VUDU Comes to the PS3, Adding Another Choice for PSN Members to Experience Media Instantly

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Whew… it’s been an exciting and busy couple of weeks on the PlayStation Network. Last week we shared the news that NHL will begin streaming live games to the PlayStation 3 and that Hulu Plus is now available to all PlayStation Network members and we’re not slowing down! I’m happy to report that beginning next week, VUDU, the HD movie streaming service, will be available to all PS3 users in the United States that are registered to PSN, making it the only gaming console to offer VUDU.

With VUDU, we’re adding another layer of great entertainment content to PlayStation Network and providing another choice for PS3 users to experience cinema-quality entertainment in the comfort of their living rooms. Access to VUDU doesn’t require a subscription. Simply pay-as-you-go for the content you want.

PlayStation 3 - Vudu Dashboard

All of you with a free PlayStation Network account can get in on the VUDU action. Simply go to the PlayStation Store and download the VUDU app for free. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see it appear in the XMB under the “Video” icon and from there, will have access to thousands of movie titles – available for instant viewing in HD and HDX 1080p formats with no buffering or downloading, and with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Surround Sound. Many of the hit movies are available for rental or purchase right when they are released to DVD and Blu-ray, giving you the most instant access when you want it.

You can recommend movies for your friends to watch using its social network integrations or just peruse VUDU’s video store and discover what’s available. It’s quite simple. Check it out!

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  • @94 and @91 – AMEN BROTHERS!

  • You keep telling us to check it out, but we don’t know when it’s released!!! I’ve never heard of this before, but it sounds amazing. But I agree with #2, isn’t this rendering the PSN video store obsolete?

  • Well, I took a look at VUDU and talk about ripoff … lol.

    $3 per SD movie, $5 if you want it in 1080p.

    Are you kidding me? Sorry, but no thank you. I’ll stick with Netflix even with their subpar movie collection. For $8 a month I can watch as much as I want, for that much I couldn’t even watch 3 SD movies a month from VUDU.

    And that “Available when DVD/Blu-Ray’s are” slogan is only for SOME movies, hardly all of them. The first movie I clicked on wasn’t available for rent, and wont’ be until 12/2 which is a full month after the DVD/blu-ray release date. Hell, I can go rent a movie from red box for $1 if I must watch it right away and it’s not on Netflix.

  • Too. Many. Choices.


  • This is a great thing Sony! Keep it up!

  • Someone please post options that are as large as VUDU and Netflix that can be an alternative for Canada and UK users simultaneously?

  • Also, is the best place for UK PS news.

  • Whats the difference between this and the PS3 video store?

  • interesting…except for the paying part

  • Dear Canadians,

    Instead of complaining, why don’t you invent your own awesome video on demand multi-platform streaming service? Are Canadians not as innovative? Your socialistic government could even fund it, and make it exclusive to Canadians forever.

  • @91 and 110

    @91…for the billionth time…SCEA represents AMERICA not the US. It doesn’t matter what the URL of the site is … SCEA is responsible for the Canadian market (thus why you had the Netflix Canada announcement on here or the Protection Plan for PS3 noted in this weeks Download update specifically mentioning the sale was for Canadians). So back up and back off.

    @110 Funny…you call Canada Socialist yet you spend a larger proportion of your GDP on Medicare and your current government has defacto nationalized how many companies (banks) in the last 3 years? You currently have the TSA ignoring your 4th amendment rights and building a virtual Berlin wall around your country (or look south to the Mexican border to see a non virtual one). If you are going to make political commentary maybe you should do some self examination.

  • I guess choice is a good thing but I’d like to see Sony get access to some more services that aren’t u.s.a. only . maybe negotiate a deal with several companies in other regions to provide their vod services as well ?
    example , rogers on demand in Canada . they already have an online service so why not have it streaming on ps3 in Canada ?
    I’m sure latin america has a similar service that could be available there too . It’s not Sony’s fault Canada can’t get hulu or vudu but they could be looking into alternatives and if the already are they should just say so .

  • i know vudu has app but does vudu app might work on ps3.can you give me answer if this possibility?

  • freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • well actually since we pay for psn plus can we not have to pay for these video services?!?!

  • one thing i like about Microsoft is when they release a service, it’s usually world wide and for everyone to enjoy, not just to say “First!!!” like a newb being first to post a comment on the blog
    lol pathetic really lol
    you win sony, your first, lol but what about the rest of us world wide lol

  • Does anyone know if VUDU will be region-locked to US consoles? I have a Japanese PS3 even though I’m a US Citizen living in the US with a US IP address. N-e-t-f-l-i-x denies me service despite this.

  • What would be really awesome is if Vudu had a SUBSCRIPTION service that would let me stream all the movies in HDX quality for no additional charge! Subscriptions rule when you don’t have to pay $6 to rent every darned movie!

  • @111: Good points, right on all counts. I hate the current administration.

  • I don’t think that it’s ready for a canadian version yet, but we still have Netflicks though.

  • Nice addition, but I dont see why anyone would choose this over net flix. In the end it seems this would be more expensive because you pay individually for each movie while on the other hand you could get unlimited movies for a monthly subscription. It doesnt hurt to include this as well though :)

  • People from other countries sure know howto complain. Please note how this is the United States Playstation Blog.

  • This is great news. You can’t stream all of the movies Netflix offers, Hulu doesn’t offer many feature length movies, and I don’t like that I can’t watch movies instantly on the PSN video service even when renting, gotta wait, and wait for it to download first. So this will be a good thing. Hopefully they won’t charge what you used to pay for a weeks rental for just one night, like with the PSN video service.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to test this out! :)

  • damn you sony. get ur act together. no canada again. stop selling playstataion in canada.

  • TV icon with next firmware update please.

  • it only does everything keep on the good… Im in the us but i dont understand why canada not getting this feature too. yes they are part of the us and should be treated equally hopeful it happens thank you sony thank you vudu

  • VUDU is another video streaming that you have to pay per-video,
    This, Qriocity, Apple’s streaming servic, and Z**** Marketplace.
    If these companies want to stay in the game, they’re going
    to have to charge a monthly fee for unlimited streaming
    like Netflix.

  • i have a ps3 and a 360 . on the 360 they have zune there you can watch previews of upcoming movies or trailers of movies that are new and out on dvd. i can stream a new movie and have 24hrs to watch it or i can download it and have up to 2 weeks to watch it in 1080p and 5.1 sound on the hulu wagon i dont know if i want to pay to watch commericals

  • can u guys unbanned my ps3 its been 4months i wanna play cod mw2 :(

  • can u guys unbanned my ps3 its been 2hours lol

  • Can you guys stop complaining about Canada?
    Do you know how annoying the laws are there??

  • are some videos free?

  • I think it’s mistaken to compare Netflix and VUDU in term of pricing.

    Netflix is like a buffet restaurant, one can pay a flat fee to eat as much as he/she wants from whatever being offered. The food is like you guest “it’s cheap”. VUDU is like other kind of restaurant, user can pay for what he/she really likes, and eats what he/she needs to consume for that moment. Should every restaurant be converted to buffet? That question is like should every other movie services must have a cheap subscription flat fee.

    Customers pay $$$ to buy HDTV, (3D TV is coming up in the corner), 5.1/7.1 home theater – should they enjoy older 480p movies, the technology of decade ago? Someone should always be happy with buffet food, just like someone will just be happy with paying $$$ to watch/stream older movies at 480p.

    Remember folks! “You get what you pay for”. Do some diligence and compare VUDU pricing with Apple iTunes, or Amazon, or Cinema Now for the same kind of service (restaurant :) )

    My 0.02

  • Has anyone compared SD vs. HD downloads on their PS3? If SD is $2 and HD $6 is their really that big of a difference? I know for certain sci-fi special effects heavy stuff it probably matters but for crap like Grownups or chick flicks? I have a 52″ 1080p tv but the PS3 does a good enough job of upgrading DVDs that I only get blu-ray for stuff I know I want in HD but for comedies and old tv shows I won’t pay extra.

  • @136: you can do the testing yourself after 11/23. You will have a free rental movie of HDX (1080p price from 4-$6). Once you rent HDX/1080p quality you can switch between HDX/1080p to HD/720p to SD/480p (if you have enough bandwidth).

    Do the experiment yourself for free, no credit card involved (just a bit of pain to type your email address). Do it for fun on the quality movies such as Disney Earth or Oceans to see the differences.

    I agree with you. The fancy HDX/1080p doesn’t help the old TV shows a bit. :)


  • @120 Everything he just said was actually done by the previous administration and for the medicare part, let’s just not go there. Just FYI.

  • Everything is US Only, that’s why Piracy is so high in Latin America, they [movie studios and tv networks] don’t realize that. These services are way cheaper than cable tv and movie rentals, and there’s also the wait, In Latin America movies and tv shows arrive six month later. For many people the only option left is to use bitorrent and direct downloads networks to get this content.

  • Why would this be done again? Why would I pay as I go when I have Netflix on the PS3 and watch any movie or TV show for one low payment a month? On top of that, their movies and TV shows are also in HD, the only downside is that most of their content does not offer 5.1 surround sound. The PlayStation network does claims to offer it, but I’ve had issues with them in the past because of that (false advertisement), and is way more expensive. If I want to watch a movie that just came out I can always requested on Netflix and watch it at home, or online. Adding more “stuff” like that would only annoy people since it is getting a little ridiculous.

  • Goo Vuduh!!!

  • Still waiting for the vudu app to show up in the PS3 store under the “media” tab. It is not there. Maybe someone could point me to the right place to download the app? Figured it would be on there, but it isn’t!

  • Now…Being in Canada when i heard about the VUDU’s release, i wasted my precious time searching through the whole goddamn Playstation Store only to give up looking for it. I mean WTF, whats wrong with the US always getting it, and we are right next door, and we never get anything until after the time period we always have to wait. Can’t these companies set the agreements or whatever also for Canada when they do it for U.S. I actually was excited when we hear things like these and now it is less than important to be concerned about.

  • More options always better. As someone mentioned above, SD and HD prices are similar, sometimes better than the PS Store, iTunes and Amazon. plus they have HDX.

    I love Netflix, I do streaming only but it’s not compatible to VuDu. They’re different products, streaming on Netflix doe not have the same content or as new as VuDu. It’s great in it’s own right but still different.

    I assume Sony gets paid something from Netflix, VuDu, Hulu + for allowing their apps to appear on the PS3. Makes sense huh?

    Add in and NHL app with the best blu ray player around, a kick ass gaming system and the PS3 becomes the deal of a life.

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