God of War: Ghost of Sparta is Now Available! First Reviews Are In

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Today is the day you’ve been waiting for! Kratos plunges onto the PSP with God of War: Ghost of Sparta, a technologically sophisticated action tour-de-force. Don’t take our word for it – the critics have spoken and they are ecstatic. Get a sneak peek at the first wave of reviews below.

10 / 10 – GOLD Award

“Sparta offers an immersive experience on par with many of the best PS3 games.”PlayStation: The Official Magazine

9.5 / 10 – Editor’s Choice

“Absolutely the best-looking game on the PSP thus far.”IGN

Kotaku Editor’s Choice

“God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a palm-sized epic video game.”Kotaku

Pre-Order Voucher Redeem and PSPgo Owners

Now, for those that pre-ordered through any of our participating retailers, you’ll be able to redeem your retail exclusive voucher code from PSN starting today, November 2nd at 5:00pm PST. Be sure to also redeem your exclusive Deimos Skin (For God of War III) packed into your game disc copy of God of War: Ghost of Sparta!

PSPgo owners, God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be available through PSN today, November 2nd at 5:00pm PST. As a Limited Time Offer, the entire Pre-Order bundle and Deimos Skin will be included as “Gift with Purchase” with God of War: Ghost of Sparta through PSN. To ensure our PSPgo owners are able to take full advantage of the digital exclusives, the offer has now been extended from November 2nd 2010 to November 23rd 2010.

Thanks again to the PlayStation.Blog and Spartan Army Community for their relentless “rage” placed behind the release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta! Hope you guys will enjoy all the pre-order exclusives and the Deimos Skin (For God of War III) as these items were put together for you, the ultimate God of War fans.

Every End Must First Begin!

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  • Tick tock… tick tock… tick tock…

  • waiting waiting waiting waiting

  • If you guys have such a hard time actually updating it on Tuesday in a timely fashion, why not just have an update for Wednesday morning?

    I mean for East Coast people, it pretty much is always a Wednesday update cause a lot of us have jobs and can’t stay up til 1am just for an update.

  • Two questions, Ken:

    First, why is the time given as “PST”? IIRC, the US doesn’t go off Daylight Saving Time until this coming Sunday, November 7th — 5 days from today.

    Second, I pre-ordered GoS from Amazon.com, and got the DLC code this morning, but it doesn’t seem to work. Might this have to do with the PST/PDT issue (5 PM PST is 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT)?

  • errr…. “Every End Must First Begin!”

    what about if we begin? :)

  • @104

    PST is Pacific Standard Time. As Sony is in California, they use that time zone.

    The reason your code does not work is that the store update hasn’t happened yet. When the store updates, you will have access to your download.

  • Dead nation ?

  • im refreshing more here than on the store now! i found a new hobby, contaminate this blog with useless comments :)

  • I want mah DLC

  • That is hilarious that someone had the balls to say that PSN would actually update at some specified time. I’m sure it’ll be closer to 10pm EST, rather than 7pm. They must think we’re stupid.

  • Still waiting…

  • Wow – yet again another blog post about GoW. Look! There’s a cow. Let’s go milk it. I wish that other PSP games would get 1/10th of the promotion/endorsments/blog postings that GoW got.

    Did any Canadian receive voucher codes or information regarding pre-order bonuses?

  • Did everybody but me get the game shipped and sent all the pre-ordered dlc from amazon? I pre-ordered a long time ago and it appears they’re screwing with me once again when it comes to pre-orders… Too bad I can’t cancel my order, even though they have not shipped it yet…

  • How long does it seriously take to update the store, from the point you start updating to the point everything is up and ready to be purchased…30-45 minutes or something….maybe you guys should try updating sooner….

  • Someone please say, “It’s updated”

  • @106,

    California observes Daylight Saving Time, so the time should be listed as PDT, Pacific Daylight Time. California doesn’t go back to PST, Pacific Standard Time, until 2:00am local time on Sunday, November 7, 2010.


  • @pauley
    ITS UPDATED!! nah just kidding lol

  • Its really sad though. I really am disappointed at SCEA for this. It really tarnishes how people view the products.

  • Thanks, CF3


  • Hey Ken!!

    Glorious day man, amazon already took my money and sent me the code, so is just a matter of a few extra days. You rock buddy, thx for keeping up with the replies and helping out the PS Nation. Now when i get that red and black psp with the game my hands will melt!


  • Hey Ken…just picked up my PSP Entertainment Pack from GameStop. I asked about the DLC Voucher but they didn’t receive any of the vouchers from the store. I called around to all the stores in the area and none of them had it.

    I took a chance and even went to Best Buy to see if they would give me a voucher (since I obviously had the game) but they said they didn’t receive any either. I know sometimes the receipts have instructions on how to download that content, but both my receipts don’t have that.

    What would you recommend I do?

  • Okay it is now 5:34pm PST and NO GHOST OF SPARTA.. I repeat NO GHOST OF SPARTA!! you have been giving us hype over and over with this and once again us PSP Go users are left in the dark when UMD version has been out since 9:00am.

  • Maybe if they prep days before they update they could be scheduled

  • This is prob gonna tak a while so i say lets play a game im thinking of a # between 1 and 10, GO!!!

  • How the hell does this manage to be later and later every week?

  • @124

    5! Owait…

  • OK, silly question, then: how does one know when the PlayStation Store has “updated”?

  • *whistling the song that never ends*

  • @absolutvictory91

    U got it

  • I keep refreshing my store with Media go

  • I’m not very vocal against waiting for things, but stop promising dates and times that you cannot deliver on. I’m sick of it. Many others are sick of it. Knock it off.

    That said, I may give this game a rent down the road, but I’m not much on $40 portable games. Not saying they aren’t worth $40 for others, but I don’t play portable games enough personally.

    Regardless, thank you very much Ready At Dawn for making yet another quality title for thousands (maybe millions) to enjoy, and way to go Sony with your support.

    Now if we could just get a Gran Turismo 5 release date.

  • “Every End Must First Begin!” huh? Ok how about we begin the UPDATE!

  • @ pauley so do I , it is really getting me mad 5:00pm has come and gone. what is PST for these guys???

  • I’m just so sick and tired of this. It’s 8:39 PM and the store has not been updated. I’m so tired of this constant lying from Sony about these updates. It’s unprofessional and disrespectful to treat your consumer base in this manner. If I was to wake up on Wed. at 7 AM my 360’s Marketplace would be updated. Why is that? Why can Microsoft have their stuff updated a consistent basis and you guys can’t? Do you not want me to support your products? These type of things makes me view your company as incompetent and tells me where I should spend my money from now on, on my Xbox.

  • @ADG-95

    How original :)

    -> 105 :) :) :)

  • @ axe…. it goes on and on my friend

  • @TripG – Yes, I received the voucher codes through GameStop.

  • @ 136 have fun payin for xbox live which just saw a price increase today

  • @135 – sick of seeing the same thing when I refresh

  • @137 I don’t have the time to read every comment. Anyways I’m gonna take a nap and maybe it will be up then (doubt it)

  • lol guess ill study then check back on the store =/ 8:48pm est here in NY

  • @140 a lot of us don’t care to pay for Xlive. Money is no problem…

  • @142 Relax man, was just a joke :)

  • Ken, you need me to buy you a watch? Cause I totally will. Looks like you really need it.

  • OK, I figured it out, they say 5PM, but they don’t mean it… What they do mean, is that at 5PM start refreshing the PS Store, and you keep looking at the same games over and over again, and you say to your self, Ben10 is starting to look good, may-be I will buy it. And you do, and then Sony makes more money off of you while you wait for the new God of War.

  • @140 – Have fun waiting for a store update that won’t happen until tomorrow it seems constantly. Of course, as usual, it’s left to the fanboyism to ruin everything considering that what I said was true. Butthurt much?

  • @136 you may be shocked to find a distinct lacking in arms reaching out to pull you back toward the PS3. In fact, if you don’t like the service and feel that Microsoft will provide you with a better service, than by all means, go play your X-Box. However the fact that you are posting here to voice your displeasure tells me that you want to use Sony’s service and that you will continue to come to this page and complain for many weeks to come. When dealing with a corporation which prominently features in an industry, in which the term “it’ll be done when it’s done” is used on a regular basis, one must expect some delays. You say yourself that this occurs regularly, so why act outraged or surprised now? It’ll be done when it’s done. Your options are get over it or go play something else. So please have fun with your Microsoft product. The PSN will be here when you come back to your senses.

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