Get Hulu Plus on your PS3 Today!

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As we promised you last week, Hulu Plus is now available to all PlayStation 3 users in the United States via the PlayStation Network. Now, in addition to free access to a variety of content already available on the PlayStation Network, we’re giving you even more options to the entertainment content you want!

A subscription to Hulu Plus will cost $9.99 per month, giving you access to full seasons of current hit TV shows from more than 100 leading content providers, including ABC, NBC and FOX, and movies from many of the most well-known studios in the U.S.

How does this change from what was already available? Well, you no longer need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to gain access and you don’t have to wait for an invitation from Hulu either. Beginning today, Hulu Plus is open to all PlayStation Network members in the U.S.

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To get your subscription to Hulu Plus after downloading the free app through the PlayStation Store, visit, which will direct you to the sign-up page. When creating your account, you will need to link your PS3 to your Hulu Plus subscription by simply using the referral code that will appear on the screen from your PS3. If you are already a Hulu Plus subscriber, you can enter your user name and password directly into the app or just enter the referral code at to link the device. You’ll then see the Hulu Plus app appear under the video icon on the XMB.

Hulu Plus for PS3

In addition to Hulu Plus on your PS3, you’ll also have access from your connected Sony Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray Home Theater Systems, Network Media Players, DASH devices, and BRAVIA TV’s. And, on top of that, selected BRAVIA Internet-enabled devices will qualify you for a promotion that provides $20 towards a trial of the Hulu Plus service. To learn about the promotion or redeem the offer, visit

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  • The only reason I subscribed to Netflix is because it now can be streamed online to my PS3. Now I’m an addict.

    Never visited the Hulu website until I saw this announcement, and now I’m considering signing up for this as well.

    If only you could add Crunchyroll and, most importantly, ESPN3…I may never turn off my PlayStation again.

  • It’s time to sign up for Hulu Plus.

  • Anything similiar services for canadians? All we have is Netflix

  • what good is it to have ps3 if you cannot use netfix or hulu i live in puerto rico i tried to use netflix but couldnt i paid for netflix and couldnt use it puerto rico is almost a state of the united states some answers would be good

  • When I heard I could get hulu on my ps3 I was excited. I have no cable and netflix I can’t get the current season of the shows I like.

    Now I’m severely disappointed. The shows you can get on your ps3 is only a small fraction of what can be seen through the pc. Of all the shows listed only 1 would interest me, the others I don’t care to see or I already can view with netflix with no commercials.

    If you decide to get this, I would first go through the list of shows you can see just to be sure you not waisting your money. I can see for some this would be great, just not good enough for me yet. I may still try this, but if the list of shows aren’t improved I can’t see me having it past a month.

  • $9.99 per month to watch “selective” TV on my PS3? No.

  • I agree with the previous commenters. I bought Hulu Plus the minute it came out for PS3, only to find 40% of the shows I watch are not licensed for PS3 (“Web Only”). If Hulu doesn’t fix this soon, I might drop the subscription.

  • Yea! Just ordered it an hour ago!!!

    Just canceled 5 minutes ago!

    I’ll stick to netflix. Hulu has commercials and hardly any shows that are new/good. And at $10 month, why would I want to watch fedex interruptions?

    Hulu can keep their services. I’ll keep netflix.

  • Hulu blows. $9.99 can get you a Netflix subscription which is 99.9% better… You’ll actually be able to watch movies and shows you’ll actually like. I expected Hulu to be free because it should be, it sucks.

  • is it free for hula? see you guys online. tex back to me on the playstaytion. goodferrit12345

  • wow it’ll be nice if they added these things to the psp and they wonder why it dont sell

  • Just registering my 2 cents. Hopefully the backlash will get some attention. The web-only restriction is asinine. I wanted to wean my kids off vapid Disney shows and let them watch something as simple, and seemingly tapped out financially, as the original Flipper series. Web-only…. This isn’t going to fly, Hulu / Sony. Better work hard to get those rights.

  • suppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ^_^

  • We just got a PS3 and have already been using netflix and enjoy it.
    We downloaded the HULU + from the store and we can only view the commercials on the test clips, no content and we can’t log in. The customer service rep said all our requirements are good, but there is an issue that others are having too. Anyone else have the same experience?

  • I downloaded the Hulu Plus app and deleted the Hulu Plus Preview app. Everything is working great. At first I didn’t think the Hulu Plus subscription was worth the $9.99 but since I ditched my cable provider, I went ahead and subscribed. About two weeks later I received an email that Hulu dropped the price to $7.99 monthly and that made me and my wallet happy, which is waaaayyy less than the 50-something channels I never watched but still had to pay for when I had cable.

    Granted Hulu is working on getting the licenses to broadcast shows that are currently web-only, but I have a feeling they will eventually get them. Hulu Plus is still relatively new, just give them some time and maybe they will surprise us and meet or exceed most of our expectations.

    The addition of the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps were an awesome addition to the PS3; kudos Playstation.

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