Get Prepped for the Holidays with the PlayStation Network ‘Stock Up for Winter’ Sale!

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With Thanksgiving and the winter break quickly approaching, it’s time to escape the cold and curl up with some of your favorite PSN titles. The PlayStation Network team is celebrating the holiday season with some great deals on PS3, PSP, and minis titles. But you’ll need to act quickly, as the PlayStation Network “Stock Up for Winter Sale” is only available for one week – November 23-29!

PlayStation Store - Winter Sale

Headlining the Thanksgiving sale is highly acclaimed PlayStation exclusives, Joe Danger and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Joe Danger, developed by the four-man studio Hello Games, released earlier this summer and is what IGN calls “one of the most polished, full-featured, and downright fun games available on the PS3.” Peace Walker brought the award-winning Kojima series to the PSP and had Joystiq calling it the “best game on Sony’s handheld.” These two games are only the start of the Thanksgiving sale, so be sure to check the other PS3, PSP, and minis titles while they’re on sale beginning tomorrow!

As we said, the below limited-time offers are good through Monday, November 29 for U.S., Canada and Mexico storefronts and open to all PlayStation Network users in these regions.

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap – $3.49 sale price; $6.99 regular price
Top Gun – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
Gundemonium Collection – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
DeathSpank – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
Joe Danger – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price

Groovin’ Blocks – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake – $9.99 sale price; $19.99 regular price
Dissidia Final Fantasy – $9.99 sale price; $19.99 regular price
Dante’s Inferno – $19.99 sale price; $39.99 regular price
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker – $19.99 sale price; $39.99 regular price

Young Thor – $2.49 sale price; $4.99 regular price
Fieldrunners – $3.49 sale price; $6.99 regular price
Hero of Sparta – $2.49 sale price; $4.99 regular price
Alien Zombie Death – $1.99 sale price; $3.99 regular price
Monopoly – $2.49 sale price; $4.99 regular price

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  • Well gonna buy Deathspank & Joe Danger. SADLY, tho i was hoping for a bigger and better sale. Wanted to see Castle Crashers and several other more recent games go on sale. I thought i was gonna end up spending a lot of money but guess $15 is enough lol.

    Hopefully one day you will have a sale like you did at the beginning of the year (i believe it was) where i ended up buying Zen Pinball, Uno, Critter Crunch, and a few others.

  • Really appreciate these sales that you guys put up. ..seriously, Peace Walker for $20 is a steal!

    …it would of been nice if Fire Team Bravo 3 made the list as well, but i cant really complain overall.

    A big thanks to you Ro, and everyone else @ PlayStation Store Team!

  • Finally a price drop on Dante’s Inferno for PSP. I’ll be getting it. $40 for a half-decent God of War ripoff was too much, but $20 for some hack n’ slash PSP action? I’m in!

  • Thanks! I’m gonna try and pick up Joe Danger.

    BTW, I’d love to see sales on DLC for Mirror’s Edge, and Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

    Have a great week!

  • What happen to might and magic clash of heros? why cant i find it on playstation network?

  • An OKAY sale but c’mon, put up more titles up for sale!

  • Will finally grab Deathspank!

    And people who haven’t Joe Danger yet, you better buy it now!!!

  • Yeah, Joe Danger was worth the full price. Now EVERYONE should buy it. I’ll be getting Young Thor and MGS:PW… not to mention Auditorium HD and Pacman which release tomorrow. PSN, you empty my bank.

  • Does Joe Danger have custom soundtracks?

  • Looks like I’ll finally be getting Dissidia!

  • @VofEscaflowne: I suggest Dissidia, I played for about 3 hours in a row on a friend’s psp. I even wanted to buy one! Almost did the next day! And all of this for one single psp game. It’s fast, fun, hectic, complex (a bit for starters) and REALLY addictive!! For 10$ it’s plain simple, buy it! You won’t be disapointed! (Or else!! ;))

  • Freaking great deal. I must get DeathSpank, Joe Danger and Dissidia: Final Fantasy While it’s on sale!

  • with all the titles available on the PSN whether its minis, PSP or PS3, 15 is all Sony could come up with as a winter sale? 5 in each category? thats it? thats how SCEA thanks its customers and fans? Thats how SCEA plays Santa Claus? Im getting better deals as a Playstation Plus member and thats not saying much

  • of course joe danger goes on sale a few weeks after I buy it aah well guess I would get all of the psp stuff if I owned a working psp

  • Some pretty good deals here… Death Spank seems to be topping my list.

  • For the PS3 I may get the Gundemonium Collection since I have everything else. The PSP games don’t interest me and the minis I won’t waste my money on.

  • i wish we could play psp games on the ps3. i really want peace walker but there is no other game on the psp that even remotely interests me.

  • had my eye on top gun for a while. gnna get joe danger but have deathspank 2 so wont bother deathspank

  • nothing good on the sale for psp i might get that Gundemonium Collection. hopefully other games get on sale! like Tekken 6. or somehting

  • Jeez, dont care about discounts. WHERE IS PIXELJUNK SHOOTER 2!!!!!!!!

  • Should put Wipeout HD on sale. Also for PSP games what ever happened to bringing old games to PSN? I’m still waiting for infected. My UMD drive just broke on my PSP and that makes me sad because that means no more infected.

  • These sales reinforce why I still haven’t jumped on PS+

  • Alien Zombie Death is a steal at $1.99

  • Deathspank is on my list to buy this week. :D
    I might also buy the Gundemonium Collection.

  • I’ll be getting Deathspank, Joe Danger, Top Gun, and maybe PJR 2nd lap.

  • Any additional savings for Plus?

  • No DLC sales! I want half priced Uncharted 2 DLC!


  • Looking Forward to Joe Danger & Death Spank, definite purchase for me. I am hoping to see a Castle Crashers & Scott Pilgrim sale so I can purchase them. Come on Sony don’t disappoint me. ;-)

  • This sale seems doesn’t say “Black Friday” to me. This seems like a normal typical random sale that PSN has each week honestly. I’m more hyped for the Xbox Marketplace sale than this, considering the fact most of us own these to begin with. The PSP stuff is good, for the Go users, however many are actually left these days. I mean I COULD get Deathspank, maybe….but yeah disappointed.

  • It’s Nov 23,…starts today, but as far as I’ve seen, the MEDIA GO/site doesn’t have the items on sale yet? such a disappointment.

  • Was planning on purchasing MGS:PW and Joe Danger eventually… guess it will be sooner (i.e. this week) rather than later!

  • Not to sound rude or that I don’t respect that great deals but… thats it? DeathSpank is the only one on that list I might THINK of getting if I have the extra money :/ oh well.

  • Does the sale include Deathspank:Thongs of Virtue? If so, I am definitely picking that up. Loved the first one, but have been very holiday-broke lately.

  • Are the sales showing for you guys it is not working for me i am looking in Media Go. Whoever posted this Post (Sony)are the sale going to be starting at a certain time or something?

  • Oh i see it now… must be time zones or something

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