‘The Tester 2,’ Season Premiere Today on PlayStation Network!

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We introduced the new cast, including our first-ever nationwide online casting contest winner. The panelists are set. Will Powers is fired up. And the sneak peeks and ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes have been revealed. So what else is left? Yup, you guessed it – it’s time to watch “The Tester!”

Later today, Episode 1 of PlayStation Network’s original competitive reality series, “The Tester 2” will premiere on PlayStation Store and in PlayStation Home.

The first season brought in more than 2.5 million downloads and produced a ton of excitement from the show’s fans and we think that excitement will continue into season 2. We went bigger and bolder for the production of “The Tester 2” with more “behind-the-scenes” with the cast, tougher challenges featuring games such as Medal of Honor and Gran Turismo 5, longer episodes, and even more surprises down the road!

Adrianne Curry and Brent Gocke will sit alongside guest panelists, like Stig Asmussen and Ted Price, to decide the fate of these 12 hardcore gamers competing to win a job as an official PlayStation game tester for SCEA’s Quality Assurance department in San Diego, Calif.

Be sure to check back this afternoon for the first episode of Season 2 (available for free download in both high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) formats) on the PlayStation Store or visit PlayStation Home to watch with your friends later this evening in Theater 6.

And don’t forget to download each episode during the season for a weekly chance to win great prizes from our ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes. The sweepstakes kicks off today with a God of War III: Ultimate Edition and ‘The Tester’ limited edition PS3 system both autographed by guest panelist Stig Asmussen. See the official rules here.

You can also follow “The Tester” on Facebook with the show’s ‘tab’ on the PlayStation Facebook page. The Tester tab will allow fans to “Like” their favorite cast members and watch previews of each week’s new episode during the season.

We hope you enjoy season 2 and we look forward to your comments throughout the series run.

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  • yea i dont get it either, on the rules it says
    “5.Each download will count as one entry into the Promotion for that week.”
    what if someone just keeps o downloading from the moment its on the store till the time limit? Its not fair for everyone else who doesnt have the time for that.

  • war princes wants my big pennies !!!!!

  • You guys don’t get it. You don’t have to download it, you just have to have the movie “purchased” on your account.

    Just select download, then when it shows you the second download button, press circle. It just needs to be added to your download list, you don’t actually have to “finish” the download. I’m pretty sure anyways.

  • Shouldn’t have ruined the section where they guess what the pictures are by showing the stupid picture.

    Made watching annoying because you couldn’t participate and test your own personal knowledge.

  • Anyone else not have this showing up on the store? I’m in the US. All I have on the Tester 2 page is a preview episode.

  • When does the winner of the GoW3 signed by Stig and the PS3 winner get announced?

  • The Episode one of the tester season 2 was awsome! but i felt for Boo and Max1n :( well ……. GO FANTASY GIRL!!!! :D

  • question. I don’t have a PS3(but desparately want one! hence the question). If I download the episode on my PC via Media Go, does that count as an entry? Thanks

  • What the hell is “big Fazeek’s” real name (was’nt posted on the website) and what the hell is up with his additude? I just seen the first episode last night and the previews look like he’s gonna have a problem with everyone in the house. I hope he gets kicked off next episode because he’s giving New Yorkers a bad name unlike Luge from season one. BTW glad they got rid of Maxim. he was an a**hole and got what he deserved.

  • my house is very loud because of my annoying brother and sister

  • You can cut like 3-4 minutes of each episode by trimming everything the red-headed host says. We all know how reality competitions work. Do we really need to waste 30 seconds on her raving about each person’s badge? Or slowwwlly explaining how to play a simple trivia picture game? More judge face-time! More contestant face-time!

  • wow another season i tell yall what i think. the fat guy with no life and “every playstation thing in the world”. But tell me why he couldn’t pass a naming challenge on episode 1. lol

  • Hey Sony how are you doing?
    I am a big Sony fan. And i have follow the Tester since the first one. I have a question…
    When you will send “Big Fazeek” back home?
    This guy suck! Look’s like never will be a great tester, just because you OWN games does not mean YOU ARE A GREAT GAMER. If you have money you can BUY how many games you want.
    The Big Fazeek on the first episode was on the bottom and on the second episode, what he did? NOTHING….
    Come on Sony there is tons of better games in this competition.

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