PlayStation 3: It Only Does Gifts for the Whole Family

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Yesterday, I shared with you a sneak peek of our latest ad featuring Kevin Butler and the soon-to-be-released Gran Turismo 5. I’m back again today to give you the first look at an exciting Kevin Butler holiday double feature—two new ads which will begin airing tomorrow.

With Black Friday just one week away, we are preparing to kick off the start of the traditional holiday shopping season. Retail stores will fill to capacity with tech-hungry shoppers looking for the year’s best bargains. While some can navigate the mass of home entertainment options with ease, others may find it overwhelming. We know that many of you who read the PlayStation.Blog already understand the incredible value and unmatched features of PS3. But some consumers are still educating themselves on different gift options and not everyone fully understands what an all-in-one home entertainment powerhouse the PS3 is, much to Kevin’s dismay.

In addition to including one of the best Blu-ray players on the market, and boasting a deep and varied line-up of exclusive must-have titles, PS3 also provides free access to PSN. This means you and your entire family can dig into thousands of your favorite movies and TV shows, enjoy some of your favorite sports, and benefit from an extensive selection of downloadable games. As Kevin points out, combining a world class game system with one of the “sweetest” Blu-ray players around is nothing more than a match made in entertainment heaven.

While these ads showcase the incredible value of both PS3 and PSN, that’s only one piece of what makes the PS3 the perfect gift. In addition to a list of blockbuster titles for PS3 that includes Gran Turismo 5, UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year Edition and The Sly Collection you will also be able to add PlayStation Move to your cart. PlayStation Move has already shipped more than 1 million units in North and Latin America alone and is primed to bring the family together in the living room this holiday season. With a large selection of PlayStation Move games, from gritty favorites like The Fight: Lights Out to family friendly titles such as EyePet, SingStar Dance and Start the Party!, PlayStation Move is the only motion control solution on the market that provides a precise and engaging experience with games that everyone on your holiday list will enjoy playing together.

Whether you’re a last minute shopper or a Black Friday deal fanatic, we hope PS3 and PlayStation Move are on your list of must-haves this holiday season!



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  • everytime I see the name Peter Dille, I automatically think of him and KB at E3. Still Epic

    Asked my wife for 3 PS3 games this Christmas. Can’t wait!

  • Great Ads Peter! Best of luck with console sales and sales with the PS Move (which for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet should definitely get it)!

  • I just happen to be looking for a great deal for my Sister’s family.

  • Good stuff.

  • Two for two. Nice ads.

  • The picture of KB face on the air balloon was hilarious. Where he smelled the fake mom’s hair. Man KB is a god when it comes to humor.

  • like these family friendly commercials.good job sony!

  • I like strawberries

  • The first one isn’t bad, but the end of that second commercial almost made me choke on my coffee. Well played. :)

  • Another two awesome ads.

    Way to go Mr. Dille and team.

  • Haha, aw man, some of the best yet. They should mention life with playstation. After all, this is the season for giving.

  • ‘She smells like strawberries!’

    haha, advertising GOLD! those were awesome.

  • All I can say is awesome. By the way I’m really liking the rewards program I luv my new avatar.

  • I love you, Kevin Butler

  • “she smells like strawberries” gave me a good laugh..

    decent ads..

  • See, this is what happens when you let the VP of Add More Awesome advertise. I’m looking forward to all the Kevin Butler ads for 2011. Dude’s gonna be busy with all those PS3 exclusives.

  • DO NOT SHOW THE SECOND ONE! It’s funny yes, but doesn’t fit Kevin Buttler O.O The dude is crazy cool, not crazy creepy.

  • If only the US public actually responded to these ads…

    Time to lower the price a little bit, Sony.

  • THANK GOD SONY is being more aggressive. Keep it up and promote the heck out of GT5 and you will have your biggest PS3 exclusive ever.

    Love the KB GT5 ad best one yet.

  • KB is the man! I always look forward to the next KB commercial as much as a new game release!

  • Great ads. The end of the second one is priceless.

  • EPIC ads. E-P-I-C!

  • PS move isnt on my holiday christmas or shopping list.

  • Scent of a Woman.

  • Yes, but there are not any good Playstation Move deals offered by retailers yet. Why would they encourage us to buy Playstation Move on black friday when it isn’t on sale anywhere? I’ve been WAITING to get a PS3 320 GB bundle this black friday expecting some kind of deal and have so far come up short. If there’s anything sony can do to correct this, Please do so.

    Gamestop and Sony Style have yet to reveal their black friday deals, maybe one of them will be the ONLY retailer to offer a sale on the Playstation Move and Playstation Move bundle. I sure hope so.

  • lol best ad campaign ever. GJ guys

  • I keep waiting to get sick of Kevin Butler…and it just never happens. I just can’t stop laughing.


  • LOL

    good stuff..

  • “I mean, just look at this freakishly happy, fake TV family here!” — Calling it out makes it so much funnier.

  • They’re both wonderful. Good work!

  • Awesome!!

    Thanks for the new avatars!

    Nothing beats free rewards for playing games.


  • I can’t believe you still aren’t doing holiday bundles(apart from a few retailer specific ones in limited quantities).

    Holiday bundles have done wonders to your competetors sales for the past 4 years and you don’t seem to take the hint.

    For crying out loud, Pack in one of the Ratchet games and Madagascar Kartz or something along those lines into every PS3 this holiday already.

  • she smells strawberry classic lolololololololol

  • Hey Peter

    In the PlaystationStore–Game–Media–PS3 TV ADS section has not been properly updated in a while enough the TV ADS have been release in the Store.

  • I will never tire of Kevin Butler.

    If Kevin Butler advertised for PS1, he’d be VP of Planet Earth by now.

  • You need to make a Kevin Butler section of the PlayStation store. A nice compendium of all of his ads.

  • Is there any reason Sony hasn’t put KB’s face on the PS3 box yet? That’d move units.

  • Awesome stuff!

  • The fake family was soooooooo funny!

  • I love these Butler ads. As long as the writers stay creative and witty, they will NEVER get old!

  • I did like the line about the happy fake TV family. Other wise it’s meh for advertising the product. But I’m sure it will sell somebody.

    With Blu-Ray players down to $80 now, I won’t be buying a PS3 to play movies on. I won’t risk $300 PS3 on YLOD over a movie. It’s cheaper to run and replace a standalone BR player.

  • love these commercials .. nice lil laugh to start my day thanks Sony and Kevin Butler… and Peter Dille.

  • Great as always; is that San Francisco outside the window in the first ad? If so, I can’t believe I missed the modest Kevin Butler blimp :P

  • Some of the KB ads a few months back seem a little forced… but these two and the GT5 one are pure advertising gold.

    Whoever produces these commercials needs a Christmas bonus.

    Speaking of Christmas bonuses, is there any chance of a few reductions? I mean, the console+move bundle is actually a dollar more expensive than buying separately… where’s the logic in that?

    How about keeping the prices the same for the bundles, but throwing in an extra controller (Move or DS3) or something?

  • @42 the new units don’t do YLOD anymore. so it’s safe.

    and yeah the new ads say “EPIC” on it. now if only the PS3 became a “Proud sponsor of Disney Channel” it’ll even bolster sales.

  • OMG thats hilarious! Kevin Butler + PlayStation = GOLD!!!

  • @TwinDad

    The PS3 and an $80 BD Player are completely different machines. PS3s Bluray keeps getting upgraded by firmware for a start. I bought my PS3 last year, and this year every PS3 got remotely upgraded to 3D. Good value for money as far as I’m concerned. I do know a few people who bought one just as a BD Player last year before the prices of other players dropped.

    Of course, right now $299 is a bit much if you just want Bluray, but if you consider the movie streaming and the great games too then its still a very good price.

    I’m not sure what the YLOD failure rate is, but by my machine and all my friends’ machines are still going strong.

  • I’m betting her other mane of hair doesn’t smell like strawberries. Kev, give it a whiff! Bet you like that too!

  • If only the PS3 could play MKV too.

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