Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Hits PSP February 15th

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I’m happy to finally be able to share a US release date of February 15, 2011 for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP. But we all knew the game would come out at some point, right? Here’s something you didn’t know about:

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP - Tarot Cards

This awesome Tarot Card Deck is illustrated by Yoshida-san himself! To find out where you can get your own set, visit the official site.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSPTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP

Also, one last thing! I thought this was the perfect time to ask you to submit your questions for the development team. How? Just post your questions here in the comments, we’ll get them over to the team and hope to start the New Year with the first round!

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  • I’m so excited. Definitely preordering the game.

  • Sweet! Nice to finally get a date.. I assume there will be a PSN release?

  • Will there be any preorder bonus? And why dont you guys release digital downloads for Star Ocean, Crisis Core and the others?

  • It’s a sure buy just for the soundtrack alone. Can you tell us if a CE is on the way and if it’ll include the OST? Thanks.

  • Will there be a collector’s edition available?

    What is the retail price going to be?

    Are there any plans to remake any of the other games in the series? I’d love to see the two Ogre Battle games and Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis get the same treatment.

    Will we be getting the free DLC that’s been announced for Japan? If so, will it be on the UMD or will it be downloadable post release?

  • Not really a question, but be sure to tell Yasumi Matsuno that his fans have not forgotten him and eagerly anticipate his return to direct another masterpiece like Vagrant Story to shatter the stagnation in the RPG genre.

  • For the dev team:
    1. Are there any plans to further advance the story of the Ogre series?
    2. Will there ever be a game that recaps the events of Ogre Battle Gaiden: Prince of Zenobia? I always found that Japan-only game intriguing and want to find out how it mixes into the grand plot of the world.

    For the sales department:
    As with everyone else, will there be a CE that includes the tarot cards and OST? This game deserves royal treatment.

  • I don’t see anything about where to get the cards on the website. Am I missing it?

  • Hello Sonia and thanks for the share!

    I have many questions since I’m a long-time fan but here is a selection:
    -First I’d like to know if it’s true that Ogre Battle Saga is based on a 8 chapters novel Mr Matsuno wrote when he was student and what are the inspirations for the story, background, and mystical elements.
    -Does the development team plan to work again on new episodes and do they have a vision for the saga as a whole(gameplay-wise and story-wise)?
    -Do they consider working on Ivalice games somedays?

    In advance, thank you.

  • @ #4 “Valkendorm” The soundtrack is currently available for purchase on iTunes if your interested. Its 4 “discs” worth of tunes and is fantastic, goes for $15.99

  • No questions, really. Just letting you know I’ll be preordering two copies of this.

  • Just so I’m totally clear, does this series have anything to do with Final Fantasy Tactics? The art design looks kinda similar. Either way I’m definitly gettin this.

  • I am very interested to know if this will be on PSN for the PSPGo.

  • Yeah, I wanna know if this will be on PSN, since there’s no Disney restriction excuse for not doing this now.

  • Glad to finally see a release date!

    If you can, please tell Matsuno-san that we always want more games from him, because they are very special for us.

    I really want Vagrant Story 2 :)

  • The official site tells nothing of the bonus tarot cards. Please let us know how we can obtain them.

  • Looking forward to it

  • I just got a PSP and Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story are both in my top 5 games ever. Plus, my birthday is on February 15th! I’m so buying Tactics Ogre as a gift to myself! :)

  • Preordered on Amazon as soon as it was available! Any chance of having a bonus in game from having a cleared FFT save? Would be great to have, say, Balthier in another game. :)

  • I’m also unable to find any information on how to obtain the Tarot Cards on the official website. This is a huge oversight.

  • @19

    I think the cards are not sold separately. They’re included in the game pre-order and it’s only 22 cards.

  • Awww, I just hope these isn’t a preorder bonus or something like that since that kind of things never get to where I live. *hopes they’re included inside the game box itself, or something*
    Also, isn’t it a bit strange how Sonia’s avatar is from a moogle from a game that isn’t on a PlayStation platform?

  • For the devs:
    1. Will you guys reunite again to make a new Ogre or Ivalice game???

    The fans have not forgotten you Matsuno, this is the time when we need you the most!!!

    For SquareEnix:
    1. Please tell me this will come to the PSN digitally. I gave up all hope on ever playing this game years ago, it would be a shame if I couldn’t play it just because I have PSPGo.

    Anyway, thanks for this. I really can’t wait!

  • I have the psOne copy of the Ogre battle tactics …

    – Is the psp copy a different game altogether or simply a remake?
    – If it’s the same game are there any new content story content?
    – Are they any plans to digitalize ogre battle 64?
    – I’ve heard of a japan only game for the ogre battle series, any plans on letting us enjoy this game in english.
    – Cannot see where to get the tarot cards. Could you sort it out?
    – Does the tarot game come with instructions on how to use them?
    (o_O owning them, just to own them would seem weird)

    On side note for others projects :
    – I have not given my hopes yet for a distribution of last remnants for the ps3. And according to net research it has not yet been officially cancelled. Any info???
    – Any plans on porting wii downloadable games :
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King or
    My Life as a Darklord
    – Looking forward to ff14 for the ps3 but reviews have stated that there were some bugs and design flaws. Are their any plans to make any changes or for some patches till its comes to us.

    That’s all for today. Thanks

  • Final Fantasy Tactics is my all time favorite PlayStation 1 game. Since FFT is so often mentioned in connection with this game I really hope the combat system will be similar.

    I hope this game can provide the same experience. There are lots of us here in the US who love and will gladly buy quality turn-based RPGs. We don’t all want FPS games! Please don’t forget about us fans of the turn-based genre!

  • Question:
    Will your team future titles be returning to the Ivalice setting of Final Fantasy Tactics/Advance/XII? Including it’s various races, humes, moggles, viera, bangaa? Final Fantasy XII, is still my favorite of the 3D Final Fantasies and hope to see more of that world again.

  • For the developers:
    Matsuno, I look forward to your next game. Please finish the Ogre Battle Saga!

    For SquareEnix NA:
    Could you talk about the localization process? In comparison to previous Ogre Battle Saga games released in NA, are the changes (names, dialogue, etc.) made closer to the original vision?

    Thank you for releasing this game!

  • No questions here, just excited as hell for this to come out and I’m hoping more games in the series get remade, and would love the possibility of a brand new Final Fantasy Tactics (not the DS ones…) or Tactics Ogre game made by the original team assembled for this.

    This is honestly the only title I’m looking forward to from SquareEnix so far next year. Other than this, their current Spring/Summer ’11 lineup of games is pretty terrible.

  • So are you ever planning to release Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen as a PSONE Classic? It’s one of the few games I can’t find anymore for under $60 which is ridiculous. Makes me sad I sold it TT~TT. I am willing to pay the $9.99 price tag instead of $5.99!

  • Might have to get this game.

    This question is a little off topic but as a LOYAL Final Fantasy fan i need to know.

    What is the status of Final Fantasy XIV Online for the PS3? I was in the beta for FFXI on the PS2 and also played FFXI after its release for several years. Im very looking forward to playing FFXIV on the PS3.

    Please if you can let us know any info on this. I know this has nothing to do with the current game you talking about but I like many others would like to know very much.

    Thank you for any info you may be able to give us loyal PS3 fans & Square-Enix fans.

  • i bought myself the pspgo cause they said that there would be loads of new content and that everything was moving from umd to digital… still waiting for that transition and for all the new games for it… with my luck this will be one that doesn’t go to digital, unless i missread something and it is but seriously, from an earlier post

    “Will there be any preorder bonus? And why dont you guys release digital downloads for Star Ocean, Crisis Core and the others?”

    i would really love to play these games and as i would not like to go shell out another $200 for another psp i would really like more digital content… hope they remake knights of lodis… that was a sick game, i have it on pc and on my old gbadvance!!! always room for more tactics ogre!!!

  • My most wanted game of 2011.

  • Words cannot describe my joy in the fact that this game is getting to American shores. It is one of the most underrated, great games ever and was so far ahead of it’s time with it’s branching storyline directly influenced by your (the player’s)actions and decisions. I hope it finally gets the attention it deserves.

    As for questions…

    Are those Tarot Cards, which I cannot find any info on the official site of, part of a collector’s edition package? I’ve wanted a deck of those since the first time I played March of the Black Queen way back in the day and they made my inner fanboy squeel.

    And more importantly… should the game sell well and be a success, will we see a remake of said Episode V? (MotB) and possibly Person of Lordy Calibur (OB64/E6) as well, or actual new chapters? Seeing the series get lost in the shuffle unfinished for years was very sad and I’m glad to see Square-Enix hasn’t forgotten it afterall. I’d love to see it finally get finished.

    Even if these don’t get answered, thanks again for making this the merriest Xmas in a long time. I havent been this excited about a game in quite a few years. :D

  • Also, one additional question – is there any possible chance we’ll see Legend of the Zenobian Prince as PSN content or something someday? It never got a US release of any sort due to the failure of the Wonder Swan and I’d love to finally get a chance to play it. (perhaps DLC for the remake of March of the Black Queen? Hint Hint? :P)

  • How about you put Birth By Sleep up on the PSN you [DELETED]!!!! Stop giving the cold shoulder to us Go owners.

    I don’t understand it? Do you not want my money or something? Cause I will happily give it to ya…

  • I too wonder about a possible Collector’s Edition and whether there will be an OST that will be available for sale.

    Also, is there anything the developers can tell us about what game they’re going to make next.

    The whole Tactics Ogre team is essentially my favorite game creating team ever. FFT, Vagrant Story, FFXII. There is no better track record out there. I never had a chance to play Tactics Ogre so I’m very excited and had the game pre-ordered at GameStop for months now!

  • So what’s the relation of Tarot cards to this game? Is the game steeped in that sort of supernatural stuff?

    I’d appreciate it if someone could let me know. Thank you. :)


  • Tarot Cards…

    Sooooo….We are promoting witch-craft to kids…

    Great! Keep it going. Maybe next time i’ll be able to get a flask of wolve blood and some fish eyes…


  • @Liquizon: Yes, I was wondering if they heavily use Tarot cards or any kind of stuff like that in the game, because that would affect my purchase.


  • Will the team work on a big budget title? OR at least will Yasumi Matsuno return to the home console market ever again?

    I’m sorry I’m not familiar with the rest of the team. I loved both Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics though and will surely pick up Tactics Ogre.

  • Will this game be available on the PSN so that PSP Go owners and PSP owners who dislike load times can play it? Same question for The Third Birthday & Square-Enix’s PSP backcatalog – will these show up on the PSN soon? I’d love to give you guys my money, but you’re not making it easy.

  • lol, people actually bought PSPGo? My slim can play downloaded PSN games, and it was $100 cheaper… and it can play UMD games in cases like this where there’ll be no DL version. Why pay more for less?

    @ 38, 39: there are tarot cards in the game, but as far as I remember, there is no promotion of witchcraft. Unless you happen to believe that tarot cards are somehow related to witchcraft or mysticism… in which case you probably haven’t played any RPG that includes magic, monsters, demons, or religious institutions.

  • The tarot cards in Tactics Ogre are much the same thing as Zodiac signs in Final Fantasy Tactics: They provide a barely noticeable effect on gameplay that only the most rabid of players need to look at.

  • Here’s my questions:

    1) How much of the original Quest team, if any, is actually involved with the remake

    2) If this sells well, might we also get a remake of Knight of Lodis (Which is my favorite Ogre game) or an English remake of the Neo Geo Pocket Colour Ogre Battle title?

  • please release the Limited edition here

  • thank goodness SE has the good sense to bring this out. Hope it gets a digital release.


  • lol @ 38 and 39

    So… do you guys just not play any sort of RPG, and if so, why are you posting here?

    Does your church of faith also believe that D&D promotes devil worship?

    Ontopic: I hope someone from SE comes and clears up the confusion regarding where the tarot cards are supposed to be on the website.

  • OM-F-G im so HAPPPPY im 33 And im telling you im going to buy like 2 to 3 copy just 2 save the other 2 i lost my original ps1 then when i try to buy it back guess what it cost over $100 wtf happen how we let the money suckers end up with our game,

    oh im not that good with all the writing stuff but if any of you can pass this on make sure to let the world now that we can use a multilayer interface i now we all believe we the best at this game but only when we face other true O.T fans is when we will truly find out.

    and please don’t change much on it.

    we love the game as it is we could use better grafts after all it’s been a few years :).

    but yes please don’t let the multilayer thing out can’t wait to beat my life time rival My brother AKA The Dark Side.

  • One Last Thing To Everyone Who Has Made This Possible

    ( THANK YOU )
    ( THANK YOU )


    trust me a man in his 30’s don’t look right walking with a psp.
    just keep that in mine I know is too late now but since all you guys came back together to make this miracle happen, i don’t know tell sony that we want it on the ps3 as well trust me they love money and trust me we will buy it.

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