Red Faction: Battlegrounds Beta Extension for PlayStation Plus

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I’ve been invited here today to let everyone know about the Red Faction: Battlegrounds Beta currently in progress, exclusively on PSN. For the past two weeks, PlayStation Plus members have been battling it out and having a blast in THQ Digital UK’s new twin-stick vehicular combat game. Within the beta, there are a handful of addicting single-player challenges, which are great training opportunities for multiplayer, featuring four-player combat both online and on your couch.

The past two weeks have been great, but we want to get even more feedback. We’re not only extending the beta for Red Faction: Battlegrounds an extra week until October 26th, but Sony Computer Entertainment is giving out 1,000 more keys to PlayStation Plus members! Make sure to check your e-mail / PSN mailbox to find out if you’ve been accepted and download the client.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds BetaRed Faction: Battlegrounds Beta

We have two small requests for everyone participating in the beta. First, we’re trying to pack the servers to their limit, so please try to connect to the “Online” mode during the following times each day. While you’re at it, bring your friends!

6-8 PM Pacific Time / 7-9 PM Mountain Time / 8-10 PM Central Time / 9-11 PM Eastern Time

Red Faction: Battlegrounds Beta

Second, please spend a few minutes between sessions and give us your feedback on Red Faction: Battlegrounds. We want to know what you liked, any bugs you ran into, and even what you were not happy with. You can leave feedback on the official PlayStation forums, or on the official Red Faction Community Site, and each comment will result in a greater overall experience.

Thanks again to everyone participating and stay tuned for the full release of Red Faction: Battlegrounds next year!

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  • i got invite and i like it …. although sometimes there is no one on to play online … i get lucky sometimes lol … (:

    • That’s the main reason why we wanted to set a specific set of hours for all of our participants to hop on and enjoy the game. This way, we can ensure there will be plenty of Online sessions available to join, and the time to search for an open session will be nullified. We get lots of good data and feedback, you get to spend lots of time playing.

      Win – Win!

  • why is there always someone complaining about the complainers . you kind of people need to do a 360 and do inventory on your own lifes and see where you can improve . if it was up to these kind of people and their mentality slavery would still be alive in the usa and it would be ok to screw the little guys and always get away with it . we wouldn’t have rights if nobody complained about the treatment they receive and just turn the other cheek and say it’s ok . end of the truth

  • I hope I get an email soon…so down to beta test this game

  • OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE RED FACTION BETA! OOPS..SORRY.. I’ve been playing the Dead RIsing BETA, Assassins Creed 2 BETA, and the 2 other Beta’s I’m in…. I gotta ration out my times in each one, so it’s fair.

  • So is this beta invite or sign up? Seems interesting I’d like to give it a try.

  • I’m a PS+ member and never received an invite to this beta. What’s the deal with that?

  • Why are beta exclusive to psn plus? that’s dumb aren’t beta made for getting feedback from players?
    please stop

  • @madmeat i dont think there exclusive to plus theres multiple ways to get in betas plus is just one of them my friend isnt a plus member and hes in the LBP2 beta and got a killzone 3 code from twitter i think

  • @ nuradeena never ending chain posting that makes you a complainer oh would you look at that now im doing it lol but yeah to many people cmplain in general about everything

  • Want this

  • I played Gerilla and had a blast… literaly. About the game itself, I am quite interested because now you can destroy and rebuild as mencioned in E3. Recomendation Give it a try all of you with an explosive personality. :)

  • damn you guys know where i can get red faction origins and red faction battle grounds and dont forget to add me i have dead rising 2 mw2 mw4 cod waw games like that check out my account and add me

  • guys i know cheats for red faction 1 pc first one is bighugmug to get all weapons 2nd one is vivalahelvig for god mode 3rd heehoo to fly 4th to die kill (what idiot would mae that cheat)
    and last but not leastcamera to have alternate view

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