At Death’s Door: Dead Nation Hits PSN November 30th

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The most intense, chaotic gaming experience of 2010 is almost here! The developers at Housemarque, creators of PSN classic Super Stardust HD, are putting the finishing touches on their latest masterpiece: Dead Nation. Come November 30th in the U.S., it’ll be in your hands for $14.99 — and yes, it includes a Platinum Trophy!

Dead Nation for PS3 (PSN)

November 30th isn’t far off, but stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog as we reveal even more information in the final days before Dead Nation’s PSN release. We’ll be giving you an up-close look at Dead Nation’s metagame that will pit country versus country in a global battle for high score dominance and the ultimate bragging rights. Also, keep your eyeballs peeled for an upcoming video that will show you how crazed Dead Nation’s gameplay gets when it reaches fever pitch – you’ll be surrounded by more onscreen zombies than you can count complete with per-pixel shadows and lighting, particle effects galore, and realistic ragdoll physics all happening at the same time. Once you’ve seen the worst scenarios Dead Nation has to throw at you, there’s no going back.

Dead Nation features online and offline two-player cooperative play, a lengthy campaign littered with hidden treasures, hugely upgradeable weapons and armor, and tremendous replay value thanks to a host of difficulty levels. The fifth and final difficulty level — “Undead” — will leave you breathless!

Look for Dead Nation on PSN this November 30th for $14.99. Thanks for your support, PS3 fans!

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  • cant wait

  • I love that theres a plat! I loved the beta, this is day one for me!

    How about a release date for echochrome ii?

  • just get black ops full online game campain and nazi zombies with zork and dead ops arcade which is the best nazi zombie game in my opinian but still better deal for 53 bucks

  • Does it have custom soundtracks?

  • any ps+ discounts?

  • Loved the beta but will get early next year. Too many games right now to occupy my time and iffy on co-op trophies. It’s not always easy finding a local or online partner on PSN. Any plans for PS+ discounts?

  • I will get this day 1, but still upset this perfect horror game did not come out for Halloween, i think you missed out an a lot of sales by making that move :-(


  • Ooo and a PS+ discount would make this EPIC! Its too bad because there really isnt enough co-op games out there now. I love housemarque so this will be day 1 even without a discount. I just hope I can convince all my friends to get it so that we can play together haha

  • This and GT5 will keep me busy through the holidays! Ace!

  • one question is dead nation going to be 1st person shooter because that would been beautiful :)

  • PS+ does not need a discount.

    Anyway, day 1 buy for me.

  • I Hear that you can only play coop with people on your friends list… add me if you are good and you want to play coop…my tag is judalation.

  • From the PS3Vault Review:
    “It was hard to gauge if there was any latency problems since not many people were online playing.”

    It sounds like there is matchmaking based on that sentence, and not just friends.

  • Zombies…
    Platinum Trophy…
    SOLD… !!!

  • Is the co-op campaign the same as the single player campaign, except with a friend? The reason I ask is a buddy and me recently bought Alien Breed Impact which has “co-op”, but it’s really just a few single levels that you play through together, not the same content as the full single player campaign.

    • Yes, the co-op campaign is the same as the single player campaign except you can play with a friend (both offline and online).

  • does the killcount for each country depend on which version i download or in wich country im playing? cause i live in germany and i think about downloading it from the US-store.

  • Man I just want to say whoever’s idea to release DN right around the time of Gran Turismo (6 days after) is just insane! Housemarque I love you guy’s work but I just don’t understand the logic of making your fans wait until the Christmas season to play another zombie game. Don’t get me wrong, I have been waiting for this game since you guys first announced it. I just don’t get why you made us wait this long. GT5, I get why they delayed that, let these gun toting morons get their fill of Wack ops… I understand that. However, we should have been playing this game around late September early October! Whoever is in charge of scheduling and release of the PSN network must be a zombie too. I see this game will be great.. but it’s gonna be swept under the rug by games like GT5! I believe that game will properly close out 2010, not DN! I’m gonna by Dead Nation day 1 because it has been very high on my wishlist, but it sucks having to wait for a game that’s already ready to go with no real reason not to release it is just mind boggling! I know you guys wont even read this, I don’t care as gamer I just want to voice my criticism and opinion of the way games are released on the PS network.

  • will this have a better control set then burn zombie burn ( I want a geometry wars style control set)

  • guess I’ll give in and go get a 10 dollar psn card ( believe i have 5 right now) unless of course you give us dedicated members a ps plus discount ;)

  • oh yeah how many GB’s ( almost have my 120 GB full) also won’t buy day one as my ps3 will have to be sent in for gpu repair ( maybe it will make this gory masterpiece look better :)

  • Cool:) looking forward to this game.

  • Will only purchase when 3D patch is updated. Come on Sony hook me up for my new 3dtv!!!!!

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