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If your RSS reader says that this post went up at 9am (Pac)/noon (East), then you may have forgotten to set your clocks back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed up at work early on this day during my high school and college jobs.

Today, I’m using the extra hour to finish up the MoH campaign, which I took a weeklong break from when Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare pack came out. Finished that up last night – it’s a great reason to jump back into John Marston’s boots, especially if you like zombies.

How are you using that extra hour? Sleeping?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 1, 2010)

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  • @43 I whole-heartedly agree… and would like to add
    my appreciation to Sony for all this FREE content that they
    dish out each week to us all, and the FACT that they really dont have to but
    still do is much appreciated. By more of us then the few complaining.

    Keep up the great work all of you at Sony.. and Thank You. ^_^

  • first off i’m a multiplatform owner; i own psp ps3, wii and ds.

    Jeff Rubin said: “Comparing to a system that doesn’t publish videos, themes, avatars, movies, TV shows or nearly as many demos or DLC as we do is not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.”

    that’s incorrect: Nintendo channel puts videos, demos, and dlc on it, wii netflix has tv and shows, the miis are avatars (only they’re 3d avatars unlike the tiny in comparison photo avatars psn has and the shopping channel puts up a few demos as well. Only thing wii’s online doesn’t do *legally are themes *coughhaxcough*

    I’m just saying. and @43 that’s because we’re consumers who expect to get what we were advertised the ps3 could do. We are legally entitled to what we were advertised because we bought ps3s because of those advertising claims.

  • I bought ps3 to play ps3 game discs and
    blu-ray movie discs…. I consider everything
    else just a happy bonus…. just saying , you
    dont speak for everyone … and neither do I.

  • I am sorry, but I also own all of the consoles and don’t see the similarities. Wii has tons of streaming, not much, if any, in the owning/renting aspect. Demos? Not for the disc based games, just DS and digital games. If you care so much about avatars, have you seen Home? And DLC, really? No where near as much content as the PS3 and 360 have to deal with. Hell, minus the music based games, which they can’t even sell the albums in one bunch due to limitations, I cannot think of any other disc based games on the Wii that have DLC.

    PSN and 360 stores have movies you can buy and rent, full games you can buy and download, DLC out the wazoo, demos for the majority of games.

    Though on the PSN you can buy full bluray games (just a wee bit bigger than dvds, don’t you think?), use Home (if you love avatars so much), buy/rent movies/games for your PSP (remember, store is for two different consoles), download comics, download music from games (though I wish they had more in this) and probably other stuff I am missing.

  • Someone seems to be unable to wait. There will always be problems when updating anything so just be patient. This will be one hectic holiday season with no news of the actual release date for gran turismo.

  • The comment about the consumer rights and what we are legally entitled to due to what they advertised and such. They advertise the store, not the time frame of updates. We know that since we frequent the site.

    I feel really bad for being one of those people that goes off topic and brings up the “slow” updates and “when does GT5 come out? We need a date or the world will end and…”. Ugh, sorry Jeff. :(

    -Can’t we just game and be happy? :)

  • Hilarious how so many complain that no one responds, yet could not possibly be given an answer they’d like.

    Don’t like the variability of the Tuesday updates? Fair enough. From now on, for you it only updates on Wednesday mornings. Consistently at 6AM.

    Believe me, having a consistent nightly update doesn’t matter when your library consists of shovelware and shovelware demos. Most Wii owners don’t even bother looking, still playing Wii Sports 2: Mediocrity Ensues.

  • By the way, Shadowsquirrel:

    Seriously? “Walked over”? A store updates a few hours late and you’re being abused? We Americans really are a spoiled bunch aren’t we? South of the border, women and children work 12-16 hours so they can live off of two meals a day, afraid to ask for more for fear of the exploitative factory up and moving to another area.

  • Im not sure if this is the right place for a firmware update comment,but we really need a chime when we get a message.Sometimes i wont see the message that a friend sent me until a while after.I love my ps3,but i feel it needs to be a little more gamer friendly.The xmb seems plain to me.Maybe a more colorful dashboard?Xbox live is xbox gamer friendly.Maybe Playstation 3 can be more playstation gamer friendly.

  • Still no “news” on GT5 not that its coming out at all is believable. I did want this game, 2 years ago when there was still a slim chance that it would exist. On the other note I gotta ask even though theres no acceptable answer. On KZ3 I read the article about a 116ms lag time on the controls, come on really? and you claim this is “good” news? the game will lag so horribly in single player mode that that one could not only go for a coffee between shots but go to columbia to grow their own coffee. Add that to the net leg on the online multiplayer & it wont even be funny. 116ms is longer than 1/10th of a second which is an eternity in a shooter.

  • hey dude when is lbp2 coming out? and is there going to be a demo?

  • and yes i agree with formerpsfan. lots of games run horrable with the old ps3. im not shure im alowed to bring this up but… i think we gamers should be able to make our owm theam amd how it displays on the screen like sounds and use our own pic for an icon. i think we should alow gamers to custamise icons sounds theams etc, so people wont do custum furmware you know what i mean. who agree with me? also we can bring a new way of gaming and fun to pshome by letting people make there own homes. who agree with me?

  • im not shure im alowed to say this but… i think we should be able to be able to have more freedome of creating themes like make our own themes/ how it showes / sound icons etc. im saying this besause people are doing homemade furmware because there bored of the old look. and it should be shown on a window for easy theame customising. who agrees with me?

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