Reason #5 to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Palace of Hades Dynamic Theme

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Spartan Army! We are officially less than two weeks away from the release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta and also exclusive access to the largest pre-order bundle ever compiled for a PSP title. If you still haven’t stopped by at any of our participating retailers and pre-ordered, our Reason #5 to pre-order God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Palace of Hades Dynamic Theme might just be your tipping point.

God of War Hades PS3 Dynamic Theme

Using the Palace of Hades from God of War III as the main inspiration, this exclusive PS3 Dynamic Theme captures the grand vista moment of Kratos as he is betrayed by Gaia at the top of Mount Olympus and ripped of his godly powers. It is at this moment where he obtains the Blades of Exile from Athena and seeks out to destroy all of Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself.

With full active movements of multi-layered clouds and lightning, flowing lava, and fogs, the Palace of Hades Dynamic Theme is exclusive to the pre-order of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and not available as a standalone purchase through the PlayStation Store.

To our Canadian consumers, be sure to stop by EB Games to pre-order either the God of War: Ghost of Sparta UMD Game or Entertainment Pack as they are also supporting the ultimate pre-order bundle.

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  • Look, there’s a cow – let’s milk it.

    Ok, enough of my twisted sense of humor. I’ve had this game pre-ordered for many months now at a local EB store in Vancouver, Canada – a store which, by the way, as absolutley no knowledge of any of the pre-order bonuses that keep on being thrown about.
    Hopefully that is taken care of by the time the game is actually released.

    I can’t wait to play this.

  • omg this is so grat cant wait for it

    but 1 question will the camera move into particular angles or will it just stay still in one angle

    also 1 question

    i preordered my gos last week at ebgames in australia and i asked the costumer service if it has the dlc bundle and he said yes it will have the dlc bundle and that deimos skin so is it relly confirmed in Australia

  • I’d love it if EU buyers can get this as well. Right now all we’re going to get is the extra GOW 3 costume…

  • It’s fantastic, I want to buy this game immediately! :)
    But I have a little problem:
    I live in Hungary, in EU, and neither Amazon, Bestbuy, Gamestop and EB Games deliver to Hungary, so I can’t pre-order it! :(
    So, I have an easy question:
    Do you want to extend this pre-order bundle to EU?
    Thank you very much! ;)

    (Sorry, if you don’t understand, what I have wrote! I am still learning English! xD)

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this awesome dynamic theme on the PS store.You would make lots of money with it.I would definately buy it!!!!!!

  • Hopefully there’s a dynamic theme for each God.

  • This is the first dynamic theme I see that’s worth something.
    Too bad I am in the EU. They should really get this over there too, and available for all! I would pay for it.

  • dam this is awesome i cant wait

  • Is this gonna be available to purchase on PSN, don’t have a PSP.

  • “If All On Olympus will Deny Me My Vengeance Then All On Olympus Will Die.”

  • Thanks for the Canada info, I didn’t think you’d ever get to it. doesn’t list the pre-order items but I’ll just have to assume it’s included.

  • @61 In reference to my previous post, on second thought this close to release I’m not going to assume is offering the bundle if it’s not listed on their site. I’ll wait a few months and get it for $20. It’s pretty baffling to me that they’ve done an absolutely HUGE marketing push for this game but with absolutely no visibility at any Canadian stores and literally NO info for Canada until 2 weeks before release? Not impressed.

  • We want a EU bundle aswell! Hopefully next week you guys will announce something on EU PS blog. *fingers crosses* :S

  • It’s my first time ever pre-ordering any games, so I’d like to know, since I pre-ordered at a Gamestop store, is this bonus content a limited amount (so I’ll have to go to the midnight launch?) or is this content available at a limited time (so I have to pick up my pre-order within like a few days of launch)?

  • i’m from japan and planning to get GOW from US store, will i get the pre-order bonus as well?

  • Is there going to be a Reason #6?

  • Give us gow3 dlc already.

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