Sports Champions: By The Numbers

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It’s been just about two months since PlayStation Move introduced true 1-to-1 table tennis, archery, and gladiator dueling to your living room. The team worked really hard at making Sports Champions easy to play for everyone, while still making sure it has loads of challenge and depth for all you hardcore enthusiasts. You have played and played and played, in volumes way beyond our best expectations. So with the initial server shock faded, we can look fondly at our launch past. Check out some of the cool global stats we put together for some insider information on what your competition has been up to over the first month of play. We’ve also recently released a new Reverse Course DLC, but more on than in a bit.

First, the numbers …

Sports Champions stats

As mentioned earlier, the Reverse Course DLC is also now available on the Playstation Store. If you are hungry for more Disc Golf content this is definitely for you. We’ve taken all 18 holes and re-worked them for a fresh new compelling gameplay experience. But it’s much more than just an aesthetic difference of swapping the tees and the baskets – everything about how you play changes. You’ll need to come up with new strategies to master this course – tee shots, obstacles, hazards, where to lay up, shortcuts – basically everything. Check out a couple example holes for a taste of what we mean.

Sports Champions Reverse Course Sports Champions Reverse Course

We thought these stats were pretty interesting and useful, and we hope you agree. It lets us know what you like and maybe where we need to improve. Thanks to all of you, we have a better idea of what to focus on next. With the past and current out of the way, please help us look to the future to get even better!

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  • To be original, online play for next SC will be great.

    And since I can drive around 105 meters with Umrog from a high point, help me believe that 525 meters has not been done with some kind of cheat. I can’t see how it is possible.

    And TT is the most difficult game to beat at Champion’s Cup, very tough.


  • We have been loving all the games in Sports Champions, just when I decided that I like one best I move on to another and then decide it is the best.

    I do have one comment. Noticed on playing archery when you go from the Bronze to the Silver the level the difficulty jump is bigger then any of the other games. There is about a half second to aim at targets when they appear before the AI takes the shot, this is particularly a problem on the Kat challenge. I cannot imagine how they could possibly go any faster when you move to the Gold level. Seems like the difficulty step on this game is off.

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