NHL “Lights the Lamp” on the PS3

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Hi Everyone – I’m excited to announce that the NHL is streaming its way onto the PS3! Beginning today, all PS3 users in the United States and Canada can download the new NHL GameCenter application, an exclusive offer for PS3 users making it the first and only gaming console to stream live hockey games in HD.

NHL GameCenter LIVE subscribers who enjoy free access to PlayStation Network and its variety of online content, can now stream live out-of-market regular season and select playoff game broadcasts in HD by downloading the NHL GameCenter application on the PS3 system. In addition to offering live hockey games, NHL GameCenter LIVE also allows subscribers to watch full-length and condensed replays of the current season games they missed (48 hours after they air, no blackouts) and relive NHL history with unlimited access to over 500 classic games from NHL Vault. Check out the demo to see how it works:

PS3 users that do not have a subscription to NHL GameCenter LIVE will still have access to a wide range of NHL content through the NHL GameCenter application. Fans will have access to features such as post-game highlights, team schedules, standings, player stats and profiles, and the full NHL scoreboard.

NHL GameCenter PS3 - Calendar with Sharks favorite team

NHL GameCenter PS3 - Video Playback with Goal Info NHL GameCenter PS3 - Classic Games

You can download the NHL application for $9.99 and access it under the “Video” icon on the XMB menu. However, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can download the NHL GameCenter application for free, continuing PlayStation’s goal to deliver exclusive opportunities only made available to PlayStation Plus members.

If you aren’t an NHL GameCenter LIVE subscriber, you can sign up by visiting www.ps3.com/nhl to get an account and ultimately link it to your PS3 using a registration code obtained through the app on your device. NHL GameCenter LIVE is priced at $169 (U.S.) for an annual subscription and includes the NHL Vault service. NHL Vault is also available separately for $4.95 (U.S.) a month.

We hope you enjoy watching all of the excitement of the NHL delivered via PlayStation Network!

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  • Great news. More proof of the awesomeness of the PS3 and sonys commitment to it’s customers. Thanks PlayStation.

  • Nice addition to the system that can only do everything! Really looking forward to Test Drive Unlimited 2 in January. :)

  • This. Is. Awesome.

  • i know one PSNATION podcaster that will be crying tears of joy due to this news.

    now if Sony & the Playstation team could score us a NCAA football and/or an NFL app of this nature. either one of those i would be using all the time

  • awesome when will we be getting the nfl sunday tocket and nba league pass ps make them all exclusives to show microsoft how it feels lol

  • Question, if you are a Plus member and you download this for free will you have to download it again after your Plus subscription runs out and pay the $9.99?

    This is awesome! GO CAPS!

  • This is the greatest news I’ve had in I can’t remember.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Blackouts absolutely kill much of the appeal of this type of thing. I would subscribe to mlb.tv in a second of I could see my local team’s games.

  • I was on the fence about Playstation Plus till I saw this, So worth it now.


    Sony you want my money for PS+? GET NFL NFL NFL NFL NFL!!!!

  • yup NFL is great but i prefer driving

  • @coppi6976 was that directed at my question?

  • When will the downloadable app appear on the PlayStation Store?

  • This is AWESOME. I knew I should have waited on that Center Ice sub. Meh, I’m getting this anyway because all games are in HD and because of everything else that’s available with it. =)

  • Why are you guys charging so much for this application for regular users? Far be it for me to complain about getting something for free as a PS+ user, but I don’t see this being of any real benefit to charge 10 dollars….. Did the PS+ subscriptions help pay for this app or something?

  • Awesome! Been waiting for this for a month! So glad that I’m a Plus member. Let’s Go Pens!

  • It’s only 10 dollars. It’s basically the same price they get from iPhone apps.

  • OMFG! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!!

    Now I can cancel cable since I only pay for cable for MLB and NHL.

    I don’t know what to say, this is so awesome!!! I can save a lot of money not paying for cable just for sports. I can get the MLB and NHL apps for my PS3 and I’m golden.

    Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen. I am going to buy it as soon as I get home!

  • @darkwing75 yea, I prefer driving too…

  • Hey, this is great news! Just a quick question, where can I download the app? I did a search for it in the PSN store and checked in the “What’s new” section, but couldn’t find it.

    Now all there is left to do is NFL! =)

    Thank you Sony! PlayStation Plus is truely becoming a great service, have been enjoying it since day 1.

  • I want a MMA Live chanel, or a combat sports channel, I would for that, everything else = NO.

    Also, are you gonna add a dedicated app store on PSN? All these apps get lost in the shuffle under the game or video section

  • Cool. I don’t know if Sony reads these comments, but a version of this app that allows for live, commercial-free streams (for a fee, of course) of Formula 1 races would be VERY, VERY much appreciated.

  • Im not really a NHL Fan but at $4.99 to view their library isnt bad by itself in my continued quest to reduce my cable bill.

    I had/have MLB TV, NETFLIX & HuluPLUS Beta already. NBA/NFL PLEASE Susan.. you doing a great job, Sue and Eric.

    Now if these were accessable via Remote Play for the PSPgo WOW!

  • yeah but will this work in Canada?

  • Light a lamp,,,PPPFFFFtttttwhen do we get to lite some tires?

  • @ 24 – at the top it says it’s available to US and Canada =)

  • You just made my day. Just one question when will this be available to download?

  • Awesome. I have the MLB app. Give me an NBA app and I will be close to heaven.


  • I can’t find it anywhere on the store, video or otherwise. Is it up?

  • This is really neat. Expensive but neat! PSN has come a long, long way; keep up the good work.

  • Wowww! This is way more robust than the MLB.tv app! Baseball fans would kill for the stats and classic games features.

    NFL requesters may want to direct them to commissioner Goodell, so he can change their policies.

  • Very, very cool. Not even missing the lame ESPN thing on Xbox? Though I will say $170 is outrageously pricey compared to the $120 for MLB.tv.

  • Will this cost me money to buy?

  • I’d love to spend money on this if I could actually see my local team w/o blackouts, but since blackouts are still part of the deal, I don’t see any reason to bother.

  • YES!!! good job Sony, this is going to be great. This F***ing system really does do everything. So glad my GF bought me this instead of an XBOX. So in my eyes my PS+ subscription has given me about $20 of content that I actually enjoy, this and wipeout. A lot of the free games have been BS or I bought them before. If you guys did a similar thing with NFL, everyone in America would have a PS3, although I know that will never happen because of all the other companies like direcTV and dish network who make their money on that. Keep up the good work, looking forward to more improvements on PS+.

  • Wow, now this is a nice surprise! Totally awesome feature!

  • One question, does this and the MLB app use Life with Playstation? The interfaces look the same, my guess is that LWP is almost a dev tool from the look of it. Be great to see the NBA NFL Facebook and Twitter using that same lay out works very well for the PS3.

  • As a Pens fan living in South Florida, I’ve been anxiously waiting for this app since the season started. Figures the Pens are on NHL Network tonight.

    My girlfriend’s gonna hate this…

  • This is a NHL fans dream, way to one up Sattelite companys!!!

    Some may say this is overpriced but next to what DirectTV and or DISH offers your getting far more content for far less with a lot less hassle.

    @ 33
    LOL, If you buy something its going to cost you, i could be wrong tho.

  • We need a TV icon on the XMB now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Would be great to see this kind of thing cross borders for us International NHL fans.

    It is tough being a Red Wings fan in the UK, as we only get a few games a year on ESPN (which I have to pay extra for) and otherwise I keep up to date on an Android app, so it is hard to stay fully in touch.

    Any plans for International access to this service?

  • This is awesome; thanks Sony!

    I also agree with many others on here: add College Football and NFL Network and you will get more of my money! ;)

  • Great news this means
    Terrific things for us hockey fans, plus
    5 more reasons to own a PS3

    Really look forward to it
    Especially with every
    Live game being in HD
    Even out of market games so I can watch
    St. Louis Blues games
    Every time!

    Definitely will be subscribing to PSN+
    And can’t wait to give it a try,
    Though my wife may kill me
    Even though she likes hockey too

  • WOW! This is so F’ing sweet! Too bad I don’t watch or follow the NHL! Bring the NFL and more importantly the NBA!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can us North Americans get the ‘TV’ section in the xmb, like the British have? It would make sense, so that Netflix, MLB.tv, this, and Hulu plus could all go under it.

  • Thankyou Um It be nice we can get monthly cost for watching hockey with PSN Cards? Some of us don’t have Charge cards :). Can someone edited number 38 posted? Look at the name. lol

  • I’m confused…just downloaded the app (PS+), and went to link account and it says on my PS3 to enter a code on ps3.com/nhl so I do that, and nothing happens – keeps saying invalid.

    So…do I have to pay the monthly or yearly fee THEN enter the code and it’ll be free? Completely lost here.

  • FANTASTIC addition to the PlayStation library of features. While I was impressed with Xbox’s new ESPN application, this is much, much cooler (and I’m not even a hockey fan).

    And, let me echo the growing sentiment in the comments: NFL NFL NFL NFL!!!!

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