Spelunker HD: Updated Classic Hits PSN Soon

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Does dangling from a frayed rope, thousands of meters beneath the earth’s crust, with lit dynamite in hand sound like your idea of a good time? I’ve got good news: Spelunker HD for PS3 is coming to the PlayStation Store for $9.99 on November 23rd!

Spelunker HD closely follows Timothy Martin’s brilliant original effort of 1983, even down to the quirky level-scrolling scheme that forces the explorer to get dangerously close to the screen edges. All of the cursed original enemies and terrain threats remain, but with so many new additions I’ve lost count. It boasts 100 all-new levels set in 10 newly designed HD worlds, plus the familiar explorer who is liable to pass out from lacing up his boots too tightly: Spelunker may have the weakest character in all of gaming!

Spelunker HD PS3

But what this anemic explorer lacks in might, he makes up for in bravery. He’ll need it because Spelunker HD has more pits, tricks, traps and enemies than a cactus has spines. I’ve been to the lowest depths, battling through poisonous bat droppings and a plethora of creeping, crawling, jumping and flying creatures. I’ve maneuvered the flame vents, geysers, flash floods, earthquakes, rolling boulders and ice slopes all with treasure in hand! The real sticker is overcoming the ghosts of previously fallen spelunkers — every gamer who has ever climbed down into the dark cave but failed to escape is now hell bent on your demise.

While Spelunker is famous for its challenging gameplay and absurdly weak hero, the Spelunker music is famous in its own right. It isn’t uncommon to hear a street band’s rendition of the classic theme wafting through the underground tunnels while awaiting a train bound for the Tokyo Game Show. If you need more proof, check out our website and scroll down to the ‘Fan Tributes’ section where you can check out some of our favorite live performances.

Spelunker HD PS3Spelunker HD PS3

Spelunker HD includes multiple levels of difficulty, assuring plenty of re-playability for ambitious explorers who survive the first pass. You should bring some friends too, just in case you get waylaid. Up to six can play together online, so join me – it’s hard to maintain sanity alone in this labyrinth, and I’ve been down here for weeks!

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  • Didn’t this come out in Japan like a year ago?

  • finally I have be waiting for long time

  • Ohhh that looks crazy fun. Im buyin that for sure!

  • Yes, I will get this. Hopefully this will have a discount for plus members as well.

  • Yaay! Spelunker Mode in 3D Dot Game Heroes made me so mad all the time, but in a…good way? Excited for this title :D

  • Yay! This means the Spelunker Home space will come out in the US, right? That space has great atmosphere.

  • Great Price! …the real question is will Home content be released?

  • I was wondering if this game XCLUSIVE? if so i cant wait to tell my bro about it..his ps3 got the ylod..and instead of fixing it he bought an xbox..:p btw this is going to be perfect for my thanksgiving at my grandmas house..i have 6 male cousins and 9 female cousins and with the split screen i dont have to worry about witing too long to play again after i pass the controller :p

  • The music is very catchy. =)

  • Looks really cool. I like the price point as well!

  • Thanks for the good news!
    This game has a Platinum trophy, right?

  • YES!! finally getting spelunker i wanted to buy this game off the Japanese network but yen is hard to come by. Hopefully this means were getting the space in Home as well? The next thing we need from IREM now is Pachipara and more Home content from IREM.

  • I forgot to ask, any trophy support? =)

  • Ok, to give some feedback on this (as I’ve owned it since March ’09): Yes, the game has a big stack of trophies along with a platinum. The game has a pretty huge learning curve for such a simple looking game that will more than likely frustrate most players. It has local (4 players) and online play (7 players, if I recall), both co-op and competetive (race).

    Home items SHOULD be available, which are unlocked by completing the single player mode. Every 20 or 30 levels will unlock a piece of the Spelunker outfit. If we receive the Spelunker Home space, the gloves are obtained by game launching Spelunker from within the cave.

    I hope a lot of people buy the game, it’s honestly a ton of fun once you get the hang of it and it’s a blast online. Just be prepared to die…a LOT.

    • Thanks for your insight on Spelunker HD – it’s actually a maximum of six players online and positively a riot to play with so much chaos!

  • Oh, and just confirming that $9.99 is a GREAT price point. In Japan, the game was roughly about $20-$22. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this game.

  • Will this version have Playstation Home Rewards like the one released in Japan? Also will we see the Spelunker Home Space anytime soon? Thanks

    • Yes, there are some reward items that are awarded during play. The release of Spelunker Home is to shortly follow the game.

  • The original Spelunker was crazy hard but amazing on the Atari 8bit.

    Can’t wait to pick it up.

  • any info on when are we getting a price drop on “Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light”?

  • I’m glad that Spelunker HD at long last has a finalized North American release date. I was often wondering if things were still on track for its release since it had been so long since the previous posts about it here.

    Echoing others’ comments, I also hope that the PlayStation Home items and spaces are likewise on the way! I would really like to see Spelunker Black be released in North America as well.

  • Been waiting for this since I saw it on the Japanese PSN store. Thanks for bringing it over guys. I’ll be picking this one up.



  • ANOTHER good game for the PSN?! Auditorium HD, Pacman Championship DX, and now this! Not to mention Dead Nation the week after.

  • Great price. We need more $9.99 games. But I guess we have to deal with recession, inflation and the currency exchange rates. :(

    I hope to buy this game as soon as I can. I love the original.

  • Haha! Bought Spelunker and Spelunker Black from the Japanese PSN a few months ago, never got the time to finish them. This is porbably the inspiration I’ve been waiting for to go back to the games. Good to hear the Home spaces will make it to NA too.

  • The gameplay video reminds me of Montezuma’s Revenge for the C64(in a good way).

  • I remember reading that this game is extremely frustrating and hard.

    • Frustrating and hard? Of course! The HD in the title may actually stand for ‘Hilarious Death’… but you like the pain, right?

  • Sweet! Just one question. Is the trophy list for US different than the JP one? I understand same trophies, but I have the JP version, so will I get two lists?

  • SOLD… !!!

  • Cool, a new set of trophies to do. A very nice price too, thanks for the answer :)

  • Looks alright. Demo by chance?

  • Looks like a lot of fun! Seems like it would be a real pleasant addition to my collection. Any plans with PS+?

  • 100 LEVELS…

    DAY 1 FOR ME…

  • Whats with these smaller PSN games all of a sudden having platinum trophies?
    I assumed Dead Nation did since it’s technically a full could-be-disc-based game. …but then i saw this.
    I’m not complaining at all Lol. It’s just weird that after all these years, PSN games just randomly start having platinum trophies in them.

  • @35, well its not necessarily a smaller PSN game like those of Critter Crunch, Burn Zombie Burn, or others. Having played this game, I know that it has a considerable level of difficulty (not as much as Spelunker Black though) and deserves it, tbh.

  • $9.99 and it has a platinum trophy? How bizarre.

    Does this game support custom soundtracks? Thanks, and good luck with sales.

    • We feel that the famous Spelunker music is integral to the overall experience, so did not support custom soundtracks. There are nine new catchy tracks, one for each of the new environments… you can sample a couple of them at our website, plus some of our favorite renditions and fan music tributes. http://www.spelunker-hd.com Check it out!

  • I really wanted this game to come stateside. Definitely buying it.

  • If music is integral to the overall experience, does that mean the assets are 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed?

  • Minna de Spenlunker!!! Hehehe, can’t want to buy this one!!

  • Have been waiting for this one for quite some time now! Loved playing as him in 3D Dot Game Heroes and can’t wait to pick this one up, thanks so much for bringing it over!

  • Thought this was an announcement for Spelunky HD PS3 and got all excited. =(

  • Looks really fun! Nothing like good old fashioned retro fun!

  • Finally! I hope you guys kept the same trophy images cause the platinum from the Japan/EU version looks awesome. I’ll be buying this day one.

  • Shame I already own Spelunkers HD. Any chance Spelunkers Black will make it’s way over?

  • About time this is coming to America.

  • I’m very happy to see that Spelunker will finally be available to more players.
    I have enjoyed the Japanese release and the Black edition.
    It’s nice that we get another list of trophies, for Spelunker veterans to enjoy after getting them all in JP versions.

    Big thanks to Tozai games.
    Any chance of the Black version coming to US or EU region in the future?

  • I’ve been looking forward to it since the Japanese release. I can’t wait.

  • cool , has home stuffz . i’m down (: HOMELLINGS ROCK !!!

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