NHL “Lights the Lamp” on the PS3

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Hi Everyone – I’m excited to announce that the NHL is streaming its way onto the PS3! Beginning today, all PS3 users in the United States and Canada can download the new NHL GameCenter application, an exclusive offer for PS3 users making it the first and only gaming console to stream live hockey games in HD.

NHL GameCenter LIVE subscribers who enjoy free access to PlayStation Network and its variety of online content, can now stream live out-of-market regular season and select playoff game broadcasts in HD by downloading the NHL GameCenter application on the PS3 system. In addition to offering live hockey games, NHL GameCenter LIVE also allows subscribers to watch full-length and condensed replays of the current season games they missed (48 hours after they air, no blackouts) and relive NHL history with unlimited access to over 500 classic games from NHL Vault. Check out the demo to see how it works:

PS3 users that do not have a subscription to NHL GameCenter LIVE will still have access to a wide range of NHL content through the NHL GameCenter application. Fans will have access to features such as post-game highlights, team schedules, standings, player stats and profiles, and the full NHL scoreboard.

NHL GameCenter PS3 - Calendar with Sharks favorite team

NHL GameCenter PS3 - Video Playback with Goal Info NHL GameCenter PS3 - Classic Games

You can download the NHL application for $9.99 and access it under the “Video” icon on the XMB menu. However, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can download the NHL GameCenter application for free, continuing PlayStation’s goal to deliver exclusive opportunities only made available to PlayStation Plus members.

If you aren’t an NHL GameCenter LIVE subscriber, you can sign up by visiting to get an account and ultimately link it to your PS3 using a registration code obtained through the app on your device. NHL GameCenter LIVE is priced at $169 (U.S.) for an annual subscription and includes the NHL Vault service. NHL Vault is also available separately for $4.95 (U.S.) a month.

We hope you enjoy watching all of the excitement of the NHL delivered via PlayStation Network!

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  • Next up NBA LEAGUE PASS PS3! (hopefully with no blackouts, I can only dream.)

  • Here are my thoughts so far. I think the NHL app is great! For someone like me who is pretty busy during the day, being able to watch the highlights from the day’s games is great. I know, I could watch from my computer, but I think the service has been integrated very flawlessly. I can’t speak about the quality of the live streaming games, cuz lets face it I dont have that kind of money. I’m looking forward to more good stuff from you guys at PSN. Its totally worth 10 bucks if your on the fence about it, fortunately I’m a PS+ user. Good thing I read the blog this morning. It was like here is a gift for you today mike. Thanks Sony.

  • I didn’t say it was HD you troll, I’m allowed to post my thoughts about it if I want to and I’m sure that the people working at Sony appreciate hearing positive feedback after working hard on something thats been requested. I was simply stating that their integration of the service fits with my busy lifestyle as a graduate student. You’re obviously not a hockey fan, so get off this blog post and go play some DJ hero (lol).

  • wait did this troll just post the same message to me in two other blog posts (not about NHL)?

  • Is there any way to choose the streaming quality like you can on the normal browser version of gamecenter? It seems like the quality keeps changing back and forth between high quality and low quality even though I have a steady 10mbps connection. If not, maybe you should add this as an option.

  • Clutch deal! Nice job PlayStation!

  • Are all the games that are available streamed in HD?

  • too pricey. for the same price i can get NHL/NFL/NBA/MLB with my TV provider.


  • As an NHL fan and PS3 fan I say thank you. Hockey is so often forgotten about. Keep features like this coming. Thanks Sony.

  • Can anyone tell me if this will be available to us in Australia? I currently already subscribe to NHL Game Center Live anyway, but this would make it much easier to control whilst viewing on my TV!

    Please release this to us non North Americans!

  • So far my experience with the app is a little disappointing. Feature-wise it’s great but, playback is terribly stuttered for me, and some games have been dropping out intermittently. I have plenty of bandwidth through Comcast. It seems as if the PS3 is choking a bit on playback.

  • SO GOOD! :)

  • Roman-66, maybe you can get a US psn account? If US players can get japanese accounts I’m sure its even easier for non-US players to get US accounts. Just have to get your hands on US PSN card to pay the 10 bucks.

  • superspyvip – I have the same problem with the feed switching constantly from high to low quality. It only seems to happen with live games, though, but it’s really annoying and they need to give you an option to choose the feed quality on your own ASAP.

  • I sent a troubleshooting ticket into gamecenter about the stuttering/choppy playback issue. I can watch on my pc with the stream going at it’s highest quality but it is unwatchable on the ps3. They say they cannot reproduce my issue and are forwarding my ticket to the development team for the app… hope it gets fixed soon >_<

  • Love this app!
    A few problems with it, but just lovin’ it!
    Keep up to good work PlayStation!

    Here are things to fix on the next update:
    – Time zone: U.S. Eastern time… you guys should add the country up north which is called Canada and YES, we do like hockey too.

    – Main page refresh: unless we scroll to different days, the page won’t refresh itself and we won’t know if games have already started.

    – Connection: add a selection for our bandwidth. Having some streaming problems during live broadcast.

  • I’m a current NHL G.C Live subscriber and I love that – on my PC it streams @ 3000 and runs GREAT… needless to say I jumped at the chance to run this slick interface on my PS3 instead of using a home theatre setup to watch the games on my TV, however i am BITTERLY disappointed at the quality of the stream using the PS3 app.

    It is totally choppy, and it seems like it is set up to use the ‘variable’ bit rate setting. Quality goes up and down, the sound goes in and out with the quality changes and at one point it was so choppy I literally had to quit and load up the PC interface.

    I LOVE the interface, and the stats, the calendar etc – it works really well in that respect, but to be honest it is a complete waste of time if the playback issues aren’t resolved.

    I love what you guys have done however, just please don’t dismiss the importance of quality frame rate – it’s HOCKEY! FPS = everything.

  • Question…how is this service different (with the exception of getting access to NHL GameCenter LIVE) when compared to It appears that you can do all the same things on and your do not have to pay $10 for it!

  • I think i got a scam message about sony starting to make ps3 users to pay for online capabilities is this true?

  • is this application going to be available to australians???

    i have gamecenter live here as its the only way to watch hockey in australia, and would love this app here in australia

    have tried searching everywhere in the playstation store and cant seem to find it??


  • I have similar comments to kebeknohito.

    The frame rate is very choppy, leading to lags and stops/starts during the game. Happens more frequently as the puck moves down the ice for some reason.

    The main page should just let us get to the live feed much like the computer based gamecenter does. Waiting around on the main screen is annoying and then seeing that the game is already 3 mins in is a cruel slap to the face.

  • leighroyaus – i would suggest waiting until they iron out the choppy playback issues before spending your cash on it to be honest!

  • I recommend everyone do as I (and others here) have done – send a support ticket to the NHL regarding the bad playback issues on the PS3.

    Like many, I can watch games -perfectly- on my computer at 3000/HD quality. No stutters, no rebuffers, no issues. My PS3 is constantly switching between quality levels (with noticeable stutters while it does) making most games almost unwatchable on the PS3 as a result.

    Definitely not my connection. Definitely not my network… PS3 client is seriously flawed.

  • I’ve been using the app for about a month now. Here’s my thoughts: the picture is sharp, much clearer than on the computer version. Problems include games loading a few minutes after they start, not able to turn scores of so I can watch after the fact, and difficulty fast forwarding and rewinding. 4/5 stars.

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