool to have RFOM as a downloadable game in the ps store

  • awesome! Can’t wait.

  • Please tell me that campaign co-op split-screen is back. It was in R1, but then removed from R2.

  • Loved R1. It was one of the first big FPS games I played. The story, look and gameplay were great. Although I enjoyed R2, it didn’t have quite the same bang as the first. These live action trailers though are reviving my hope that R3 is going to be bigger and better than the first two.

  • I have to get all the games for Resistance 3 so I can understand what’s really is going on. But by seeing the first screens of the game, it looks very realistic.

  • I don’t want to overhype R3 but I have a feeling that they will improve on every aspect, I can’t wait!

  • ” James Stevenson

    Campaign co-op, both split-screen and online, is in the game!”

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Long live cooperative play! I love Resistance and can’t wait to sink my teeth and thumbs into part three!

  • from what james said, it’s going to be awesome that they are going to add those features into this one, i kno ppl didn’t like r2 that much but i loved it, went out and got the c.e version of it too, to me one of the best online co op’s, good good memories and it was so smooth too, can’t wait to see what r3 brings to the table, either which way day one purchese and hopefully a bad arse ultimate /collecters edition,,

    p.s Hale is coming back, lol

  • Is there a co-op campaign? i was really disappointed about R2.

  • Soooo exciting. Resistance is easily my favorite FPS series.

  • Well after reading the comments, I got to #24 and decided I’m not as excited about this as I thought. Using FMV to promote the game but not have it in the final game is just crap. I heavily prefer real FMV over a bunch of regular plain jane looking gameplay cutscenes using in game graphics. My god I thought Sony would at least bring us quality looking FMV in our BluRay titles, but all people keep giving us are the N64 style cartridge treatment. How freaking sad.

  • Not a huge fan of Resistance, but this makes me wanna buy the first two ones, and than get this 3rd one! xD

  • I got the 10,000 kills trophy in R2 today, please don’t put anything like that in R3…

    Excited to see the new trailer!

  • i know this isnt about Resistance but when the Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time and the blue DS3 controller bundle will be available ? they have them on for $59.99 but doesnt say when they are gonna be available

  • AWESOME!! I’m stoked for gameplay footage, weapon wheel, & co-op campaign! Only thing that could make this better would be confirmation of splitscreen multiplayer as well!

    Eh? Eh? ;)

  • is it going to be like the fallout series where you can rome around lie in fallout 3 and new Vegas or will it be like resistance 2

  • Can you choose between using the Weapon Wheel and using the R2 2 weapon system. i love the weapon wheel for campaign and single player modes as the game pauses and i can choose see what i can use in the given situation, but using it in R:FoM multi drove me insane. i just used the Carbine/Bullseye cause i didn’t want to waste time changing weapons. Also, will we be seeing a Beta? That may give me a reason to get PS+, as i would get it to play R3, being playing Insomniac Games’ games since Spyro The Dragon (yes the 1st one) and have loved every minute i’ve spent in all of their games.

  • nice,guerilla seemed to sell out,hopefully R3 doesn’t.

  • where was the gameplay change the title please

  • Can’t wait for this but will the game take place outside the US?

  • Can I watch this in Canada somehow?

  • Looks absolutely sick, Insomniac! You guys are really bringing it! Loved R1 and R2, keep it up! That first live action trailer was amazing, can’t wait to see the second!

  • Is this the big surprise announcement for the VGA’s or is it going to be something different? Will R3 support co-op throughout the campaign start to finish?

  • @51, everyone i showed the live action trailer to LOVED IT. It was beautifully shot. IF anything, I’d like to see a movie in the vein of that trailer.

  • I really hope I get an internship at Insomniac next summer.

  • resistance sucks

  • OH GOSH, IT’S RESISTENCE 3!!!! I am SO excited for this game! :)

  • People are going to flip when they see the weapon wheel. Side note: I am going to flip after seeing the new teaser.

  • been aware of splitscreen co-op and the weapon wheel making a return for awhile now…now about 4 way splitscreen for offline multiplayer? I really hope this makes a return as well

  • Bring back the separate 8 player co op campaign. That was my favorite part of the entire Resistance series. I couldn’t care less about campaign co op, but I loved the 3 class rpg co op in Resistance 2. Kept me playing the game a lot longer then I would have without it.

  • I’m not saying this cover is bad, just not as good as the original. I would be happy if you just combined the two somehow… with unique characteristics/aspects/parts from both… the new one is just too obnoxious with all the light colors that provide little contrast and the sackboy sticking his tongue out, and all the extreme expressions/emotions displayed… there is just no class or subtlety … I know one of your main audiences is the casual/family/younger group but you don’t need to change from a perfectly good and balanced cover like you had before.

    Or how about you guys hold a vote that reaches the blog here, facebook,, wherever, so that the community can vote on their favorite. I mean, you guys did show the older/original one as your box art for a long time now and it was one you guys would have used if the game was not delayed, and then to just suddenly change it to something completely different is unexpected and messed up. Heck even the Subway challenge showed the older one.

  • Please ignore my last comment #95. I apologize. If I could or knew how to delete it I would.

  • Surely that’s Johnny Depp at 0:01.

  • I loved R1 not so much R2 but R3 looks like its going to be a hit good job guys / girls. :)

  • Oh gosh live action commercials? -_- that kinda sucks

  • I have been an avid gamer for over 35 years (when we dialed into the BBS and paid $12.00 an hour to play muds and the www. didn’t exist) and there really isn’t much I have not played. With that said, R1 was far beyond a simplified shooter. The story was engaging and driven. R2 bumped it up with better graphics etc. but was not nearly as long. The Co-op was an added joy however whenever people could understand their roles (still play and it amazes me). I own both and still pop them both into my PS3. Hands down one of the best games ever made in my book. I impatiently await the return of the Resistance series and I often contemplate what is in store for this developer in the future with a new story.

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