Dead Nation Hits PlayStation Store this Week, Eradicate the Infection!

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The week you’ve been waiting for is here! Dead Nation will release on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th for $14.99 in North America (and at a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $11.99).

We’re pleased to present the Dead Nation launch trailer below. As you can see, we’ve revealed a few new treats such as the Molotov Cocktail, Shocker weapon, and Cutter special zombie.

The molotov cocktail is an important tactical item in your arsenal as it creates a wall of fire protecting you from the undead hordes coming to eat you alive. The incredibly powerful Shocker can take out waves of the undead hungry for warm flesh. Just like the other Special Zombies, the Cutter is force to be feared with huge blade arms that can cut you in half in just one swipe!

Fight through the campaign on your own in Dead Nation or join a friend (on the couch or online) to eradicate the infection. With features like the twin-stick shooting style and the use of recharging rush and point multipliers, it’s clear that Dead Nation is built with the same DNA of Housemarque’s last break-thru PSN hit, Super Stardust HD.

Dead Nation will be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Download the game and fight the zombie virus to save mankind!

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  • The only thing lacking: couch coop up to 4 players! =D This would rock!!! But I’ll buy anyway since there is 2 player couch coop. lol. I’m plus member so it’s even cheaper (I could have paid 20$ instead of 11$, but 11$ is fine with me, haha).

    It’ gonna be hard to choose… Study for my final exams (University of Montreal), play GT5, play Dead Nation! LOL. Too much good games (And I just bought God of war 3, killzone 2 and prince of persia the forgotten sands for a total of 45$ taxes and shipping included, I’ll receive them all tomorrow.). lol

  • DAY 1

    Question: Is there online coop matchmaking?

  • Tomorrow is the launch promotion should be on all day for all users not only to users PLUS, I also believe that the value of $ 14.99 is too high for normal users.

    I invite you can buy during the first 24 hours at $ 11.99 for all.

  • This looks really awesome; my husband and I love playing couch co-op games like Eden, Castle Crashers, Monsters, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Shooter, Shank, Critter Crunch, Lara Croft, The Shoot, and Interpol.

    I don’t remember getting an answer on the audio quality, though. Does the game use 24-bit/lossless assets for the music and/or explosions?

    I know the game renders in 720p, but are there any plans to add support for a 2x MSAA as a part of a scaling pipeline to 1080p? All the games that do this look *great*.

  • Looks beautiful; looks fun.

  • Is this a stand-alone game download or will there be future DLC?

  • Its finallt coming out? SWEET! I was in the beta and man oh man was it epic for a zombie game. I will be getting this game asap!

  • looks fun but possibly short….

  • Hi

    Will the game have voice-chat?

    Does it support Portuguese language?

    thank you

  • All I can say is.. finally… after a WAAY premature announcement. Like Rage premature, not DNF. It’s finally coming and I couldn’t be happier. Insta-buy.

  • The co-op is it off-line ? i miss playing the same game with my friends at the same time cause nowadays everything’s about online…

    Other question : is it playable with Move ? (patch post-release?).

    Is it possible to have some free avatars like Sports champions did? I don’t have PS+ ^_^

    Other than that the game looks fire!!! I’m getting it as soon as possible.

  • I wasn’t really considering getting this, since I have several other similar games and I’m kinda sick of zombies. But how can I pass up a day-one PS+ discount?? That’s why I’m a member.

  • Can’t wait

  • What time is the store going to update tomorrow??? I want to download this ASAP.

  • Loved Super Stardust and have been eagerly following this game since it was first announced. A little upset over the recent trend of making all DL games 15 bucks, but this is going to be worth every penny. I would gladly pay more for a game of this caliber (and platinum trophy)! Glad to see it being released and I will be eagerly anticipating some DLC!

  • Day 1 here plus disscount for PS + subscribers!
    glad im a PS + subscriber :)

  • A platinum trophy and only $12 for PS Plus subscribers? That seals it. I’m buying this.

  • This reminds me so much of the L4D series. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, since I completely love them. Everything down to the style of zombies (boomer etc) and the Molotov wall of fire hehe =)

    Good times! I’ll be getting it soon as it’s up!

  • @ David Bull

    Excited for this one, just a few questions:

    1) Playstation Move Support: Now or Later? Is this a game that can use it?
    2) PSP Version Inbound?
    3) Online Co-Op CHECK, Online Multiplayer??
    4) Any kind of ModNation Racers “Dead Nation” content in the future?
    5) Lastly, has anyone at SCEA elected a New VP Of Zombie Eradication Strategies?

    Good Luck With This Major Release! Just another example of how it only does everything.

  • Great!! now i can kill some zombies on the hardest difficulty lol

  • I sooooooooo cant wait! Just what I wanted and needed to hear! Thanks for making the Playstation Plus worth it! Now if more and more new releases got this kind of attention and discounts I’m sure we would see a lot more plus members in our friends lists… Cant wait until this is released!

  • Can’t wait will play all night tommorow, PS+ discount FTW!!!

  • Great! I know what I’ll be doing. Killing even more zombies :)

  • Will there be a demo for it tomorrow? I like to try this game.

  • If this game has the DNA of Housemarques SSDHD then it needs support for 3D! We need some more 3D support.

  • @32 Atone

    The person is right, it can’t be some new state tax because I was recently charged tax now as well. It was one of my major blow ups at Sony recently now. It’s not my state because I’m being charged my city’s tax which is 2% higher. Plus, it can’t be my state/city since I’d be charged taxes on Amazon, Xbox Live, etc and I’m not.

    I wish Sony would just tell me if they changed their policies or not with this thing. It has to be on their end. All this has done is made it easier for me to buy games on Xbox Live instead. Dead Nation looks cool, but I’d rather play Left 4 Dead and I don’t think I could justify $12+tax for a twin stick zombie game. There’s a ton of them now like Zombie Apocalypse which was on sale for $5 on Xbox.

  • can’t wait to play this game tomorrow night!!

  • This was already a day one purchase thanks to a combination of the game looking awesome and Housemarque having gained my full support with the awesomeness that is Super Stardust HD. Now you’re telling me my Plus subscription gets me a discount?! You guys are the best. I can’t wait to start refreshing the PS store at 6pm EST.

  • where’s my dead nation!? its been 11/30 for over 2 hours now!!!! O.O

  • All I know is $3 is not a savings for me. I feel like Plus needs to step up and give me more for my buck than some paltry discount that basically equates to me saving $2-3 in the long run. That $11.99 translates to $12.95, which is $2.04 off without it being taxed. I’d just be better off waiting for it to randomly go on “sale” in the next few months. Plus, there’s nothing about that is driving me to buy it day 1. I don’t get it, how is this different than Burn Zombie Burn or Zombie Apocalypse? There’s even a MINI that is an over the top style game of this nature.

  • and how come uk has a much better ps site than us? ours look low-budget lol

  • Will this be available on Amazon right?

    Have some credit left over from Black Friday which was awesome.

  • Yeah , been waiting for this … and get a discount to boot. Yeah

  • Hey people when the PSN UPDATE?? i cant wait any more ))


  • psn update??

  • Been waiting for this!

  • Will be purchasing today.

  • What’s with all the poser zombies these days? They’re not really zombies, they’re just sick and misunderstood. Zombies should be dead, crawl out of their graves and say braaaaains. I’m getting this game anyway.

  • I had $30 credit from amazon, $20 for pre-ordering Black Ops and $10 for GT5, but I just noticed I lost my $20 credit already. Must spend that $10 credit I have left tonight on Dead Nation before I lose it too.

  • This looks like a lot of fun, but what sets it apart from the other two top-down zombie shooters on PSN, Burn Zombie Burn and Zombie Apocalypse?

  • The best part of Super Stardust HD was endless mode. Could we possibly get an endless mode for this game as DLC? That would be fantastic. I’d rather play a game I can’t beat than one I can.

  • On the game’s page it said December 1rst, is this true?

  • what time is dead nation supposed to be on the network?
    already noon.

  • we getting it tommorow not today, mus have been a mishap with the dates

  • Pretty sure the 1 December is for the EU store, I could be wrong though.

  • And to those saying “How is this different from Burn Zombie Burn?” Two words: Twin Stick.

  • we aint got it yet….

  • nothing yet, is this even coming out today or was it a article error by them putting the wrong date?

  • Guys the store gets normally updated between 7-10pm est so sadly still a couple hours to wait.

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