PlayStation Move: 1 Million Units Shipped in North America, a Growing Library of Titles

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PlayStation Move

You might have heard that PlayStation Move has already shipped one million units and given the list of exciting games below, it’s hard to imagine sales slowing down. Next Tuesday marks the launch of gritty brawler, The Fight: Lights Out, party favorite SingStar Dance, and the HD revival of one of PlayStation’s most iconic characters, Sly Cooper, in The Sly Collection. But that’s just the start of the holiday shopping season; we’ve got more great games on their way for every type of gamer – from the casual to the core and everyone in between. Additionally, we’ve got exclusive games coming out in early 2011 including Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.

The Fight: Lights OutSingStar DANCEThe Sly Collection

Not only do we have a wide variety of first-party PlayStation Move titles for this holiday season, but we have some of the best third-party developers supporting the PlayStation 3 Move-ment with compatible games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011, TRON Evolution: The Video Game, and R.U.S.E. We’ve had a great first month and a half, but this is just the beginning. For a complete list of confirmed Move-compatible games available now and coming soon, see below:

Available Now:

Coming in late 2010 and 2011:

Already, there’s a lot for you to try out and if you haven’t experienced PlayStation Move just yet, there’s still some time to visit your local PlayStation Move HQ and try it out for yourself. As always, we look forward to your thoughts, and enjoy!

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  • The Navigator (optional piece) should have been standard with the Move itself for the current price.

    Sony you want Move to really Move do what i just said. Move+Eye+Nav+game+current price = sales

  • dont forget the best Move game yet: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011. it’s awesome.

  • I love my move! Tried it at the DC move meetup and got it launch day, its really impressive technology. I’m looking forward to the Sly Collection, KZ3, LBP2, and Socom 4 the most. Keep up the support!

  • Maybe Sony should modify the visual style of their family games into something more “cartoonish” (like Minna No Golf) if they want to appeal to all audiences (especially in Japan).

  • You forgot No More Heroes for 2011

  • We need a bleach game with move support, or make us a new bushido blade with one hit kills like the first game.

  • Sweet! I bought the move on day 1 and I’m loving it. I’ve tried both Heavy Rain and RE5 with it, and it’s a blast.

  • where is my psmove?

  • # 101

    Sega’s Virtua Tennis seems to be very impressive.

  • Congrats Sony.
    Move is a nice piece of hardware.
    I picked up Eyepet, Start The Party and the Sports Champions bundle for my kid this Christmas.

    The Eyepet bundle was a nice idea, it’s too bad it wasn’t available at all retail stores.

    Hope you Move a few million more units this holiday
    season. :)

  • You forgot on the list:

    Cabelas Dangerous Hunt 2011

  • You guys forgot No More Heroes: Paradise :>

  • @invading_space
    yeah you r right!
    i bought the top shot elite bundle but it’s MOVE compatible.

  • Kinect mean while will sell 5 million in a month. SONY, your marketing and advertising is terrible. Kinect is garbage, but MS can sell a turd, they know how to hype and market products, sony does not.

  • I love the move…Bought it day one and do not regrets it at all!!!

    Can’t wait to try Heavy Rain when i get some time.

    Like it’s been said the move will sell and continue to sell maybe not huge numbers to start but as people PLAY it they will get it…

  • I hope those 360 fans buy kinect so i can laugh at them lol

    Honestly its the eyetoy in HD lol


  • can you release the PlayStation Move tech demo’s for us, as that is the only thing i have seen so far worth trying with the move controllers

  • Decent games out now: SportsChampions, and Tumble…

    Decent move games coming out the rest of year: The Fight?

  • Where’s the video showing Fight game play that “that weirdo who does the drop” said would be coming out last week????

  • When are we going to have new features like the ability to change our PSN ID or party chat ?

  • I must be blind but where is No More Heroes ?

  • @32: Pretty sure there are TWO Ape Escapes in development. Ape Escape 4 and Ape Escape something or other, the on rails thing in Japan. Which I hope releases here.

  • ur missing the best looking move game..SORCERY!

  • Congratulations on hitting this milestone! BUT…you are preaching to the choir. We follow your blog. We’re early adopters. We’re already part of the “Move-ment”.

    You’re the marketing guy, so I suppose I’m also preaching to the choir in return. The invisibility of Sony’s ad campaign, compared to MS’ (seemingly succeeding) effort, hit me when my girl’s Dad (who last picked up a controller when he owned an Atari whatsitever) asked us if we were getting him an Xbox this holiday. Out of the blue. Likewise, she’s now curious about the Kinect, whereas I had to show her how cool Move was for her to be impressed. Ping pong matches are frenetic, and Start the Party is always good for a laugh. And she’s been hinting that she wants to try the EyePet.

    We know the strengths and limiations of techs. We know Kinect needs so MUCH more space. We know the Move can interact in 3D space. We know how important buttons are. We know which of these two new technologies are more precise.

    Budget and marketing guys need to touch bases. Then blitzkrieg the competition!

  • Agree EagleEye, Sony is losing this gen because of pure incompetence of their marketing. Kinect is garbage, Ps3 is the better system, but MS is just marketing and selling their system better, thats all there is to it. Kinect is getting a HUGE marketing blitz, like it or not, marketing raises awareness which raises sales and consumer interest. MOVe marketing is a joke for such an important launch for Sony. pathetic. I have seen small companies on limited budgets do much better job at marketing then sony. They also do Nothing to market their great exclusive lineup, which is by far better then Xbox’s. Yet, everyone and their mom heard of halo………. Sony, seriously, wake up.

  • all you that say kinect is garbage i wonder if is a fanboy statement or do you have one and you don’t like, i have ps3+move wii and xbox+kinect and so far i like kinect better, i ben having alot of fun with my kinect the family love and the system work great, yeah it have a few flag so the psmove 2

  • xbox is garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!!! ^_^

  • I got 2 of them today!

  • CubanRatMan,

    No, I don’t own a Kinect…yet. And no, I don’t think it’s garbage. MS’s new tech definitely has that “magical” appeal to it, in that it makes the space around you become an input device.

    BUT, being the resident gaming/tech info expert in the family, I have to help them keep abreast of the little nuances. For example, my girl’s Dad is intrigued by this new addition to Xbox. However, he is ALSO notoriously cheap. Do I see him paying 50, or even 40 or 30 bucks every year to access Xbox’s premium features, ones that available free on PS3? (Netflix pops up as a big red flag) The answer to that question is a big fat “hell no”. I also don’t see him being patient with all the ads that have taken over the Xbox’s dashboard. You’d think Live would be free with all those commercials.

  • It seems to be selling good. My local Wal-Mart has been sold out since launch and still is now.


  • @132 Sorcery is not being released till early 2011 (at the least)

  • APE ESCAPE. Sony, you have made me happy once more..

  • @133 as are alot of these titles like socom and killzone,so why no mention of sorcery is all i’m saying

  • The Move needs better game titles

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