Superstars V8 Racing Hits PSN Tuesday: Exclusive New Trailer, Giveaway

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Hello racing fans! O-Games is PUMPED to be heading to the finish line with Superstars V8 Racing launching this Tuesday, October 26th on PSN for only $19.99. Today, we’re back on the PlayStation.Blog to unveil this exclusive launch trailer that gives you a closer look at the high-octane and fully featured retail racing experience that you can ONLY find by downloading through the PlayStation Store straight from your home. Check it out!

Developer Milestone is well known for some of the most intense and realistic racing games around, and we’re offering one of their finest efforts with Superstars V8 Racing. The game is loaded with full platinum Trophy support, both arcade or simulation-style racing modes, official licenses from BMW, Audi, and Jaguar, 12 player online multiplayer, and an INSANE sense of speed that you just won’t find in most other racing simulations.

We also wanted to thank you, the fans, for all of your support on our ‘Superstars V8 Racing’ Facebook page as well. As some of you know from our last post, we’re giving away FREE DOWNLOAD CODES for the game, and there’s still time to win a copy for yourself! Simply head to the official North American ‘Superstars V8 Racing’ Facebook page, “Like” the page, and then post the phrase “Superstars V8 Racing on PSN” onto the wall. This will automatically enter you for a chance to randomly win one of 25 download codes that will be given away on launch day. You have until October 25th at 11:59pm Pacific Time to enter. Also, since we’re launching at just $19.99, if we hit the magic number of 1,999 likes by that same cutoff time, then we’ll be doubling the prizes to a total of 50 free codes! We’re just a tad short of our tally right now, so definitely suggest the page to your friends!

Thanks again to PlayStation fans and racing fans everywhere. We’re offering up a BIG game at a very small price next week and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your support. This Tuesday, look out for Superstars V8 Racing on PSN when it’s ready for download, and look out for us on the tracks. See you on the circuits!

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  • Will this game support wheels? I have the Logitech DF GT.

    • Hi Rman5k! Superstars V8 Racing will support the following USB
      steering wheels: DRIVING FORCE, DRIVING FORCE EX,
      FORCE GT and G25 RACING WHEEL. :-)

  • Hey, A quick question;

    Are you going to support this game with DLC from the sequel to this game, Superstars V8 Next Challenge?

  • the fact that it’s $20 AND you scared away GT5, means a buy towards this game

    • Thanks Jetup! We’re thrilled to be getting this game to you at the $19.99 price point, and we can’t wait to get you behind the wheel!

  • Nice will there be a demo?

  • Yea, please release a demo!

  • Will there be seperate views…ie cockpit or over the hood? Also, a demo would be great.

  • give me a demo and it’s a 99% buy but no demo, no can buy.
    Superstars V8 Racing on PSN …. i will say it does look good and my blood is pumpimg :)

  • Not everything in life is try before you buy… STOP crying about wanting a demo for every stinking thing… Do your research and take a risk in life… Get a job freeloaders, buy a game without trying it first, take a chance on something that people have put alot of hard work into… stop expecting a demo for EVERYTHING!!!

  • facebook complete :) thanks people

  • @ f-minus your name says it all (school grades? if U even finished) :)

  • Tempting! -_- hmmmmm……

  • What no delay on the release date? Oh wait, that’s GT5 that can’t seem to get their act together.

  • this will be to gran turismo what lead and gold was to Red Dead

  • Well, before GT5 got delayed indefinitely I was thinking about getting this, but now I am definitely getting this.

  • i bet this is the reason GT5 got delayed

  • Cool ! I will get this :D Looks fun and besides i want to play something until I get rid of my PS3 early next year. I was planing of playing GT5 but as we now know GT5 will not release 2010 ( prove me wrong Sony. Microsoft at least has their games out when they say ) I bet that GT5 will never ever see the light of day. But now at least i will have some months of raising in this game.

    Q will this game come out on the Xbox360 ? If so i might get a Xbox 360 + Forza Motorsport and this game on the 360 next year.

    • Hi miltran! Glad that you’re on board with Superstars V8 Racing. We know that WE would never get rid of our PS3’s. There’s just too much great content on the platform. Also, to answer your question – Superstars V8 Racing is EXCLUSIVE to PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3 in North America! If you’re here in the US, you’ll only find it on PS3!

  • Greg Lanz thanks for the answer, I live in Sweden but i also have a (fake USA address + PSN account I live inside a wall-mart store lol just for the fact that i buy (North American exclusive PSN games ) my VISA card is not rejected :P and the dollar is low ( in the past 1 US dollar =10 SEK now 1 US dollar is 6 SEK ) So i save lots of my $ thanks too the US PSN store.

  • This game and its sequel, Superstars V8 Next Challenge, have been out for awhile in Europe/Australia.

    Any plans to bring the sequel as well Greg?

  • is bmw in the game.. and thank for telling mintran the truth.. To much content onthe ps3.. even nasa is buying ps3..A nd 90% of nasa has a 125 IQ.. I willtry to eneter the contest and get afree copy but i will also buy a copy if i do not win..

    But I have question how many mb or gb is this to download to the console..

  • A few more questions;

    1. Can you please answer Question # 2? I really need the answer to this question.

    2. How big is the file size in this game?

    3. While we are on the subject of Milestone, Are they going to bring the New World Rally Championship game to the US? Or do I have to Import?

  • Maybe I’ll get this since GT5 is delayed

  • Day one buy!! GT5 delayed this hold me off until then!!

  • Release Milestone’s new WRC games in North America please. I would buy that day one without question.

    I used to love the old WRC games on PS2.

  • O-Games, I want to thank you for letting the consumer have a great product without emptying their wallets. I personally appreciate it when I can get a great deal on a great game.

    The GT5 delay bummed me, really bad. I’m really looking forward to playing this game as soon as I can. But, my PS3 broke 3 weeks ago, and I don’t have the money, yet, for the replacement one. I should have my PS3 back within a week or so, and then I will purchase this bad boy.

    Thanks for the support of this title. I know you guys have to be professional and not comment on GT5’s delay, but rest assured that a lot of people will be playing your title this holiday season, myself included. I personally love European racing, and wish that USA had more racing leagues publicized rather than just NASCAR, even though I am a fan of NASCAR.

    Anyways, thanks so much for releasing this awesome game, with awesome graphics and an awesome price to us PlayStation fans.


  • Lots of people are posting the phrase as comments on your wall posts, wonder if that’s what you meant? I posted directly on the wall…

  • I’d buy it if I wasn’t broke right now , how come you have to use facebook though to enter the contest ?
    what about showing some love to us loyal psn customers who don’t use facebook ( or twitter ) by having a random draw of psn IDs from the blog posts ?
    If I had a free game I’d buy any dlc for it

  • PSN PS3 Excluisve, that im loving

    i hate downloadble games that are multiplatform

  • It looks pretty good, i will definitely be purchasing it. We gotta get our racing sim fix.

  • Looking forward to this title. Tin-tops are my favorite form of racing.

  • one question

    will superstars v8 will support the move with two motion controllers? and also increase the graphics?

  • The quality of that video above does not make me want to buy the game regardless of it’s price. How about some HD please!!

  • It looks like it has the 600HP CADDE/ And then theres GT-5

  • @F-Minus

    The UK Plus Members got a demo of this game (and the game) two weeks ago! So yeah, if we [US Plus Members at least] don’t get a demo, there is a very slim chance I will be purchasing this game. Unless I know what I’m getting into (top shelf titles) if there is no demo, I probably won’t even rent the game.

    You can stick your neck out if you like.

  • I want it on disc

  • Luckily we racing gamers get this. I can almost feel sorry for the remaining Gran Turismo ForNever fans….but wait….theres none left…nvm

  • After playing the next challenge and then this game it should have been $9.99 or at most $14.99 the cars handle like crap no matter what you do. there is no cockpit view the graphics are a little out dated. So is this game going to come with some type of updates to the next challenge? You can get so many other racing games for the $20 price range that are worth the $20

    Dirt 1 or 2, need for speed: shift, Midnight club, F1 championship, Ferrari Challenge,

  • For those asking about the G25/G27 features being utilized in this game: (tested on G27)
    It doesn’t support 900degrees
    It doesn’t support clutch or the h-gate (it DOES support the paddles though)
    It does support force feedback (slightly, not very good)
    You can’t customize the buttons (which don’t do anything anyways)

    All in all I really still like this game even if it doesn’t support many of the high end features. It’s worth my money by far and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good racing game.

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