UNCHARTED 2 Giveaways Coming Soon, Anniversary Event Recap

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Last weekend, we held our first Anniversary Event to celebrate one year since the release of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, and I think we’d be understating things to say it was anything but a rousing success! All of us at Naughty Dog wanted to thank everyone (again) who went online to participate in our Anniversary Event – getting the Anniversary Drake skin, along with mega-cash, in return – and made it such a special day for the Dogs to spend with our fan community.

We pulled a few amazing stats from the Anniversary Event we thought you’d like to know:

  • We recorded over 2.5 man years of game time in a period of just 24 hours(1 game that lasts 20 minutes = 20 minutes, regardless of how many players in the game)
  • Those 2.5 years came from 1,079,850 player games (10 players in a game = 10 player games)
  • We also saw 12,376,755 kills during our Anniversary Event (that’s strictly pvp – NPC kills in co-op games aren’t recorded)
  • Everyone benefited from the 5x cash bonus and no cash cap, accumulating a collective $49 BILLION in in-game cash – which would rank UNCHARTED 2 about #70 in the list of countries by GDP
  • I only completed 66% of my 24 hour straight personal challenge (total #FAIL)

UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year edition

Last week also saw the release of the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition (psst! you can order your copy here or visit your local brick and mortar), although a few of our eagle eyed community members noticed that our most recent DLC releases – the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skins Pack and UNCHARTED 2 Dynamic Theme wasn’t included as part of the value-priced, DLC-packed retail release.

Borneo Sullivan - HeroesWetsuit Elena - Heroes

To rectify this, we’re going to hold a few giveaways really soon to give our fans – release-day veterans or GOTY Edition newbs – a shot at snagging both these DLC releases! Follow @PlayStation and @Naughty_Dog on Twitter and keep a close watch next week for more details!

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  • Awesome :)

  • That was insane! Any more DLC planned?

  • My favorite game of all time, please realease the GOTY to the u.k, or i will soon start leeking through the eyes.

    • Not sure what plans SCEE or the UK have for a GOTY Edition – I would keep watch on the EU PlayStation.Blog for any announcements. Sorry I don’t have more info.

  • Can we please have more Playstation heroes skins :) Radec, Kratos or kesseler!!

  • Still waiting on that new DLC news… that the voice actors were working on ;)



  • Last time I won that limited edition from naughty dog, I never received it. I even emailed them saying I am happy to pay for any shipment fees. So after I dont think naughty dog will do such a great favour for its fans.

    • Can you explain in a bit more detail what happened? I don’t recall getting a message here at the studio about anything like this — and fulfillment of this sort of thing is handled by our publisher, SCEA and SCEE depending on the region.

  • Damit! Is there any way I can still get the Anniversary Drake?

    • Unfortunately not! We wanted to keep it exclusive to players who played in our Anniversary Event as a thank you for coming out to play on that day.

  • Any more special events planned in future?

    • We have “The Lab” just about every other weeks and we’ve typically done something for most US/studio holidays, even if it’s just Double Cash — so roughly speaking, yes.

  • Arne, please make the Golden Guns available as well, it’s the only DLC I don’t have. I feel incomplete :(

  • I made a twitter account just for this xD…

  • Or… just make them free for a week on PSN. Don’t make us troll around trying to win something that we’ll never get (ie: 8 DL codes that 8000 people are trying to snag).

  • Im the biggest fan of uncharted why wasnt i informed about the party? :'(

    • We did our best to let everybody we could know — we posted on NaughtyDog.com, it was referenced on posts on the PlayStation.Blog, both our Twitter feeds announced it and our in-game message of the day was also updated with an announcement. Not sure how you missed it :(

  • oh man! i think i have to pay attention to the in-game messages…:(

  • Oh yeah cant wait for the killzone 3 water in uncharted 3 :P

  • I’m sad that I missed the anniversary event :'(
    Uncharted 2 is my favortie PS3 game and I’ve been itching to get back into the multiplayer but I’ve been so busy with classes.

  • Had fun playing that day! :) It was also my first time playing with one of you guys! Hey_its_Rodney… I killed him once but then he got revenged and released hell on me in the desert eagle only match, haha. What great fun we all had.

  • I need GOTY. I’m gonna trade in U 2 and some other games to get it. :).

  • The game is just the better game EVER! :) Really, I didn’t put that much time in a single game since like 10 years.

    I had a lot of fun on october 16 and I’m proud to have my anniversary skin!

    Please Arne say me you’ll update the playlists one day with the best lbas one or make a new permanent playlist with special weapons variations! I had SO MUCH fun with Desert-5 only and No-Power-Weapons I can’t believe I’ll never play theses again, seem impossible. :(

    • I’ve been thinking about proposing this since we really haven’t made any playlist updates, although The Labs are a kind of (non-permanent) playlist update. I’ll put in a suggestion and see if we can do something. Cross your fingers!

  • Congratulations to Everyone at Naughty Dog, SCEA and to everyone who own this Amazing game. This game and people really deserve their credit for it. (clap, clap, clap). Happy 1 Year Old UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. :)

    So hey Arne, Do you mind telling me what does ‘pvp’ stands for? lol

    Thank you in advance ;)

  • @Trix_Bol: Probably “people versus people”, something like that. :)

  • I bought GOTY Edition and noticed that…… please make them free! :)

  • Man, it sucks my PS3 died on me last weekend. I’m missing out on so many good deals.

  • How about more dynamic themes? Both games have great moments for some awesome dynamic themes.

  • @24 + DaveedT13

    I don’t know, maybe I take that description in consideration. ;-)

    Thanks buddy

  • How much for the game?

    • For the Game of The Year Edition, it’s $49.99 USD — you can click on the link in the post for info on what’s included – a ton of paid DLC

  • UGH, I also missed the Anniversary celebration! Been so busy I think the only way I would have noticed it is if there was an actual PS.Blog post about it, not a reference…*Sigh* oh well maybe next year (I hope!)!

  • I played on that day and I never received my free skin. Was there something special I was supposed to do? I played a few hours that day and did get my 5x cash.

  • @PlayStation and @Naughty_Dog are not following me

    i dont have direct message as an option

    • Don’t worry – we can’t follow everybody, all of the time, but we’ll definitely follow you if we need to DM you a code or anything else on Twitter.

  • like dsigns209 up there (hello ol’bean)I dunno how to pick up the free skin. Is it too late if we missed clicking the button on the night?

  • just wanted to say i love you ND

  • @dsings209

    Next time you log into uncharted 2 multiplayer you will have that skin available. On Oct. 16 it was only available to Naughty Dog employees.

    Event was awesome, I have not played game recently, but when I hear about special 1 year anniversary I could not miss it, I even made my finacee and her mom watch me play. (We are getting married next year and she is visiting us to help with planning a wedding and stuff)

    Lab section was awesome, I will have to fire up Uncharted 2 every weekend now, I just love that game so much.

    Thank you for creating THE BEST GAME, looking forward to Uncharted 3.

  • I had a lot of fun during the anniversary event and with the amount of players who attended I’m not surprise i didn’t get to see any paws.

  • Uncharted 2 was one of the best single player campaigns iv’e ever experienced……… now make us some single player dlc
    Don’t take it personally :D

  • For the Twitter giveaways, don’t post the codes for everyone to see! I hate that “first person to enter code gets it” crap, because it’s always gone within a few seconds! Maybe have people retweet your post, and when you pick someone, just give him/her the code in a private message.

  • I missed the anniversary event :(

    I plan on buying the GOTY Edition because I want to further support NDI, and I need about $25 of the DLC still!

    (By the way arne, what would you trade for an unused MP Demo code? You know the one with the revenge booster on the same card? lol)

  • Uncharted 2 is my favorite ps3 game and I really appreciate all the support you guys give to the game with DLCs, the lab, special events… Thanks to the 5x event I finally cracked into the roman numeral badge.

    Thanks tons and congratulations on this tremendous success!

    Now, please tell me that you are working on new COOP objective maps.

  • Love this game. Preordered it and got it on the first day, got the platinum, I can’t wait for more :)

  • Can I still participate in the Giveaways even if I don’t have a twitfer account?

  • Ok its true, UC2 is pretty much the best game this gen so far.

    What would make it even better is some DLC that will bridge the gap between UC2 and UC3… prehaps a 3 or 4 chapter lead in for 10 or 15… sign me up!

  • nice Americanize box-cover there, over $35 of DLC!
    so doesn’t work in europe.

  • imagine kratos in this game or sweet tooth

  • just twitter?? no facebook?!

    come on!! :(

  • Awesome event!!! thank you guys it’s nice to see some companies still care about us and it’s not all just about the money

    Still I have a major complaint, when are we seeing Jak & Daxter on PS3???? I really miss those guys :)

  • Hello arne,
    I’ve got two problems I hope you could update me with a solution with.

    1) Whenever I play Uncharted 2, just about 2-5 minutes while in the menu or connecting to the Multiplayer, my PS3 shuts off and starts blinking red.

    2) I tried deleting the LiveData files from the PS3 thinking that would fix it. After I deleted it, when Im connecting and am halfway through the bar, It gives me an error syncing models. EVERYTIME for two weeks now.

    I hope you can help me with this. As I missed getting the Anniversary Drake skin because I couldn’t play uncharted 2. I really hope I could play again. :(

    Hopefully Naughty Dog will also reveal how much everyone has played since the game was released, and also how many people have died/number of kills, total amount of cash earned, and average no. of matches per day and stuff!

  • I would pay for gold guns??
    Put them in the ps store please

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