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In a week bursting with big big big news, one announcement stood out above all others: the final and confirmed release date of November 24th, 2010 for Gran Turismo 5. Release date changes are no fun for anyone, but I was thrilled to see PS3 gamers staying patient and positive while the release date was finalized. Thanks again for all your patience, and please let us know what you think of GT5 when it hits the PS3 on November 24th with over 1000 cars, stereoscopic 3D support, a new track editor, and countless other new features.

In other news: The new Nazi Zombies mode in Black Ops is taking all of my time, as expected. I’m thrilled by the slick new graphical presentation and gameplay tweaks, and I’m looking forward to playing more maps soon. If you’re up for it his weekend, my PSN I.D. is shumanji. Let’s show those zombies who’s boss!

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • PlayStation Move: By The Numbers — The holiday season is moving along (groan) quite nicely.
  • New Bluetooth Headset Available Soon for PS3 — It’s 30% smaller and boasts better noise cancellation, making it great for mobile phones. What more do you need to know?
  • PlayStation Moving into Manhattan — More bad Move puns, but at least you can check in on Foursquare for freebies & perks! Have any NYC readers stopped by?
  • Slam Bolt Scrappers: Calls for Beta Testers in Boston — Our friends at Fire Hose Games have a favor to ask.
  • ModNation Monday: Sly Cooper Joins the Nation — Busy little thief Sly slinks his way onto the racetrack AND The Sly Collection this week.
  • “Machete” Molds You Into a Badass in The Fight: Lights Out — Slice off those love handles with this PlayStation Move pugilist. Danny Trejo shows you how!
  • PULSE 11/9 Edition is Available Today: Singing, Fighting, Kratos and Knives — Watch the full episode here and learn about SingStar Dance and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
  • Eat Them! Coming Soon to PSN — Remember Rampage? Now imagine if you could design your own monster.
  • Triple Threat: Sly Collection, The Fight: Lights Out, SingStar Dance hit PS3 today — Three new games all supporting PlayStation Move to one degree or another.
  • Name a Trophy for Operation Flashpoint Red River — I vote for “The Bee’s Knees” or possibly “Honey Shot.” What’s your favorite?
  • Kevin Butler: A Message for Canada — Put down your steaming mugs of maple syrup and watch the VP of Canadian Gamers’ Affairs make a formal introduction.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Crescent Pale Mist, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Copernicus Conspiracy, Apache Air Assault Demo, CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Demo, new PSP minis and more.
  • Get Hulu Plus on your PS3 Today! — All U.S. PS3 owners can stream their hearts out on Hulu Plus — no PS+ subscription required.
  • NHL “Lights the Lamp” on the PS3 — Is your NHL streaming performance a little less-than-perfect? Try using an ethernet internet connection!
  • This Week in PlayStation Home: 1.4 Client Update details, LittleBigPlanet, and More! — Home is a busy place these days, with update 1.4 adding a ton of performance improvements and new features.
  • The Tester 2′ – Episode 2 Featuring Ted Price Now Available — Insomniac Games’ CEO takes a break from Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One to guest star on the PSN reality show.
  • PlayStation in Latin America: Live in a State of Play — State-of-the-art CG and a clever premise make these videos worth a watch.
  • Newly Released Game Seeks Player: Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) Now On Sale — It’s NOT ok to contact this poster with questions/requests regarding the localization and/or release of unrelated games
  • Digital Comics Store Update — A new week, a new batch of comics. Dig in!
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: The Grabinator — Sackboy’s up to shenanigans with this powerful new tool — see it in action.
  • Create Will Move You November 16th — First details on PlayStation Move support and two new videos for this creative, puzzle-themed PS3 game.
  • Beat Sketcher Coming Soon to PSN for PlayStation Move — The first in a series of videos showing off this “artistic experience” for PlayStation Move.
  • SkyFighter Comes to the PSN Next Week! — This side-scrolling PSN shooter supports full 1080p. Gotta try it out next week…
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Get your fix of The Walking Dead and more on PSN.
  • Gran Turismo 5 Release Date Confirmed for November 24th, 2010 — Nuff said!
  • See inFamous 2 on Cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine — Cole looking badass on the cover of PTOM, plus details on their new issues featuring Mass Effect 2 for PS3!
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Community Goodness: The Costume Edition — Costumes galore (including our favorite Halloween costumes from users) highlight this week’s LBP2 update.
  • Playtest thatgamecompany’s Journey Next Week in L.A. — Will you answer the call?
  • Peggle Hits PSP on Tuesday, is Addicting — One of my favorite PopCap games is heading to the small screen via PSN next week. ::cue Ode to Joy ::
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 25 — This week we’re joined by Zipline vet Jennifer Cearley to talk about all things MAG (including some hints at its near future) and wax philosophical about SOCOM 4.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • “The Lab” – November 2010 Schedule — “The Lab” is a special playlist we will be running for a limited time on designated weekends, roughly every other weekend.
  • Reminder – “The Lab” M-32 Hammers Only — We kick off November with a blast – literally – as our first episode of “The Lab” this month is M – 32 Hammers Only.
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    13 Author Replies

    • So happy about GT5 FINALLY get a set release date. Even happier I won a copy from Subway. :D

      I too am addicted to Nazi Zombies, mind if I add you as a PSN friend Sid?

    • Such an amazing week for PlayStation users and it’s only going to get better from here!

    • Im so happy GT5 was announced so now people can finally stop asking about it non-stop.

    • I already got the new bluetooth headset, and I must say I think it does somethings better than the last, but at the same time doesn’t quite seem to hold up to the same level of quality as the last. I’m conflicted.

    • I’m not much of a racing game guy, but Gran Turismo 5 has hit my radar. Why? Well, I don’t ever think I could have said this about a game until now, but I can proudly say something noteworthy is finally dropping on my birthday, that being GT5.

      So, thanks Sony for the birthday present. I’ll have to grab this with some of my birthday money.

      • Hah! (^_^) Hope you like it. GT5 is the only racing game that speaks to me, even though I’m not a car guy whatsoever.

    • The PS3 was made for 2 things. Gaming, and entertainment. So far, we have had:

      Hulu Plus
      the gameshow thing (NLB whatever its called)

      As for gaming, so far there has been:
      Grief Reports.

      C’mon! This isn’t EntertainmentStation 3! It’s PLAYStation 3! Do more things on gaming too! Like CROSS GAME CHAT and GAME PARTIES FOR EVERY SINGLE GAME! I mean, that’s what the PS3 is really for, and that’s what the community really wants.

    • GT5!!!!!

    • @Sid.

      From what I have seen it does look phenomenal. My first foray into this series was the PSP one and I really liked it.

      Also, I forgot to mention this in my first post, but if no one believes me about the birthday thing, well I can tell you that’s what the 1124 in my PSN ID stands for.

    • Amazing week indeed:

      * PS3 dumps the 360 into last place in worldwide installed base

      * The wonderful Sly Cooper remaster arrives

      * God of War – Ghost of Sparta arrives

      * Huge Home update

      * GT5 Release only 2 weeks away

      * PS3 is on track to sell 15 million consoles in Sony’s current fiscal year

      * PS3 is outselling the Wii 2 to 1 in Japan now

      * Little Big Planet 2 continues to amaze the gaming world

      * Kevin Butler FTW, again

      Sony is on fire. The PS3 is easily going to hit PS2 lifetime sales type numbers – 130-150 million. Another seven years of sales left and it is over 42 million while still at 300 dollars. The PS3 will be selling 20-25 million a year when it drops to 200 dollars. The PS2 sold 20 million a year for 5 years at 200 dollars. The PS3 will do the same.

      Meanwhile the RRoD plagued wimpy Xbox 360 gets dumped into last place in worldwide installed base and has absolutely no exclusives worth mentioning and is now being targeted at Oprah soccer moms. LOL, fail…

    • @Fred: I couldn’t agree more! Well said. :)

      Great week indeed.

    • Dead Nation release date?

      Also, @Sid’s reply for #5. You say it makes an impact, but Cross Game Chat as been #1 on the suggested ideas list since forever (literally, every time I visit, Cross Game Chat is ALWAYS number one idea.) It has 20,000 votes, people complain about the lack of XG Chat on more or less every site, so what’s the deal?

      • As for Dead Nation’s release date, all I’ll say is :-).

        Concerning Share: High votes don’t guarantee implementation by any stretch, but I assure you that Share results are taken seriously internally. Let me put it this way: the more data we can provide to the company, the better. Without Share, there’s no data. Does that make sense?

    • XD. Nice. Good to know it isn’t that far off, because everyone thought it would miss 2010 entirely when it was announced it would miss November 2nd. I’ve got my fair share of PS3 stuff (A Few Move games, Sly Collection, & Black Ops) to keep me busy until that highly-anticipated Wednesday.

      Got to hand it to Sony. 2010 has been a great year for 1st Party PS3 stuff, and upcoming release of GT5 only further cements that fact.

    • @Sid yes I did. I voted up for everything there. It’s BS. Nothing is going on. No crossgame chat, no game parties, no press PS button to read messages when they arrive, nothing. PS Blog is useless piece of crap that Sony doesn’t even listen.

    • Will GT5 launch at midnight this Nov 24?? let me know ASAP!

    • So, when can we expect a Gran Turismo 5 *ahem* a Man Furismo Jive commercial from Kevin Butler?

    • I’m so glad GT5 has a final release date! I preordered the Collector’s Edition the moment it was announced and also bought a Logitech DFGT just for that game!

    • @ Sid Shuman “Hah! (^_^) Hope you like it. GT5 is the only racing game that speaks to me, even though I’m not a car guy whatsoever”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, I feel the exact same way. The series has always had me hooked when other smiler racing titles have had no appeal to me what so ever. I just hope they will continue with DLC support so we can get some more tracks from the older GT’s :)

    • You should play the campaign, the story is really good.

    • Well that’s somewhat reassuring to know that you do listen.

      And curse you for being able to play Dead Nation!

    • Just platinumed Sly 1, and 100% trophies for the minigames! Sly 2’s next!

      I’m playing: Sly Collection, God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
      I’m watching: Survivor: Nicaragua
      I’m reading: Stuff


    • @Sid I understand you number 10 reply comment, but seriously. The Blog Share thing was opened since early 2010 and the first thing there was crossgamechat. Right now it has 20325 votes up. According to E3, there are 50 thousand registered PSN accounts. That leaves it to 29675 people left to vote it up, then basically the whole PS3 community voted this up and it MUST be implemented.

    • how do you guys expect us to believe in share when the top 5 requested features aren’t on our ps3s yet and for cross game chat sony knew we wanted that way before share…. clearly they cant get it to work and we will have to wait for ps4 for XGC

    • today i bought nba2k11 so far i’m still learning how to play with the dualshock 2.havent tried the online yet, gonna wait till i learn the basics of the game…

      anyways, good news for the gran turismo release date. i just hope the game comes with cool cars off the bat. although, i suspect that you will have to buy the really cool ones via DLC…

      lastly,i wish namco would have the heart and the fortitude to release a tales of games for the playstation platforms!
      oh and speaking about rpgs i wonder when we should receive a new rpg from the likes of level 5 and company.rumor had it that they were going to have their own offices here in the states but i guess the rumors werent true? i wish we could have a dragon quest game for the ps3…

      lastly,will wkc2 and dogma wars along with another world come to america?:0

      • GT5 comes with over a thousand cars. Haven’t heard anything on Tales, Level 5, DQ, or the other RPGs — sorry! Try contacting the companies directly.

    • darn i made a mistake on the third paragraph.shouldnt have said lastly two times XD

      seriously, this blog needs an edit button for mess ups like these!

    • Playing Zombies on Black ops but soon I’ll be playing Brotherhood…in a weeks time ;)

    • GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5 GT5

      ;p can’t wait

    • Nice week!

      Can you get someone from Valve to talk about portal 2 soon? Thanks!

    • Considering there’s a patent in place for a PS2 adapter for PS3 Slims, I think that we should at least be seeing the second most requested feature in Share happen in the near future. If it does, I won’t be upset when I warranty-trade-in my refurb 60GB for a 320GB Slim. The second most requested idea being enacted by the middle to the end of next year would show that the Share does indeed work-and the patent shows it’s on track. And I may as well talk about what I’m playing etc etc.
      I’m playing: GoW 2 on God of War Collection, Modern Warfare 2
      I’m watching: Old school Nicktoons, Frankenstein (for Film and Lit class) on Netflix
      I’m reading: Frankenstein, several class exam reviews. December can’t come soon enough.

    • @ Sid: Please don’t forget to contact Biart Studios and 505 Games about Deep Black for the PS3. This upcoming underwater/sci-fi game could be very cool.

      Also Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is coming to the PS3 in 2011 and it would be cool to see an in-depth interview with Vicious Cycle Software (dev) or D3 Publisher of America.

    • Looks like the PSN Store update philosophy is spilling over into the retail chain with how well this GT 5 release date debacle was handled.

      Now, they’re going to release a PS FW down grader. I wonder was it really worth it in the Sony?

    • @24 yeah an edit button is sorely needed.

    • Hey, I have a question Sid. Any idea why GT’s release is on a Wednesday? Do you think Sony might change it to Tuesday, the 23rd of November?

    • I am playing Killzone 3 Beta, Sports Champions, Playstation Home?
      I am watching The Tester because it’s fun to watch people fight over a job
      I am reading The Fight: Lights Out reviews and questioning if I shood buy it

    • Any advice for those of us using an ethernet connection and still having a “less than perfect” streaming experience with the GameCenter Live app?

    • @sid

      nice choice in books :0) i remember reading that in Jr High School in the 80’s ;o) some cool aliens in it.

      i am playing Black Ops, bought it on a whim and am SORELY disappointed with the single player so far… graphics are ok and too many glitches… prefer MAG WAYYYYYYYYYYY more…… i had the most fun in the arcade game mode on Black Ops…. although i haven’t tried the zombies or online… rewarding people for killing streaks by giving them stuff to kill even more seems down right dumb to me…. give me teamwork any day… can’t wait for SOCOM 4!!!!!

      watching Angry Beavers on Netflix :o)

      THANKS for the NHL app!!! i canceled cable and it is nice to be able to watch highlights at least for free even if they are kinda laggy… better than nothing though :o)

      keep up the good work guys and keep the features coming :o)

    • Any idea on when we might be able to ask questions about GT5? Or if we’ll be getting any track DLC for it (like old tracks from previous GT’s)? Or any DLC at all?


    • I have a question about GT5 that I asked in the Release Date Announcement thread but it didn’t get answered, so I hope you know the answer to this, so here goes;

      Is the YouTube Replay Uploading feature still going to be in the game? and if so, is it going to be possible to UL video to 1080p as YT has that feature now?


    • Is Home gotta get a “delete” option for items, clothes, personal spaces anytime soon?

      Where is the GT Home PUBLIC space?

    • Dead Nationnnnnnnnn whennnnnnnnnn?!!!?!?!?

    • I use to submit to share , but after having a couple ideas that werent duplicates not make it while seeing ideas that are along the lines of ” make a ps3 that can be used under water . ” (not actual submission , bjut im sure some of you know what im talking about . ) make it , or ideas that SCEA couldnt possibly implement because the decision is up to a third party . but any how i do vote and comment on ideas … i just dont want to waste my time submitting them . but anyhow great week for ps gaming currently enjoying Battlefield bad company two … just unlocked smoke grenades , tried them out ……. disappointed .there has got to be a dev out there that can do smok grenades justice … they are a snipers worst enemy … next to a bullet .

    • how are you playing dead nation? does this mean a release is soon??

    • who cares about gt5
      PUT TENKAICHI TAG TEAM ON PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Sid Shuman, I just heard Garnett Lee say on Weekend Confirmed how much you loved Nazi Zombies. :P

    • I’m Playing: Goldeneye (Wii), Scott Pilgrim (PS3), Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS), and Dragon Quest 9 (DS).

      I’m Watching: Tonight I’m watching the third episode of the Walking Dead, plus some Netflix (Probably more 30 Rock. Funny show).

      I’m Reading: Some Neil Gaiman short stories. Hopefully I’ll get Jonathan Barnes Domino Men on Monday!

      It was an OK week for Playstation 3. No demos I really wanted to download, not excited about the Home update (haven’t been using home much), and no LBP2 beta in sight for me…lol.

      I did, however, like the Scott Pilgrim game DLC. Dodgeball mode was neat and Knives is cool. Hope there’s more DLC in the future (I especially want an online mode patch. lol).

      Anyway, here’s hoping next week is even better! :)

    • Cant wait for the new episode of the walking dead today, so glad I have Amc :)

    • Just happy GT5 has a date which means less complaining on the blog.

    • Erm could we have LOADS of Adverts for ‘GT5’ on TV around the World PLEASE? ;)

    • cant wait for GT5 but will wait till xmas for it :). Because i dont want to be playing Black Ops aswell as GT5. I thought black ops with keep me entertained for ages and it has so far so waiting to xmas to get a few other games :P.

      Might add ya for some nazi zombie fun but only playing tdm at the moment.;P

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