Introducing PlayStation Rewards – A New Way to Earn Exclusive Status and Recognition

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Today, we’re excited to share news of the launch of PlayStation Rewards, a new program that recognizes and rewards our users for simply doing what they love – playing games and interacting with the entertainment content that PlayStation has to offer. We really wanted to create something that says, “thank you” for being a loyal PlayStation fan.

PlayStation Rewards - Stacked

In its initial launch tomorrow (Oct. 28th), PlayStation Rewards will be an invitation-only beta to all eligible PlayStation Plus and Gamer Advisory Panel (GAP) members. We’re kicking things off as a beta so that we can get feedback from our most loyal fans in order to make it the best possible rewards program it can be. It’s also worth noting that during the beta phase, the program will be focused on PlayStation 3 owners, but we hope to include PSP users as well not too far down the road. Oh, and one more thing: PlayStation Rewards will be free – there is no fee to join!

Now, to give you a bit more details on the new loyalty program… PlayStation Rewards is designed to give you the opportunity to gain exclusive status, recognition, and rewards as a thank you for your continued interest in PlayStation. And, the best part is that you don’t have to do anything different. Keep playing new games, buying content purchased from PlayStation Network in the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Home, download movies and TV shows, or just communicate with us by taking one of our surveys, for example, and you’ll now be recognized for it.

The more you play and participate, the more progress you’ll make through our three reward tiers — “Select,” “Pro,” and “Legendary.” As your status increases, so do the rewards. And if you want to check out your current status level, simply go to your private profile page and look at the reward progress meter.

So what do you get? Right now, rewards include things like…

  • Exclusive PSN avatars that display member status in the program
  • Exclusive dynamic themes and PlayStation Home content
  • Opportunities throughout the program year to participate in members-only sweepstakes and giveaways for experiences and merchandise you won’t find elsewhere (The first of which is an all expenses paid trip to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, as PlayStation’s guest)

PlayStation Rewards Homepage

That’s just the start and our plan is to continually grow and improve the reward offering as the program itself evolves. Your feedback in this beta period will help make the program even better!!

If you’re a GAP member or PlayStation Plus subscriber in the U.S., who is opted-in to marketing as of October 24th, be sure to look for your invitation and sign-up for PlayStation Rewards.

To learn more about our new loyalty program, check back tomorrow when the site will be live and the beta forum will be available for all eligible participants.

We look forward to showing you our appreciation along the way!

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  • This looks pretty cool. I love free rewards programs like this haha. Also being a plus member I get to be in yet another “beta”

  • Cool.
    I want this BETA

  • Nice! I’m excited! Oh and there is actually no sarcasm in that.

  • I was in GAP for 8 years and ps underground before that and an active member of the forums for 10 years, does that make me eligible?

  • God PEOPLE read. It’s FREE! THE BETA is only being given out to PS plus members and GAP members. But once the beta’s done the rewards program will be available to everyone. Hooked on phonics may work for all of you.

  • Looks interesting. Hope I can check out the Beta.

  • Will it be tied in any way to trophies ?

    And if not… hmmm, why ?

  • haha it should make you very Eligible Soopergooman187 i’m in the same boat as you i was in Playstation Underground since it started then i have the Official Playstation Magazing i’m also in Playstation Plus and i’m on the GAP.

  • As soon as I read the title I knew it wouldn’t be for Canada. Too bad really, but equally sad that I could know from simply reading the title.

  • Did you have to have Plus or GAP prior to the 24 also, or just opt-on marketing and can purchase plus now?

  • Opt in on Marketing? Could you please explain how and where we do this.

  • I hope I get an invitation for this unlike the Killzone 3 and LBP2 beta in which i bought tons of dlc for LBP ;_;

  • Does being a GAP member AND a Plus Subscriber add to our status right off the bat?

  • Do you have to be Plus AND GAP members or just one of the two?

  • I got excited, until I realized that when I signed up for PSN 3 years ago I opted out of marketing. As of the 24, huh….crap.

  • Ah fantastic! USA people are the people who get these great benefits whereas other territories get left out?
    Fair world isn’t it? :)

  • Why should only Plus members get this perk? Who is to say that people that buy a lot of software and downloads aren’t loyal Playstation fans as well? Club Nintendo offers perks like this for free as long as you input the codes given with each game purchased. I along with many others support Sony on a lot of games, products and services but simply saying to the customer that they are “Not a loyal fan” just because they don’t have Playstation Plus is downright insulting. Many of us have purchased multiple PS One, PS2, PS3 and PSP games over the 15 years that Playstation has been around. If it wasn’t for customers like us, your consoles would have never made it this far. Enough with the exclusivity elitist garbage. You need to open this up to EVERYONE who buys Playstation games.

  • Well it looks like I won’t get this. I just checked my settings and I wasn’t checked for the marketing opportunities. I get most of the emails (I get a PSN Update every week, Home stuff once a month, and the Killzone Beta, etc), but not this one. Oh well. At least this is coming to everyone at some point.

  • Susan, while I understand the beta is for US residents only, are you able to let us know whether this will be a restriction when the program goes out of beta? Will it be US-only, North America-only, or available worldwide? Thanks!

  • I immediately realized 2 things. Once again SCE pretends that those who are not american count for nothing. theres a word for that, its called DISCRIMINATION look it up. Secondly dont thing the so called “rewards” will be worth much. You’ll end up buying everything on the psn store just to get a worthless home noob shirt with the psn minus logo on it.

  • This is very exiting news for the G.A.P community! Thanks a bunch PlayStation!

  • Another bump on the question, “How do we opt-in to marketing?”

    I get the PS3 emails… does that count?

    • If you’re already getting email from PlayStation then you’re opted-in. You can make sure you’re opted-in by signing-in to and going to your Account Settings tab, or by going to your Notification Preferences section in PSN account management on your PS3.

  • Hopefully this takes into account what you’ve already purchased through the PS store cuz I have a ton of crap LOL

  • Is this going to be similar to the thing that you guys are sponsoring over at
    It was called the PlayStation Online VIP Rewards Program.
    You would take pictures of certain games, themes, and trophies you were doing and you would earn points for each one and the would add up for the entire week. Then at the end of the week depending on how many points you had you would get a avatar, theme, wallpaper, or an entry into a contest. Is this the same thing just now officially at

  • Damn, make the beta for Europe as well

  • I hope ive opted in lol, been a gap member for too long to not opt in.

  • As a loyal Playstation fan it sucks that both your competitors do more to include Canadians than you do. Playstation Canada is pretty much useless. We have, what, one holiday “event” a year in Toronto, and I use quotation marks because the venue is much too small for the amount of people that attend.

    It’s pretty sad.

  • US only? Or also in EU?


    I’ve been a GAP member for years and years…same old issue, everything is for US GAP/GAMERS ONLY! They always leave out Canadian GAP members, ALWAYS.

  • Can’t waite for my beta invite <—- GAP Member

  • So now we have Playstation Minus and Playstation Penalties? Marketing ftw.

  • Awesome, thanks for including GAP members in this closed beta!

  • How do you gain reward points? It says through participation… but does that mean playtime, trophies or time spent signed in?

    if it’s based on trophies, do all our already gained trophies count towards rewards or just the ones gained since implementation?

  • Sounds like a good idea but Im neither a Plus or GAP member so..

  • Sounds awesome except there is a few little things about it I find annoying. I know it’s only a beta so I really don’t mind and expect it to be fixed, but nobody wants home items as a reward.

    Also a little disappointed that beta invites are going out to basically playstation plus members. Again awesome service concept, but to somebody who has already purchased every single game he’s wanted off the network, the plus service is worthless. It’s offering discounts or free downloads on games I already own. Not to mention if your going to give a discount, you have to give it the day it comes out, or I don’t care, as I will buy every game I want on day 1 I’m not going to wait around for a $2-5 discount 3 weeks later.

  • This looks pretty cool you the best Sony.

  • Oh man this is awesome! I’ve been a plus member since the very beginning(the VERY beginning, which I mean the night of it’s release :D) So I sure hope I can get in… This is going to be epic!

  • no love for europe :(

  • I’ve been an early adopter since the PSX and I have tons of PS (X,2,P,3) games but I never joined the PS+ program. I guess all my previous loyalty counts for squat then :0(

  • Could be cool, hard to tell since you gave no information. It would be nice if you made qualifying purchases(which I’m assuming will be stuff like systems, SCEA published games and PSN games) retroactive.

  • hmmm…So the marketing part is confusing because technically theres 2 areas for this type of setting. one on the site and one on account management. They should have let us know to have it checked earlier or something so everyone has a chance thats eligible otherwise.

  • Oh wow, more US ONLY garbage.

    More incentive to cancel the PS+ subscription when the time comes.

    For the love of God stop ignoring Canadians in these things. Either that or create a website, so we don’t have to keep reading posts by your discriminating excuses for employees. This is now worse than a practical joke, its just plain mean.

  • Ya Sony, you’re THE BOMB!

  • Not impressed. With Club Nintendo and Square Enix Members, I get real rewards. (50 points away from one of the DS games and I got postcards from Square Enix Members during the last redemption period.)

  • will this get me into the kz3 beta? hah

  • why wouldn’t trophies be opted to this? Trophy level should determine these status’s in my opinion.

  • Dude what

  • I don’t expect a response, since i never get them when i point out facts…. How can you say that this is a free program, when you have to be in playstation plus (which costs $50/year)?

    Just another silly way for sony to try to get more money for offering nothing… or as Sony calls it, “saying thank you.”

  • So only Plus or GAP get in now? What about the myriad very loyal and highly engaged players that aren’t Plus or GAP?

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