Kevin Butler: A Message for Canada

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Fellow PlayStation Canucks – Today the beloved Kevin Butler has a special video message made especially for you!

The multi-titled Vice President of Everything shares his thoughts about the Video Delivery Service north of the border and about how the PS3 “Only Does Everything” for Canadians also.

Click below and enjoy…eh!

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  • Mmmmm…. Maple syrup…

    (I have no interest in this whatsoever, but I like the idea of Kevin Butler and maple syrup… In a non-sexual way of course!)

  • not enough Canadians buying movies, bring in the VP of know how to get people to spend more money.

  • @150 Sorry for wanting the same features as America and Canada -.-

  • I’m Canadian and I LOL’d.

    Kevin Butler for PM. Yes we Canada! We’ll gladly get rid of our “Loon” ;) Maybe you can get things done in government about our broadcasting and new media rights.

    On a serious note though, you can’t put it all on Sony for being late to the game. Blame the dysfunctional Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

    If services like Netflix and Hulu offered any more bang for less, than our inadequate and overpriced Canadian Cable/Satellite providers would have to price competitively or risk losing business.

    These companies likely line the CRTC pockets and devise a plan to give the Canadian public the illusion of choice but we all know who wins. NOT US!

  • Coincidence that we finally get all these bandwidth hungry streaming apps in Canada such as Netflix and Playstation Video Delivery when the CRTC just recently gave Bell (One of our few internet provider) the go-ahead to implement usage-based billing. My monthly Internet/Cable/Cell bill is already more than my all my utility bills combined.

    Sorry for the long post. I know it’ a gaming blog but I figured it was appropriate as this affects us Canadian gamers.

  • As a Canadian, I approve this message! Brought a tear to my eye too, lol.

  • This is great news for the Canadian people. Now if you could get account migration working so that those of us Canadians living in the US could switch our accounts over. I hope that is next on your list, KB.

  • Yes We Canada


    that made my day

  • I feared some foolish fellows would be offended but everyone is taking it as intended. Awesome.


  • Hilarious! These Canadian-stereotypes are so far from reality that it’s nearly impossible for Canadians like myself to be offended.

  • I think I can speak for all my Canadian brethren (minus post number 48) when I say we all heart Kevin Butler! Kevin, please move to Canada and become our president and you shall receive a lifetime supply of our most cherished Canadian export, Maple Syrup.

  • Canada doesn’t have a president :/

  • Ok, now we need the VIDEO SERVICE to be available in FRENCH in CANADA for people of QUEBEC like me!!!

    Now if Kevin Butler add this to his list, I’ll like him even more, and he would just say a word in french in his next video, and make a mention of poutine maybe (or take a big bite of it his pancakes) and talk about the fact that we have a SHEEP for president, then, I’LL ADORE HIM! …I’ll almost tattooed myself a KB on the chest! lol

  • Love the to-do list, KB….lmao

  • Effin’ eh!

    And people need to learn to laugh. From what I noticed, he was poking fun at both Canada and himself. Because everyone knows most of those things he says aren’t true about Canadians.

    In fact, saying “eh” is just like saying “Yeah” at the end of words like they do in Hawaii or California. And it’s most *there* in eastern Canada.

    Just need to learn to laugh, and learn to learn. :)

  • Hilarious! As a Canadian, I approve this message. I appreciate Sony kicking in the door of the CRTC and getting this video store up and running!

    That said, the movie studios are stupid with the way they publish content up there…some movies are SD rental only, some are HD purchase only, and anywhere in between. Confuse the customer much? Idiots. Blu-ray it is!

  • #24 Housetrain Ratchet?!


  • From Canada. I’ll give my dollars to Xbox with netflixs now. Condescending tone. Had to be an American agency who pitched this idea.

  • Lol I actually took the time to read the other goals on that board. Kevin Butler, you got a pat in the back from Canada.

  • My favs:

    Expose self to Gammma radiation.

    Gain Superpower.

    Read PS3 Software Licensing Agreement (even I have never done that…and apparently, neither has he)

  • #66 Register thumbs as deadly weapons! hahahaha

  • how about u add to that list XGAMECHAT kevin??? u can do it!!!

  • LOL funny video, gotta love us Canadians with our beavers, moose, loon’s and pancakes.


  • Great video I liked the ending haha..

    We don’t say good da mate, that’s Astralians lol

    Also haven’t we had the video service in Canada for a while now?

  • So besides being Kevin Butler the best thing to be is Canadian? Awesome.

  • As a Canadian Born, I LOVED this commercial. He should have pointed these out, though:
    1. We put Milk in Bags, not Cartons
    2. We have coins called Toonies.

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