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If your RSS reader says that this post went up at 9am (Pac)/noon (East), then you may have forgotten to set your clocks back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed up at work early on this day during my high school and college jobs.

Today, I’m using the extra hour to finish up the MoH campaign, which I took a weeklong break from when Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare pack came out. Finished that up last night – it’s a great reason to jump back into John Marston’s boots, especially if you like zombies.

How are you using that extra hour? Sleeping?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 1, 2010)

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  • jeff,couldnt get my extra sleep because my pets woke me up in order to go out and do their things.also, i’m awaiting for the dolphin’s vs the baltimore ravens game.btw,the weather is just beautifull and a little bit chilly here in south florida.needless to say,i love beign here this time of year :0

    anyways, do you guys have any surprises planned for the anniversary this nov 17? XD

  • You missed the biggest story of the week, Kazunori Yamauchi confirming that GT5 has gone gold and the discs are being stamped

    This goes with the Peter Dille story that you posted since he mentions in the interview that we’d get a date once Polyphony finished the game.

  • So many good games out on tuesday, I choose The Fight

  • So Jeff any ideas is to why the PlayStation store takes forever to update on Tuesdays. seriously every week it gets later & later & later in the night before its finally updated. there is no excuse u can give me as to Sony cant update during day when everyone is up. Nintendo puts u guys to shame and that’s just sad. why isn’t there a set time to update during the day? why at night freaking night when everyone is tired and ready to go to bed. im pretty sure this Tuesday’s update will be no different late in the night with another BS excuse.

    • It’s not “later & later & later,” though this past Tuesday was very late due to a bug. We apologized for that and all the content is out there.

      There’s a ton of content to push through every week – dozens of pieces of content – and this time of year that increases to over a hundred per week (both for PS3 and PSP), and it’s not as simple as ‘pushing a button.’ Comparing to a system that doesn’t publish videos, themes, avatars, movies, TV shows or nearly as many demos or DLC as we do is not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.

      Either way, we get most content before anyone since we moved the publish date to Tuesday, so subtract any perceived lateness out of that extra 24-48 hours head start per week.

  • Yesterday i was watching The Testers i didn’t know it could sometime be funny :D
    Hope as well as the Sweet Tooth episodic video are true as well no matter if it is cheesy.
    I think i am coming back to my psp day!

  • 2 orders of business.

    First: Any PS Blog COD:BO meet up sessions planned? The game comes out in 2 days ya know.

    Second: I have posted about 2 reasonable ideas to PS Share. They were not duplicates and were completely logical (ie no Obama edition PS3). Neither have appeared. I was hopping to understand why.

  • Jeff, does that mean you also came in late to work on Spring Ahead day? :P

  • Jeff, I really look forward to this post every week. Thanks!

  • That’s a nice reading list this week, Jeff

    I like the talk of “The Tester” being the start of something bigger. Original content on PSN is a great way to go forward. We’re a captive audience, and we’ll watch anything free and watch some stuff that we need to pay for too :D

    I do hope that we’ll get to watch The Tester overseas too. It still seems strange to me that Sony are limiting viewership to certain markets when there’s people around the world that would watch this.

    Anyway, looking forward to some more gaming and even non-gaming related videos soon.

    One idea would be a dev diary of GT5. Remember the mini-documentary on ModNation PSP, and how hard it was getting it released on time? I really want to see what’s going on behind closed doors at Polyphony ;) And yes, I’d pay to download that one

  • Jeff, I think you guys need to improve the Blog Share, I’ve posted a lot of legitimate ides and only one of them has gotten through (I forget the others, sadly). Yet ideas like “Let’s Bring Fable 3 to the PS3” end up getting accepted. It’s not that I think my ideas are god-like and that totally right, it’s just a shame to see my and I assume other’s great ideas get pushed aside for totally stupid ones.

    • Nobody’s ideas are pushed aside – we don’t have a size limit. If your idea didn’t make it through, it was adjudged to be ‘very similar’ to an existing idea. Simple as that.

  • @ Jeff’s response to #3

    I must have missed the response from someone from your department or Sony’s management on this blog apologizing for the embarrassingly late delay of this past Tuesday’s PSN Store Update. Could you point that out to me because, to the best of my knowledge, no one from your team has apologized for anything outside of Ken and that Ghost of Sparta nonsense.

    #3 is right on the money. Who cares about the amount of content being published every week when you can’t even consistently do it on a regular basis? Microsoft doesn’t have this issue and neither does Nintendo. You’ve (Sony) had almost 4 years to get this right and you still can’t figure it out. It’s easy in this day and age to blame a simple “bug” on technical issues, but this issue has been going on for quite some time. If you ask me, the real “bug” is the people you work for.

    I don’t expect you to respond to this post because what I am saying is the truth and I’m well aware of your employer’s exceptional customer service policy.

    • Apologies were made on the Store post, then it was updated the next morning to reflect the fact that everything was live.

  • do guys plan on having something special for the holidays (i.e. “surprise” PS1/PSN games, price drops on some games. etc.

  • by the way, IF POSSIBLE, at least re-release Parasite EVE by xmas for us north americans since it takes place around xmas time, that could really set the mood especially since we are all feeling the holiday spirit, TRY to take this idea in consideration, if it’s Square Enix’ call, I understand, if u could send this idea to someone at Square, then that be great, I doubt this will happen, Most likely scenario is that we have to wait till Jan-March 2011 for PE1 and PE2 on PSN. I’ll always have my PS1 discs of those 2 games if I feel the need for PE. thanks for at least reading this.

  • @ Jeff

    I understand, that was improper wording on my part. Still, there are some stupid ideas up there.

  • Jeff, i miss this sound.. i really do.. :(

  • Good articles. Really looking forward to Killzone 3!

  • I’ve been working on Castlevania Lords of Shawdow and finally beat it, sad it had to end, it endined so awsome for me, can’t flippin wait for the dlc.

  • 1. No mention of Polyphony digital stating that theyve started GT6 at Sema.(i know right?)

    2. If you cannot update on tuesdays(even though it someones job to have it done and pushed through) DONT DO IT.

    3.Killzone3 beta= awesome

    4. The share blog should be deleted since SCEA will only take the ideas they can either make money on or should have been in the system since day one.

    You know its funny that Jeff says they’ve got alot of work to do to get the updates through, But all the other consoles don’t have the same problem of getting it updated at 11pm.

    Choke less, work more.

  • Hey Jeff, I got a question for you that I hope you can answer or pass on to someone who can.

    Is Deimos not showing up in God of War 3 for some reason? I downloaded the 1.03 patch, and redeemed my code without any issues, yet he doesn’t show up in my costume selection.

    Is this some issue that can be fixed?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @ 17

    no mention to GT5 at all.. and it’s just ridiculous and absurd

  • remember everyone according to jeff. continue to expect late store updates all the time. even though nintendo and MS have a better set time in the morning. 4yrs and u continue to still give us bs excuses. there are alot of things u guys still need to work on like actually listening to us cause if u did the store wouldnt update so late, certain features that everyone been requesting since the second coming of jesus would’ve been added by now. sony japan is the one to blame cause all they care about is 3d and move nothing else. ps3 will always take a back seat to them.

  • hey can anybody help me out. i got a pspGo and downloaded ghost of sparta it downloaded and everything and when i go on account management it shows everything and the bonus content but how do i put that on my ps3 ? such as deimos skin for GOW 3

  • @10 Jeffs Reply,

    No appologies where made, i just read the entire thing.

    Lying doesnt do Sony good.

  • Jeff, do you know if Guerrilla Games are planing an Second Beta for Killzone 3 for those who pre-order?

  • Jeff,

    Is Sly Cooper Collection coming out this week? I was checking the Sunday paper, and saw nothing in any of the retail ads?

  • mod, can you please let us put more stuff in our homes because i have too mutch free aria and please give us some more runing aria in sodium. that would make my day.

  • If you guys cant handle update on tuesday at a better more consistent time move it to wedesday, simple as that.

  • So I’m now using the new Netflix app which is awesome, however there is one problem with it. I have to be signed into the PSN to use it. I have 2 ps3’s and a lot of times play games on one while my wife watches Netflix on the other. Now I’m forced to either create another account, or not play online while she watches Netflix. This was not an issue with the disc. Is this an oversight?

  • Eh, people just need to be patient. Sometimes an issue happens when updating. It’s not really hard waiting just one extra day at max to play something.

    Anyway, I find the article on the Tester interesting, since I find it a great/original show. It’s nice to have something like that exclusive to PSN. YS: TOoF review is good on PSP. I still need to open my limited edition.

  • @Jeff. Thanks for the tip there. I’ll give it a shot. I actually saw Ken responded to it when I posted yesterday on Sid’s Recap as well.

    @Ken, (If you are reading this one), I do have a beaten God of War 3 save file. I recently purchased all of the skins off the Playstation Store. They show up fine. It’s just Deimos isn’t showing.

  • i camt wait til lbp2 (little big planet) comes out. i wonder what is in it.

  • @21 Jeffs Reply,

    So you guys said sorry that night, changed your minds and werent sorry anymore the next day because it was “updated”?


  • @30 The man said they apologized and they did, what more do you want? Lay off and go play some video games.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition will be available at Best Buy? And why does everybody keep complaining about the store update? Can’t you guys just accept that there was a bug that occured while updating it. I’d like to see all you complainers try to update the store.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Is there going to be a “The Drop” this week?


  • Hey, if you guys wanna let them walk all over you, be my guest.I’m not a door mat however.

  • I’ve spent my time watching Ancient Aliens: The Series from PSN. Also been playing Sims 3 on PS3. :-p

  • Hey Jeff! First time on the blog. Quick question. Do you know anything about the ps3 eventually having multiple account sign in in the near future. And if they will eventually consider patching in multiple sign in for Call of Duty Black Ops instead of having a guest. Like in Resistance 2?

  • Jeff use the extra hour to watch The Walking Dead if you haven`t checked it out yet, it`s extra worth it :)

  • Thanks for the information Jeff. It’s a shame I have a career and couldn’t stay up all night on the east coast to see this so-called “apology”. I guess when you say updates are on Tuesday I kind of assume you meant that and not Wednesday. Will take that into account going forward that PSN Store Updates are “scheduled for Tuesday” but may actually not happen on Tuesday.

  • PE3rd Birthday is kind of embarrassing…. Square-Enix comepletely missed the point of the original series; ….believe, from a stylistic/narrative view, that they’ve also forgotten that Aya Brea was a cop….

    The design should be alot more subtle. But that’s asking alot from a company that’s seemed to completely lose their uniqueness/talent after a merger.. Sorry. Rant over.

  • Wow you guys sure complain to much.So what if the store didn’t update on a specific time,as long as it’s’s not that big of a deal

    The amount of non-support from ps3 users is pretty sad:(

  • watched the season 2 opener of the Tester… not a bad show… i dont care for reality tv of any kind(except police chases)… there any way that could potentially be a challenge for the tester candidates..?? escape from the police after jacking a gamestop store of 100 copies of Black Ops..?? hehe… just kidding, of course… but having never watched the first season, i felt like giving it a try… some interesting candidates… some, i absolutely hate… the cocky ones particularly… but one of them were removed day 1… so, dont forget our good friend karma…

    tho, i instantly gravitated towards War Princess… while she probably won’t win, i’ll root for her anyway… probably cause shes the cutest… who will win is the brunette girl with the top score in that first episode.. i kinda wish theyd give us some real names at some point… it seems they were barely introduced in the first episode… wheres the website that i can learn more about these guys and gals…

    cheers… back to work..

  • If you’d like to read around the web, perhaps you should turn your attention to your own message board:

    Why hasn’t this issue been addressed yet? The least you can do is send out a statement saying you’re working to fix it. This is too big a problem to ignore.

  • Nothing on GT5? Why!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • the beautiful thing about digititally distributed content is that the product NEVER RUNS out . So if your choosing to put your life on hold for store updates that will still be there no matter what , maybe IT’S YOU who needs to do some prioritizing . Things happen , if the failure of a game platform to post new content at the same time everytime is what qualifies as ” hardship ” to you … go to haiti and tell all those folks about how much it sucks to live here because our online store doesnt update Johnny on the spot . BTW Sony if you do get cross game chat . keep it away from team based games as it is RUINING team games on the other console … i dont even know why the other cosole even bothers with team based games . anyway Im just happy to have and use the WONDERFUL technology behind the ps3 . is it perfect ? no . is it’s imperfections a ” HARDSHIP ” ??? hardly . I just kick it and relax all back of the bus like . and enjoy the content , no matter how soon or late the content is . carry on with your lives . the content will be there .

  • Hey Jeff sorry for the late reply. I forget one of them but the other was for an “elite/ultimate” version of the PS3. Essentially a PS3 with a SSD drive, Wifi n, snazy painy job, and more usb ports.

  • To the people complaining about the store update time (same bunch every week?) and saying to just update on Wednesday, how about you guys just wait until Wednesday to look at the store? This sense of entitlement everyone believes they have is pretty disgusting.

    Jeff, I love reading your posts and catching up on my Sony news while having a nice drink. You’re also doing a great job with the comments section, even though it seems the majority of the posters are very nit-picky. Cheers to you and the rest of Sony for making a great system, games and network that doesn’t scatter the goodies over the week (hate having to check on different days for different items)!

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