It Only Does Unstoppable Deals

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I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and managed to squeeze in some quality time with your family and of course, your PS3!

Many of you took advantage of our great Black Friday promotions at retailers around the country last week, but if getting in line at 6:00am to begin your shopping wasn’t your idea of fun, you’ll be happy to know there are still amazing deals to be found. It’s not too late to get a great deal on a PlayStation 3 bundle while upgrading your home’s HD entertainment system, so you can enjoy the latest in HD gaming, movies and television in the comfort of your own home.

You may remember that last year we joined forces with Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to introduce you to BestBuy employee Nick DeVita and a deal so irresistible, many found it hard to pass up. The response to the exclusive BestBuy entertainment bundle confirmed what we’ve known all along; today’s consumers have a voracious appetite for the best in home entertainment. That’s why we’ve partnered again with BestBuy, Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to bring you another incredible HD entertainment bundle. In keeping with tradition, we decided to let Kevin and Nick create a team so unstoppable no challenge can stand in their way. Here’s the first look at the uncut full-length version featuring our own “Boombassador of Deals” Kevin Butler and BestBuy’s Nick DeVita.

This exclusive bundle packs a PlayStation 3, a copy of the just released GranTurismo 5, Grown Ups on Blu-ray disc and a select Bravia HDTV–for a total savings of over $1,300. This deal is available now through December 11th across BestBuy stores nationwide and online at Be sure to go to for additional details and happy shopping!

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    love it.

  • Can’t wait to see what Kevin Butler would do at the VGA’s.

  • *high fives a Best Buy worker from computer* Booyah!
    It only does everything but make sandwiches. Where’s a model that does that Sony?

  • Not bad, I had just got a deal from your competitor for Black Friday. I got the same TV and a Blu-Ray player for $300 less. I’m considering switching, but it’s hard when that would make it my 4th PS3, and I refuse to use them to play Blu-Rays for DRE issues.

  • Great deal+good Commercial = more PS3’s sold

  • KB is my god!!

  • Is @Matej_Bryant’s comment #13 for real?? That’s just downright creepy.

  • I’ve gotten the ylod on my ps3 backward compatible 80gb model!!! I’m pissed that we pay so much money for a system that doesn’t even last 3 years!! my fat PS2 still works fine. What gives SONY??

  • Yea except 5 years of waiting and GT5 is getting 8 and 8.5 out of 10 reviews.

  • loved the use of the CHIPS theme, great commercial

  • has anyone experienced the ylod recently?

  • Kevin Butler is the man !! The gran turismo 5 comercial where he steals the car is knee smacking hilarious !! Great deal at best buy too

  • thanks Sony n Best Buy but i want a BRAVIA HX800 Series 3D HDTV im going 2 get 1 soon ;) n GT5 at Sony Style i got the PSmove a while ago my master piece is almost complete!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAHA

  • That’s kinda… disturbing at the end.

  • Keep up the great work Sony!

  • When I grow up I wanna be a time traveller so I can affect Kevin Butlers father and my mothers meeting so that when I grow I can be Kevin Butler!!!

  • well i’ve owned my 60 GB PS3 for a little over 3 years,and take excellent care of it.In fact i upgraded the Hard drive to 250 GB by using my old broken Laptop HDD.It works still,and yeah PS3 is awesome. Have no regrets about buying this system 3 yrs. ago. worth every penny. PS3 will dominate 360 as it will. JRPG’s,FPS,Racing,Action/adventure. It does it all, and 2011 will be the biggest turning point as PS3 will drop price to $199 outselling X360 in the process. NOw wheres the BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY for EVERYONE ELSE. PLEASE!!!!!

  • Another great commercial… Love it. Pretty sure this is the same kid (Nick DeVita) from last years Boom commercial… Good call on bringing him back… He and Butler make a great team. If i didn’t have both already, i would be all over this deal. These two are Unstoppable.

  • What is this I can’t even

  • haha “Energy Crisis Solved” epic

  • Butler is a dumbass.

  • @67 i’ve owned a 60gb for 3 years and it sat in a box for almost a year and it got YLOD. I took care of mine too. The problem is with the thermal paste that sony used. The slim is ugly and gimped.Sony bring back the shiny and sleek ps3 and i’d buy another in a heartbeat.

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