Gobble Up Great PS3 Deals on Black Friday

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The team at PlayStation wanted to give you something to look forward to other than the standard turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving. That’s why we’ve been working hard with retailers across the U.S. to put together some incredible PlayStation 3 bundles that offer something for everyone, from hardcore games to all-in-one entertainment solutions.

Its been a big year filled with many choices for PlayStation fans. In addition to introducing must-have exclusives like God of War III, ModNation Racers and of course Gran Turismo 5, we also packed PSN with everything from sports to your favorite movies and TV shows and added the new PlayStation Move motion controller to our hardware family. What’s more, we made sure that PS3 owners were the first to receive access to stereoscopic 3D entertainment from Blu-ray movies to games! With the holidays upon us we want to ensure that we keep the choices coming.

That’s why this Friday, across many of your favorite local retailers, you’ll be able to find the 160GB PS3 system packaged with everything from a selection of this season’s hottest games to the latest Blu-ray movie releases. We worked closely with retailers to ensure that we provided you with an option tailored to meet your entertainment needs. Whether you’re looking for a package you can enjoy with your gaming friends or something more suitable for a family get-together, we’re confident there’s a bundle out there for you.

Available PS3 bundles include:

  • Amazon: 160GB PS3 system, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, a voucher for PixelJunk: Shooter and a copy of The Karate Kid on Blu-ray $299

PS3 Deals on Black Friday 2010

  • Best Buy: 160GB PS3 system, ModNation Racers (PS3), LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition and Cars the movie on Blu-ray $299

PS3 Deals on Black Friday 2010

  • GameStop: 160GB PS3 system, the God of War: Collection and a copy of God of War III $299

PS3 Deals on Black Friday 2010

  • Target: 160GB PS3Holiday Bundle, includes StarWars: The Force Unleashed 2 game, a copy of Prince of Persia on Blu-ray movie and one black DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller $299.99

PS3 Deals on Black Friday 2010

  • Walmart: 160GB PS3 system, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and Medal of Honor: Limited Edition $299

PS3 Deals on Black Friday 2010

  • Sam’s Club: 160GB PS3 system, ModNation Racers (PS3), black DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller, Blu-ray Disc remote and a copy of How to Train Your Dragon on Blu-ray $399

PS3 Deals on Black Friday 2010

These are just a few of the great deals you can find should you choose to brave the elements. There are limited quantities of each bundle, so be sure to shop early to take advantage of some great entertainment savings. Check your paper on Thursday and let us know what other deals you come across!

Happy shopping,

Tim Bender

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  • The GameStop deal is the best among all of these.

  • sony bundle a mic with them too i go to play online on some games and ppl dont have a mic gets annoying tryin to ask ppl where they got shot or where they see an object or w.e add a mic to them

  • also if u dont have a mic or hdmi u can get a usb mic ps3 controller and hdmi for 29.99 at gamestop and also i believe u can get one for 19.99 but also at bestbuy they always have the usb mics for 19.99 for a usb it works pretty good

  • I really don’t think this beats the xbox deals their offering the 4gb unit for $199 and a 50 dollar gift card at black friday rates that could be almost enough for 3 games….I don’t want to see the ps3 fail this Christmas but I expected a knockout punch..I don’t even see a jab. Also where’s the Advertising all I see is 360 stuff everywhere. One more and maybe the most vital no MOVE deals? I know it’s new and I already own it but more sales mean better turnout for my investment and the kinect is killing it in Ads, and media outlets, it’s been on leno, oprah, and a number of news shows…the move nowhere…not that I could find..your getting beat around…put your damn gloves up and fight…
    one small side note the best buy tech guy for my local CBS news brought a kinect (never a move…why was this???) into the studio to show it off…they couldn’t get it recognize them …lol… why not have Kevin do a ad targeting these flaws

  • Is there a sale on the Playstation Move bundle or controller?

  • No move bundle? i was really thinking about getting move to play EyePet, but wasting 100$ just for that one game is not worth it. If only there was a sale on Move or at least a bundle for Eye pet!

  • Sony needs a Move+Navigator bundle at a great price, and maybe even a Move+Nav+Sorcery bundle next year. Also need PS Eye HD camera and a PS3 keypad 2.0 with backlight keys. The current one is great but not useful in dark.

  • no 320GB PS3 deal?

  • Way to fail Sam’s Club. Why do I keep renewing my membership?

  • I already have a PS3 – that is why I am on here…

    Where is the Move bundle?

  • Great deals indeed

  • i love my ps3 i never had any problem. i had all kind of problem from the xbox 360

  • I love my bundle from last year! Batman Arkham Asylum and Infamous and The Dark Knight Blu Ray! I almost cry when I remember the long night inside but totally worth it WHOO! I’m gonna go watch the Dark Knight now!

  • Sweet looks good for new comers alike.. Love to spread the love with our new PSN members alike. :D

    Seasons Greetings

    Sincerely PSN: Skater_Ricky

  • The wording for Target is confusing. Does that mean an extra controller?! It seems impossible at that price and an extra controller isn’t pictured. But then why mention it at all?

  • PS… We need to see the New New Official PlayStation Headset in a Bundle if not this Holiday Season next Year Please! Like the guy above said. I myself included hate playing Online games with little to no Mic’s in a Online Game.

    All with me now… Cross-Game Voice Chat!!!

  • Yeah there definetly needs to be an official PS3 headset or something.

  • walmart deal is the best wtf?

  • I was under the impression that the bundle featuring Uncharted 2, Karate Kid Blu-ray, and Pixel Junk: Shooter would be available at Sears while Amazon would offer a bundle containing SingStar Dance and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time.

    Will Amazon be offering the bundle similar to Sears in addition to their current bundle offering?

    Sources: http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-Amazon-Family-Bundle-Ratchet-3/dp/B004AC6THC/


  • Hopefully someone can answer this:

    When you say “one black DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller,” does that mean we receive one additional DS3 controller besides the one included with the system (two controllers in total)? Will that controller be put in the box or would it come sealed like buying a separate DS3 controller?

  • hi psn i have been out of a ps3 sor about 8 months its really toufgh! no lie, anyways in stores 120gig is 300 along with the 160gig any reason why?….. also for black friday just a ps3 alone with 1 controler 120gig or 160 any deals with it?

  • Those are some sweet deals! Happy Thanksgiving 2010!!

  • Don’t most people here already own a PS3? Why is this news???

  • The deals are really awesome. I’d be tempted to get another PS3 getting those games/movies with them. Last year the bundles were flying off the shelves.

    There’s no PS Move bundle because its already a good deal, and its a bit more expensive to provide.

  • Some of those deals make me wish I was a late adopter

  • I got my PS3 on last year’s black friday, along with LBP and A Crack in Time. It’s been all happinness since then. Thank you!

  • is there any deals with black ops?

  • Move bundle would make me buy it but it’s too pricy now.

  • I just got the same deal Amazon is offering, but from NewEgg with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAXES! $299.99 shipped! woo!

    I love that game. :)

  • Wow, those deals look awesome.
    Though I think you guys should sell game bundles more often and even have special PS3’s like the Blue one w/ Gran Turismo 5.

  • dope deals. To bad I already have 2 ps3s and one broken one I still need to get fixed

  • #4 is right…where the heck is the advertising or support for move? Kinect ads are here, there friggin everywhere no move to be seen anywhere. It’s clear from the reviews that most people and sites rate the Move as the best motion device (popsci, ign etc…)
    Why are you not fighting to get move out there and show what it can do?
    Sony marketing is soooooooooooooooo frustrating. Not a move deal to be had on black friday? come on! What about cyber monday, let me guess, nothing.
    Do you realize the non hardcore, the moms & grandmoms watch TV to decide what to buy for kids and all they see right now is Kinect. Your marketing is once again an epic fail.


  • Walmart has got the gold for this one. You can’t beat uncharted 2 & Medal of Honor together. The god of war trilogy isn’t much to holla at.

  • @MonkeyGibber

    I see advertisements for Move all the time, on TV and full official setups in person. It’s been 4 years the console has been out, 1+ year since the whole new ad campaign, “It Only Does Everything,” it’s actually been outselling it’s closest competitor in worldwide sales, yet people are still complaining about Sony advertising? Really? Why? Why is it so important to you? How is it affecting you in a way for it to be ‘frustrating?’

  • @bushisprez

    lol you should probably change your avatar if you feel that way

  • The GameStop bundle comes with a remote???????????????????

  • the best deal is at walmart

  • @35 Compare the adverts for Kinect to move you can’t tell me move is being marketed correctly. It’s frustrating because I believe it’s the better system & a better value but I’m sick of always being the one to point it out to others when gaming conversations break out. Anyway, I’ve seen it setup in 1 best buy out of the 4 in my area…when’s the last time I saw a PS3 ad in a best buy insert anyway, there’s another good example WTF?

    While typing this I’ve just seen 2 more Kinect commercials. Oh well maybe the holiday numbers will prove me wrong and Sony’s marketers are truly geniuses.

  • First 3 are the ones to go for.

  • There’s PS3 Move bundle on sale especially in Malaysia, less than USD100 for a ps eye, move controller and SportChampion or KungFu raider or Party game option! I’ve xbox360 and it 3RRODead on me… :(

  • GT5 160GB awesome titanium blue set sell in Malaysia!!!!!!

  • tomb raider gaurdian of light 50% off please, with sugar on top.

  • great deals my ass and the target one is just confusing and where the f*** is costco on that list

  • There is a move bundle! It includes the 320GB playstation with wireless controller, move controller, the playstation eye & game championship sports for $399.00!!!

  • I know because I got it!!

  • How about us, the ps3 loving fans that have ALREADY bought the ps3,
    what deals r there for us??????

  • Great deals! I’ll have to tell my family and friends about this. :)

  • Walmart Canada recieved a 160 GB PS3 with EA’s NHL11 and InFamous, no Blu-ray movie. $299 CDN. Thought I should mention this, since they forgot about us.

    On a seperate note, we Canadians are quite amused to be recieving a Black Friday special bundle. We don’t HAVE Black Friday up here (it is not a Canadian holiday). But hey, good excuse for a nice new bundle, I guess. Looking forward to Boxing Week.

  • Also, the best bundle would have been a 250 GB PS3 (not 160 or 320) with Move, Eye, Navigation Controller, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Time Crisis 4, and a $20 PSN Card, for $329.

    And I think the Target Bundle looks to be the best one in the above list. The confusing one is the God of War Bundle, as there is a BD Remote in the picture, but not mentioned in the description, and there’s no movie bundle in that one.


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