UNCHARTED 2 Giveaways Coming Soon, Anniversary Event Recap

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Last weekend, we held our first Anniversary Event to celebrate one year since the release of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, and I think we’d be understating things to say it was anything but a rousing success! All of us at Naughty Dog wanted to thank everyone (again) who went online to participate in our Anniversary Event – getting the Anniversary Drake skin, along with mega-cash, in return – and made it such a special day for the Dogs to spend with our fan community.

We pulled a few amazing stats from the Anniversary Event we thought you’d like to know:

  • We recorded over 2.5 man years of game time in a period of just 24 hours(1 game that lasts 20 minutes = 20 minutes, regardless of how many players in the game)
  • Those 2.5 years came from 1,079,850 player games (10 players in a game = 10 player games)
  • We also saw 12,376,755 kills during our Anniversary Event (that’s strictly pvp – NPC kills in co-op games aren’t recorded)
  • Everyone benefited from the 5x cash bonus and no cash cap, accumulating a collective $49 BILLION in in-game cash – which would rank UNCHARTED 2 about #70 in the list of countries by GDP
  • I only completed 66% of my 24 hour straight personal challenge (total #FAIL)

UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year edition

Last week also saw the release of the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition (psst! you can order your copy here or visit your local brick and mortar), although a few of our eagle eyed community members noticed that our most recent DLC releases – the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skins Pack and UNCHARTED 2 Dynamic Theme wasn’t included as part of the value-priced, DLC-packed retail release.

Borneo Sullivan - HeroesWetsuit Elena - Heroes

To rectify this, we’re going to hold a few giveaways really soon to give our fans – release-day veterans or GOTY Edition newbs – a shot at snagging both these DLC releases! Follow @PlayStation and @Naughty_Dog on Twitter and keep a close watch next week for more details!

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  • Hey Arne. I like to play Survival missions in co-op but there’s no way to guarantee that I don’t end up having to play gold rush. Can you guys make an option to pick just that mode in matchmaking? There’s 6 different options for player vs. player but only 2 for co-op currently.

    Love the game though. Keep up the great work!

  • Will there be a DLC Bundle soon with both the Drake’s Fortune & The Siege? Just realized it had Multiplayer trophies!

  • @Anne Meyer:
    Thanks for the non-answer that tells us absolutely NOTHING!

  • Hey Naughty Dog,

    Congrats on a great year and a great game. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played, in 20+ years of gaming

    One thing I would like to see more of though is the single-weapon deathmatches…

    How about a single weapon “Deathmatch of the Day”?

    Have the choice of two single weapon deathmatches, say RPG only and Pistoles only, and whichever one gets voted for more (in a 24 hour period) gets continued over to the next day, whilst the other one gets replaced with a different weapon.

    I submitted it as an idea on the ND Forum too :D


  • Darn, I usually follow the playstation blog through my facebook account, but there was so much activity lately I missed it. :(((

    Any chance of U2 GOTY or perhaps U3 having Move support? I always feel the aiming sensitivity is too sluggy when playing U2, switched to MAG for my daily fix of online carnage because of that. The game would be oh so perfect with Move. Actually, every game that has a crosshair is better with Move. Yes, I guess I’m a Sony fanboy. xD

  • Hey Naughty

    Would it be possible for you guys to set up a Naughty Dog mailing list or something, where you send a message to everyone directly through PSN to tell us about events like the anniversary one.

    Uncharted has sold a lot of copies, and you’d probably get even more players joining in if you directly told them on PSN

  • do you think that you could make some MGS 4 skins? God of War? Something?

  • Hey,any other event whit free skins after the end like this Anniversary one? I always look on your site and I’m looking for every event like this one or..any lab ! Anyway…I want to know if are you making more events like this ,because I can’t enter PlayStationStore from my country… Please answer because I really want to know if there will be any other events like this one ! :)

    Your No.1 Fan !

  • Uncharted 2 is so BORING! BLEH!

  • So how about some Uncharted 3 info? xD Hoping you’re making one, I love the games.

  • When I was playing the lab, I shot Arne and be_water in the face, Also my question. If we buy the GOTY Uncharted 2, will the drake skin from the anniversary stay under your name if we won it with the regular uncharted?

  • if you ever make golden guns available to everyone you should send me the anniversary skin as i pre ordered to ave exclusive items like how you want annivesary skin to remain to those who played that day i want golden aks for those who reservered your game sorry for souding hhstile its just the way i type anyway UNCHARTED 2 is easily my favorite ps3 game

  • Uncharted 2 FTW !

  • i totally agree!
    this is da best shootin game i own
    it totally beats CoD 3,4,5 but is quite on par with mw2.
    blak opz will probably beat it, but this is a one LEGENDARY AND REVOLUTIONARY GAME!

  • Good plan naughty dog! Just give us a plan for the gold weapons ya digggggggg!

  • Next lab.

    Fists only. j/k

    Sneak attacks only. j/k

    New DLC weapon: Phurba Dagger only. j/k


  • I had so much fun during Sniper Elimination, I even made this montage of my experience. :)


    Check it out (but only if you want to)

  • Sucks that I didn’t get to play

  • @InLikeFlynn-

    I love your username! Please tell me you made that before playing UC2, and it was all just a mad coincidence

  • Naughty Dog could you PLEASE give me anniversary Drake. I played over 15 matches of the lab and i didn’t get him. PLEASE NAUGHTY DOG!

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